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How to create a new Check Printing Layout in Payables First of all you need to identify the Print Format

that is used by the bank for Check Printing. That can be done through Login as Payable Manager>Setu >Payment>!anks and then "uery e#isting bank account. Click on !ank $ccounts and Payable %ocument and it will show following screen

Select Setu >Payment>Formats and "uery by entering Payment Format &alue


. )hen you click on Format ayments it show list of &alues and name of e#ecutable Login as a System $dministrator and check the same rogram and e#ecutables $s in case of new format the e#ecutables are created in the following way.$s it is shown in the abo'e screen( the name of the rogram and e#ecutable associated with the rogram.

ect is co ied under custom Christo her and !ank Custom $P Module. So the +b.*n the abo'e screen( The e#ecutable file is associated with the custom a lication because that is modified and cannot be associated with the standard oracle ayable a lication. $s shown in the abo'e screen( the custom e#ecutable is associated with standard +racle --i $P module so that it can be called from standard +racle --i $P Module. .

!$TCH which is getting assed which needs to be added so that it will take that as an in ut 'alue( otherwise rogram is failing.P$/M01T. Login as Payables Manager and Select Setu >Payment>Program o tion and create a new entry as dis layed in the following Screen Select Setu >Payment>Formats and create a new record as shown in the following screen.$s shown in the abo'e screen( the rogram is ha'ing a arameter called P. .

4.a lmgr dba -3999:3 . Co y the new rdf file in the custom directory TST2u3-2a 2oracle2cbfins-a l2cba 2--.32re orts25S> .+ en e#isting bank account for which you want to use a new check rinting format and associate the new ayment format as dis layed in the following screen.32re orts25S> ls 6lrt total 7478 6rw#r6#r6# .un 3: <33= C!$PP!L%.4.rdf -rwxrwxr-x 1 applmgr dba 765952 Dec 14 09:13 XXAPBEF !rd" TST2u3-2a 2oracle2cbfins-a l2cba 2--.

code.code.mask before code change .sig7.stationery?@1@ . rinter. rinter.mask?@-3-(-3<(---(--<(-<-(-<<(-9-(<3-(<3<(<--(<-<(<<-(<<<(<9 -@ . rinter.mask arameter 'alue assed through o tion as shown in the abo'e e#am le.Particularly this check rinting rocess was customi>ed to increase the si>e of the font on check.continuous.'alue from .code.sig<.sig-. rinter.sig<. This is controlled by the .'endnum?@@ . !ecause there is a trigger which controls com ression of font for the address as shown in the below code.'endnum?@@ .amount?@@ .sig7.'endnum?@@ . So to eliminate the shrinkage of address( we need to remo'e -9.amount?@<4333@ .code.mask so that the address will not be shrieked while rinting address &alue for .

'endnum?@@ .stationery?@1@ .sig<.sig7.sig7.amount?@@ .code.&alue for .'endnum?@@ .mask?@-3-(-3<(---(--<(-<-(-<<(<3-(<3<(<--(<-<(<<-(<<<(<9-@ .mask before code change .code.'endnum?@@ .sig-.amount?@<4333@ .continuous. rinter. rinter.sig<.