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Self-made pizza man makes a change

Volume 1 • January 1, 2008

Brendan’s Story. Following the steely resolve of his

Irish Catholic father, Brendan worked 70 hours a week in a pizza shop on Chicago’s south side. But excess income fueled an uncontrollable cocaine habit. Finally, a car-stealing stunt landed Brendan in jail, where he first cried out to God.

“As a child, we went to church, but we left God there,” said Brendan. “I thought religion was for bald men in togas praying to the east.”
Brendan also grew up with an Irish notion that a man who could hold down his liquor and still fulfill his duties was respectable. “The problem was, others could stop drinking, and I couldn’t,” he said. New Hope Center staff members showed Brendan that his stubborn self-reliance eclipsed the help that only God could provide. Today Brendan says,“The self that tried is the self that died. Now I live by faith in Christ.”

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