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The world of Aliens vs. Predator promotes a cold, cruel future where corporations guide human destiny and alien races clash with humanity caught in the middle. There are a number of resources to help define the world of AVP including the Aliens and Predator movies, novels, and comics as well as websites dedicated to this deep world. This book is not intended to reproduce those works, but rather to provide the rules and guides necessary to play a game of Simple 10 within that universe. As a result, a lot of information will be missing from this book that must be gathered elsewhere.

The rules the follow are only guidelines, but are intended to keep the mood of the AVP comics, books, and movies. Scientist (mind, operation, perception) – There are thousands of scientists needed in the known galaxy. With inter-space travel possible the need for chemists, physicists, botanists, and geneticists has exploded as corporations seek sources for new technology and revenue. Synthetic – A synthetic is an android, an artificial person. They are generally programmed for services such as security, science, law, etc. Non-combat synthetics are programmed with prime directives to never harm humans or allow them to be harmed. Of course, not all programming is perfect… Technician (mind, operation, tech/ed) – Like scientists, technicians are always in great need. The technician tends to perform repairs and refit equipment throughout space stations and ships. United Systems Colonial Marines (body, operation, physical) – The Colonial Marines are one branch of the interstellar alliance as depicted in the movie Aliens. Their role is primarily as peace keepers, rescue, and assault troops.

In the universe of Aliens vs. Predator everyone could be in the crossfire. Ultimately your character’s role is based on your career. The list below includes some examples of careers your character might choose, their most important attribute and skill for the job. Most starting characters should being play with 5 character points. Corporate Exec (mind, social, tech/ed) – Corporate life consumes all and in the minds of many executives, the thirst for promotions and riches trumps all else. A corporate executive can be anyone from the middle management in the field to one of the presidents of a division. Corporate Security (body, operation, physical) – The corporations employ a number of security personnel from basic security guards to special assault troops to personal bodyguards.

Simple 10 –

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

Yautja, Unblooded (5cp)
Predators are a race of warriors divided into a caste system. Most Yautja begin play with 5 character points. Mind -1, Body 3, Spirit 0 Physical 3 Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 12 Health (Body +5): 9* Max Damage (Health x2) 18 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 6 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): -1 Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 1*/2 Special Traits: Large (+1 Health, -1 Dodge, +1 WP melee/thrown), Leap 6 meters The unblooded yautja are unproven and have not made enough kills to be considered warriors. In human terms, they are apprentices not yet worthy of hunting on their own.

Yautja, Blooded (10cp)

Large – Predators are larger and heavier than humans and as a result gain a +1 to Wound Points when using melee and thrown weapons and their Health. On the other hand, their larger size gives them a -1 to Dodge checks. Jump – yautja are capable of leaping up to six meters. Mimicry – The predator race studies their prey in detail and are capable of mimicking their language and even understanding it.

Mind -1, Body 4, Spirit 2 Operation 1, Perception 1, Physical 3 Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 13 Health (Body +5): 10* Max Damage (Health x2) 20 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 7 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): 0 Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 1*/2 Special Traits: Large (+1 Health, -1 Dodge, +1 WP melee/thrown), Leap 6 meters Blooded yautja have proven their prowess on the hunt and display their blood-mark with pride. The blood mark is a scar, often on the forehead, that is a symbol of the clan. Newly blooded warriors are allowed to enter a hunt alone, but will often be accompanied by a senior. Blooded yautja are often tasked with teaching the unblooded.

Simple 10 –

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

While intelligent, aliens are incapable of communicating in a method understood by humans and predators. However, they are able to communicate through a crude form of body language, pheromones and infrared pattern changes on their large elongated skulls. Aliens have some unique abilities that make them quite fearsome. Acid Blood – All aliens have acid for blood that they often use as a weapon or to overcome obstacles. If an alien is wounded by a piercing or slashing weapon, all enemies targeting the alien with melee weapons or characters that the alien targeted, must make a dodge check vs. the amount of damage it received. Thus if the alien took 4 points of damage, then roll 1d10 and add 4. All appropriate targets roll vs. this “attack”. The acid causes 1 point of damage per round up to the maximum rolled. Characters with armor can avoid taking damage by removing their armor before the acid eats through the armor. Armor gives one round per point of armor to prevent damage. Armor 2 gives two rounds etc. Armor struck by acid will be ruined and require significant repair. Acid Spit – All aliens from the face hugger to the queen can cause a small laceration in their mouth and spit the acid at an opponent. This is treated like a normal thrown attack, though the target must be within 10 meters to be hit. Use the rules for acid blood above. Fear – Some aliens have the ability to unnerve their opponents with a release of pheromones and intimidation. Characters must make a morale check when the pheromones are released. Climb – With the exception of chest-burster and queen, all aliens can climb any surface up to 15 meters per round without penalty. Leap – Most adults have the ability to leap up to six meters. They can use this ability to escape their enemies or attack as needed. Nerve Toxin – An adult alien can inject its prey with a potent nerve toxin injected through spines on its tail. A character struck by the tail which causes at least 1 point of damage must make a Body + Spirit Simple 10 –

contest with the alien’s toxin. Failure results in 1 minute of paralysis per point of the failure.

