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Election Questionnaire

Date Questionnaire completed 4-9-2014 Office Sought: Geauga County Commissioner Political Party: Republican

Name in full: Mary Samide Date: 4-9-2014 Candidate for what office? Geauga County Commissioner Political affiliation: Republican At primary/general election on (month/date/year): May 6, 2014 Full-time residence and phone: 13046 Stanfield Drive Chardon, Ohio 44024 440.286.3620 How long have you lived in the community? 47 years Any other residence? If yes, where? 10927 Mayfield Road Chardon, Ohio 44024 Business Office S.O.S. Incorporated Business address and phone: 470 Center Street Bldg 4 Chardon, Ohio 44024 440.279.1666 Cell phone number: 440.478.7973 E-mail address: Chief occupation or profession: Geauga County Commissioner 10 years Name of employer: Geauga County Last two jobs held other than elective office (when): Founder and CEO of S.O.S. Incorporated over 20 years Computer Consulting / Networking Firm with its principal location in Munson Township Previous public offices, elective or appointive, and years held: Munson Township Trustee 9 years

Party offices held and the years: Geauga County Commissioner 2004 to Present Republican Precinct Chair - 14 years Why are you seeking this office? I am seeking this office to continue the excellent record I have as County Commissioner for the past 10 years and to serve the people of Geauga County.

What improvements would you make? What is your platform? During my10 years of County Commissioner, the following items have been accomplished: Moodys upgraded Geauga County bond rating to Aa1 while other states and communities were downgraded . 14.7 million Safety Center will be paid off in less than 10 years after opening in 2005 State Auditor continuously gives Geauga County highest award for sound fiscal management with 2011 award with distinction (given to less than 5% of Counties) We have balanced county budget yearly without raising taxes. Geauga County receives Digital Technology award for outstanding use of technology countywide. Continue next page -->> Page 1 of 3

Extended Fiber Optic throughout county facilities. All Sheriffs vehicles have the latest technology and presently we are installing the latest digital communication radios that bounce signals between our 5 constructed towers in Geauga. This will help all fire, and safety personnel countywide throughout all 16 townships, 4 villages, and one city. We are continuing to build economic development through our 14 million dollar portfolio, and our new small business incubator project. I plan to continue economic development while at the same time preserving farmland and protecting the beautiful environment in Geauga County. Our motto, which we put in place in 2004 is Growing Geauga Greener economically and environmentally. These goals are not mutually exclusive of each other. We see them working in tandem. We have managed to keep all personnel working in Geauga County through a difficult economy and have managed not to raise taxes. Geauga county has a 5.8% unemployment rate, and property values have only gone down by 5%. We feel we have weathered the economic downturn. Geauga County was ranked by Forbes magazine the 4th best place in the Country to raise a family ,and we are ranked 1st as the healthiest in the state of Ohio during my tenure as Commissioner. If re-elected, I plan to continue these aforementioned policies, committees, and involvement.

Date of birth: December 10, 1947 Age: 64 City of birth: Euclid, Ohio Marital status: Married for 47 years If married, to whom? Frank Samide When? July 22, 1967 Children, names and ages: Carmella P.E, 42, Jacqueline, Marketing and Computer Programmer 37, Marla 30, Pharm.D Name of high school and year of graduation: Ursuline Academy of the Sacred Heart 1965 College (lists dates attended and degrees conferred, if any: Associates Degree Kent State University 1983 B.A. Kent State University , 1985 Summa Cum Laude Graduate concentration in Computer Science Military service or voluntary civilian service (Peace Corps, Vista, etc.)None

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Professional associations, etc. All Current Vice President Chagrin Watershed Partners 16 years President of NOACA 2014, and President in 2008 NOACA Chair of Executive Committee and Chair of External Affairs NOACA Governance Committee OPWC District 7 Integrating / executive committee Board of Directors Portage/Geauga Joint Juvenile Detention Board of Directors Geauga/Trumbull Solid Waste District Geauga County Planning Commission Geauga County Board of Revision Geauga County Health Board Geauga County Microfilm Board Geauga County Economic Development Partnership Geauga County ADP Board Geauga County Wetlands Mitigation Committee

Awards or honors conferred: civic and professional (list dates): 2007 Cranes Cleveland Women of Note 1998 National Hometown Leadership Award Honorary Member of the Mortar Board Society 1985-present

Civic and charitable associations (list dates): Kent State Geauga Advisory Board Present to 2005 Cleveland Arts Partnership Council 2010-2004 American Red Cross 2004-2008 Republican Womens Club Vice President Geauga County GOP

Any arrest record, other than minor traffic violations? NONE If yes, please specify:

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