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FOR PROPOSALS-2014 DEADLINE DATE FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS: 29th M !" 2014 The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology. Government of India, Ne Delhi and the !ffice of "hief Scientists(!"S), Ministry of Science & Technology , Government of Israel, #er$salem to promote %ilateral scientific colla%oration %et een India and Israel. &pplications are invited from eligi%le Indian researchers 'scientists to s$%mit proposals for (oint pro(ects. A#$ % &' (&&)$# t*&+) The s$pport is availa%le to the follo ing scientific areas) E+$#,! $+,*+$$#*+,: * Mechanical engineering * Generation'prod$ction of rene a%le f$els for transportation. * "hemical engineering * "hemical processes and %iotechnological aspects of rene a%le energy prod$ction. * Material +ngineering , +nergy Storage'rene a%le energy -h& ( + )).!: The (oint application m$st incl$de one Indian and one Israeli -rincipal Investigators, ho o$ld %e responsi%le for technical as ell as administrative co*ordination of the pro(ect and its periodic scientific and financial reporting to the DST' M!ST , I. respectively. The -rincipal Investigator (-I) and other investigators in India sho$ld %e scientists' fac$lty mem%ers or/ing in reg$lar capacity in 0G" recogni1ed 0niversities' Deemed 0niversities'&cademic Instit$tes and National 2esearch & Development .a%oratories' Instit$tes. It is preferred that a mem%er of the pro(ect team may %e designated as "o*-I. In respect of Israeli participants M!ST , I. to. e%site http)''' may %e referred

/*+0 &' %1))&#t 2 *. 3.$: DST provides the follo ing s$pport $nder the -rogramme) F&# I+0* + R$%$ #(h$#% 4 "ost of International airfare to and from the designated research location, visa fee, air port ta3es, overseas medical ins$rance premi$m for the approved visit d$ration and airport transfers in India, "ons$ma%les and manpo er (#24'S24 etc). F&# I%# $.* R$%$ #(h$#% 4 "osts of accommodation in a g$est ho$se, per diem and domestic travel e3penses in India as per DST norms. P#&($%%*+,: The format for (oint pro(ect proposals and other details are availa%le at the e%site) 55560%t6,&26*+ one soft copy ( ord file) and 5 hard copies of the proposals may %e s$%mitted %y Indian researchers in the prescri%ed format on or %efore the given deadline thro$gh proper channel to) Dr. Naveen 6asishta, Director'Scientist 7+8, International Division Department of Science & Technology, 2oom No. 9:*4, Technology ;havan, Ne Mehra$li 2oad, N+< D+.=I*99>>9?. Israeli -rincipal Investigators need to s$%mit proposals ith a matching research plan to M!ST , I. sim$ltaneo$sly. Israeli 2esearchers are re@$ested to contact M!ST , I. for their application s$%mission period, doc$ments to %e s$%mitted etc. The e%site) http)''' may %e referred for details.


ST&T+ !4 IS2&+.




1. Within the framework of the Israeli-Indian Agreement on scientific cooperation, the India Ministry of Science and Technology ( the Indian Ministry ! and the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology ( the Israeli Ministry ! pro"ide financial s#pport for $oint research pro$ects carried o#t %y Israeli and Indian scientists. Indian-Israeli research teams are here%y in"ited to s#%mit $oint proposals on the topics detailed %elow. &nergy engineering' - Mechanical engineering - Generation/production of renewable fuels for transportation. - Chemical engineering - Chemical processes and biotechnological aspects of renewable energy production. - Material Engineering Energy Storage/renewable energy
III. ;. M!D+ !4 "!!-+2&TI!N
"ooperation may ta/e the form of) (oint research activities here interdependent s$%pro(ects of a single program are cond$cted in the Indian and the Israeli la%oratoriesB complementary methodological approaches to a (oint pro%lemB (oint $se of research facilities, materials, e@$ipment and'or services %y cooperating scientistsB (oint planning of research and eval$ation of res$lts


". .+6+. !4 40NDING &ND -2!#+"T D02&TI!N

The total amo$nt of f$nding for the t o years of the pro(ect *% 420"000 USD for the Israeli side +0 matching grants ill %e provided for the approved S&T activities %y the Indian side. S$pport ill %e given to $p to 9 (oint pro(ects re@$iring a %$dget of $p to :0"000 USD )$# !$ # '#&; th$ I%# $.* %*0$ +0 1) t& R%6 18 . <h% )$# !$ # '#&; I+0* + %*0$. -ro(ects sho$ld %e planned on a t5& !$ # 3 %*%. "ontracts'Sanction order ill %e signed'iss$ed accordingly. The final decision of the %$dget allocated to each pro(ect ill %e made at the final stage of the eval$ation process, hen the (oint pro(ects are chosen.


