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THEATRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM College Department Cour"e # Seme"ter Pro'e t Title Stu!ent" Name an! USN R.V.

College of Engineering Computer S ien e an! Engineering BE$%t& Sem T(E)TRE *)N)+E*ENT SYSTE* R)+(UVEER B()J)NTRI ,-RV--CS./01 R)(U2 R S(E3)R ,-RV--CS.//1 4a ult5 Name",&an!ling la61 *RS. S7)RN)2)T() 3 S *RS. PR)T(IB) D

SYNOPSIS INTRODUCTION: A local movie theater is interested in building a database information system. The database will keep the information about the customers, sales, etc. The system will enable the management to analyze the progress of the business, create financial reports, etc. An important aspect of this project is to develop a web application that will allow the customers to check the schedule of movies and purchase tickets on-line. This project is based on a scenario. n this scenario the customer wants to know all movies with their show times in the city when he decides to go to cinema. !e can do this through the nternet or by a phone call.

SCOPE: "evelopment of Theatre #anagement $ystem helps in managing the database for storing and retrieving re%uired information about movies schedules, movies collections, ticket sales and press releases. t has a friendly user interface which makes the database management system easy to use for common users.

OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of the system are: &- 'asy access to database containing the details of all movies. (- 'ach movie will be assigned a uni%ue code and its ticket price can simply be identified by just entering its code.
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)- *eatures available in the movies collection form have easy access which include, back, forward, create, delete and update %uery etc. +- *eatures available in the movie schedule form tell about the day and timings of the movie shows.

*ET(ODO2O+Y: #y$,- is used for developing the database of the application. $uitable $,- commands are used to create the tables of the application containing the re%uired fields. After the construction of the tables it has to be confirmed whether the tables satisfy ).* or /0.*. A front end tool is developed using 1!1 for the user to make %ueries. The user is serviced by providing the re%uired data from the database in the e2pected form. The re%uired data is e2tracted using $,- commands. SO47)RE RE8UIRE*ENTS: #y$,- server for database support 3isual /asic 4 5perating system: windows 61, 7indows 3ista, 7indows 8

()RD7)RE RE8UIRE*ENTS: 1rocessor :A# : 1entium ).9 or higher : (;4 #/ or more.

$ignature of $taffs

Department Of CSE, RVCE Jan-May -2014

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