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International Financial Management

International Financial Management plays an important role in the Indian economy, with FDIs, FFIs and FIIs playing a key role in the stock and capital markets. International financial

management also known as international finance is a popular concept which means management of finance in an international business environment, it implies, doing of trade and making money through the exchange of foreign currency. The international financial activities help the organizations to connect with international dealings with overseas business partnerscustomers, suppliers, lenders etc. It is also used by government organization and non-profit institutions. It affects all aspects of economic activity. The activity can be in the form of individuals making asset selection decisions, firms taking financial management decisions, fund managers deciding on which markets to deploy funds in and when to exit the markets. Government deciding to raise funds, central banks dealing with a consistent decline in foreign exchange reserves, a financial crisis, a surplus of foreign exchange reserves, or commercial banks making asset-liability decisions. Every firm is confronted with four financial decision making areas, namely investment decision, financing decision, dividend decision and working capital management decision. Decisions regarding where to set up a new plant (investment decision), what the capital structure should be and where finances should be raised (financing decision), whether dividend should be paid or not (dividend decision), how much cash to hold, in what currency should receivables and payables be denominated, what the sources of short-term funds are (working capital management decisions), are areas in financial management, for which standard evaluation techniques and management methods exits. Thus international finance management enters decision making in numerous ways. Regardless of whether it is a domestic firm, with import and export transactions, or a Multinational Corporations (MNC) with a number of subsidiaries, associates and branches in different parts of the world. International Financial Management is often discussed from the perspective of the Multi National Corporation because it has to contend with political risk and exchange rate risk in numerous counties on a daily basis.

Role of International Finance Manager

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