D. +ligi%ility
9. -roposals m$st involve a -rincipal Investigator and "o*-rincipal Investigator from each co$ntry. C. The -rincipal Investigator on each side m$st %e affiliated ith an academic instit$tion or research instit$te. 2esearchers from ind$stry may ta/e part in the program as partners in teams headed %y -rincipal Investigators from an academic instit$tion or research instit$te. 5. The -rincipal Investigator and the affiliated 2esearch &$thorities are e3pected to ta/e responsi%ility for the e3ec$tion of the research or/ thro$gho$t the d$ration of the pro(ect. D. The application forms in India sho$ld %e s$%mitted electronically to the follo ing +*mail) (in MS <ord format indicating file name as name & area code) and in Israel to the follo ing +*mail) (in 7pdf8 or 7doc8 format) F. In addition to the electronic s$%mission proposals, application form and accompanying material sho$ld %e s$%mitted in +nglish in ? copies to the Israeli Ministry and in 5 hard copies to the Indian Ministry to the follo ing addresses) INDIA D#6 N 2$$+ V %*%ht Director'Scientist 7+8 International Division Department of Science & Technology 2oom No. 9:*4, Technology ;havan Ne Mehra$li 2oad, N+< D+.=I*99>>9?

ISRAEL M#6 A2* ANATI Dep$ty Director General for -lanning & "ontrol Ministry of Science & Technology -.!. ;o3 DG9>> #er$salem G9DG> Tel) >C*FD999H>'5 4a3) >C*F:C5>5> +*mail) This call for proposals and application forms are availa%le at the follo ing internet addresses), http)'''

A.. )).*( t*&+%" *+(.10*+, .. #$.$2 +t ; t$#* .% +0 tt (h;$+t%" ;1%t 3$ #$($*2$0 +&t . t$# th + 29 M ! 2014 1+t*. 08:00 AM6
6I. +. M$t$al 6isits
-articipating scientists are enco$raged to spend an e3tended period of time visiting their co$nterparts8 instit$tions. So long as the visits are an integral part of research colla%oration, international travel and in*co$ntry living e3penses of visiting scientists may %e incl$ded in the pro(ect %$dgets. International travel costs sho$ld %e incl$ded in the %$dget of the visiting side, hile in*co$ntry living e3penses sho$ld %e incl$ded in the %$dget of the host side. The visits m$st ta/e place in India or Israel only.


4. -roposals 2evie &fter the eval$ation of proposals is cond$cted %y each of the program sponsors separately, M!ST*IND and M!ST*I. ill (ointly decide hich pro(ects ill %e f$nded and in hat amo$nts %ased on the res$lts of their independent eval$ation and ran/ing. The pro(ects ill %e assessed according to the follo ing eval$ation criteria) 9. "onformity ith the designated research topics of this "allB C. "apa%ility of -rincipal Investigators (one for each co$ntry per research pro(ect)) The -rincipal Investigator sho$ld have the e3perience, appropriate e3pertise and a%ility to manage the colla%oration and carry o$t the pro(ect goals ithin the t o* year pro(ect periodB 5. Significance of the pro%lem %eing addressed, and the potential impact of the proposed approach on solving it. (-roposals sho$ld address these iss$es e3plicitly and provide as m$ch evidence as possi%le.)B D. Scientific merit, ith emphasis $pon the originality and novelty of the proposed researchB F. "larity and @$ality of the research proposal itself , presentation of the topic, definition of research o%(ectives, presentation of research methodology and detailed program of or/B ?. 4easi%ility of the research plan and visitation programB H. -ractical applica%ility of e3pected research findingsB :. !n*going research activity) The proposed colla%oration sho$ld %$ild on, reinforce and add significant val$e to on*going research activities in each research gro$p. G. +ffectiveness and synergy of the proposed (oint research activities. S$ch activities are e3pected to have a significant impact on the scientific and technology development d$ring the co$rse of the -ro(ect or contri%$te to solving common iss$es. The scientists are e3pected to develop innovative technological seeds to trigger ne ind$strial needs in the f$t$re. &ctivities that stem from synergy effects thro$gh the colla%oration are highly val$ed. S$ch activities incl$de (%$t are not limited to) those in hich /no ledge, /no *ho and s/ills of the other partner can %e $tili1ed for applications, and activities hich can ma/e %est of reso$rces and geographical feat$res $ni@$e or proper to the respective co$nterpart. 9>. +ffectiveness and contin$ity of e3change , the proposal needs to contain activities to enhance s$staina%le research e3change. 2elevant e3amples incl$de) * 4ostering yo$ng researchers thro$gh e3changes. * S$staina%le development of the initiated /no ledge e3change. * +3panding the international research net or/s among the researchers in general *Improving the presence of Indian or Israeli science and technology respectively in the co$nterpart co$ntry 99. #$stification of pro(ect %$dget


