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TATA Motors

Commercial Vehicle Business Unit Customer Service - Commercial Vehicles PUNE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Internal Circular - G ICG No. 503 22/05/2005 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All Area Service office. All Regional Service Manager SUBJECT: Service support to TATA
The TATA ACE vehicle is launched in southern region & in Maharashtra and will be launched in phased manner in other regions also. In order to render effective after sales service, we solicit your utmost co operation & support. The following actions are to be ta!en by you for rendering the desired level of support to ACE vehicles. "ealers must ensure #$$ % &"I. 'ehicle wise &"I complaints should be reported to us in addition to loading on 'CM, wherever conducted by A() staff. 'ehicles to be delivered to customers defect free in all respects. Clutch pedal ad*ustment as per our IC+ ,-. dated -$.$,.$, to be ensured on all vehicles during &"I. &lant persons are deployed at all the places for demonstration of ad*ustment. /ast moving spare parts supplied by (&" as initial stoc! to be monitored. 0ased on vehicle population & consumption forecast, dealer to raise fresh order on 123. Customers & drivers are to be briefed on the following, (alient features of ACE. &l refer our service circular (C4-$$,4-- of April -$$,. Tips for economical & comfortable driving. Customers should be educated on 5 do6s & don6ts7 on the vehicle. 8n authorised modification should not be carried out which will affect the vehicle performance. 8se of recommended oils & lubrication. /ree service & recommended service schedules. Ensure trained persons are available in each "ealer, TA(( wor!shop. Ensure availability & usage of special tools at dealer points

Each A() should monitor #$ vehicles and report as per format (/$. format circulated by (39, on monthly basis. The format is attached as anne:ure I. The report should be sent to (39 Mumbai & () &une. /8E; C)<(8M&TI)< T1IA; in laden condition, preferably within -$$ !ms of operation by physically traveling with the vehicle. &l ensure that one trip should be of atleast ,$ !ms, one way. &l use the format circulated by (39 for reporting =M&; data, the format is attached again as anne:ure II. This report should also be sent to (39 Mumbai & () &une. All the complaints, whether ma*or or minor should be immediately communicated by A()6s to () &une & (39 Mumbai over telephone4/a:4email on the same day. "etails of modifications carried out by customers should be highlighted with photographs & reason for modification. 1(M6s to communicate on daily basis, number of ACE vehicles sold in respective region in the format attached as Anne:ure III.

( 'en!atachalam > "M C( C'? &une.