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DISTINCTION COLLEGE ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT Any applicant will be considered for the program if he/she meets the normal

matriculation requirements, (and is at least 17 years of age at the time of admission. Normal Matriculation Required: At least two (2) passes in C.X.C., G.C.E., CAPE etc. or able to pass diagnostic test. Dress Code requirements Students are required to acquire and maintain good grooming habits that reflects positively on the individuals and the school on a whole. 1. Hair will be neat, clean, and controlled. 2. The wearing of Jewelry is permitted, however, these should be minimal. Excessive jewelry must be avoided. 3. Clothing should be neat and clean at all times. Students Responsibilities All students are required at all times to: Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times Avoid the use of cell phone during class sessions. (Personal phone calls should not be made or received on Schools phones.) Other rules/regulations No smoking is permitted in classes or conferences No gum may be chewed in any class sessions No weapons (knives, gun or any sharp objects) are permitted on the school compound No use of expletives will be allowed at any time ENROLLMENT Enrollment forms Each student who will be admitted to Distinction College is required to obtain a registration/enrollment form from the office, complete, sign and submit the registration form, including a declaration that he/she will abide by the rules of the Institution. How to Enroll The enrollment procedures are provided by any person available at the Distinction College Office. The enrollment form must be obtained from the office. A non-refundable application fee

of $1,500.00 JMD must be paid at the office before the submission of application forms. All forms and proof of qualification, copy of birth certificate and two passport size photographs must be submitted to the office along with the registration fee. Students are not considered enrolled unless they have completed and met all enrollment conditions. The Institution reserves the right to prohibit enrollment or withdraw an individual from a programme for failing to meet enrollment conditions. Enrolled Students- Definition A student will not be considered enrolled unless all the following conditions have been met: 1. All or some fees have been paid (depending on agreed payment plan) 2. A student contract containing the Institutions rules and regulations has been received and signed by students; 3. Students receives time table and outline for courses of study In cases of withdrawal/leave of Absence The Institution , projects expenses for the provision of services to students prior to the beginning of each program, based on the number of students who have indicated their intention to enroll. Normally, these expenses are not subject to change at short notice. Students who cancel their enrollment prior to the beginning of the program or withdraw during the program may deprive others of the opportunity to gain entry for the particular months or may create vacancies that cannot be filled. If a student needs to cancel his/her enrollment, or withdraw from the Institution, he or she must give written notice to the office. Informing a staff member of non-attendance at workshop or class, or withdrawal, does not constitute official notification or approval. Students desirous of withdrawing are required to complete a request form and submit it to the office. Any student who withdraws from a programme without obtaining permission from the Institution will be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship and will be subject to the institution formal re-admission process. Students wishing to go on leave of absence would be required to fill out a request form and submit it to the office. After they return from their leave of absence, students will pick up where they left off in their course of study.

Acknowledgement of Enrollment terms and conditions I acknowledge with my signature below that: I have reviewed, understand, and agree to abide by the School Policies found within the Student handbook.

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