G. S&N"TI!N !2D+2'"!NT2&"TS, -&AM+NTS 2+-!2TS &ND 2+S0.TS

16 The e3pected starting date for approved pro(ects is th$ '&1#th =1 #t$# &' 20146 26 C&+t# (t%: 0pon approval of a partic$lar pro(ect, separate sanction order'contracts ill %e iss$ed'signed in India and Israel respectively, %et een M!ST*IND and the instit$tion of Indian -rincipal Investigator and %et een M!ST*I. and the instit$tion of Israeli -rincipal Investigator :6 In principle, the pro(ect period is t o years. =o ever f$nding m$st %e approved on an ann$al %asis, ith the f$nding for the second year to %e approved in accordance ith the provisions of the research contract. The parties to this "all reserve the right not to f$nd a second year of or/ for scientific*professional, administrative, %$dgetary or policy reasons. 4or the Israeli team) &n application for the contin$ation of research f$nding for the second year m$st %e s$%mitted %y the instit$tion of Israeli -rincipal Investigator to M!ST*I. on the appropriate forms at least t o months prior to the end of the first year of the pro(ect together ith the ann$al scientific report. 46 P !;$+t% -ayments ill %e made %y M!ST*IND and M!ST*I. to the instit$tion of each -rincipal Investigator, respectively, in /eeping ith the provisions of the sanction order'contracts referred to a%ove, according to the reg$lations and practices in force in each co$ntry. 86 R$)&#t% > F*+ +(* . R$)&#t% 4inancial reports ill %e s$%mitted to M!ST*IND or M!ST*I., respectively, %y the instit$tions of each -rincipal Investigator as specified in the research contract. 3> S(*$+t*'*( R$)&#t% <ithin t o months (for Israeli team) and C months (for Indian team) after the concl$sion of the pro(ect, each -rincipal Investigator ill s$%mit a f$ll final report to M!ST*IND or M!ST*I., respectively, in accordance ith the contract or the reg$lations in force in his'her co$ntry. In addition the -rincipal Investigators ill s$%mit a (oint s$mmary of the final report %oth to M!ST*IND and M!ST*I. in +nglish. &dditional interim progress reports may %e re@$ired, according to the practices and reg$lations of each co$ntry, as specified in the research contracts


=. IN4!2M&TI!N
&dditional information can %e o%tained from the follo ing)

O+ %(*$+t*'*( +0 0;*+*%t# t*2$ ; tt$#%: D#6 N 2$$+ V %*%ht Director'Scientist 7+8 International Division Department of Science & Technology 2oom No. 9:*4, Technology ;havan Ne Mehra$li 2oad, N+< D+.=I*99>>9?


I%# $.:
O+ 0;*+*%t# t*2$ ; tt$#%:
M#6 A2* A+ t* Dep$ty Director General for -lanning & "ontrol Tel) >C*FD999H>'5 4a3) >C*F:C5>5> +*mail) M#%6 Y$h10*th N th + International 2elations +*mail) Aeh$ Ministry of Science and Technology -.!. ;o3 DG9>> #er$salem G9DG> O+ %(*$+t*'*( +0 0;*+*%t# t*2$ ; tt$#%: Dr. Gideon &riely Director, Division of "omp$ter Sciences & &dvanced Technology Tel) >C*FD9995D +*mail)


