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Hazardous Location Lighting

Filtr-Gard (H2 & H2U)

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Product Features
GE offers Hazardous Location Lighting for a variety of adverse environments. Rugged construction provides long life and reliable performance, combined with a range of optical and mounting options to provide light where it is needed.

 For adverse, severe duty and hazardous classications (HID lamps)

Multiple mounting arrangements

Meets NEMA 4X Standards Wiring compartment

Unique Features
Maxi-Lux guard Charcoal lters Multiple optical assemblies NEMA decal  H2 shipped as components: Ballast, Mounting, Optical, and Accessories  H2U shipped all in one carton with lamp and optical installed Low copper aluminum alloys Quick disconnect Mogul base socket Safety chain provisions NOTE: Please reference Temperature Prole Data to properly select Luminaire. This information can be found at on each Hazardous Lighting product page under Technical Resources.

Polyester powder gray paint nish

 / Listed General Non- Hazardous Suitable For Wet Locations. For metal halide lamps in polymeric lamp containment barriers UL1598 Outdoor Salt Water Listed (formerly UL595) UL844 Listed Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G Class II, Division 2, Group G Class III, Divisions 1 and 2

Optical Eligibility and Photometric Selection Table

All light sources are clear unless otherwise indicated. Before using, imperative to check Temperature Prole information to properly match Optical to Classication. 70, 100, 150W(55V) 250W 100W 175W 250W 400W Filtr-Gard Luminaire HPS HPS MH EPMH EPMH EPMH Globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175W max) coated(6693) (FG) (FG) (FG) 176618 176633 178323 176835 176835 N/A Globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175W max) and dome reector (H2000-001) (FG) (FG) (FG) 176619 176634 178324 176836 176836 N/A Globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175W max*) and deep dome reector (H2000-006) (FG) (GG) (FG) 177024 177445 178325 177446 179155 N/A Globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175W max) and angle dome reector (H2000-002) (FG) (FG) 176609 176645 178326 176838 179150 N/A Angle Stanchion (5J or 6J) with globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175W max) (GG) (FG) 177037 179136 178329 179130 179137 N/A Angle Stanchion (5J or 6J) with globe and guard (FG, 250W max) (GG, 175Wmax) (GG) (FG) and dome reector (H2000-001) 176814 179139 178330 179133 179140 N/A Glass refractor Type V with guard (V5G, 175W max) (R5G, 400W max) (R5G) (V5G) (R5G) (V5G) (V5G) (R5G) (R5G) 176807 179442 176639** 178331 17452876 179156 176778 Glass refractor Type II with guard (V2G, 175W max) (R2G, 400W max) (R2G) (R2G) (V2G) (V2G) (R2G) (R2G) 176810 176646** 179151 17452875 179149 179153 Acrylic refractor Type V with guard (A5G, 150W max) 176867 N/A 178332 N/A N/A N/A Acrylic refractor Type II with guard (A2G, 150W max) 176874 N/A 178333 N/A N/A N/A Polycarbonate refractor Type V with guard (L5G, 150W max) 176864 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Polycarbonate refractor Type II with guard (L2G, 150W max) *** 179152 N/A 178335 N/A N/A N/A Enclosed reector with ALGLAS (400W max) nish (without guard H2000-EN) (Coated) (with guard H2000-EG) 176709 176725** N/A 176731 176731 177838 NOTE:  C/F=Contact Factory N/A=Not Available *For some ratings shown in Temperature Prole Information, GG can be used up to 250 watt maximum. **These curves are for 400 watt HPS also. ***Hazardous Location UL Listing not available. UL1598 or non UL Listed only.

Ordering Number Logic

FILTR-Gard (H2 & H2U)

