Note: Documents are in reverse chronological order.

These notes refer to redacted text.

PHAC monitoring the journalist's Twitter feed.

Interesting comment here. "PT MOHs" stands for provincialterritorial ministers of health.

The suggestion that PHAC not want to engage with media who might "negatively" view them

"MO" = Minister's Office. Lines for media interview— which was deemed "medium impact"—were sent up to the Federal Health Minister's Office for approval.

In an interview, PHAC officials cited this review article as one of the core pieces of evidence to support their decision to stockpile Tamiflu. Here, media officials within PHAC express concern about the conclusions of the review.

Another meeting to discuss this media request.

The final media lines here, after several rounds of editing and input from various PHAC departments.

A de-brief after the Maclean's/ Medical Post interview with PHAC.

PHAC cites this study by Hsu in the Annals of Internal Medicine as key piece of evidence. Here's the study link: http:// article.aspx? articleid=1103757 Its conclusion: "Therapy with oral oseltamivir and inhaled zanamivir may provide a net benefit over no treatment of influenza. However, as with the randomized trials, the confidence in the estimates of the effects for decision making is low to very low."

There is concern about the fact that they quoted a meta-analysis to support their decision to stockpile Tamiflu which has a conclusion that "is not very reassuring."

Again, the Minister's Office approving media lines.

PHAC can't grant media interview until the Minister's Office sends approval.

A discussion of the journalist's credentials.

More rounds on the media lines.

More rounds on the media lines.

Draft media lines

More discussion about the key messages.

More comments on the media lines.

There were at least a half dozen people at PHAC working on this media request.

Barbara Raymond, Director of the Pandemic Preparedness Division at PHAC, weighs in with proposed questions about what journalist might ask in the interview.

PHAC on the uncertainties in the evidence base.

Redacted lines.
Redacted lines

More redactions.

More internal discussion to "clarify our position" before speaking to the media.

Written responses were recommended instead of granting an interview.

An urgent conversation.

Several drafts to come to a final version of a request for approval, to be sent up to the Minister's Office.

Media lines were sent to the Minister's Office for approval.

This telling line is omitted.

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