PROPOSALFOR DST-OCS JOINT RESEARCH PROJECT FOR FY 2014 (to be used b t!e I"d#$" S%#e"t#sts& Rese$'%!e's( -ro(ect 2ef No. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ (to %e given %y DST) A6 PRO?ECT IDENTIFICATION 9. &2+& "!D+ (-lease tic/ the appropriate %o3 )) 9. C. 5 C. 5. D. Mechanical engineering * Generation'prod$ction of rene a%le f$els for transportation "hemical engineering * "hemical processes and %iotechnological aspects of rene a%le energy prod$ction. Material +ngineering , +nergy Storage'rene a%le energy ) ) JJJJJJJJJ Months

TIT.+ !4 T=+ -2!#+"T

-2!-!S+D D02&TI!N !4 T=+ -2!#+"T INDI&N -2IN"I-&. IN6+STIG&T!2 (-I) Name Designation Department Instit$tion -ostal &ddress

-2!#+"T IN6+STIG&T!2S & "!..&;!2&TING INSTIT0TI!NS )

"ontact -hone No. (o) & (M) ) +*mail Date of ;irth IS2&+.I -2IN"I-&. IN6+STIG&T!2 Name Designation Department Instit$tion +*mail F. INDI&N "!*-2IN"I-&. IN6+STIG&T!2 ("!*-I) Name Designation Department Instit$tion -ostal &ddress "ontact -hone No. (o) & (M) ) +*mail Date of ;irth




!T=+2 M+M;+2S !4 T=+ INDI&N -2!#+"T T+&M ) S. No. Name & Designation Department & Instit$te &cademic K$alification & Speciali1ation


!T=+2 M+M;+2S !4 T=+ IS2&+.I -2!#+"T T+&M ) S. No. Name & Designation Department & Instit$te &cademic K$alification & Speciali1ation

)'#e* )#o-d$t$ o* I"d#$" $"d Is'$e+# PIs $"d ot!e' I"d#$" te$, ,e,be's !#-!+#-!t#"- t!e e./e't#se #" t!e /'o/osed *#e+d o* 0o'1 $+o"-0#t! +#st o* /ub+#%$t#o"s !#-!+#-!t#"- t!ose 'e+e2$"t to t!e /'o/osed /'o3e%t4 :. !NG!ING IN6+STIG&T!2 ) S. No. ' "!M-.+T+D -2!#+"TS <IT= T=+ INDI&N -2IN"I-&.

National -ro(ects) -ro(ect Title Sponsoring &gency ;$dget Stat$s

International -ro(ects) S. No. -ro(ect Title Name of the "ollo%orating Scientist & Institi$te Sponsoring &gency ;$dget Stat$s

B6 TECHNICAL INFORMATION 9. C. !%(ectives (#" bu++et *o',( ) Necessity and the significance of the proposed research e3change ith Israel) ( hether the proposed or/ co$ld %e done itho$t the colla%oration, if not please mention the complementary aspects incl$ding %enefits of the colla%oration) !ngoing and past research activities in the relevent area incl$ding those ith Israel and history of correspondence ith the Israeles -I. National & International scenario in the proposed topic'theme of research (#" $bout 200 0o'ds(, -lease provide /ey %i%liographic references. Scientific & technical description of the pro(ect incl$ding methodology -lan of proposed research and si3 monthly milestones (/+e$se des%'#be t!e /'o3e%t5s %o++obo'$t#2e *'$,e0o'16 d#2#s#o" o* 0o'1 bet0ee" I"d#$" $"d Is'$e+# s#des6 "u,be' o* e.%!$"-e 2#s#ts /+$""ed 0#t! du'$t#o" o* e$%! 2#s#t du'#"- e$%! *#"$"%#$+ e$' *'o, e$%! s#de( +ffectivness and synergy of the proposed (oint research activities. +3pected res$lts of the "ooperation (*o' e.$,/+e7 3o#"t /ub+#%$t#o"s6 /$te"ts et%4(4 &re any of the e3pected res$lts are li/ely to have commercial val$eL =o do yo$ propose to share it L) D1..! '*..$0 *+ Ch$(< .*%t *+ th$ )#$%(#*3$0 '&#; t6 &ny other relevant information in vie of the proposals revie indicated in the g$idelines at S.No. 6II (4) parameters as

5. D. F. ?.

H. :.

96 9>.

