Orange County Department of Social Services Estimated Eligibility Benefits by Municipality Report Method of Development (3 total pages of charts

) The Department of Social Services was asked to calculate the various social services program amounts payable throughout the County and the location of such services (by recipient) across the County. D.S.S. currently has no data that can accurately determine the actual cost by municipality. What we can roughly ascertain is how many individuals per community (City/Town/Village) receive the various types of Social Services programs. That is Chart 1. We can then take a countywide cost per program and simply divide it by the total number of recipients countywide to get an estimated per person cost. We then took this per person cost and multiplied it by the estimated number of recipients per program, per municipality to get our estimated program cost per municipality. That is Chart 2 Unfortunately, that does not produce accurate results of cost per community, because we are talking averages here, not specifics. For example, we can say that the total cost of Social Service program X is $1 million, and there are a total of 100 people across the County on that form of social service at some point during the calendar year. The average cost per person, therefore, is $10,000 ($1 million divided by 100 people). We can then ascertain that 1 recipient lived in, for example, Goshen, while 2 lived in Hamptonburgh. That does not mean, however, that $10,000 for that Social Services program was actually spent in Goshen. It could be much less (perhaps the person was only using that program for 1 day when the average use of that program is 50 days). It could be much more (perhaps that person was using that program for the entire year, not the “normal” 50 days). Again, we are taking the countywide average per person for a program, and assigning cost to locality based on the number of persons that used that program at any point during the calendar year. In addition, various programs are funded in varying amounts locally (through the County budget) and also through State and Federal funds. We have provided a chart to show (based on 2010 data), how each Social Services program is generally paid for. That is Chart 3. While some programs are flat dollar amount formulas (i.e. – some cash assistance programs relate strictly to number of persons per household); others are use driven (i.e. – Medicaid, where you may have someone on Medicaid using very little services – just a basic doctor visit here or there; while others are high intensity Medicaid users). This report, therefore, does not accurately state the cost per community. It states the average cost of providing that particular service to an individual, multiplied by the total number of users for any given period of time of that service (during the year 2010). The population data included in the report for each municipality was obtained from the 2010 Census data, as well as the Orange County Planning Department. March, 2014