Volume 21 • Issue 6 • November & December 2009 1

Number One for Prayer: Strategy Kansas Churches Heart of
Director of Missions: Glenn Davis

2 18 2626-27 Baptist Women World Day of Prayer S.S Team Meeting @ Ryan’s, 12:30 Thanksgiving, HOKSBA Office Closed

At the HOK annual meeting this year, we adopted a mission statement that calls the pastors and churches of HOK to partnership in the work of making disciples for the glory of God. The first and most important strategy in any such spiritual endeavor is to call upon the Lord for help. We cannot do it without His blessing and help. Remember the words of Paul, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the power of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We are engaged in a battle that is spiritual, and this battle will never be won by physical strategies or power. We must put on the spiritual armor, and pray always. We must “Always keep on praying for all saints.” The associational office is making a Prayer Guide and web page available to all of the churches to assist in this strategy of prayer. These Prayer Guides are available at the Associational Office and list all of the churches of our association. They provide a place for you to record prayer requests and answers to prayer for each church, as well as some thoughts on how you might pray for individual churches and pastors. These Prayer Guides will be available at the associational office or you may download your copy from the Heart of Kansas website at www.hoksba.org/prayer.

11/2911/29-6 International Missions Emphasis: Week of Prayer, Missions Study and Lottie Moon Offering 8 2525-26 3030-31 HOKSBA Christmas Party at Victory Baptist Community of Faith, 6:30pm Christmas, HOKSBA Office Closed In D.E.P.T.H Conference, Topeka

1 New Years Day, HOKSBA Office Closed

Weekly Prayer Emphasis for

Evangelism Training
Director of Evangelism: Loren Phippen


The Evangelism training is going great. I just finished two – 8 week sessions at one of our churches and started a new class at two other churches. The 68 week session is a combination between “Share Jesus Without Fear” and the “Evangecube”. I would love to come to your church to help train your people on evangelism and would be happy to schedule time to do hands-on training in your neighborhood.

Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Nov. 16 Nov. 23 Nov. 30

Olivet • Pastor Ron Pracht Riverview • Pastor Jerry Elder Rolling Hills • Pastor Guy Mitchell Tyler Road • Pastor Bryan Jones Woodland • Pastor John Minor

Dec. 7 Dec. 14 Dec. 21 Dec. 28 Celebration • Pastor James Albers Metro East River Community • Pastor Terry Williams The Mission


Reaching The Nations That are Here
Student Ministries: Brad Simmons

On October 2nd I had the privilege of baptizing four students. They were from four different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya and Philippines. The week before, I went to a dinner and had my picture taken with students from about ten different countries. There are students from over one hundred different countries at Wichita State University, everywhere from Albania to Zambia. If you want to reach the nations for Christ, all you need to do is drive to 17th and Hillside, and you'll find a host of students that want to meet you! Many students come to Wichita before they know English well enough to start classes at Wichita State. These students enroll in classes at WSU's Intensive English Learning Center. Part of their coursework is a one and a half hour conversation class each Wednesday. During that time, students are divided into groups of two or three, to spend time practicing their English with an American volunteer. Groups are free to go wherever they would like, to help in facilitating the conversation. They are also welcome to keep in contact outside of class. Many international students come to the United States hoping to spend time in an American home, and get to know an American family. International Students Incorporated (ISI), trains American families on how to be good friendship families to these students, and then connects them to one another. These families invite students for meals, for family events, or for activities they regularly take part in, like going to church. They can also sign up to just host students for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you have a heart for the nations, you don't have to go far. There are many opportunities right here in Wichita. Contact me for more information.

An Opportunity for a Family Mission Trip July 10-16, 2010 Heart of Kansas
FamilyFest is a partnership with the national Woman’s Missionary Union, the Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists, and the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association. It is designed to give families (age six and up) a prepackaged missions experience. How You Can Participate Think about the needs in the community around your church. How could FamilyFest volunteers assist you and your church members in meeting some of these needs? These volunteers could work on anything you have a vision for: Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs, light construction, sport camps, survey work, etc. Perhaps some families in your church would like to travel across town to help another church. For more information, contact Mark Jackson 316-943-3446, mark@hoksba.org or Ellen Noeller 316-215-0135, jenoell@prodigy.net.

Good Neighbor Centers
Our Good Neighbor Centers are still doing a great job serving the needy and hurting in our community. Our GNCs are in need of funds and food to meet the great needs out there. Since our last newsletter, the Western Kansas Association has brought us a van full of food and sent us almost $1,000 for food and they are excited about sending us more. At 16 cents per pound, we can purchase food at the Food Bank and if 12 of our churches took an offering or a “2009 cans in 2009” every year, we would be on our way to meeting physical needs and opening the door to share the Gospel.

