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Santa Paula Unified School District Agenda

Created: April 11, 2014 at 12:13 PM

Regular Meeting
April 16, 2014 Wednesday, 07:00 PM Glen City School Cafeteria 141 S. Steckel Drive Santa Paula, CA

Governing Board Diana Ponce Gomez, President Michelle Kolbeck Chris Wilson Kelsey Stewart Christina Urias Superintendent Alfonso Gamino MISSION: The Santa Paula Unified School District will prepare each student academically and socially for college, career, and global citizenship by providing rich, diverse experiences and differentiated learning opportunities, a highly skilled and dedicated educational team, and safe, attractive schools. The Santa Paula Unified School District, in collaboration with educators, parents, businesses, and other partners, will ensure that our graduates are responsible community members who are prepared for college and career and have the skills to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a global world. AGENDA 5:30 p.m. (Closed Session) 7:00 p.m. (Open Session) Any writings or documents that are public records and are provided to the majority of board members before the meeting regarding an open session item on the agenda will be made available for public inspection in the District Office located at 201 S. Steckel Drive, Santa Paula, during normal business hours. In addition, any writings or documents that are public records and are provided during a meeting to the board members regarding an open session item shall be made available to the public at the meeting, or after the meeting if prepared by someone other than staff or board members. The agenda is posted for minimum of 72 hours prior to Regular Board meeting or 24 hours prior to Special Board meeting, at the entrance to the District Office, 201 S. Steckel Drive, Santa Paula. A full agenda packet, with explanatory materials, is available for public review at this location. The agenda is also posted on our Internet Site at Individuals with a disability, who require

reasonable accommodation to participate in a Board meeting, may request assistance by contacting the Superintendent's Office at 933-8802. 1. CALL TO ORDER - 5:30 p.m. a. Approval of Agenda (V) 2. ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION GC 54954.2 a. Expulsion Case 2014.08 Violation of EC 48900 t.4, and 48900 r. (D) (V) b. Conference with Labor Negotiator GC 54957.6 Agency Designated Representative, Mrs. Rose Re: Represented Employees: California School Employees Association, Santa Paula Federation of Teachers and Unrepresented Groups c. Public Employee Performance Evaluation GC 54957 Title: Superintendent d. Review of Personnel Issues Pursuant to GC 54957 Limited to consideration of the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of a public employee or to hear complaints or charges brought against such employee" 3. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION - 7:00 p.m. (approximate) a. Report of Closed Session per GC 54957.1 (D) (V) b. Expulsion Case 2014.08 for Violation of Education Code 48900 t.4, and 48900 r (D) (V) c. Pledge of Allegiance d. Student Board Member Report - Ms. Bailey Van Buren e. Superintendent's Report
(D) (V) (D)

4. PUBLIC COMMENTS a. Members of the Public that wish to address the Board must first complete a Speaker Form. Speaker Forms must be submitted no later than five (5) minutes prior to the topic coming up for discussion on the agenda. When addressing the Board of Trustees, please stand and be recognized by the Board President, state your full name and direct your comments to the entire Board. Please limit remarks to three (3) minutes for all presentations unless otherwise informed. In accordance with Education Code 35145.5, the Board cannot enter into a formal discussion or make a decision on any matter not on the agenda for this meeting. 5. RECOGNITION a. Regional MESA Competition Isbell Middle School, UC Santa Cruz Regional Medalists Mark Anthony Dejesus: 1st Place, Speak Up Carlos Perez: 1st Place, Solo Math Sebastian Trebels and Isaiah Gonzalez: 2nd Place, Overall, Prosthetic Arm Kolby Wilkinson and Alex De Santiago: 2nd Place, Balsa Wood Glider

Citlalli Cruz and Julia Fernandez: 2nd Place, Mousetrap Car Sam Murillo: 3rd Place, Mousetrap Car Sebastian Trebels and Jafeth Santana: 3rd Place, Stick Together Santa Paula High School, Placed 1st for Academic Poster and Oral Presentation, 3rd overall Bailey Van Buren Sabrina Moreno Victor Rodriguez Eddie Rabago b. Educator of the Month, Mrs. Colleen Conrad, Blanchard School c. Classified Employee of the Month, Mr. Greg Johnson, Blanchard School (D) 6. PRESENTATIONS a. Thelma Bedell School Site Presentation Mr. Jeff Robinson, Principal at Thelma Bedell School will present a brief overview of activities at the site. 7. INFORMATION ITEMS a. Maintenance & Operations Department Summer Projects Planning (D) The Board will receive a list of potential projects for consideration. Projects would be bid (if necessary) and completed during the Summer break. [Rose] b. Local Control Funding Formula Update (D) Staff will present an update on the Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan. [Gamino] 8. ACTION ITEMS a. Resolution 2013:14-31 In Recognition of Santa Paula Unified School District Employees (D) (V) In Recognition of: Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5 - 9, 2014 Classified Employees Week, May 19 -23, 2014 [Gamino] b. Glen City Library/Resource Center and Classroom Modernization Project (D) (V) Approval to proceed with the Glen City Library/Resource Center and Classroom Modernization Project. Amend Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc., contract for professional planning services to assist the District in implementing the modernization project. [Gamino] c. Second Reading and Approval 2014-2015 Academic Calendar Approval of the 2014-2015 School Year Calendar [Gamino]

(D) (V)

d. Second Reading & Adoption California School Board Association (CSBA) Special Board Policies Update (D) (V)

CSBA has provided a Special Update during the month of February 2014 which reflect new laws. The policies are being presented to the Board for their approval. [Gamino] e. Elimination of Board Appointed Committees (D) (V) The Superintendent recommends the elimination of all Board Approved Advisory Committees. [Gamino] f. Approval of Revision to Salary Range for Network and Systems Manager Position (D) (V) Approval to Modify Salary Range for the Network and Systems Manager Position [Rose] g. Approval of Priority 2 ERATE Technology Infrastructure Project (D) (V) Information on a technology network infrastructure project which has been on hold due to funding appeals through the E-rate Organization (USAC)and currently at the Federal Communication Commission. The original project was board approved by the elementary school district in March of 2012. [Rose] h. Common Core State Standards Secondary Mathematics Pathway (D) (V) (C) Approval of Integrated Pathways for Secondary Mathematics Instruction. [Freeman] i. Contract Pricing for McKevett and Grace Thille Elementary Portables (D) (V) Approval for Issuance of a Contract to Purchase Portables for McKevett Elementary School and Grace Thille Elementary School from Silver Creek.[Rose] j. Williams and Valenzuela Uniform Complaints - April 2014 (D) (V) Approval to accept the Superintendent's Report. At this time, there have been no complaints recieved.[Gamino] 9. CONSENT CALENDAR - ACTION ITEM a. Personnel Activity Report (Certificated) b. Personnel Activity Report (Classified) c. Warrants/Summary Page
(D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C)

(D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C)

d. Purchase Order/Check Register Report e. Conference Requests f. Contracts g. Donations h. Fundraisers i. Study Trips
(D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C) (D) (V) (C)

j. Approval of Minutes

Regular Board Meeting - March 19, 2014 Special Board Workshop - April 9, 2014 10. REVIEW 12 MONTH GOVERNANCE CALENDAR a. Review of Calendar 11. BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS/REQUESTS 12. FUTURE MEETINGS a. Special Board Workshop Saturday, April 26, 2014 8:30 a.m. District Office, 201 S. Steckel Drive b. Regular Board Meeting Wednesday, May 7, 2014 7:00 p.m. (closed session at 6:00 p.m., if needed) Glen City School, 141 S. Steckel Drive 13. ADJOURNMENT