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1) Please fill out this form electronically by downloading it from under Summer Fellowships, Fellowship Forms. 2) Save As and change the file name to Abstract_yourlastname 3) Print and attach to your ETP. 4) Acquire mentor signature, retain ORIGINAL and submit COPY to Peer Coach by 8/10/07. 5) Acquire administrator signature on ORIGINAL and submit to IISME by 10/1/07to receive $500 payment.

ETP TITLE: Class Tutorials: Integrating Web Courses into the Language Arts/Social Studies Core Middle School Classroom FELLOW NAME: Rob Curry FELLOW PRIMARY E-MAIL: SPONSOR COMPANY: National Semiconductor Company MENTOR NAME: Tansie Iwafuchi ABSTRACT (50 words or less:) This ETP is designed to help differentiate instruction for student learning. The web-based tutorial lessons are designed especially for learners in need of relearning and review to reach grade level proficiency and for advanced students to advance at an accelerated rate. ETP TYPE: Enhance Existing GRADE LEVEL: Middle School Curriculum Content Subject: Document Format(s): Word doc PowerPoint Language Arts Other:


If “Other,” please describe:

Describe how your ETP aligns with NBC or State standard as stated in your proposal: The tutorial units will be based on most CA state standards in Language Arts and History/Social Studies and connect to the state adopted standards-aligned curriculum in use in the classroom. Describe the connection between your ETP and the Summer Fellowship.

In my Summer Fellowship, I worked on creating Web Courses for industry. Using many of those skills, I have designed and launched web-based student tutorials to support student learning. Throughout the school year, I will continue adding tutorials related to almost every major learning goal.

Checklist for sections contained in ETP: Clearly Stated List of Outcomes & Standards Materials/Resources Specific Rubric or plan for Procedure/Plan evaluating outcomes.
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Signature___________________________________ Date: July 25, 2007
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Signature___________________________________ Date Printed Name: Tansie Iwafuchi
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