Egg, Alien (NA)
Mind -5, Body -4, Spirit -5 Perception 2(-3) Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 1 Health (Body +5): 1 Max Damage (Health x2) 2 Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): -9 Special Traits: Natural Armor 1, Acid Blood The egg is nothing more than a covering, a protective shell for the face hugger within. However, the egg reacts to movement nearby and if it detects a possible host, it will hatch the following round. Also, if the egg is damaged, but not destroyed, it will hatch the following round. Any excess damage caused to the egg is transferred to the face hugger within.

Face Hugger, Alien (1cp)
Mind -3, Body -3, Spirit 0 Perception 2, Physical 3, Fear 0 (0s), Nerve Toxin 2 (2s) Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 4 Health (Body +5): 1* Max Damage (Health x2) 2 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 0 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): NA Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 1*/0 Special Traits: Acid Blood, Climb, Leap, Nerve Toxin, Fear, Small (+1 Dodge, -1 Health, -1 WP melee/thrown) The face hugger appears to be a spider-like creature with a strong tail. Its entire purpose in life is to find a suitable host in which to lay its eggs and then it dies. Generally speaking, a face hugger will only live for a maximum of 72 hours and it takes at least 8 hours to lay its eggs within a typical host. In combat, a face hugger will use its physical skill to hide or leap at opponents’ faces. On a successful attack, the face hugger attaches its self to the victim’s face. If its face attack causes at least 1 WP, it begins administering a nerve toxin that paralyses its victim.

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

Chest Burster, Alien (-1cp)
Mind -3, Body -3, Spirit 0 Perception 2, Physical 3 Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 4 Health (Body +5): 1* Max Damage (Health x2) 2 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 0 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): NA Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 0 Special Traits: Acid Blood, Acid Spit, Small (+1 Dodge, -1 Health, -1 WP melee/thrown) The chest burster is a newborn alien and is the most vulnerable of the creatures. Unlike its older and larger brothers, the chest burster is unable to climb or cause fear, or even leap. Its primary function is to survive to adulthood which will happen within 24 hours with adequate food. Unless cornered, the chest burster will run from combat.

Queen, Alien (15cp)
Mind 3, Body 3, Spirit 3 Perception 3, Physical 3, Fear 0 (3s) Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 16 Health (Body +5): 9* Max Damage (Health x2) 18 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 6 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): NA Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 5*/6 Special Traits: Natural Armor 2, Acid Blood, Acid Spit, Nerve Toxin, Fear, Large (+1 Health, -1 Dodge, +1 WP melee/thrown) The queen alien is far larger than any of the other aliens and has a telepathic link with certain drones. Some queens are larger than this example and thus would have a higher body and larger modifiers due to their size.

Drone, Alien (6cp)
Mind -1, Body 0, Spirit 2 Perception 2, Physical 3, Fear 0 (2s) Initiative Mod (Mind + Body + 10): 11 Health (Body +5): 5 Max Damage (Health x2) 10 Melee Weapons (Body + Physical): 3 Ranged Weapons (Mind + Operation): NA Dodge/Throw (Mind + Physical): 2 Special Traits: Natural Armor 1, Acid Blood, Acid Spit, Climb, Leap, Nerve Toxin, Fear An alien drone is the most common type of alien, often called the “adult”. It is nearly two-meters tall and is horrifying to most humans.

Simple 10 –

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

The following equipment is only a small example of what is available in the Aliens vs. Predator universe.

Strapped for cash and nearly obsolete, the USCM is fitted with outdated but reliable equipment. Access to non-standard gear is heavily restricted due to budgetary concerns. Combat Armor – The M3 Combat Harness is heavy armor +3 AR and includes vitals sensors and a transmitter for the camera and other tracking equipment. Remote Sentry Gun, 10 SA/+4 WP – For use in highly hostile environments only, the UA571 Remote Sentry Unit is capable of tracking and attacking multiple targets or being controlled remotely from a command station. Each unit is loaded with belt-fed high-velocity, explosive-tipped rounds. The tracking system can be set to manual or auto-tracking. If set to manual, treat as +1 Accy/+4 WP.

Motion Tracker – The motion tracker gives a +2 bonus to Perception vs. Stealth while in use. Shotgun, +2 WP – The M21A Combat Shotgun is rarely deployed in combat situations, but has proven its self too versatile of a weapon to simply remove from the USCM inventory.

