“Grant Financial Incentive” & SME Cloud

Computing Adoption Programme

What is the “Grant Financial Incentive” About?
A special grant by government specifically allocated to SME to adopt pre-approved software solution to improve efficiencies, productivities and competitiveness in the business world.

What is SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme?
SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme is a programme initiated by Malaysian Government through Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MDeC”) to accelerate the adoption and extend the full benefits of Cloud Computing to elevate the competitiveness and efficiencies of local businesses.

Who is MDeC?
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is a government agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) which directs and oversees Malaysia’s ICT (Information & Communication Technology) initiative.

Who is HK Comp Software Standards (M) Sdn Bhd? MSC Status company approved by MDeC to offer software to SME under the SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme. .

Manufacturing-Related Services and Agro-based industries: "Small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing.gov. .my/v4/node/14) An enterprise is considered an SME in each of the respective sectors based on the following: Manufacturing. manufacturing related services and agro-based industries are enterprises with full-time employees not exceeding 150 OR with annual sales turnover not exceeding RM25 million".Definition of SME: (Source URL: http://www.smecorp.

. Primary Agriculture and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) "Small and medium enterprises in the services.Services. primary agriculture and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sectors are enterprises with full-time employees not exceeding 50 OR with annual sales turnover not exceeding RM5 million".

• SMEs must commence software subscription BEFORE the grant incentive is fully allocated to other SMEs. • Each SME is only allowed to claim ONCE per company under this programme.Grant Eligibility Criteria: • SME registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia or Registrar of Businesses. .

.Type of Grant Incentive: The Grant Incentive is based on reimbursement and firstcome-first-serve basis. SME can utilize one of the niix software FREE (no hidden cost) up to one year.

Introduction of niix Software Solution: • niix ISO Document Management System • niix Quality Improvement System • niix eForm .

niix ISO Document Management System (ISO DMS) .

audio.Features Benefits • • • • • • • • Fully Automated workflow for document creation till approved Support Multiple ISO Standards in One System Task notification and reminder Able to attached with multiple supporting documents (images. etc) Automated Obsolete Document Control and Document versioning Cross-reference between one document and another Fully Automated update Document Master List A platform for announcements. news releases and setting task reminder . video.

Agreed niix ISO DMS Approver Send for Approval Approved Upon approval: • Auto generate Document Rev. No.Workflow of niix ISO DMS Creator Send for review Send for review Reviewer Agreed Creator: Proceed for approval. User – HQ User – Branch office User – Overseas . • Update Document Master List • Notify all users.

Main page of ISO DMS niix ISO DMS is available in multiple languages: English. Malay & Thai. Shows a list of documents pending for the “Reviewer or Approver” to take action such as reviewing documents and approving documents. To display ISO Quality Policy A space to publish reminder for employee to take action on their tasks accordingly A platform to make announcements and news releases related to business activities .

All approved document is automatically updated in the Document Master List .Document Master List Display the list of Approved Document.

forms and instruction are available under a particular department .Department List Provide Real time update of the amount of document such as procedures.

General User Access Rights Setting Flexible Check or Uncheck function . Administrator. Supervisor. Manager.5 Security Level Executive Admin.

Document Master List Sample of Approved document .

Content of Approved document Related Supporting Document & Cross Reference document . Revision No. Doc Name. etc.Document Information Doc No..

Document History Display all approved document including obsolete document .

Can support multiple ISO standard Flexible document access rights selection . PowerPoint Attached multiple Supporting Document.Create New Document Fill in all information accordingly Select ISO Standard. Excel. Select document format: MS Word. Support various document format .


Cross reference document .



Excel. PowerPoint) Start to type here Either type in new document or copy & paste the document content .niix ISO DMS automatically pop up the selected document type (MS Word.

Open existing document .

Copy the content .

Paste the copied content Back in the MS Word pop up from system .

Set the review due date Select Reviewer Can send to single or multiple reviewers Click Save .

Reviewer login Notification of document is pending for review .

. number & etc.Review Document Pending Review document details: Document name.

Reviewer’s comment and decide Agree or Reject document. Document created by Creator. Agreed. .

Creator login Notification of document has been reviewed .

Comments given by Reviewer Send document for approval .

Approver login Notification of document is pending for approval .

Approve Document Document detail and comments from Reviewer .