_ _ _ - _ - ___ - __ - _ _ _
Prod. ID H2 = FiltrGard H2 Luminaire CAUTION: see Temperature Prole Data and Limitations. Standard: No lamp included. H2U = FiltrGard H2 Luminaire shipped all in one carton with lamp and optical installed VOLTAGE 60 Hz* 0 = 120/208/ 240/277 Multivolt 1 = 120 2 = 208 3 = 240 4 = 277 5 = 480 * For 50 Hz, contact factory WATTAGE/LIGHT SOURCE/ BALLAST TYPE See Ballast Selection Table UL844, UL1598 05L = 50W/HPS/HPF/ Reactor or Lag 07L = 70W/HPS/HPF Reactor or Lag 10L = 100W HPS/HPF Reactor or Lag 15L = 150W(55V)/HPS/HPF Reactor or Lag 05K = 50W/HPS/Hot Restart HPF Reactor 07K = 70W/HPS/Hot Restart HPF Reactor 10K = 100W/HPS/Hot Restart HPF Reactor 15K = 150W(55V)/HPS/Hot Restart HPF Reactor 07S = 70W/HPS/Mag-Reg 10S = 100W/HPS/Mag-Reg 15S = 150W/HPS/Mag-Reg 25S = 250W/HPS/Autoreg 40S = 400W/HPS/Autoreg 10M = 100W/MH/HPF Lag (Med Base) Standard: Lamp not included except with H2U 17E = 175W/EPMH/Autoreg 25E = 250W/EPMH/Autoreg 40E = 400W/EPMH/Autoreg MOUNTING 3C = 3/4-in. Ceiling 4C = 1-in. Ceiling 3F = 3/4-in. Flexible pendant* 4F = 1-in. Flexible Pendant* 5J = 1-1/4-in. Angle Stanchion** 6J = 1-1/2-in. Angle Stanchion** 3P = 3/4-in. Rigid Pendant 4P = 1-in. Rigid Pendant 5S = 1-1/4-in. Straight Stanchion 6S = 1-1/2-in. Straight Stanchion 3W = 3/4-in. Wall 4W = 1-in. Wall 6P = 1-1/2-in. Pendant *Use when support is non-rigid. ** For limits see Temperature Prole. Caution: For metal halide, a universal burning type lamp must be used. NOTE: Flexible pendant mounting cover must be used if unit is not rigidly mounted or xture will not hang straight. OPTICAL UL844, UL1598, UL1598 Outdoor Salt Water GG = Small Globe with Guard FG = Large Globe with Guard EG = Enclosed Reector ALGLAS nish with Guard (not UL1598 Outdoor Salt Water) NOTE: Not available with H2U V5G = 8-in. (203mm) Glass Refractor Type V with guard V2G = 8-in. (203mm) Glass Refractor Type II with Guard R5G = 12-in. (305mm) Glass Refractor Type V with Guard R2G = 12-in. (305mm) Glass Refractor Type II with Guard UL844, UL1598 ONLY+ A5G = 12-in. (305mm) Acrylic Refractor Type V with Guard A2G = 12-in. (305mm) Acrylic Refractor Type II with Guard L5G = 12-in. (305MM) Polycarbonate Refractor Type V with Guard L2G = 12-in. (305mm) Polycarbonate Refractor Type II with Guard NOTE: Remove G as last digit to e liminate Guard
+ NOTE: When using one of these opticals for a classied area, a special ballast assembly is required. Order, for example, similar to H201L3PA5G except for use with specied optical. Standard max Ambient Temp is 40C for 55C, 65C, 90C, contact factory. Before using, see Temperature Prole information.

OPTIONS F = Fusing(Not available with multivolt or UL1598 Outdoor Salt Water units) Q = Time Delay Automatically Switched Quartz is available in certain ratings for class II only (not available for Low Prole mounting) U = UL1598 Outdoor Salt Water/ UL844

Ballast Selection Table Temperature is 40C unless otherwise indicated.

Light Wattage Source 50 HPS 70, 100 HPS 150 (55V) HPS 250, 400 HPS 100 MH 175, 250, 400 EPMH

Product Dimensions
Filtr-Gard (H2 & H2U)
240 N/A L,K,S L,K,S S M* E 277 N/A L,K,S L,K,S S M* E 480 L K,S K,S S M* E luminaire

Ballast Type Voltage Multivolt L L,K,A L,K,A S M* E 120 K,L L,K,S L,K,S S M* E 208 N/A L,K,S L,K,S S M* E

Ballast Type N/A = Not Available K = Hot Restart (HPF Reactor Type) L= High Pressure Sodium HPF Reactor or Lag E = Energy Act Compliant Pulse MH (EPMH) A = HPS Autoreg M*= Metal Halide, HPF Lag S = High Pressure Sodium Mag-Reg or Autoreg

Product Dimensions
Filtr-Gard (H2 & H2U)
Ballast Wattage 50 70 100 150 (55V) 175 250 400 Approximate Net Weight (lbs) (kgs) 14.0 13.0-19.2 13.5-20.5 14.5-21.1 14.4-15.5 16.7-22.5 19.3-22.7 6 6-9 6-9 7-10 7-7 8-10 9-10 Mountings Ceiling 3/4-inch=3C 1-inch=4c Flexible Pendant 3/4-inch=3F 1-inch=4F Angle Stanchion 1-1/4-inch=5J 1-1/2-inch=6J Pendant 3/4-inch=3P 1-inch=4P Wall 3/4-inch=3W 1-inch=4W Straight Stanchion 1-1/4-inch=5S 1-1/2-inch=6S Approximate Net Weight (lbs) (kgs) 3.5 2.5 5 3.5 5 6.7 2 2 2 2 2 3 Globe Dim. A B 9 in. (229mm) 13.250 in (337mm) 13.625 in. (346mm) 7 in. (178mm) 11.750 in. (298mm) 12.125 in. (308mm)


NOTE: Does not include mountings or opticals.

Opticals Check Temperature Proles & Listings Approximate Net Weight Globe & Guard FG 9-in. (229mm) 3.7 lbs 2 kgs GG 7-in. (178mm) 3.0 lbs 1 kgs R2G, R5G (glass) 14.7 lbs 7 kgs L2G, L5G (polycarbonate) and A2G, A5G (acrylic) 6.0 lbs 6 kgs Enclosed Industrial Reector (EG or E) 5.0 lbs 2 kgs 8-inch Glass Reector (V2G or VSG) 3.9 lbs 1.5 kgs PENDANT MOUNT

Dim. A 9.250 in. (235mm) 8.125 in. (206mm) 10.125 in. (257mm) 9.500 in. (241mm) n/a n/a






ceiling mount



8 incH glass reflector

9.375 in. (238mm) DIA


7.500 in. (191mm) 8.250 in. (210mm)

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