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Military nurse

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Most professional militaries employ specialised military nurses. They are often organised as a distinct nursing corps.

Well-known nursing corps[edit]

U.S. Army Nurse Corps, a special branch of the Army Medical Department (United States) Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, a specialist corps of the Army Medical Services of the British Army

Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, a staff corps of the United States Navy U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps
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Levels of practice

Clinical nurse leader

Licensed practical nurse Generalists

Registered nurse Clinical nurse specialist Nurse anesthetist Nurse midwife Nurse practitioner


Education and licensure

Associate of Science in Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing Diploma in Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice

Specialties and

Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Licensure Compact Nursing credentials and certifications Nursing school Nurse registry NCLEX TEAS test Ambulatory care Cardiac Critical care Education Emergency Faith community Flight Forensic Geriatrics Holistic Home health Hyperbaric Legal consultation Management Matron Maternal-child Medical-surgical Midwifery Military Neonatal Nursing informatics Obstetrics Occupational health Oncology Orthopedics Pediatrics Perianesthesia

areas of practice

Nursing process Classification systems


Perioperative Psychiatric and mental health Private duty Public health School Space Telenursing WOCN Assessment Diagnosis Planning of care NANDA Nursing Interventions Classification Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS) Nursing Outcomes Classification Bullying in nursing Evidence-based nursing List of nurses Men in nursing Nurse-client relationship Nurse-led clinic Nursing in Islam Nursing history Nursing journals Nursing organizations Nursing research Nursing literature Nurse stereotypes Nursing theory fictional nurses Unlicensed assistive personnel Australia Germany


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