Juvenile Detention Ministry
Loren Phippen, Evangelism Director

William (alias) showed back up at JDF last week after being out for over a year with multiple new charges. He had not stayed in his Bible or gotten involved in a local church like I asked him to do. His father is not around, his mother is incarcerated and at the age of 16, he is a father of a two year old. Please pray with us that God will break his heart to turn his life over to Christ. Also, pray for all the kids like him in our city. We continue to see lives changed in this ministry. Please continue to pray for this ministry and your involvement in it by donating your time or providing funds for Bibles and other needs. We like to give each one who accepts Christ a study Bible that they can take with them when they leave.

Christmas Party
December 8, 2009 at 6:30pm
The associational Christmas Party will be at Victory Baptist Community of Faith, located at 812 S. Oliver. This event is for paid church staff and their spouses.

Judgment House
Abraham Arevalo, Hispanic Church Planter Strategist

Friday, October 23rd was a testimony to what we can achieve when we work together for the glory of God. Volunteers from five churches in our association joined forces to present for the first time in the state of Kansas “Judgment House” in Spanish. With an entirely evangelistic message, Judgment House has been an effective tool for different churches in our community to share Christ, but never before had been presented completely in Spanish to touch the Latino community. In cooperation with Sharon Baptist Church, members of the Hispanic Southern Baptist churches in Wichita translated and adapted the script to present it in Spanish. More than 60 Hispanic volunteers joined the members of Sharon and the presentation was a total success. 256 people watched the drama in Spanish and 19 accepted Christ as Savior of their lives. At the end of the night, a spirit of joy and gratitude surrounded all the volunteers because the results were greater than what we expected. How beautiful it is to see that despite being so different, when we come together to work for the Lord, he is pleased with us and blesses us with His presence and with great success.

Bible Study Material
The Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association has Bible studies available to loan out to its churches. The following is a list of some of the studies that are available: Beth Moore • A Woman’s Heart • To Live is Christ • Beloved Disciple • Beautiful Offering • Living Beyond Yourself • Stepping Up • The Patriarchs • When Godly people do Ungodly Things • Esther The Mind of Christ-Hunt and King The Mormon Puzzle Master Life-Willis Sharing Jesus without Fear -Revised Ed. Woman to Woman-Thompson A Heart Like His-Fay and Hodge Compelled by Love, a journey to Missional living – Philip Nation with Ed Stetzer

Set Free Ministry
We still need work groups from our churches to finish up the drywall and painting. Over 95% of the drywall is hung and the second floor has been painted. Once we finish hanging the drywall and painting, we can start the flooring and finish carpentry. Please contact me for details. At the KNCSB convention, I was able to share with numerous pastors and church members around the two state areas about our vision for the Set Free House and our need for property outside Wichita for a discipleship “ranch”. Please keep this in your prayers and let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in partnering with us by giving or leasing to us a property for this. Contact Loren Phippen, 316-943-3446.

Celebrate Recovery
Tom Melton

Terry Beasley, Sunday School Team Chairperson

Why can’t I STOP? How many times have you heard this plea of desperation from a loved one? How many times have you caught yourself thinking or saying that to someone you love out of disappointment and frustration? Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2006 more than 22 million people needed treatment for addiction? When you add to this list those that have Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups, the number is staggering. This is a war that can only be won with spiritual weapons! That is why I love Philippians 4:13, that say’s, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” With God, we can overcome addictive and harmful behaviors. Because of Christ, we believe that change is possible! Addiction is now the number one health issue in the United States. As Christians, God wants us to be His instrument of healing. With the application of spiritual transformation we can offer real hope. A lady came to our meeting that was broken hearted and hopeless because of alcohol, marijuana, grief, and addiction to medications. She lived in depression because she had no results after all of the treatment she had been through, she had given up on life and was suicidal. One of our ladies at C.R. was able to share the gospel with her, she began to realize that God loved her and that she was a person of worth. She now serves in Celebrate Recovery and ministers to other ladies in her group.

