More than 46 million people live in poverty in the United States.

More than 16 million children – over 20% – live below the poverty level. 1 in 6 people go hungry in America and millions cannot provide for their families. CCUSA and ten national organizations have joined in a declaration of commitment to reduce poverty in America with this pledge: “We hereby commit to EDUCATE the public about the everyday challenges facing the 46 million people living in poverty in America today; highlight INNOVATIVE solutions to poverty by connecting local practitioners with national leaders; and pledge to ACT to reduce poverty in communities across the country using newfound knowledge and techniques.”

We don’t want to see the war on poverty continue for another 50 years – do you?

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson announced, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.” 50 years later, however, we are still fighting the War On Poverty. On the 50th anniversary of the War On Poverty, I pledge to join with Catholic Charities USA and their charitable partners to educate, innovate, and act to reduce poverty in communities across the country. I will lend my support and add my voice to the chorus calling for innovative poverty-reduction initiatives and help provide a path towards opportunity for those in need.


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