Approver’s comment and decide Approve or Reject document Approved. Content of document pending for approval . Please proceed.

Approved document automatically updated in Document Master List .

. Activated or Delete the document. Admin can Inactive.Document Report It lists all approved document inclusive every document revisions (latest and archives).

Document Change Record History of each Document Revision is automatically updated in Document Change Record .

Cross Reference Document List Cross reference between one document and another .

Supporting Document List Supporting attachment of each Document .

• Compliance to ALL ISO Standards & Well recognized and accepted for audit by ISO certification body worldwide.niix ISO DMS • • • • • A proven ISO Document Management System Improve Accessibility & No Lost Files Improved Document Control & Distribution Fast Retrieval & Less Storage Successfully implemented at government agencies and private sectors from various industries. .

niix Quality Improvement System (QIS) .

Consists of 8 powerful modules • • • • • • • • Audit Schedule and Summary Report Management Review and Minutes Continual Improvement Request Internal Corrective Action Request Internal Preventive Action Request Non-Conformance Request Corrective Action Request Supplier Corrective Action Request .

Consist of 8 Modules .

Reporting for each module .

assign auditor.Audit Schedule & Summary Comprehensive features to schedule audit. scope of audit .

Requestor / Lead Auditor: Update audit outcome How many CARs. etc. audit details. Assign Audit Team Member.Workflow of Audit Schedule Summary Report Requestor / Lead Auditor System email notify Audit Team Member Audit Team Member Create new Audit Schedule. Select Approver. etc. observation. Team Member Conduct Audit & audit outcome System email notify Approver Approver Approved End . Audit Area. Audit Summary report.

. audit date. etc. After audit conducted.Assign Lead Auditor. audit standard. audit department. Audit Team member. etc. How many CAR. Approver review and approve the Audit Report. Lead Auditor update audit result and summary.

action plan.Continual Improvement Request It streamlines the process of Continual improvement. due date & result validation .

Workflow of Continual Improvement Request Requestor System email notify Assignee Assignee Create CIR Describe CI details Suggested Action & Due Date Assign CI to Assignee. effectiveness System email notify Requestor Agreed End . Assignee take action on CI Update CI status Requestor Verify action taken.

. Assignee take action for improvement and update action taken. Requestor verify action taken and close the CI. etc. what need to be improve.Requestor assigns CI to Assignee & CI details. Suggested action.

. agenda. assignment and update meeting minutes.Management Review & Minutes A structured channel to schedule meeting.

Approved End .Workflow of Management Review & Minutes Requestor System email notify Meeting Team Member Meeting Team Member Create meeting schedule. meeting outcome. time Meeting agenda. meeting outcome & action status. etc. Meeting Conducted Approver System email notify Approver Verify meeting details. venue Assign meeting team member Requestor: Update meeting minutes. Select Approver. action status.

Requestor schedule meeting. venue Assign meeting team member. Approver review and approve the Management Review Meeting Minutes. Then Requestor update meeting result. . time Meeting agenda.

Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) A channel to report & enforce supplier to response and fix discrepancies or defects with specific due date .

Submit to Requestor Requestor Verify action taken. effectiveness System email notify Requestor Requestor Reject Argeed SCAR Closed . Update SCAR status.Workflow of Supplier Corrective Action Request Requestor System email notify Supplier Supplier Issue SCAR to Supplier Describe SCAR details Suggested Action & Due Date Assign SCAR to Supplier Supplier access the system. Take action on SCAR.

Requestor verify and close the SCAR. . explain the detail of corrective action. Supplier identify root cause. where it is found & target completion date for Supplier. preventive action and any supporting document. problem details.Enter Supplier details.

Corrective Action Request (CAR) It provides a systematic manner to respond & close CAR raised from Internal Audit .

Workflow of Corrective Action Request Auditor System email notify Assignee Auditee / Assignee Issue CAR to Assignee / Auditee Describe audit findings. effectiveness Auditor Reject Argeed CAR Closed . Assign CAR to Assignee. ISO standard & CAR details Target completion date. System email notify Auditor Assignee explain root cause Take Corrective Active Permanent Preventive Action Submit back to Auditor. Auditor Verify action taken.

Auditor verify the action taken and close the CAR. Auditee explain why the CAR happen. the corrective action and permanent preventive action. . etc.Auditor issue CAR details: findings..

