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They Wanted to be Moms; SEIU, Gov. Blagojevich and Gov.

Quinn had Other Plans

ll Pamela Harris and Susie Watts were focused on was their children with disabilities when the state authorized SEIU union forced its way into the lives of these moms.

son. It turns out Governor Quinns Executive Order reclassified personal care providers like me as state employees just so we could be subject to unionization.

Pam Harris, I talked with Susie Watts, one of those providers, and she explained that the SEIU siphons off $30 every two weeks from her daughter Libbys stipend. The SEIU union takes $780 a year thats supposed to be available for Susies daughter Libbys care. I was outraged by the injustice and wanted to know how to end this and what we could do for homecare providers like Susie. National Right to Work Foundation attorneys filed a lawsuit for us. Four years later, on January 21, 2014, our case was heard at the United States Supreme Court. And I will always be grateful to the National Right to Work Foundation for taking us there. I now know who the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation is. Its a very talented legal team with a terrific supporting staff, and it is the millions of donors who have made this organization available to me and thousands of over the years. Thank you, each and everyone who made it possible for the Foundation to be there to help Josh and Libby. Ill be forever grateful. Pam Harris and Susie Watts were fortunate that they found help. But how many other Pams and Susies are out there about to have their lives totally changed by aggressive unions like SEIU and politicians like Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn?

You see, I care for my adult son Josh But, their worlds were changed by SEIwho has Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, a rare Us collusion with two different Illinois gov- genetic condition that requires 24/7 attenernors. tion, and the state provides a monthly stiWhen SEIU organizers came knocking pend to Josh so I can be his caregiver. on Pamela Harris door one beautiful SunI didnt understand why Governor day morning, Pam had no idea who the NaQuinn would want me in a union. Im just a tional Right To Work Legal Defense Founmother caring for her son. dation was nor did she know that soon she Then I saw Governor Quinn on the local was going need their special skills to help news standing at a podium with SEIU banher, her family, and many other families in ners behind him thanking SEIU for their Illinois. staunch support and get-out-the Pam was about to find out that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn had reclassified her from a mother to a state employee. Pam Harris: Please allow me to tell you what your support of the National Right to Work Foundation has meant to me. And let me tell you upfront, when I found out what SEIU and the Governor were doing, I called 40 or 50 law firms to find someone to help me fight this injustice. No one else had the courage to stand up and help parents and their sons and daughters with significant disabilities, except the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. My story begins with a knock on my door one beautiful Sunday morning. There on my porch stood two strangers who identified themselves as Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organizers. -vote efforts aiding his reelection. Then I understood. This was about politics, not helping me care for my son Josh. Suddenly, I felt like David against Goliath. Pam contacted the Foundation and talked with Staff Attorney Bill Messenger who patiently and clearly [Pams] rights, including [her] right to vote against unionization. This was the first time Pam was told that she had any option other than to join the union. Pam worked hard to inform other other personal care providers of their right to vote against unionization. Pams efforts paid of and SEIU was overwhelmingly rejected by Personal care providers 75% of whom take care of family members.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is helping everyone Despite the resounding rejection, Governor it can. It is currently assisting individual (And, I have subsequent visits from other Quinn refused to rescind his Executive Oracross the country in more than 200 union organizers who were not so young and der which authorized SEIU organizers to cases involving academic and politipeppy.) continue coming back to providers cal freedom, freedom from union vioOne was from California and the other homes to badger them into submission. lence, and the right to work for governfrom somewhere on the East Coast. But they ment without paying a private organization Pam works round-the-clock care for her were here in Illinois to tell me some great so, while its rewarding, its exhausting. She for that privilege. news. didnt want to keep fighting this unrelenting If you would like to financially support They said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn campaign with SEIU organizers. our mission so that we can continue to help had recently signed Pam organized a meeting at local library others as we have Pam Harris, then please an Executive Order for interested persons who might want to try click on this Donation link. allowing me and to put a stop to this through a court action. And, if you or someone you know thinks other personal care that they may need our legal help, click here Pam reached out to another group of Illiproviders to join a on the Foundations Free Legal Aid link. nois in-home care providers who had been union. corralled into unionization by former GoverBUT, I am not an employee. I am a stay nor Rod Blagojevich. -at-home mom taking care of my disabled

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