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Interpersonal Skills: Bullying-Jigsaw Activity and Presentations 5th rade!

"5 #inutes $%& 'in( in class and )5 'in( a*ter lunch+ By: Shel,y -agner Context for Learning Attention to students backgrounds, interests, and needs -30 Students -Classroom space is limited and presentation time may need to be extended to after lunch Lesson Rationale .his lesson is designed *or students to co'prehend what ,ullying is and the *ive characteristics o* ,ullying( .hey will research the di**erent aspects o* ,ullying and present it to their class'ates/ as well as co'ing up with a set o* classroo' rules a,out ,ullying and nonviolent techni0ues *or ,ully prevention( (4) Effective communication enhances personal, family, and community health !his standard focuses on ho" responsible individuals use verbal and non-verbal s#ills to develop and maintain healthy personal relationships !he ability to or$ani%e and to convey information and feelin$s is the basis for stren$thenin$ interpersonal interactions and reducin$ or avoidin$ conflict Content Standards and ELD (as appropriate) Standard !1- Students will de'onstrate the a,ility to use interpersonal co''unication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks( P(I( 2: 1(5()- 3e'onstrate e**ective ver,al and nonver,al co''unication skills to enhance health( 1(5(4- 3e'onstrate nonviolent strategies to 'anage or resolve con*lict( Learning "b#ecti$es (Establis%ed &oals)! Given the presentation on the 5 Os of bullying and the articles about different aspects of bullying, the learners will create posters about bullying and teach their classmates prevention tips and rules to follow, in order to demonstrate how to prevent bullying using communication and nonviolent strategies. 'or(ati$e Assess(ent ()rocess) *itle and description of assess(ent acti$it+! Bullying discussion- .he students will discuss what ,ullying is/ how it negatively a**ects everyone involved/ and what the characteristics o* ,ullying are( E$aluati$e criteria! .he students will correctly identi*y and descri,e the *ive characteristics o* ,ullying $one-sided/ over ti'e/ on purpose/ o**ensive/ and over power+( ,%at t%e assess(ent is designed to assess (tie to learning ob#ecti$e)! .he assess'ent is designed to assess how 'uch the students know a,out ,ullying and its har'*ul e**ects as well as their understanding o* the *ive characteristics o* ,ullying( 'eedback to students! .he teacher will answer any 0uestions that the students 'ay still have on ,ullying and give the' techni0ues to help prevent ,ullying( Su((ati$e Assess(ent ()roduct)-.n class *itle and description of assess(ent acti$it+! Jigsaw Activity and roup Presentation- .he students will ,e put into seven groups ,ased o** o* di**erent ,ullying articles( .he students will pick out *ive 'ain points *ro' their readings and create one classroo' rule and techni0ue to prevent ,ullying( .hey will put all o* this in*or'ation into a group poster that they will ,e presenting to the class( E$aluati$e criteria! .he students will correctly identi*y the 'ain points *ro' their ,ullying article and create an anti-,ullying classroo' rule that they are all agreeing to *ollow( .he students will also designate one ,ullying prevention techni0ue that is ,ased o** o* their article/ ,%at t%e assess(ent is designed to assess (tie to learning ob#ecti$e)! .his assess'ent is designed to assess students5 key understandings o* their ,ullying article and their a,ility to teach this to the rest o* the class( It also assesses what rules and techni0ues they ,elieve will help to prevent ,ullying in their own classroo'6school( 'eedback to students! .he teacher will check in with the class to see that they are a,le to identi*y and descri,e the 'ain ideas o* all o* the ,ullying articles( .he teacher will also ask i* all students agree upon the rules all o* the groups have created and i* not why they do not agree and how they could change it so that they do agree( Acade(ic Language (/ocabular+) 0ull+ing- & one-"ay problem "here one person has more po"er than the other, it happens more than once, and the bully chooses their actions !hese situations are unfair, one-sided, and leave tar$ets feelin$ threatened or left out 1 "s- !he characteristics of bullyin$' one-sided, over time, on purpose, offensive, and over po"er "ne-sided- (nly one person is doin$ the bullyin$ "$er ti(e- !he bullyin$ is not an isolated incident "n )urpose- !he bully chooses their actions to"ards the tar$et "ffensi$e- !he bully does somethin$ in order to ne$atively affect the tar$et(

