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Thesis On

Marketing of Jewellery Products in Bangladesh

Thesis On
Marketing of Jewellery Products in Bangladesh
(This thesis Is Submitted For the Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of Master of Business of Administration with a Major in Marketing)

Prepared By
Name: Abdul Hakim Student I ! "#$%&'%"( MBA Ma)or in Marketing

Supervised By
Professor r* Md*Shaw+uatul Meher* ,aculty of Business Studies Southern -ni.ersity /hittagong0 Bangladesh* Submission ate: A1ril 2"0 #"23

Southern -ni.ersity Bangladesh


Letter of Submission

Date: April 02 , 2014

4o 4he ean ,aculty of Business Studies Southern -ni.ersity Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of 4hesis

Sir I ha.e the gratification to inform you that I ha.e accom1lished my thesis on 54he market of gold in Bangladesh6* I ha.e tried my best to furnish the thesis with rele.ant data0 which I ha.e collected during my thesis* I shall be glad if you kindly acce1t this thesis0 and I am ready to e71lain anything to you if you feel necessary* 4hanking you 8ours ,aithfully 9*********************************:

Name: Abdul Hakim Student I ! "#$%&'%"( MBA Ma)or in Marketing


Students eclaration

Supervisor's Certificate

This is to certify that the Internship Report on "DBBL" in the bona fide record at the report is done by Sunnyeat Ismat Omith as a partial fulfillment of the requirement of Masters of Business Administration MBA! de"ree from the Department of Ban#in"$ %ni&ersity of Dha#a'

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Si"nature of Super&isor (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Date'



Declaration I do hereby solemnly declare that the )or# presented in this Internship Report has been pre&iously submitted to any other %ni&ersity*+olla"e*Or"ani,ation for an academic qualification*+ertificate*Diploma or de"ree' The )or# I ha&e presented does not branch any e-istin" copyri"ht and no portion of this report is copied from any )or# done earlier for a de"ree or other)ise'

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Date'(((((((((((((((((((((( Sunnyeat Ismat Omith ID(.(./0 MBA .nd Batch Department of Ban#in" %ni&ersity of Dha#a'


Su1er.isors eclaration




Acknowledgement Acknowledgement
Praise to Almighty the creator and sustainer who ha.e gi.en us strength and o11ortunity to com1lete 1resent to1ic* In fact0 I left no stone unturned to make the thesis stander0 I hel1ful and useful* ,irst of all I would like to thank our dean0 ,aculty of Business studies along with other faculty members of the Business Administration who has arranged this 1ractical orientation in bank* In this connection I would also like to thank to my honorable su1er.isor Professor r* Md*Shaw+uatul Meher0 ,aculty of Business Studies Southern -ni.ersity Bangladesh*


Executive summary

4he )ewelry industry in Bangladesh has been flourishing unabated* Smaller sho1s are e71anding in si;e* ,ashionable new showrooms are being o1ened in 1osh sho11ing malls* /ustomers are being entertained la.ishly in showrooms* 4his is ha11ening in s1ite of the fact that the 1rice of gold has been rising steadily* How is it 1ossible< Jewelry sho1s in Bangladesh now sell what they call = M gold* 4his is different from old or sanatan gold* 4he term = M is a misnomer* At one time0 gold )ewelry was soldered with cadmium0 also called kadium in some 1laces* /admium soldered )ewelry was known as = M gold* -se of cadmium has now been banned in most countries as the fume of molten cadmium is to7ic and harmful to 1eo1le engaged in )ewelry making* Jewelers in most 1arts of the world0 including Bangladesh0 now use gold for soldering )ewelry but still call it = M gold* 4he +uality of gold is e71ressed in karat* #3 karat gold is the 1urest form of the metal a.ailable in the market* It is su11osed to be ((*(> 1ure* 4his gold is relati.ely soft and easily malleable* ## karat gold is less 1ure than #3 karat gold* 4he measure of ## karat means that out of #3 1arts0 ## 1arts are ((*(> 1ure and the remaining # 1arts are other metals or im1urities mi7ed with it to make it harder* ## karat gold is therefore ((*(7 ##?#3@(2*A$A> 1ure* Similarly0 #2 karat gold is B$*32> 1ure* Cne should not confuse karat with carat0 which is a measure for 1recious stones and gems*