It is that time of year again. For many, the fall season includes multiple meetings with various committees within the church to plan for the new year. The calendar must be set. Budget numbers must be calculated. While we certainly don’t want to confuse these tasks with ministry – the work of the church is certainly dependent upon this planning. As you plan your church calendar and budget for 2010, allow me to remind you of a few calendar items and budgetary suggestions. First, important calendar dates for your Sunday School and Vacation Bible School in 2010: • V.B.S. Jumpstart Clinic – Saturday, March 6th at First Southern Baptist Church in Salina • HOKSBA Associational V.B.S. Training – Thursday, April 8th at Sharon Baptist Church in Wichita • National Sunday School Director Seminar – Friday, April 16th and Saturday, April 17th at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Wichita • Flight School (Sunday School) Training – Monday, August 23rd at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Wichita • Evangelism Rally with Thom Rainer – Sunday, August 29th Please make sure these events are marked on your church calendar and be looking for additional information as each opportunity draws near. Budgets are of primary concern for many churches, especially during difficult economic times. While we should always strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, it becomes even more essential as we find that we have less funds with which to do ministry. In the areas of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, consider these cost saving options. • Providing training for Vacation Bible School workers is important. While we want to support the KNCSB Jumpstart Clinic, it is also costly to send a lot of workers to this event. But, the local evening VBS training is offered free of charge! So, if you have utilized the Jumpstart Clinic as your primary training in the past, you may consider sending your key leaders and directors to this fullday training and then request that all of your workers attend the local training. • Vacation Bible School can be an expensive undertaking. Don’t be hesitant to ask other churches in the area to borrow their resources at the conclusion of their V.B.S. At the associational office, we try to keep a calendar of when our churches are holding Vacation Bible School. So, if you are doing your event later in the summer, we could possibly give you the names of churches that have completed their school and might be willing to pass on to you their teacher resources and decorations. • For Sunday School literature, prior to placing your quarterly order, ask your teachers and directors to confirm that resources purchased are being used. Sometimes we get into the habit of buying the same supplies that we have purchased for years, even though they may not be utilized the way they once were. Also, look at the number of student resources and consider whether you need to increase or perhaps decrease these materials so that you have minimal waste. • For other discipleship-style studies, utilize the resources of the HOKSBA and KNCSB offices. Both of these entities maintain discipleship libraries that very well may have the teaching kit that you need for a study which you are going to provide. However, you must plan in advance as these titles may not be available when you wish to use them. If our team can be of assistance to you as you consider these and other issues in the areas of Sunday School and/or Vacation Bible School, please do not hesitate to contact us.

River Fest
It is time to mark your calendars and make plans to participate in the 2010 River Fest outreach. Our outreach will be from May 13th to 15th. We will have street evangelists here to work with you and to help train our church members. We are still praying about who we will use for our “main event” that will be on Saturday evening. For River Fest 2009, we had the best participation from our churches that we have ever had and our prayer is to have even more participate this year. Also, at the same time we would like to encourage more families to come and participate in the Saturday block party. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you have any ideas that would help make this event a great success.

Evangelistic Mission Trips
It is time to start planning for both of our annual evangelism mission trips. The first one will be in Pasadena, leaving here December 30th and returning January 1st. We will be sharing the Gospel all day on the 31st on the Rose Parade route. Each year thousands of people arrive at the parade route a day early to save their spot for the parade and many are open to listening to the Gospel. The second trip will be from February 11-14, 2010. We will leave Wichita early Thursday morning and drive to New Orleans. We will share the Gospel two full days at Mardis Gras and return on the 14th. We truly need to be sharing the Lord’s love in both of these places. For those who haven’t gone with us before, we will pair you up with someone who has been there. Please contact Loren if you have any questions about either trip. Please plan to join us.

Heart of Kansas SBA Samaritan’s Road
By: Chaplain Marvin Daniels

The fall weather is upon us and winter will follow soon after. Before you know it, Christmas will be at our doorstep. It’s at this time of year, when our thoughts and hearts turn to giving far above the usual to meet the needs of others less fortunate. This season will be even more meaningful as we have thousands of people laid off from the aircraft plants and other companies. The hardship they face on a daily basis is stressful enough, let alone having to provide for their families during the Christmas Season. The Lord has blessed us, as He provided for our needs through the gifts of others. Because others have been generous in their giving, it has enabled us to maintain our level for providing various free materials for the truckers. But most of all, we have been blessed to see the lives of others changed as they have accepted Christ. Recently, we saw a couple come to accept Jesus after the morning service. That’s why we are there. To see people come to Christ for salvation. Now you can help even more. We are linked with CARS 4 CAUSES. A non-profit helping other non-profits through vehicle donations. If you have a vehicle that you would like to part with, then call 1-800-766-CARE. They will be glad to assist you in making that donation to our ministry. You will receive a tax write-off and they do all the work. We all will benefit from your donation. As always, we need volunteers to assist with our services at the Trucker’s Chapel and to fill other time slots. You may contact me: at 316-519-5602 for further information.

Non-Designated Income From Churches
2009 Sep 09 0.00 1,708.63 1,468.12 42.00 384.35 452.81 1,000.00 60.20 0.00 550.00 682.40 0.00 1,385.18 0.00 875.57 108.25 92.25 573.72 1,990.47 0.00 50.00 2,476.44 653.07 737.12 51.90 154.00 621.49 448.37 0.00 977.08 0.00 50.00 1,490.14 317.84 0.00 796.95 0.00 169.00 103.52 0.00 0.00 172.80 461.80 0.00 150.00 122.00 21,377.47

