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PCSX2 1.2.


PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux, started by the same team that brought you PCSX (a Sony PlayStation 1 emulator) !he PCSX2 "ro#e$t attem"ts to allow PS2 $ode to be exe$uted on your $om"uter, thus meaning you $an "ut a PS2 %&% or C% into your $om"uters dri'e, and boot it u"( !he "ro#e$t has been running for nearly 1) years now, and sin$e its initial release has grown in $om"atibility *rom initially #ust being able to run a few "ubli$ domain demos, its $urrent state enables many games to boot and a$tually go in game, su$h as the +famous+ Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry 3 and God of War ,ou $an always 'isit the PCSX2 home"age to $he$- the latest $om"atibility status of games with more than 2))) titles tested *ollowing our new release s$heme as des$ribed here, '1 2 ) is an official, stable release

What's new in 1.2.0?

Windows Core:

mi$ro&. fixes for %reamwor-s games, later !ony /aw-s games, 0'il %ead and others *ixes to 1ew 23* unit to sol'e regressions mi$ro&. bugs fixed (affe$ting 0xtreme42 5a$ing and others) C%&% fixes (3m"ossible 6ission now boots) Path 7 arbitration and timing refinements 6*3*8 fixes for %%5 games /uge %69C bug fix sol'ing most of the "roblemati$ 'ideos (:aldurs 2ate 2, ;atamari %ama$y and more) 6emory$ard su""ort im"ro'ed in many games, now su""orts PSX memory$ards also 6ultita" su""ort im"ro'ed greatly 6any game fixes for C8P2 "roblems inherent with emulation (9$e Combat, *orbidden Siren and others) &3* .n"a$- o"timi<ations &. %elays added to fix the gra"hi$s of Snowblind engine games (Cham"ions of 1orrath, :aldurs 2ate 2) &arious other game s"e$ifi$ fixes in 2ame%: 1&6 file $reation (if one doesn+t exist) now fills in iLin- ident (9ge of 0m"ires 2)


3m"ro'ed %69 system *ixes to re'erb


3m"ro'ed ada"ter sele$tion for dete$ting of 'ideo$ards CL.! (Color Loo-." !able) fixes for games su$h as %isney 2olf !exture 8ffset o"tions added to hel" im"ro'e u"s$aling artifa$ts 8"en2L mode added (0x"erimental $urrently) &arious C5C ha$-s /a$- for 1&3%39 $ards, sol'es "roblems with stret$hing on dri'ers abo'e 72) 1= 1ew shader resour$es( Com"lete PCSX2 *X 5e'ised 2 ) by 9smodean has been integrated

D !"#h$dr%:

3m"ro'ed su""ort for 2ran !urismo > online "lay


Su""ort for external "at$h ("na$h) files

OnePad (han#es:

:ugfixes for multi"le button "resses :ugfixed memory lea-s


9dded su""ort for 60S9 dri'ers :um" 8"en2L re?uirement to 7 ) with floating texture &arious 8"en2L fixes


9dded S%L :a$-end

+nown iss'es in re*ease 1.2.0

2Sdx %X@ /ardware mode la$-s 'arious features that %X1) mode has 2ame database not $om"lete (it+s an ongoing W3P) Pat$hes browser is not im"lemented yet 3nter"reters are somewhat unstable

9 'ery detailed guide is a'ailable on the PCSX2 home"age whi$h is already translated in se'eral languages( ,ou $an $onsult it here 9 shorter ?ui$-4start guide has been written by a'ih whi$h is less detailed but mu$h smaller 5ead it here

