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My Magazine represents my particular social group due to the overall genre. It is noticeable that the Indie genre appeals to 16-21 year olds, teenagers tend to listen to this kind of music; so therefore it is mainly aimed at this particular social group. The three main social groups that I am representing are Age, Gender and Sexuality. The group is called Leaning Edge, consisting of Indie Scenesters, Creatives, DIYers, Hispters and Tumblr Kids. It is evident that their style reflects the type of music that they listen to. I am representing Age, purely due to the models that I have chosen for the Cover. It will be evident that the models used, will attract my target audience of 16-25 Males. This is because of the fashion, facial expression and body language that the models are positioned in. By looking at existing Indie Magazine, aimed at a similar audience, uses a serious facial expression for the Cover (which is what I've re-created for 'I'M'). I wanted the same recognition for my Magazine, also due to the double connotations of the title and the clever use of the speech bubble. The image that I have selected is the one that I have used for the Cover of my Magazine. I have attempted to replicate the positioning and style of Disclosure. Although, they are of a different music genre, the fact that one was casual and one more smarter appealed to me; so Ive attempted to re-create this but making them more Indie rather than electronic. Through my research, it was evident that teenagers nowadays are wearing checkered shirts, black skinny jeans, converses/boots and quiffy hair. By applying this for my Cover, it would attract my target audien ces attention due to the initial appearance. As they are photogenic boys it would also attract females, which is coinciding with the Gender social group, and possibly those of different sexualities (for example heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals) attention (due to the way they are dressed), and encourage those from other audiences to purchase a copy of IM. The similarities with the image above, was those that I had anticipated. I wanted there to be distinctive aspects of the image that were clearly replicated. It didnt happen deliberately; however, it was what I was going for. Disclosure is another artist that 16-25 year olds are drawn too, purely for their music. Even though they arent associated with the Indie genre, their style appealed to me and I tried to alter the look in order for it to fit the specified genre. The obvious alter was the white back drop. By doing this, it gave the overall tone of the image a positive effect. The most common aspect that was noticeable, with this specific genre, was the way the artist maintained eye contact with the audience to create synthetic personalisation. If the audience perceives the artists looking directly at them, they will feel more inclined to buying it. Furthermore, my particular target group likes attention given to them. By having this is in the back of my mind, I made sure that the models maintained the eye contact and connection not only with the target audience but audiences from different genres.

My particular social group is being appealed to due to the heavy use of stereotypes. It is stereotypical that teenagers are mardy and restricted. In order to represent my social group I have purposely made the models pull that particular facial expression, in order the show what social group it is. For the Cover, it is a negative representation as I am showing the stereotype; so that passer-bys will distinguish the social group.