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Emerging Leaders.

This month, take a look at some of the leaders you have helped provide to the church of Myanmar, and to the emerging nation. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:10

Dear Thawing Friends,

We celebrate your improving temperatures and sunshine. In this letter we want to share with you our excitement about Gods continued provision for those around us. Regardless of the type of work God has called you to, we believe it is important to periodically suspend thinking about your present and future and look over your shoulder at the past. You see things that youve missed, such as how seemingly unrelated experiences actually formed a pattern. More exciting is recognizing prayers you are hoping to be answered in the future, have already started being answered in your past... you dont have to keep looking towards future solutions that are already present. Without the pause, its possible to fail to celebrate the answers God has provided. Recently we were with some friends singing and praying... and we took such a pause. Craig recollected the prayers that we had prayed some of them in the distant pastfor godly trained community leaders in Myanmar. It was an exciting moment to reflect on all the people whom we had witnessed God developing, and the way His provision was reducing the leadership vacuum in the country. We look forward to returning to the U.S. this June and sharing what we are witnessing the Lord accomplish all around us. In May, Kara will return for ten days to attend Sarahs graduation from John Brown University, then fly back for Kates graduation from high school here in northern Thailand. On June 4th, Craig, Kara, Kate & Jacob will fly to the US, landing in Tulsa on the 5th of June. We will spend 6+ months catching up with family and friends. Our schedule for our visits is yet to be determined, but we are making our bucket list!

Our friend, Leik, was ordained last month. She is one of two ordained women in Myanmar. She leads a church of new believers and houses kids and youth who are at risk.

This couple is one of three that we have invested in. We are grateful for the small part we have been able to play in assisting them in various ways. They are a gift to their nation.

amily F n o s i r r The Ga
T h e G arri s o ns !

Last month we attended the graduation celebration of our first friend in Thailand. She is amazing. She helps immigrants from Myanmar, and many of us have jokingly referred to her as the Mother Theresa of SE Asia... which makes no sense to our friend.

Servi ng w i th th e P eo p l e o f M yanm ar (B urm a)

We cannot change the whole world, but we can help change the whole world for one person... thats what we are trying to do for Moses.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:10

In the fall of 2009, our friend, Carleen Yocum, traveled with me (Kara) to Tachileik, Myanmar to visit my friend Leik and her family. That was the first time I met Leiks nephew, Moses. His family had just moved to Shan State and we soon discovered that Moses could already speak (and sing in) 3 languages and we enjoyed a mini concert! His unseeing, bulging eyes were preventing him from shutting his eyelids and he couldnt keep the insects out at night. I snapped a photo and sent it to an American doctor who suggested it was worms causing the enlargement. For less than five dollars, the swelling was remedied, although the blindness remained. Over the past few years I was concerned when I saw him huddled in the corner of a dark, damp room listening to cartoons. He was terrified to venture outside with his brothers. It appeared that his parents did not possess the skills, inner resources, or finances to find a better solution. Last year, Moses decided he was ready to attend the blind school in Yangon, a considerable distance from home, considering the transportation options. With great hesitation to institutionalize a

child, we helped to make the arrangements. In June (2013) he left home to receive education for the first time in his life.

The Asian station wagon. Moses with his mom and three brothers, two years ago.

The week Moses was preparing to leave, his father was placed in prison (we suspect unjustly) and the following week his mother abandoned the children (perhaps out of desperation). Your gifts have helped Moses attend his first year of Braille school, travel back home for the summer break, assist in the costs of his brothers education, and provide a monthly gift to his father for food. Moses is spending his school break at his Aunts home (with his brothers) which is a safe house for kids at risk (see banner photo on front

On his first Sunday home on break from the blind school, Moses shared at his church of Gods provision.

It is exceptionally rare for a blind child to receive education in Myanmar. We sense that enabling Moses to read and write, provides other blind children an inspiring future leader. Thank you, on their behalf.

T h e G arri s o ns

Servi ng w i th th e P eo p l e o f M yanm ar (B urm a)