Preventive Action. Management Review. etc. • Capability to generate multiple reports automatically that provides an effective mechanism for identifying source and costs of problems .Benefit and Advantages of QIS • Improve management visibility with live and real time to monitor company activities • Enable traceability and root cause analysis to provide solution with proven data • Enable systematic tracking to prevent issues and task going unaddressed • Relevant data and report will be automatically inherited to specific element such as Correct Action.

niix Electronic Form (eForm) .

due dates and reporting • User defined security at the form level and field level within the particular form. reminders. task lists. who can fill. view or even hide the field • Business and Report Analysis.What is niix eForm • • • • Create HTML form without technical and programming skill Establish form process rules and routing flow Support large number of participants. able to be exported to various format including Adobe PDF & MS Excel . approval. review and approval process can be done through online • User define process flow such as review process. reviewer & approver Form fill. notifications.

Concept of niix eForm Create New Form and Process Flow User – HQ Form Creator User – Branch User – Overseas niix eForm Design the form template Who can use for this form? Request form Create form workflow Who to review & approve form Form process rule & timeline How long have to take action Publish the New created form .

Approved Form Approved form listed according to department .

Create sample form Easily design a HTML form without programming knowledge .

Create form with Specific Tools Use LABEL tool Use DATE tool Use HORIZONTAL LINE tool Use RADIO tool Use TEXT BOX tool .

Preview created form .

Select Form User Select who can use/ access the form By Group/ Dept By individual user .

Select “Reviewer” and “Approver” Support One or Multiple reviewers If no reviewer is required. straight away select Approver .

who can see? Next to complete the form setting .Field Security Setting “Field Security”: Who can fill.

User login to use the form. .User Filling in the Form.

review & approved Forms within web browser Lots faster than paper-based processes (searches. Printer and Copying Charges Collect and process form data more efficiently No more Pre-Printed Form & reduce paper consumption . retrieval.eForm Advantages • • • • • • • • • Easily open. submit. fill. communicate) Comprehensive and dynamic reporting tools Reduced costs and quicker access to information Access anywhere and electronic prescriptions Recovering and reclaiming office space Paper.

How YOU can use niix Software Solution through SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme? .

SME entitled for this grant incentive can use one of our following software for a period of 12 months with 10 User License totally free of charge and no hidden cost. • niix ISO Document Management System (ISO DMS). . • niix ISO Quality Improvement System (QIS) • niix Electronic Form (eForm) • niix eDocument All SMEs are only allowed to claim ONCE throughout the Program Duration.

.NO Hidden Cost You can choose to continue or terminate the services by the end of 12 months period or at anytime without any penalties or charges should they see the software is not suitable to them.

Process Flow of SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme: .

For Business: • Form D or E for Business Application • Six (6) months Statement of Account. Notify HK Comp the niix Software to be implemented. Payment RM1500 cheque payable to HK Comp Software Standards (M) Sdn Bhd.Task by SME: 1. 3. Supporting Document Required: For Company: • Certified true copies of Form 9 or Form 13 (for change of company’s name). Submit Reimbursement Form to HK Comp. . 2. • Latest audited Financial Report.

Task by HK Comp: HK Comp verifies all document submitted by SME. • Issue official receipt for submission to MDeC. • Activate niix system for SME. • Submit Reimbursement Form with Official Receipt to MDeC.

Task by MDeC: Evaluate reimbursement claim. Upon approval: • Reimburse RM1500 to the bank account provided by SME in the reimbursement form.

Note: Reimbursement process from MDeC shall be completed within One month if all required documents is completed.

Key Benefits of This Programme
• Free software 1 year. • Special software subscription fee for whole life. • Best time to try the cloud computing and try use software. • No hidden cost. Can stop using the software anytime. • No server cost investment. • No installation.

• Allows IT to Shift Focus. No worry about constant server updates and other computing issues. • You can access information wherever, rather than having to remain at your desks. • Cheaper and less labor-intensive for companies. • Always using the most updated software. • To improve company productivity.

. • Second year you pay RM1500. you can use second software 10 user license at only RM1500 instead of RM3500. • As long as you sign up this program now. • Under this program. Means first year you use the software for FREE.Why Should You Signup Now • Normal price for 10 user license for one software is RM3500. who register now is only pay RM1500 for one system and government reimburse this RM1500 back to you. • You save RM2000 per software per year.

.This is the ONLY time for you to sign up this program.

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