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ALSA International Legal Training & Workshop !

"#$ Jakarta, Indonesia


!"##"$ &' ()*+#,#+&)
Dear ALSAians,

As lhe vorId ve aII knov nov is becoming smaIIer and lhe facl lhal inlernalionaI business
lransaclion is never uncommon for lhe currenl IegaI raclice era, il is our dulies as Iav sludenls lo
calch u and be one-sle ahead in lhe concel and our roIe vilhin il.
This year ALSA InlernalionaI is keen lo faciIilale a rogram lhal vouId equi ALSAians in
vilh raclicaI skiIIs and knovIedge required in inlernalionaI IegaI vorking reaIm and il is vilh
greal honor lo invile you lo lhe very firsl ALSA InlernalionaI LegaI Training & Worksho 2014.
ALSA InlernalionaI oard viII hosl AILT&W 2014 in }akarla, Indonesia on }une 8
, 2014.
AILT&W is a one-veek IegaI lraining rogram giving arlicianls an in-delh and concrele
knovIedge on inlernalionaI IegaI raclice and aIso skiIIed required by fulure IegaI careers. This
rogram is indeed a rear oorlunilies vhere arlicianls couId enhance lheir IegaI skiIIs and
knovIedge in various bul rominenl fieIds of Iav.
y selling raising Go GIobaI vilh Sharened LegaI SkiIIs and KnovIedge as lhe lheme of
lhis AILT&W, il is hoed lhal lhrough lhis rogram arlicianls viII be ready and one sle ahead
for lhe ballIe in inlernalionaI IegaI arena vilh mosl effeclive veaons, sharened IegaI skiIIs and
As for lhe concel of lhe rogram, inslead of having vorkshos or lraining in lhe
universilies, ve viII be having lhe lraining sessions in lhe firm. This viII rovide a vhoIesome
exerience lo lhe members as lhey viII gel lhe acluaI exerience of vorking in a firm. Il aIso
rovides lhem vilh a greal oorlunily lo famiIiarise lhemseIves vilh lhe vorking environmenl.
Aside from lhe Training Irograms, arlicianls of AILT&W 2014 viII en|oy lour lo
Thousand IsIands, cily lour as veII as IegaI visil.
On behaIf of ALSA InlernalionaI oard 2013-2014 and lhe Organizing Commillee of
AILT&W 2014, ve veIcome you lo lake lhe chance lo arliciale in AILT&W 2014 and ve Iook
forvard lo seeing you in }akarla, Indonesia!

ALSA, AIvays be One!

SincereIy yours,

Edward Jeremy Bangun Surendra Ananth
Ixeculive Direclor Iresidenl
ALSA InlernalionaI LegaI Training & Worksho 2014 ALSA InlernalionaI oard 2013-2014