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SupplierCapabilities Spotlight SYNERLINK LLC

ONE line - ONE supplier for your Turnkey Packaging projects SYNERLINK is a global packaging solution provider supported by elite machinery manufacturers. Our services allow us to support our clients starting at the product and packaging design phase and continuing to full-line industrial optimization, complete line engineering, project management, and performance warranties. Building the performance when engineering complete lines requires leadership. To develop technical solutions, standards, automation rules, one single company must achieve this leadership. That is why we built SYNERLINK: To manage your project focusing on performance. A holistic solution approach to target your market Our global approach for complete packaging lines guarantees that all choices match in design and performance for your food or non-food packaging. Because shelf-visibility is very important, Synerlink helps you to determine the best design option for the shape of your rigid package, single SKU facings as well as multipack designs. By sharing in the pre-study with our engineers, our innovation-design department can propose various 3D drawings and packaging mock-ups for your rigid container. Synerlink engineers can then deliver this in a highly efficient full production packaging line to allow you to target your market.

Streamlining your production to maximize operational efficiency We study the machine lay-out and the constraints to optimize product flow and operating costs. Our ergonomic machines define accessibility and simple standards. All of our packaging machines are compliant to PackML (Packaging Machine Language) standards developed by OMAC. Synerlink has developed its HMI standard: EfiDrive for all Synerlink machines to facilitate the management and control of the complete line by one operator. It is designed to provide the operator with a visual standard that is simple and consistent for complete packaging line performance. We let your operator assume the role of becoming a performance manager. SYNERLINK a worldwide partner SYNERLINK provides its shelf-ready packaging solutions to the largest international businesses as well as to more local independent food producers. We operate globally and continually support

customers in over 60 countries in 5 continents for the last 35 years. SYNERLINK chooses its packaging machinery partners among experts in their domain of activity. The current major partners are ARCIL (FFS equipment), APRIUM (robotic solution for collation and product handling), DOSIL (ultraclean filling) and TECMAPACK (conveyors and case-packers). Their cross-experience and a strong joint development program allows SYNERLINK to offer integrated solutions in food packaging machinery that are years ahead of its competition.

SYNERLINK USA LLC 8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 700 Cincinnati, OH 45236 Contact: Harry Marovskis, Director of Sales Synerlink USA Cell: 513 508 8692 www.synerlink-engineering;com SYNERLINK USA LLC offers experienced local support services such as: sales, technical support, spare parts, maintenance & on-site training.


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