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Text: Leah Clarke

With 2,100 stores and 18,500 employees in 35 countries, international retail chain JYSK is a huge organization. However, with an annually increasing turnover and at least 2 new stores opening every week, there is no doubt that the company has a winning formula. Winnie Ahrensberg, IT project manager for JYSK, tells us how this Danish giant uses service management to ensure continued success.

Photography: JYSK


Lars Larsen, founder of JYSK


Photography: JYSK

In 1979, Lars Larsen opened his first store in Aarhus, Denmark. His clear vision and dedication to offering his customers the best possible deal helped make JYSK what it is today: a runaway retail success with stores across the globe, as well as a household name when it comes to household goods. With stores from the UK to China, managing and coordinating services is no mean feat.

TOPdesk Denmark
After a long selection process, JYSK Nordic chose TOPdesk. In doing so, they became the first customer for TOPdesk Denmark, TOPdesk’s youngest branch at the time. JYSK was already familiar with TOPdesk Denmark due to a recent supplier collaboration with the AD HOC product. This was created by Aventor – the name of TOPdesk Denmark prior to joining TOPdesk. “The product no longer met their requirements,” says David Truelsen Basse, Marketing Manager and Head of Office Sales at TOPdesk Denmark. “However, they liked us as a supplier and partner. That brought us back into the match again.”

Going live
JYSK Nordic went live with TOPdesk in Denmark and Poland in October 2011, followed by the rest of JYSK Nordic the following month. Things are going well: JYSK has made their new service management system work for them in exactly the right way. “We now have a system where new incidents are automatically sent to the correct department and country straight away,” says Ahrensberg. “We didn’t want our Service Centre to have a dispatch role: this lets us resolve incidents much more quickly and enables the stores to focus on selling their wares.”

The right set-up
Getting the infrastructure right is crucial – both in terms of technology and organization. The JYSK Group comprises three elements: JYSK Nordic, with stores in China and throughout Europe; Dänisches Bettenlager, also with stores in Europe; and finally the Franchises, which can be found all over the world from Canada to Kazakhstan. TOPdesk came into the picture when JYSK Nordic started looking for a new service management solution. “When the time came to replace our old service management tool, making the right choice was important. Our entire organization relies on this tool: almost all communication with JYSK stores is through service management,” says Ahrensberg.

Clear requirements
With so much on the line, the company defined requirements the new solution had to meet. “We wanted a system that matched JYSK’s needs out of the box, so we do not need to develop everything ourselves. However, the system still had to be customizable. We also wanted an ITILcompliant solution, but we use ITIL the JYSK way. This means we don’t use ITIL to the fullest, but we try to implement the concept of ITIL so it’s speaking the same language. Finally, the software’s look and feel was important, as well as the ‘flow’ – we needed it to be intuitive and easy to use.”


Such an efficient set-up is essential to a burgeoning organization like JYSK. This is also evident in their use of the Configuration Management module. JYSK has set up an integration with their SCCM tool. As a result, information about the organization’s hardware and software is sent straight to TOPdesk. This saves time and safeguards data accuracy.

example of this is JYSK’s recent upgrade to TOPdesk 5.2 after previously using version 4.3. “This is going to be a large change for all our TOPdesk users, but the software is still intuitive and easy to use. This means we will be able to complete the upgrade without a lot of training.” Upgrading to TOPdesk 5.2 means more than just getting to know the new interface, however: JYSK is also planning on implementing the Form Designer module. “It will be integrated with our own Intranet. This will make it easier to direct incidents and requests from callers to the relevant

operator group,” says Ahrensberg. So, do these plans indicate that the future is looking bright for JYSK Nordic and TOPdesk? It would seem so: “We continue to look for more ways to use TOPdesk around the organization – we already use TOPdesk for more than just IT. We would like to have even more departments use TOPdesk as their main service management tool.”

The future
Ahrensberg is already looking towards the future and how JYSK can continue getting the best out of their TOPdesk set-up. One

Now that JYSK Nordic is fully familiar with TOPdesk, this is what the users have to say about the tool.

Default text is a great feature that saves us a lot of time every day.

The reports on category let us know whether certain categories need more attention.

From a management perspective, I really appreciate the reporting capabilities in TOPdesk. It’s a welcome change to know how we are actually doing, rather than how we think we are doing.