Interpersonal Skills: Bullying-Jigsaw Activity and Presentations 5th rade! "5 #inutes $%& 'in( in class and )5 'in( a*ter lunch+ By: Shel,y -agner "$er )o2er- !he bully attempts to ma#e the tar$et feel "ea# or po"erless 30ull+- !he person choosin$ to threaten, tease, leave out, or physically)emotionally harm another person 3*arget- !he person bein$ bullied 3.nnocent 0+stander(s)- *eople that are "itness to the incident, but are not directly involved 30ull+ 'ree 4ones- &reas that students and adults have a$ree to #eep bully free and "or# to$ether to prevent this from happenin$ +"nline 0ull+ing- ,ullyin$ that occurs over the internet and can ta#e many forms +!he students "ill address these durin$ their article presentations .ntegration! 7anguage Arts- 8inding the 'ain points o* an article and presenting the' to the rest o* the class( 5aterials -S'art Board -Bullying video clip- Bully 9**icial .railer 2)- -einstein :o'pany #ovie $;&);+ %ttp!662227+outube7co(62atc%8$9,:g;R/;"<%g -9,<ectives slide $attached to lesson plan+ -5 95s presentation and handout $attached to lesson plan+ -Bullying articles $-hat .s ,ullyin$/, -ho0s & ,ully/, -ho0s & !ar$et/, 1o" to 1andle .t, .nnocent ,ystanders, ,ully 2ree 3ones, and (nline ,ullyin$-attached to lesson plan+ -Sa'ple poster $attached to lesson plan+ -Poster paper -#arkers .nstructional Strategies and Learning *asks to Support Learning *i(e = 5aterials Learning Acti$ities ()rocedure) )urpose ("b#ecti$e) "rientation6Engage(ent65oti$ation 4 'in( >ook6Rele$anc+- Bullying video clip( $-hen video is Introduction to the topic o* the done=+ >ow did that video 'ake you *eel? -hat did lesson-,ullying( It also shows the you notice a,out the people in the video and what was students that the topic relates to happening? -ho all was a**ected ,y ,ullying in this their own lives and that they can video clip? $>ave students respond(+ .his 'onth is ,ully use the skills they learn in real li*e awareness 'onth and we will continue to cover this situations( topic throughout the year since ,ullying is a very relevant issue that a**ects 'any people in schools across the nation( ) 'in( Re$ie2- -e have introduced the topic o* ,ullying .his activated prior knowledge *re0uently in our 'orning 'eetings( -e have discussed that they 'ay have *ro' previous what happens in ,ullying and how it a**ects the people discussions in class( involved( ) 'in( )re$ie2- .oday we are taking an in-depth look at .his tells the students what they ,ullying/ who it a**ects/ and the *ive characteristics o* will ,e learning a,out and what ,ullying( @eAt/ we will ,reak into siA groups and read they will ,e creating/ so they articles related to ,ullying( .hen the groups will create a know what to eApect( poster that details the 'ain topics o* their article and they will present it to the class( Content $)5 'in( total+ )resentation6'or(ati$e Assess(ent: -hat does the "ord bullyin$ mean to you/ 4aise your hand if you0d li#e to share( $Ask *or various responses and write the' on the S'art Board+ So it loo#s li#e "e #no" 5uite a bit about bullyin$ 1o" do you #no" so much about it/ $-ait *or student responsesB they should ,e a,le to tie it ,ack to real-li*e knowledge and eAperiences(+ -e hear about bullyin$ a lot these days and "e #no" that it is becomin$ a bi$$er problem in the schools 6o" "e are $oin$ to tal# about the five characteristics of bullyin$ also #no"n as the 78 (0s9 $Pull up ,lank slide with 5 95s on it- have students give ideas a,out what they think these 'ean+ -e have some $reat ideas about the characteristics of bullyin$: no" let0s ta#e a loo# at the definitions $Pull up neAt slide with 5 95s and de*initions o* the characteristics(->andout 5 95s de*initions+ ,e sure to ta#e notes on this handout about anythin$ you "ant to remember from the slides and the presentations ,ullyin$ affects many people and it can happen any"here, on the play$round, on the bus, and in school

