5 Quick Easy Tips to Magnify Your Mind Power

-by John D' i!"a# www$effecti"e-spiritua!ity$co%

You have mind because you think. But what percentage of your mind power is actually deployed in tackling obstacles on your path. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your mind power to bear more tellingly is solving your problems? Here are some often overlooked tips that could give you the edge. #1 – Relax Your inner or subconscious mind often communicates with you in your quieter moments. You can encourage this communication and flow of ideas by adopting a comfortable and rela ed posture. !n deploying your mental forces" the popular slogan #no pain" no gain# most definitely does not apply. $rying to force ideas out of your mind only succeeds in restricting you to the conscious part of your mind" shutting out the richer insights that could well up from your subconscious % if only you rela . #2 – Clarify &omeone once defined mind power as the harnessing of the unified field of consciousness through the simplification of our thought processes. 'lutter hampers efficiency. $ake out the confusion" emotional charges or false assumptions that may surround what you want to accomplish. !n this regard" asking yourself the right questions may give you insights that would revolutioni(e both your approach and the process you adopt to master the challenge. )urthermore" clearly defining the desired outcome facilitates attracting the elements that would constitute a solution. &implify to succeed. #3 – Routinize We are all creatures of habit and tend to get better at what we do often. *aking a habit of generating ideas is one of the benefits of creative hobbies. !n this regard" you should have a particular place and time set aside for your tasks that require creativity or mental muscle. $he advantage of this is that once you put yourself in the given environment" you’ll find yourself refle ively generating ideas. $his is a bit like +avlov ringing the bell each time he fed his dog % a time came when merely ringing the bell was enough to make his dog salivate. $hat is the power of conditioning. #4 – Trust and obey ,cting on your ideas shows you have confidence in them. $his is a potent feedback to your subconscious to supply you with fresh ideas. !f you let ideas stagnate without

4ohn is happily devoted to helping You unleash Your &pirit of 6 cellence. !ntelligence directs the universe" not chance. $rust and obey and you-ll go long way.. 1ive by volunteering to help solve problems in your locality" by imparting skills to others2 this sort of activity has a way of paying you back. $hursday" 4anuary 7" 789: .com offers insights that would surprise and refresh you. $herefore" it makes sense for you to maintain a nurturing relationship with mind by sharing the benefits of your inspiration with others. $his may be ine plicable % but it works. #5 – Share the benefits *ind is universal and unlimited.vailable evidence supports the view that we have a subconscious relationship with all people and events in our world. !t’s a case of the appetite increasing with eating. What is the ultimate approach to e cellence? 3f what relevance is spirituality in your quest for fulfillment and bliss? 4ohn 5-&ilva-s effective%spirituality. . $his creates a #virtuous cycle# whereby as you use a portion of what you receive for the benefit of others /or the larger society0 you find yourself receiving more % so you can give more.implementing them" you are sending a signal to your subconscious that you don-t need more ideas.. You-d be ama(ed at how prolific you can be once your inner mind gets the message that you respect" cherish and implement its ideas.

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