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Dear Friends, 1.

PF Withdrawal upon resignation : Upon resignation an employee can either withdraw or transfer his/her PF amounts at his desire. a) For Withdrawal : Inorder to withdraw the PF/ Pension funds you have to submit form 19 and 10 C preferably through your employer. Depending upon the attitude and working capabilities of employees in the respective EPF Office, it will take 45 to 60 days to get your balance credited to your bank account.Withdrawls of PF can be done only after 60 days period after resignation. Form No 19 is for Provident fund withdrawal & Form No. 10 C is for Pension scheme withdrawal. I have attached both the forms for your reference. b) For Transfer : For transfer you have to get form 13 submitted through your present Company but you need to know your earlier PF a/c no.etc. Also you need to provide following details to your current company.
Name and address of the previous company from which PF is still pendind to be claimed. Group Code of the previous comapny. Date of Joining and date iof leaving from previous company. Your PF no from the previous company.

2. PF withdrawal during Working period : The Provident Fund members can avail advances / partial withdrawals subject to certain conditions like Marriage for self and dependant sisters, brothers etc / purchasing of dwelling house or repayment of housing loan / specified medical treatments / Closure of establishment etc., You need to submit FORM 31 for claiming amount. But the PF authorities will sanction only if you satisfy the qualifying conditions. I have attached a document " Guidelines for PF withdrawal" that gives you an clear idea like on what grounds can a employee withdraw PF during his/her working period. Hope this information is of some use to you. Seniors please add your comments and suggestions. Please correct me if am wrong anywhere. I just shared what i knew. Have a great day ahead.

Regards Babu

Form-19 : To claim final settlement of Provident Fund by a member. Form-20 : To claim Provident Fund by nominee/legal heir on death of the member. Form-10-D : To claim pension. (In duplicate : If within state, In triplicate : If outside state.) Form-10-C : To claim withdrawal benefit/scheme certificate under Employees' Pension Scheme '95. Form-5IF : To claim assurance benefit under Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance '76 by nominee/legal heir of a member. Form-31 : To claim temporary withdrawal/advance under Employees' Provident Fund scheme '52. Form-13 : To effect transfer of Provident Fund/Pension from one A/C to another.

Ensure that all columns of the application are filled completely. Information in the application form relating to name, a/c no. should agree with the details available with Employees' Provident Fund Organization; which were furnished by the employer at the time of enrolling to Provident Fund. Application should be signed by the member/claimant. It should be attested by the former employer. In case attestation by the former employer is not possible, it should be got attested by any other authorized official specified with application form. Application for final settlement can be sent by a member on completion of 2 months from the date of leaving service, if the reason for leaving service is other than superannuation, medical ground, retrenchment and V.R.S./ Female members getting married etc. Desired mode of payment can be given legibly, if the amount involved is more than Rs. 2000/-. The amount will sent by deposit in payees' bank a/c. To facilitate this, Bank a/c no., name and address of the bank should be furnished. An advance stamped receipt should also accompany this application. Application may be supported by the return Form-10, showing the details of leaving service and details of contribution for the year in Form-3A, if not sent earlier by the employer. SPECIFIC ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT Death cases:
Nominee/legal heir should apply in Form-20 /Form-10-D /Form-5IF. If the member has not executed any nomination, application should be supported by certificate of family members issued by employer/revenue official/sworn in an affidavit by the family/ member/legal certificate from a court of law. Death certificate of the member.

Certificate of the employer stating whether the death was while in service of the member or not. Pension cases:

Joint photograph of member/spouse or the claimant should accompany the application. Option for return of capital/commutation should be specified clearly. Details of non-contributory period during the service, wages/salary for last 12 months should also accompany, if not already sent. Details of the branch of the specified bank may be given legibly. Date of birth certificates of children

In case of death away from service, an undertaking by the claimant to the effect that the member was not working / had not worked in any other covered establishment after exit from the establishment on the basis of which pension is being claimed.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Important instructions for filling the Claim Forms

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Furnish the correct information in the relevant columns of the Claim form. Use Blue/Black ink to fill the claim form. Fill the columns in BLOCK LETTERS. Please avoid overwriting. Full residential address should be given in the claim. Member's name, Father/Husband name and Date of Birth of the member should correlate with Form 9, 5 details furnished at the time of enrollment. The Savings Bank Account Number, Name of the Bank with FULL ADDRESS with MICR Number(if applicable) to be furnished clearly in BLOCK LETTERS in Column Number (8). All required enclosures to be attached to the claim and the employer to attest all the attached xerox copies. Where the settlement amount is more than Rs.2,000/-, the claimant cannot opt for Money Order as mode of payment. If the withdrawal is preferred by the member, it should be in Claim Form 19. In cases where the claim is preferred by nominees/Legal heirs of the members, it should be in Claim Form 20. All advances/withdrawal for various purpose during the membership in the Fund should be preferred in Form 31 alongwith the enclosures given in the instruction form. In case of membership under Employees Pension Scheme, 1995, (i) where the membership is less than 10 years, option should be clearly indicated in the Column Number ( ), either for withdrawal benefit or for Scheme Certificate in Claim Form 10C. (ii) in case of drawal of pension, the claim in Form 10D should be preferred. The claimant should affix his signature/Thumb impression in the certificate portion before the employer. The claimant should also affix his signature in the Advance Stamped receipt column, wherever the Provident Fund/withdrawal payment is more than Rs.5,000/-., the signature should be appended after affixing Revenue Stamp. The claim forms should be attested by the authorized signatory of the establishment duly affixing the seal and after due verification of the all the columns filled in the Claim Forms. No joint Savings Bank Account, either or survivor account is permitted. The Savings Bank Account, should be in Claimant's name. Copy of First page of S.B. account pass book to be enclosed as proof. In case of Provident Fund(P.F) beneficiaries are minor, the Savings Bank account should be in Guardian's Name. MICR Number may be furnished wherever ECS facilities are available for speedy settlement. Form 3A for the current year contribution with due attestation of the employer/Authorised signatory to be invariably enclosed with the Claim Form. While joining an establishment, furnish the details of previous employment, if any, with previous Provident Fund account number and Scheme Certificate. Execute Form 2 on joining an establishment/in case of change of nominee with details of self, nominee for Provident Fund and Pension and details of family, so that it is forwarded to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation by the employer. Ensure that Provident Fund is deducted at statutory rate from the total wages i.e. basic, Dearness Allowance (including cash value of food concession), and retaining allowances, if any. Filled in applications may be submitted through post / courier or in person to the PRO wing of the Regional Office / Sub Regional Office. The claims submitted in full complete shape will be processed and settled within 30 days of submission. Claim settlement information is placed in the EPFO website and

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28. For any further assistance / inquiry, the Public Relation Officer of the Regional Office / Sub Regional Office can be approached on all working days in person or through phone.