C6 FINANCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION TOTAL COST OF THE PRO?ECT : -e"e'$++ +#,#ted to t!e e.te"t o* e./e"d#tu'e o" $//'o2ed e.%!$"-e 2#s#ts 2#84 #"te'"$t#o"$+ $#'*$'e *o' I"d#$" s%#e"t#sts $"d +o%$+ !os/#t$+#t to t!e Is'$e+# s%#e"t#sts $s /e' $//'o2ed "o',s4 So,e su//o't *o' /'o3e%t ,$"/o0e'(JRF&SRF( %o"su,$b+es $"d %o"t#"-e"%#es ,$ be %o"s#de'ed $s /e' DST5s "o',s4 9$3o' #te,s o* e./e"d#tu'e s!ou+d be ,et *'o, #"te'"$+ 'esou'%es o* t!e I,/+e,e"t#"I"st#tut#o" o' $" ot!e' sou'%es4( 9. .ist of e@$ipment and other facilities availa%le in the participating Instit$tes for implementation of the pro(ect ) (In case facilities of other instit$tes are $tilised, a consent letter from the these instit$te(s) may %e neclosed) +3change visits and estimated e3pendit$re) Items of +3pendit$re Manpo er @ 6isits from India to Israel * N$m%er of visits and d$ration for each visit * International to & fro &irfare %y I&T& economy e3c$rsion class incl$ding airport ta3es * related local travel in India from city parent instit$te to nearest International &ir -ort * visa fee - !verseas medical ins$rance 6isits from Israel to India * N$m%er of visits and d$ration for each visit * &ccommodation in G$est =o$se * -er diem E 9>>> per day * local travel in India %et een the host instit$te and the nearest International &ir -ort "ons$ma%les M "ontigency Total 9st Aear Cnd Aear Total


@ -lease indicate the designation of manpo er li/e #24, 2& etc. incl$ding their monthly emol$ments as per DST g$idelines if any. M Details of cons$ma%les incl$ding name and @$antity is to %e provided ith f$ll ($stification. Note 7#( T!e PI #s to 'e:u#'ed to sub,#t /e'#od#% 'e/o'ts $"d #ts %o"t#"u$t#o" #" t!e se%o"d e$' 0ou+d de/e"d u/o" #ts /'o-'ess $ssessed b DST4 At t!e e"d o* e$%! *#"$"%#$+ e$' 4t!e PI #s $+so 'e:u#'ed to sub,#t t!e ;t#+#s$t#o" Ce't#*#%$tes $"d St$te,e"t o* E./e"d#tu'e #" /'es%'#bed *o',$t4 ##( <#s#t o* o"e /e'so" #s to be %ou"ted $s o"e 2#s#t4 5. D. & letter from the Israeli -rincipal Investigator agreeing ith the o%(ectives, incl$ding pro(ected visits from %oth sides may %e enclosed. or/ plan

Designation and address of the &$thorised official in Instit$te' 0niversity to receive the grant


4or transferring the money thro$gh electronically (+"S), #egistration ith "entral -lan Scheme and Monitoring System ("-MS) is mandatory, therefore, yo$ are re@$eired to provide $s Name of the &gency (4$ll name), Name and Designation of &'" holder (as per ;an/ &'"), ;an/ &cco$nt No., ;an/ Name and ;ranch &ddress, I4S" "ode. !n receipt of these information the finance division of DST ill release the grant to implement the pro(ect. (+"S format attached) 4or registering log on to (+"S detail)

=e !e'eb %e't#* t!e st$te,e"ts $bo2e to be t'ue $"d %o''e%t4

Signat$re ith Date Indian -rincipal Investigator

Signat$re ith Date Indian "o*-rincipal Investigator

CER !"!C# E $" %E#& $" %E !'&!#' !'S ! ( !$'

It is certified that 9) C) The instit$tion agrees to participate in this (oint research pro(ectB In the event of the Indian -rincipal Investigator (-I) leaving the Instit$te d$e to retirement or other ise, the "o*-I o$ld %ecome the -I and %e responsi%le for completing the pro(ect and s$%mitting the periodic progress report and financial statementsB The instit$tion shall provide infrastr$ct$re & availa%le facilities as mentioned a%ove, for implementing the (oint pro(ectB The instit$tion ass$mes to $nderta/e financial & other management responsi%ilities for part of the pro(ect or/ to %e carried o$t in this instit$tionB The %rea/$p f$nding for manpo er, cons$ma%les etc. is availa%le to this pro(ectB &ll necessary formalities as per o$r instit$tion have %een completed.

5) D) F) ?)

