Barn Players, Inc.

Annual Membership Meeting Thursday, February 20th, 2014 6:00pm, Miles City Public Library meeting room Meeting called to order. Officer Roll call: Nate Miles, Alina Miles, Katie Keith, Zachery Miles, Jeni Mahan, Teresa Foley, Sue Miles, Tim Miles, Bert Pezzarossi, Dan Hance, Hannah Nash. Financial Report: Hannah Nash presented balances and annual bills for the Barn. Motion: Less expenses, all profits from the Spring Fundraiser will be transferred into the US Bank Building Fund and not into the Operations account (Sue). Second (Nate). Motion passes unanimously. Spring Production: "Dealt a Deadly Hand", March 28 and 29th, 5:30, 6:30pm. Hannah will provide both cash boxes and operating cash for the show. Archive or database of show/production expenses: spelled out for future directors (costumes, rent, etc). Archive or database of show/production revenues spelled out for future directors (50/50, donations, etc). Eventbright website: Teresa setup an online ticketing venue. Motion: the Barn Player Group will setup an Eventbright Organization and PayPal (Sue). Second (Jeni). Motion passes unanimously. Jeni and Teresa are looking for additional event sponsorships, donation, Dan and Hannah will be directing the Spring Show, tentative May 2-3rd. War of the Worlds: Live radio production on KATL. Email script to: Jeni, Tim, Bert, Teresa, Sue, Jerry. Hannah will contact Mike Mintz with our approval. Possible live, on stage performance with foley tech for the audience, live broadcast on the radio. Summer Workshop: week long camp. Teresa will put together a proposal. Into the Woods: royalties and perusal copies check. Aim for the week before Thanksgiving (November 21-22) at the high school. "White Christmas" or holiday vignette show for Christmas. Sue and Katie, directing small cast comedy late summer (August), venue negotiable (weekend before the Fair). Dan would like to direct "All Shook Up" with high school students in some lead roles. possible joint production with HS drama dept/class.

Costume Storage Situation: a large percentage cull needs to happen; functional costume stage pieces only. Big summer project to get the items out of the Miles basement and the Nash garage. Investigate venues for: cull, sort, sale. Motion: Meeting schedule adjusted (Bert). Second (Sue). Motion passes unanimously. Bumping Annual Membership Meeting to 3rd Tuesday of January. Next planning meeting, April 15th, 6:00pm (Bylaws) 3rd planning meeting, July 15th, 6:00pm 4th planning meeting, October 21st, 6:00pm Election of Officers: Nominations President: Dan Hance, Teresa Foley (Dan Hance, President) Nominations Vice President: Tim Miles (Tim Miles) Nominations Secretary/Treasurer: Hannah Nash (Hannah Nash) Officers: Amorette Allison, Jerry Austill (Amorette Allison, Jerry Austill). Motions carry. Officers elected. Meeting adjourned. Correction to Minutes (February 23rd, 2014): Officer Amorette Allison paid the balance for the annual PO Box rental through USPS as a donation in memory of her mother. Respectfully submitted, Hannah Nash Secretary/Treasurer