Pistol, +1 WP – With very few exceptions, all pistols give a +1 WP modifier. Most USCM personnel carry a 9mm as a sidearm. Pulse Rifle, +3 WP – The M41A1 Pulse Rifle is a standard issue assault rifle that is capable of burst fire and full auto (+1 Accy, +1 WP). The clip can hold up to 99 shots of caseless, explosive-tipped ammunition. Additionally it has a 30mm under-barrel grenade launcher. Simple 10 –

Smartgun Harness, +2 AR – The harness and assembly for the smartgun is designed with an integrated breastplate that gives substantial protection for vitals.

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

SMG, +1 Accy/+2 WP – The SMG is often issued to special security forces. It is only capable of firing in auto fire mode.

Smartgun, +2 Accy/+4 WP – Typically a squad will deploy with at least one M56A2 Smart Gun. The gyrostabilized machinegun is fixed with an infrared targeting system that increases accuracy. Sniper Rifle, +4 WP – The standard issue USCM sniper rifle is the M42A which is a semi-auto rifle with a 15 round clip. The scope reduces the range penalty by up to 6.

Taser, 0 WP – Corporations do not like bad publicity and having security staff killing off company employees is rarely good for business. The taser is a single-shot pistol with a 10 meter range. After that, it can be used as a melee weapon. However, the damage caused by the taser is temporary and usually only affects the character for about ten minutes.

Corporations have access to Marine equipment and more. Heavy Pistol, +2 WP – The heavy pistol is generally a revolver with a limited number of shots.

Camo Field Generator, +2 AR – The camouflage used by the predators is created by a field generator that bends light around the user. When engaged, the field generator blocks visible light but not ultraviolet or infrared and gives a +2 bonus to stealth checks. The field created by the shift suit also deflects bullets to a degree, but only when the shift suit is active.

Sonic Disruptor, Special – The sonic disruptor is an anti-riot device that uses sound frequencies to debilitate targets. The disruptor affects everyone in a cone up to 10 meters long and 10 meters wide. Any characters in the blast area must make a Spirit + Physical check. Any WP are translated to skill roll penalties which last until the sonic disruptor is disabled or they leave the target area. Characters that fail by 5+ are overcome with nausea. Simple 10 – Page 7 of 9 By Randal Snyder ©2009

Chakra, +4 WP – The chakra, or smart disk, is a remote controlled disk which can be used as a melee weapon or ranged.

Plasmacaster, +1 Accy/+3 WP – The plasmacaster is a shoulder mounted energy weapon.

Combi Stick, +1 WP – The combi stick is a retractable spear that can extend from ½ meter to over two meters in length. Hunter’s Mask, +1 Accy – The mask is a multifunction device which includes chemical filtration and visual enhancements. The helmet also includes audio/visual recording and playback and acts as a heads-up display for various controls including targeting and sensors. Needle Gun, -2 WP – If the hunter needs to capture prey, he will often use the needle gun. The needle gun does not cause any Wound Points, but instead injects a nerve toxin that paralyzes the prey. Roll a Spirit + Physical contest vs. 1d10 -2. If the toxin succeeds then the victim is paralyzed for ten minutes per point of failure. Medical Field Kit – The predator med kit gives a +2 bonus to any medical aid check.

Spear Gun, +2 WP – A predator’s more silent weapon, the spear gun fires small U shaped darts.

Shuriken, +1 WP – The shuriken are a type of large throwing disk that ends in a series of spikes and razor sharp blades.

Netgun, +1 Accy/-2 WP – The netgun shoots a 3 meter net at incredible speeds. If the net hits, it will entangle its target. The net also constricts each round and will roll 1d10 -5 on a Physical + Body contest.

Wrist Computer – In order to control all of the systems that a predator uses, the wrist computer is the primary control system including the selfdestruct system.

Simple 10 –

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

Wrist Claws, +0 WP – As depicted in the films, the predators are typically equipped with some form of retractable knives that mount to a mechanism on their wrist.

Hibernation Sack – Alien drones can build a membrane around themselves which allows them to survive for an incredible amount of time in hostile environments. The sack appears to be a large egg, but houses a fully developed alien. Treat the hibernation sack like a normal egg. Hive – A single alien can begin to construct a hive using the mucus they excrete. One alien can convert a 3 x 3 x 3 meter room into a hive in 12 hours of work. Aliens in a hive gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks.

Aliens do not have technology per say, but they do have the ability to transform their surroundings to better benefit them. Cocoon – When a creature is captured by an alien they are often brought back to the hive to become hosts for chest bursters and are placed in cocoons. Creatures caught in a cocoon can try to escape by making three successful Body + Physical tests vs. T# 10. The first success allows the character to free their hands and use tools to assist. The next two successes free the character’s legs and torso. One attempt takes one round and any drones in the area will be alerted to the character’s movement. The End.

Royal Jelly – The Royal Jelly is a chemical found only in the egg sack of an Alien queen and its properties have only just begun to be understood by humanity. It is extremely valuable to research labs and pharmaceutical corporations for its curative and addictive properties.

Simple 10 –

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By Randal Snyder ©2009

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