Signat$re and seal of the =ead of the instit$tion

()&(*+IST ). itle of the *ro+ect , , , ,

-. !nitiating !nstitute of pro+ect .. Sponsoring #gency/Ministry /. otal cost of the pro+ect 'ature and 0uantum of foreign collaboration sought 1i2 1ii2 1iii2 1i32 "inancial support, echnical support Manpower training Miscellaneous

, , , ,

4. !s there any possibility5 howe3er , remote of use of data5 information of result of the wor6 which may impinge on !ndia7s national security8 !f yes5 the nature of such a use may be indicated. 1!n case the concerned scrutini9ing Ministry do not ha3e clear answer5 the matter should be referred to the &R&$ and M%# for e:amination2. II. ,-I.I/ ,0 T)& 1-2&(T A/3 ITS S1,/S,-S '

;. !f the proposal is foreign-originated5 what is the bac6ground of the foreign agency or organi9ation which is sponsoring the pro+ect8 !nformation a3ailable5 if any on past collaboration by foreign agency with !ndian !nstitution. <. #re the foreign agency5 organi9ation5 scientists concerned5 6nown to ha3e ta6en up any pro+ect of military significance in the past or are 6nown to be associated with any military organi9ation or pro+ect8 1if the abo3e information is not 6nown or if there is definite information that there is no such association5 these should be clearly indicated2.

=. !s the proposer 1!ndian2 6nown to the foreign collaborator and his group for some time and has this emerged naturally from the research wor6 done by the two sides8 >.-/-


04/3I/. ,0 T)& 1-,2&(T

?. !s the foreign source 6now to ha3e funded research into sensiti3e and national security areas in its own country or in other countries8 )@. #re there reasons to belie3e that the foreign source is a co3er name for some other sponsor8 5. A3MI/IST-ATI,/ A/3 (,/T-,+ ,0 T)& 1-,2&(T

)). Gi3e a list of the li6ely places of 3isit , within the country planned by the foreign collaborator. #lso gi3e a list of the institutions which the collaborator is li6ely to 3isit. )-. Aill any sensiti3e source material be referred to during the course of the research8 ).. 1!2 &oes the collaboration in3ol3e a2 ransfer of biological material1s2 , , b2 (se of radioacti3e materials

c2 (se of en3ironmentally or otherwise , ha9ardous material1s2 d2 (se of Genetically Modified $rganisms e2 "ield trials or testing f2 Ethical issues g2 !ssues related to !ntellectual *roperty Rights 1!*R2 )/. !f answer to any section of Buestion , ). is yes5 are the in3estigators/ proposers aware of the rele3ant regulations and ha3e they agreed to abide by them8 )4. Aill the research be conducted in , accordance not only with the country7s own ethical and en3ironmental standards5 but with international standards as well8 , , , ,

Signature with date of the *rincipal !n3estigator Signature with date and seal of %ead of &epartment/ !nstitute

1-,2&(T S4MMA-6 ). -. .. /. *ro+ect itle, otal cost of the pro+ect 1!ndian side2 1in Rs.2, &uration of the *ro+ect. *ro+ect !n3estigators 1*!s2 and Co-!n3estigators, /.) /.4. !ndian *!s "oreign

$ther *ro+ect participants, 4.. 4.!ndian "oreign


!mplementing #gencies / !nstitutions, ;.) ;.!ndian "oreign


Sponsoring #gency / &epartment / Ministry <.. <.!ndian "oreign

=. ?.

#dministrati3e Ministry in Go3ernment of !ndia, %as the *ro+ect been cleared by Secretary of the #dministrati3e/ Sponsoring Ministry/&epartment from security/sensiti3ity angle8, Ces/'o !f answer to 1?2 abo3e is D'oD5 then does the #dministrati3e/ sponsoring Ministry/&epartment recommend the *ro+ect to be considered by %igh Ee3el Committee of Secretaries8 Ces/'o Signature of the concerned $fficer in the #dministrati3e/Sponsoring Ministry/&epartment


E.$(t#&+*( C.$ #*+, S!%t$; AECS> F&#; t ) . / 4 ; < = ? 'ame of the #gency 'ame and &esignation of #/C holder 1as per Fan6 #/C2 Fan6 #ccount 'o. Fan6 'ame and Franch #ddress !"SC Code M!CR Code 'ame of *rincipal !n3estigator E-mail 1#gency/ *!2 Mobile 'o. 1#gency/ *!2

&gency' Instit$tion are re@$ested to fill $p a%ove mentioned col$mns for transferring the f$nd thro$gh electronically. (Nindly also send scanned copy of the cancelled che@$e details if possi%le). hich has all the re@$isite