Jan - Sep 09 800.00 9,063.88 11,488.55 42.00 3,367.50 4,993.10 9,000.00 178.06 100.00 3,362.50 6,043.13 350.00 11,470.92 220.73 4,341.83 961.65 600.34 5,481.70 15,515.07 139.00 450.00 19,707.71 5,465.86 6,721.79 188.20 681.00 6,899.65 3,031.25 301.84 11,219.71 272.87 450.00 13,889.68 2,853.54 1,456.61 6,879.57 2,488.76 719.00 969.29 1,321.47 234.90 1,753.91 3,771.75 25.00 450.00 1,231.00 180,954.32


4th Annual HOKSBA Fall Two-Person Scramble Golf Tournament
Forty-Five brave and tough (and a little bit crazy) men, women, boys, and girls from the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association faced frigid temperatures in the 30’s and winds around 20 miles an hour to chase a little white ball around Hesston Golf Park on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at the Fourth Annual Fall Two-Person Scramble Golf Tournament. The fellowship, like our spring Fellowship Golf Tournament was absolutely GREAT! After the golf, we gathered for some hamburgers while the scores were tallied up. I believe some ate the hamburgers and others used them as hand warmers. It really was cold, but we survived. Here are the winners: First Place – First Flight (Score of 70 –1 under par) Craig Kinkaid (Immanuel) Steve Klepacki (Immanuel guest) First Place – Second Flight Tim Boyd (KNCSB Staff) Bob Mills (KNCSB Staff) First Place – Third Flight Terry Berk (Cedar Pointe Guest) Terry Wolfe (Cedar Pointe Guest) Closest to the Pin Winners Dale Maupin (Country Acres) – par 3 Mike Logue (Pleasantview) – 2nd shot on par 4 Mike Logue (Pleasantview) Longest Drive Winner Ed Tennison (Believers) Straightest Drive Winner Steve Klepacki (Immanuel guest) Longest Putt Winner John Robinson (Immanuel)

Other Results: First Flight: 2nd Place – Ed Tennison & Ed Krivanek (Believers) 3rd Place – Ross Searl & John Robinson (Immanuel) Second Flight: 2nd Place – Jim Payne (Believers) & Carl Norton (CABC) 3rd Place – Charley Powell & Perry Broughton (Cedar Pointe/guest) Third Flight: 2nd Place – Bob Runyan & Mike Christian (1st Mulvane) 3rd Place – Dan Webber (Cedar Pointe) & Forrest Parker (grandson) & Don Langenegger (Olivet) Two “Just For Fun Prizes” were: Best Dressed: Krystal McMillan (Believers) Worst Dressed: Barry McEachem (Immanuel guest) – he wore a blanket riding in the cart. Golf Tournaments scheduled for 2010 include: 10th Annual HOKSBA Fellowship Golf Tournament – Saturday, April 24th 5th Annual HOKSBA Two-Person Scramble Golf Tournament –Saturday, October 9th If you are interested in serving on the committee for the Annual HOKSBA Fellowship Golf Tournament, please contact Charley Powell at (316) 650-1959 (cell) or by e-mail at xtremegolfer2@cox.net. The committee will start work in late January to mid February 2010. We do need more workers. 10th

*Contributions received after the last day of the month will be recorded into the following month.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Wichita, KS Permit #1657

3474 S. Meridian • Wichita, KS 67217 316-943-3446 • www.hoksba.org


If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please contact the association office.

Men’s Ministry Heart of Kansas Men
What happens when a group of men begin to pray? Beginning on January 1st let’s find out. NAMB has put together a 40 -Day Prayer Plan for Spiritual Awakening. For information call the HOK office. We have a limited number of the brochures available, but they are also available by logging onto www.bmen.net/40dayprayerplan.

What would it take to see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime? That was the question a number of leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention considered beginning in 2006. After much prayer, study, and the eventual involvement of hundreds of Southern Baptists across the nation, they developed the GPS vision: Every Believer Sharing, Every Person Hearing by 2020. GPS – God’s Plan for Sharing is a coordinated effort by the North American Mission Board to fulfill the Great Commission in North America by 2020. GPS will begin in 2010 with a national media blitz and materials being made available to all of our churches for distributions in neighborhoods. The national media effort will include bill boards in Wichita. KNCSB will make yard banners and Find it Here evangelistic drop-in flyers available for every church. These materials need to be ordered soon, so if your church is planning to use this material, please let us know at the HOK office. Our order needs to be placed by November 16. If you would like more information regarding GPS, please call Loren at the HOK office. Also, see Ken James Version article in the November Baptist Digest.

Vision Tour 2010
April 26, 2010 6 PM April 27, all day

A Heart for the Cities of the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association

Check out the Church planting Opportunities

Catch the Vision Join the Mission

Lodging and meals during the tour are provided

An opportunity to use your Passion for Kingdom Work

Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association Mark Jackson 3474 S. Meridian Wichita, Kansas 67217 http://www.hoksba.org Phone: 316.943.3446

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