&ist o, ('rrent hot%e-s

*1 4 Sa'e state *2 4 Change State slot (With S/3*! 4 ba$-wards) *7 4 Load State (With S/3*! 4 from ba$-u") *> 4 *rame Limiter !y"e (1ormal A 8ff A &alue) *B 4 !oggle %e43nterla$ing 6odes *C 4 9d#ust 9s"e$t 5atio (stret$h, >D7, 1CD @) *E 4 Pixel 1oise modes for 2Sdx *= 4 S$reenshot (sa'ed in sna"s folder) *@ 4 /ardwareASoftware 5enderer !oggle for 2Sdx *12 4 &ideo Ca"ture for 2Sdx ("ress twi$e to end 'ideo $a"ture) !9: 4 !urbo 8n A 8ff (With S/3*! 4 slowmo) Page ." 4 *X99 toggle for 2Sdx

PCSX2 has $ome a long way sin$e its starting "oint ba$- in 2))1 Current features in$ludeD

Se"arate re$om"ilers for 0motion 0ngine (00) , &e$tor .nit ) (&.)) and &e$tor .nit 1 (&.1) !ri"le $ore su""ort, with the 2ra"hi$s Synthesi<er (2S) running on a se$ond thread and the &.1 running on a third thread when 6!&. is used .sage of 66X, SS01, SS02, SSS07, and SS0> extensions Pro"er SP.2 emulation featuring !ime S$aling and 5e'erb *ull game"ad su""ort featuring %ual Sho$- 2, analog $ontrols and e'en su""orting analog mo'ement o'er -eyboard (using some external "lugins) 6any more D)

Se$tions that still need wor-D

%e'@, *ireWire and .S: are all #ust "artially su""orted 3mage Pro$essing .nit (3P.) emulation (whi$h is res"onsible for the *6& "layba$-) is slow and not $om"letely fixed yet 63PS $a$he $ould be "ro"erly im"lemented, but $urrently only one title is -nown to rely on it !he $om"lex timing between PS2 $om"onents is an on4going wor- in "rogress

.ow (an -o' he*/?

9s most of you are aware, the PCSX2 team is wor-ing on this "ro#e$t at the ex"ense of their free time and "ro'ides it without $harge 3f you want to show your a""re$iation to these "eo"le and moti'ate them, you $an donate any amount of money you feel is right to the teamFs PayPal a$$ount found on the offi$ial site . !hese funds will be used for the team members to get new, more modern hardware in order to test and debug more effi$iently and e'en im"lement new features (#ust li-e dual $ore su""ort for exam"le) 3f you are a "rogrammer and you are interested in hel"ing the PCSX2 team by ma-ing additions or $orre$tions to the $ode, you are free to browse through the "ubli$ 2oogle Code re"ository here after ta-ing into a$$ount PCSX2 is under the (2PL) '7

0he Codin# 0ea1

:elow you $an see 7 tables, showing the $urrent team members who are a$ti'ely $oding at the "resent time, the $urrent team members who ha'e been ina$ti'e for some time and the older team members who for some reason ?uit along the way, whi$h in$lude the "re'ious "ro#e$t leader Linu<a""<, and our last Gsemi "ro#e$t leaderH Ia-e Stine, to both of whi$h we send our best regards I

C'rrent a(tive tea1 1e12ers:

Nickname Real Name Place Comments

refraction arcum 2 !re!ory !i!a"er# $seudonym rama Gabest avi"

9lex :rown 0ngland .S9 *ran$e S"ain 0ngland

2eneral Coding %69A&3* et$ Linux $om"atibility and "orting Linux $om"atibility, translation 2eneral $oding, s"u2gh< (later SP.24X), $d'd2igaher< 00 re$om"iler, 2Sdx reno'ations

2ermany 5esident ha$-er, general $oding, testing /ungary 3srael 2Sdx $reator, re$om"iler o"timi<ations 2.3 $oding, 6emory Card editor

C'rrent ina(tive tea1 1e12ers:

Nickname dr%&&'a#iel florin (ac"nbrenner aumatt sa)ib S"ado* Goldfin!er loser #erofro! *lorin Sasu Real Name Place 2ree$e 5omania Comments 6emory management, emulation theory, re$om"iler design 6aster of /L0 6aster of $d $ode and bios /L0J

