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Hellsing Survey - Google Drive

11/04/2014 11:00

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muna ali

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Did you like the opening sequence ?
Yes No 19 12 61% 39%

What Genre do you think this film embodies?

Romance Action Science Fiction Vampire Genre

0 11 0 20

0% 35% 0% 65%

What could we do to improve the film?

the lighting, make the narrative and flashbacks clearer. add better music and add dialogue flash back are too much many flashbacks narrative clearer you could try to stop repeating the flash backs and also make sure there are too put dialogue and complete the blanks make i think its really good but the flashbacks are too that the camera is steadier. the narative is also kind of not clear. include dialogue. less flashbacks dialogue the chase scene is too long the

much and too confusing, make it more obvious that its a flashbacks. and also the chase scene is Page 1 of 5

Hellsing Survey - Google Drive

11/04/2014 11:00

too long. setting.

it was all too confusing! especially the flashbacks. and add dialogue the chase scene and the flashbacks. they are confusing and long Nothing really as i like it the way it is

lighting and

you should try to The flashbacks,

shorten the chase scene its too long scene

edit how long the running scene is as its to long and add the sounds that are relevant to the The lighting& the camera movements Flashbacks- there were too much and was flashbacks- too much costumeshakiness Make the repeating too mud the lighting was too light for a vampire film of the camera The narrative of the opening sequence

unfitting for main character lighting- doesn't fit vampire genre chase scene too long too many flash backs transitions clearer confusing Not much really- Sounds and Titling e.g the credits etc make it less confusing

chase scene too

long too many repeating flashbacks narrative was confusing

the lighting in all scenes is a bit make the

The camera Movements,sounds,narrative

the lighting and chase scenes and the The overall narrative of the film-

add music and dialogue and watch out for mis-en-scene

flashbacks more clear and make the chase scene shorter.

what message are you trying to get across to the audience? The costume of certain characters

Would you want to watch the whole film?

Yes No 21 10 68% 32%

What was your favourite part about the opening sequence?

no favorite Didn't have one the stabbing scene i dont know chase scene The Stabbing scene and the fight scene The The ending of the transition of the vampire. sequence the transformation scene

sound for the very first beginning of the sequence and the police with the action music stabbing scene the chase scene stabbing scene the fight scene the chase

its wasnt very clear

the transformation scene and the chase scene blood splatters on screen

The running part of the mugger i liked the transformation scene the chase and the transformation My favorite part was the

The very beginning of the opening and the

I didn't really have a favourite part of the opening scene i really liked the fight scene, it was quite realistic. i really liked the chasing scene

stabbing/fight scene. i was very drawn to it scene of the lady and the flashbacks used transformed as a vampire

The part where we see the girl on the bed

Are you able to easily follow the narrative?

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Hellsing Survey - Google Drive

11/04/2014 11:00

Yes No

18 13

58% 42%

What would you rate the film

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 0 2 2 5 4 7 7 3 0 0% 0% 7% 7% 17% 13% 23% 23% 10% 0%

What do you think is the certificate?

12A U 15 18 PG 10 0 18 2 0 33% 0% 60% 7% 0%

What did you think about the overall presentation

well thought, costumes looks nice, lighting is a bit down but overall is efficient I think it is good but there are times where improvements need to be made like like the camera movements for the chasing scene wasn't really steady, the costume linked to the type of character they are. The locations of each scene were good as when the police officer gets stabbed its during the night and the chasing scene is during the day. The cast have really adapted to their characters and we can see that this through their acting skills. setting camera movements too unsteady well thought the liked the shots during the chase scene Lacking effort- Needs to be improved in Overall presentation of the

many different places in order to engage the target audience.

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Hellsing Survey - Google Drive

11/04/2014 11:00

opening showed how much effort has been put into the sequence and you have considered how the camera movement should be, the sound, and the location and there is no dialogue. especially the setting. it was alright costume was off. the camera is way too unsteady it was all good! i understood the camera movements were well thought out

it was too confusing

the narrative but it was a bit unclear. the costume could be improved setting as well. good camera movements and setting in chase scene

camera movements the chase scene had Could be better in the

where interesting. especially when one of the characters jumps over the camera. i liked the very interesting camera shots and movements narrative not clear enough

order for it to be successful. Camera wasn't steady and it was too fast for me to understand unsteady.

lighting scene in the transformation scene is a little off and the camera movements in the scene is i think that the camera could be more steady and that you are also putting to much I think the camera movements are really good and the costuming was good and the transformation Shows that there has the camera wasnt very steady the narative was very into everything

we could see the who the characters are. The lighting was fairly good scene- camera movements very steady. unclear the costume didnt really suit the character the lighting was off especially for the night time stabbing scene

been a lot of work involved- camera movements and lighting could be a bit better though Costume is good and the camera movements. But i could be better narrative is the lighting needs to be improved for the stabbing scene as it was quite dark confusing effective

i really liked the setting of the film but the flashbacks are not clear and too much

Everything is used well in each place therefore making the opening sequence very Good use of camera movements- the angles Mis es scene the editing of each scene

to make a smooth transition the sound of the sequence

Do you have anything to add?

no Nothing to add i didn't like the movies Nothing really Excellent opening sequence but now try to think of ways you can develop it even further with the way how the sound is for each scene, the titling and how you want the audience to react to this opening. Who is this aimed for? make sure lighting is sufficient in future shoots No no i liked it but it could improve nope nothing much to add but just work how no! Excellent opening i liked it very much Nothing i loved it! your going to develop and improve the sequence even more sequence really to add No apart from keep editing certain places

i liked it a lot and would watch the

whole thing if it was improved.

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Hellsing Survey - Google Drive

11/04/2014 11:00

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