Interpersonal Skills: Bullying-Jigsaw Activity and Presentations 5th rade! "5 #inutes $%& 'in( in class and )5 'in( a*ter lunch+ By: Shel,y -agner 6ext, you are $oin$ to learn more about "ho bullies, "ho is affected by it, and ho" to prevent it . "ill split you up into six $roups and you "ill be $iven a specific bullyin$ article !hen you "ill decide upon the five main ideas ta#en from the article and you "ill put them on your poster 6ext, you "ill identify one rule you "ant our classroom to follo" about bullyin$ and one "ay to prevent it from happenin$ Each of these should relate to the theme of your article .nclude an illustration to support the main idea in your article 1ere is a sample poster that . made based on the article -hat is ,ullyin$/9$Pull out poster *or students to see/ eAplain article topic/ *ive 'ain points *ro' the reading/ one classroo' rule/ and one ,ullying prevention tip(- .hen check *or understanding and see i* any students need 0uestions a,out the activity answered(+ Structured )ractice6Exploration $;& 'in(+! $Split students up into siA groups and distri,ute articles and poster 'aking 'aterials+ 6o" is your time to read your articles and decide, as a $roup, on the five main points of the readin$ -rite these on your poster and then add one classroom rule related to the article and one bully prevention tip 4emember to add an illustration that supports your articles topic ;our presentation should be about three minutes and then you "ill have t"o minutes for any 5uestions from the audience $Bring up slide with poster presentation re0uire'ents(+ ;ou "ill have t"enty minutes to do your readin$ and create your posters 4emember you are presentin$ these to the class so do your best "or# to ma#e them le$ible and attention $rabbin$ Application6Su((ati$e Assess(ent $A,out 4& 'in(- )5 'in( in class and )5'in( a*ter lunch+! 6o" "e "ill be presentin$ our $roup posters -e "ill $o in order from $roup < to = Each $roup "ill have 3-8 minutes to present their poster and ans"er any 5uestions from the audience .f "e run out of time for presentations, the remainin$ $roups "ill present after lunch $-hen students are co'pleted with posters have the' present in order o* article nu',er-allow *or 4-5 'inutes *or each presentation and 0uestions- I* ti'e runs out save the re'aining presentations *or a*ter lunch(+ Closure ) 'in( Re$ie2- So today we have learned a,out ,ullying/ the 5 .his restates the o,<ective *or the 95s/ and have researched and presented on di**erent lesson and recaps everything that ,ullying articles( $Pull up o,<ectives and 5 95s slides+ the student5s lust learned( ) 'in( )re$ie2- 8or our neAt lesson/ we will discuss di**erent .his prepares the students *or the ,ullying situations and how to handle the'( -e will *ollowing lesson and gives the' also learn what to do i* you or so'eone you know is so'e prior knowledge o* what ,eing ,ullied and the har'*ul e**ects ,ullying can have they will ,e doing( on everyone involved( ; 'in( >o(e6'a(il+ .n$ol$e(ent- .onight I want you to .his activity has the students discuss ,ullying and the 5 95s with your parents( Ask reteach the concept to so'eone the' a,out a ti'e or situation they or so'eone else was else and then apply it ,y drawing ,eing ,ullied( >ave the' initial the ,otto' o* your 5 their own *avorite kinds o* *ood( 95s handout( ) 'in( Closing State(ent- Cveryone had great ideas on .his rea**ir's how6what they ,ullying and created very in*or'ative presentations( learned and gives the' a way to .onight I will co'pile all o* the rules that the groups practice and apply the ca' up with into one docu'ent( .hen the whole class skill6concept that they learned in will sign this showing that they agree to the antithe lesson( ,ullying rules in the classroo'( Extension6Lesson 0uilder )& 'in( >ave students act out di**erent ,ullying situations and .his ties the lesson to real-world ways to react *ro' all di**erent points o* view $,ully/ concepts and gives the' a chance target/ innocent ,ystander/ etc=+( to practice their skills( 5odifications, 5anage(ent, and6or Safet+ .ssues ! Depeat as needed .ssue! 7i'ited Space 5odification! >ave kids ,reak up into s'all groups and 'ove desks in order to allow *or space( 3esignate group working areas( .ssue! Presentation ti'e 'ay ,e li'ited 5odification! CAtend presentation ti'e to a*ter lunch *or re'aining groups(

Interpersonal Skills: Bullying-Jigsaw Activity and Presentations 5th rade! "5 #inutes $%& 'in( in class and )5 'in( a*ter lunch+ By: Shel,y -agner Content .nfor(ation (Resources) )( cdc(gov-@>CS ;( Bully 9**icial .railer 2) - -einstein :o'pany #ovie $;&);+http:66www(youtu,e(co'6watch? vE-)gFDGF9Hhg 4( http:66p,skids(org6its'yli*e6*riends6,ullies6indeA(ht'l