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Subject Year Date Time Enrolment Level of Proficiency Focus Skill Integrated Skill Theme Topic Content Standard

: English : 2 Berlian : 7th March 2014 : 8.00 am 9.00 am : 25 pupils (15 boys, 10 girls) : Intermediate : Reading : Listening and Speaking : World of Stories : The Ant and The Dove : 2.1By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to apply knowledge of sounds of letters to recognize words in linear and non-linear texts. 2.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to read independently for information and enjoyment.

Learning Standard

: 2.1.1 Able to recognize and articulate initial, medial and the final sounds ( phonemes ) in single syllable words within given context: a) 2.1.2 Able to blend phonemes into recognizable words and read them aloud. 2.3.1 Able to read simple texts with guidance: a) fiction

Learning Objective

: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to : i) Read, pronounce and blend words with the phoneme // correctly. ii) Identify words with //sounds. iii) Read a short story with guidance.

Prior knowledge

Teaching Aids

: Pictures ( picture cards/ PowerPoint; word cards )

Cross-curricular Element : Creativity, Thinking skill Moral Value : Appreciate literature

Stage Set Induction (5 min)

Content - Cover of The Ant and the Dove - Recalling - Ask questions - Reader response

Teaching & Learning Activity 1) Teacher show the cover of the story to the pupils. 2) Teacher conducts reader response session. Eg: - What is the name of the story? - What happen to the ant? 3) Pupils response and answer the questions. 1) Teacher displays the story and read the story aloud. (Reading aloud with correct articulation and pronunciation.) 2) Pupils repeat after the teacher. 1) Teacher highlight the words with the phoneme //

Materials - Picture cards - Power point

Presentation (15 min)

Story The Ant and the Dove

Picture cards Power point

Practice (15 min)


Picture cards Letter

2) Teacher reads the word 3) The pupils repeat after the teacher Eg: - boat - bow - arrow - no - Joe 4) Teacher put up letter cards of the words with the // sound 5) Teacher articulates the sound to blend the words. 6) Pupils follow.


Production (20 min)

Reinforcement Practice Letter cards

1. Teacher prepares letter cards with strings attached. Teacher then picks a few pupils and hangs the letter cards around their necks.

String attached letter cards Worksheet

2. Teacher say out the words and pupils with the respective cards come

forward and stand side by side. 3. Pupils read the words. 4. Teacher distributes a worksheet with some sentences from the story. 5. Pupils colour the box which has words with the /u/ sound. Closure (5 min) 1. Teacher conducts reader response session. Ask about what word and sound that the pupils learn today. Eg: boat, arrow, no. 2. Teacher instill moral values from the story

Assessment : Pupils complete a worksheet by identifying words with the phoneme /u/. Remedial : Guide pupils to read the story with correct articulation and pronunciation while focusing on the phoneme /u/. Enrichment : Pupils use picture cards given and take turns to tell the story in a


Reinforcement and drilling




Behaviorism - Reading aloud Constructivism - Colour box which has // sound


Authentic materials - Picture cards / power point - Letter cards Appropriateness of the content - Proficiency level

Audio lingual method

reading aloud, repetitions of model sentences, and drilling emphasize in accurate pronunciation and grammar use of visual aids

Direct Method Communicative language teaching

reader response

Total Physical Response (TPR)