2ermany "at$h frea- DP 9ustralia Pa-istan 2eorge 6oralis 2ree$e :ra<il 9ustralia .S9 a bit of e'erything mostly handles C%&% $mds Pro#e$t leader, fixing bugs around (*P., 3nter"reter, &.sJ) Pro#e$t founder, master of CP., master of bugs, general $odingJ 663,*P. and general stuff obs$ure C%&% related stuff 5e$om"ilers, Kero2S, x=C4C>, Linux, o"timi<ations, general wor-

x-tea1 1e12ers:
Nickname Real Name Place Comments

+inu#a$$# basara cottonvibe s ,a%e Stine -.y'a(iD/ 'oor tm%%

9rgentina Pro#e$t founder, master of !he 2S emulation and so many others 5e$om"iler "rogrammer general $oding .S9 *P. and &. re$om"ilers, general $oding


wx2.3, 6!2S, $ounters, general $oding,SP.24X, x=C emitter 2S "rogrammer, general $oding 2eneral $oding


&.s, re$om"ilers, x=Casm

3dditiona* (odin# and he*/:

*L50S, fumofumo, 1nee'e, 1o$om", Pofis, M5iffM, Shadow Lady

0he 4eta 0ester 0ea1

:eta testers are "eo"le (sla'esAmindless grunts DP) who $onstantly test new PCSX2 beta builds to re"ort any new bugs, regressions or im"ro'ements While this might sound sim"le to most, what many "eo"le do not -now is that testers also debug with the $oders, maintain the huge game $om"atibility list, $reate dum"s and logs for the $oders and so mu$h more 9s abo'e, a$ti'e, ina$ti'e and ex members are listed al"habeti$ally

C'rrent a(tive 1e12ers:

:ositman, *al$on>0'er, Prafull, Parota-u, 2eneralPlot

C'rrent ina(tive tea1 1e12ers:

:elmont, C;emu, Crushtest, ;nu$-les, ;ra-atos 5a<iel, 5udyX, Shadow Lady

x-tea1 1e12ers:
Chaos$ode, C".6aste5, 0*X , 0lly, Ieg/egy, 5a<orblade, 5P2Wi<ard, Seta San, Sna-e=EB

3dditiona* than%s and (redits

%u-e of 19P9L6D *or G7% starsH, the first demo that wor-ed in PCSX2 D) !ony Sa'es-i (dreamtime)D *or his great "s2tutorials(( *LresD 9uthor of dol"hin, a big than-s from shadow 1ow7dD !he guy that hel"ed shadow at his first ste"s ;eithD Who belie'ed in us :obbi N !horgalD *or hosting us, for the old "age design and so many other things S#ee"D /el" and info :2nomeD /el" testing stuff %ixonD %esign of the old "$sx2 "age, and the "$sx2 net domain :ositmanD PCSX2 beta tester D) (gia sou bositman "are ta $redits sou ) 1o45e$$essD 1i$e guy and great demo $oder D)

1SX2 teamD *or their hel" with &. O) 5a<orbladeD *or the old PCSX2 logo N i$on Sna-eD /e -nows what for DP 0$torD 9wesome emu D) Ke<uD 9 good guy 2ood lu$- with your emu DP /iryu N S#ee"D *or their lib$d'd (3S8 "arsing and file system dri'er $ode) S#ee"D *or the S#%9!9 file system dri'er *LresD *or the original %0C32 im"lementation libm"eg2D *or the m"eg2 de$oding routines 9umattD *or a""lying fixes to "$sx2 6i$rosoftD *or &C 1et 2))7, 2))B, 2))= and now 2)1) 19S6 teamD *or nasm C;emuD LogosAdesign Jand "robably to a few more S"e$ial Shadow+s than-s go to 6y friendsD %imitris, Iames, !hodoris, !hanasis and "robably to a few moreJ and of $ourse to a lady somewhere out thereJ