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SCENE 1 EXT. PAVEMENT DAY ERIN is seen walking home from school CLOSE UP shows ERIN looking depressed. A VOICE fills her head VOICE (V.O.) I dunno why she even comes to this school VOICE 2 (V.O.) Yh, nobody even knows who she is. Remember when she ACTUALLY used to act like a SANE person VOICE 3 (V.O.) I remember she used to be my best friend. Since her dad was deployed, shes never been the same again ERIN begins to quicken her walk. INT. ERINS HOUSE DAY ERIN opens the front door to her house and picks up a handful of bills addressed to her mother before throwing them to the ground ERIN (as she is walking upstairs) Hi mum INT. ERINS BEDROOM DAY CARIS I need you to look after them today ERIN You know I have so much to do, this is the THIRD time this week. Youre.. CLOSE UP OF ERINS FACE ERIN (quietly, looking down towards floor) Youre never home




CARIS You know the situation we are currently at. CARIS walks out of the room avoiding any continued conversation. ERIN sighs and leans in onto her desk. VOICE fills her head as she appears to close her eyes VOICE 3 (V.O.) (echoes, intensifies) I remember she used to be my best friend. INT. LIVING ROOM DAWN

ERIN is sitting on her coach. The voices all of a sudden stop at this point ERIN (shouts) I asked have you done your homework ERIN tuts then gets up to check on her brother SCENE 2 INT. FLOYDS BEDROOM NIGHT FLOYD is sitting at his computer desk attempting to finish his coursework which is due in the following day FLOYD checks. It is 11.00pm and the paper is due in a couple of hours. With this he becomes frustrated as he throws the paper onto the floor. He picks up his phone. We see exchanged text with him and his ex-girlfriend. He looks to the side, puts his phone onto the table FLASHBACK FLOYD and his mother STEPH are sitting at the dinner table having lunch STEPH (emotionless, no facial contact) Well be moving to Stockholm




FLOYD (very sensitive) Wait? Since when did you make this decision STEPH (continuing eating, hasnt lifter her head) Me and your father have known about this for some time, dont you want to be closer to him FLOYD doesnt allow her to finish before he rushes upstairs EXT. STREET DAY

FLOYD is walking with his friends as they have a normal conversation *PHONE RINGS* FLOYD answers the phonecall Mumble sound represented as the individual on the other line FLOYD (looks concerned) Is everything ok TAYLOUR? FLOYD looks worryingly towards his friend before he walks away FLOYD You dont have to do this after everything weve been through FLOYD pauses as he listens to the response FLOYD Taylour, Taylour.. are are you there? Taylour! PHONE DIAL TONE FLOYD looks towards his friend, he then walks away quickly not wanting to say no more INT. FLOYDS BEDROOM NIGHT FLOYDS puts his hands to his face FLOYD picks up his PHONE texting WE NEED TO TALK, I MISS YOU before erasing the text message (CONTINUED)




ERIN is sitting on the coach watching TV, her younger siblings are also watching TV ERIN continues to watch TV as she looks up and slowly closes her eyes FLASHBACK FADE AWAY SCENE 3 INT, DANIELS BEDROOM NIGHT PRESENT CLOSE UP SHOT of DANIELs face as he ruffles on bed Camera pans of his room, establishing items (cannabis bag, cigarettes, alcohol, R.I.P picture of his deceased friend) FLASHBACK EXT, THE PARK MID-DAY PAST WIDE SHOT, group chatting amongst themselves, boy gets agitated and pulls out a knife about to stab DANIEL DANIEL You owe me three bags. DUSHANE You know thats a lie. DANIEL This is the second time you have pissed me off. DUSHANE pulls out a knife against DANIEL INT, DANIELS BEDROOM NIGHT PRESENT DANIELS POV shot of R.I.P picture DANIEL ruffles around in his bed quite disturbed then shuts his eyes FADE AWAY

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