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Faculty of Business & Economics

Daffodil International University

ISMITA JARIN ARIFU IS AM ID! No! "#$%$$%&&" ID! No! "#$%$$%&$' SAI EN M()UMDER S*A*IDA SU TANA ID! No! "#$%$$%&"& ID! No! "#$%$$%&$& MD! DE +AR *(SSAIN ID!N(! "#$%$$%&$"

DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 102 Sukr ! !" M#r$ur R% !" D& k 120' Last Date of Submission: December 23, 2009

Student of ,BBADaffodil International University $"&. Su/ra0ad. D1anmondi. Mir2ur Road. D1a/a $&"3 Ban4lades1 Decem0er &5. &""'

Faculty of Business & Economics Daffodil International University $"&. Su/1ra0ad. D1anmondi. Mir2ur Road. D1a/a $&"3 Ban4lades1 Dear Sir. Su()ect: Su(*#++#%n %, Ter* P $er

+it1 4reat 2leasure +e su0mit t1e Term 2a2er on 67rime Ban/ imited-! +e e82ect t1is re2ort to fulfill t1e re9uirements of our BBA 2ro4ram! +e 1ave 2ut in our 0est efforts to ma/e t1is re2ort a success! *o:ever. +e are sure t1at t1is re2ort could 1ave 0een a more su2erior one. if it 1ad not 0een our first time to conduct suc1 a relational study! *o:ever t1is 1as o0viously 0een a 4reat source of learnin4 for us to conduct similar researc1 studies in future! +e :ould li/e to e82ress our sincere 4ratitude to you for your 4uidance and su44estions in 2re2arin4 t1e re2ort! +e :ill 0e 1a22y to 2rovide any furt1er e82lanation re4ardin4 t1is researc1 re2ort if necessary!
S#ncere-. .%ur+" S1a1ida Sultana Rim Ismita Jerin Ariful Islam Salien Mo;umder Md! Del:ar *ossain

Ter* P $er


In 2re2arin4 t1is re2ort a considera0le amount of t1in/in4 and informational in2uts from various sources :ere involved! +e e82ress our sincere 4ratitude to everyone :1o contri0uted to:ards ma/in4 t1is Term 2a2er 7rime Ban/ imited! First of all :e :ould li/e to t1an/ our 1onora0le teac1er Md! Emdadul Islam t1e 2ri<ed o22ortunity to do our Term 2a2er at 1er 2resti4ious 4uidance! T1e e82erience and /no:led4e 4ained 1el2ed us immensely to address and understand all t1e elements related to our re2ort. :1ic1 :e ot1er:ise :ould not 1ave understood so :ell! (ur sincere 4ratitude 4oes to our Term 2a2er su2ervisor Md! Emdadul Islam for encoura4in4 us at t1e very first 2lace. to underta/e suc1 a relational study to fulfill our 2a2er re9uirements! *e 4ave all t1e time and attention. :1ic1 :e needed to com2lete our researc1 and com2ile our re2ort in as muc1 orderly :ay as 2ossi0le! In t1is re4ard. :e :ould also li/e to t1an/ t1e Mana4er of 7rime Ban/ imited. Nurul Amin. and some em2loyee!

1%ne+t. St te*ent
+e 1ave tried our 0est to com2lete t1e re2ort 0y our%self! +e 1ave not ta/en any 1el2 from our friends! +e 1ave not co2ied any re2ort or 2art of a re2ort :1ile 2re2arin4 t1is term 2a2er! +e 1ave not done any unet1ical :or/ :1ile 2re2arin4 t1is term 2a2er! (ur team mem0ers 1ave :or/ed very 1ard :1ile 2re2arin4 t1is re2ort! +e met :it1 t1e com2any=s official our%selves!

E2ecut#3e Su** r.
T1is 2a2er s1eds on t1e 2roducts and services of 7rime Ban/ develo2ment of 7rime Ban/ imited! T1e action

researc1 demonstrated its stren4t1 in 0an/in4 0usiness durin4 $''>! T1e ra2id imited is 9uite visi0le! T1is re2ort 1i41li41ts a0out t1e current 2roducts and services t1ey are offerin4 to t1e com2any and individuals! T1e re2ort :ill s1o: :1et1er t1e com2any=s services and 2roducts matc1es :it1 t1e real :orld situation! T1e re2ort :ill 4lance to matc1 t1e 0oo/is1 /no:led4e :it1 t1e 2ractical condition of t1e com2any! T1e re2ort also analy<es different financial statements from :1ic1 :e can determine t1e overall condition of 7rime Ban/ imited! T1e 0an/s financial condition is develo2in4 day 0y day! T1e 4ro:t1 rate of t1e com2any is also very muc1 attractive! T1e 4ro:t1 rate s1o:s 1o: fast t1e 0an/ is e82andin4 its :in4 in t1e 0an/in4 0usiness! T1e 0an/ 1as sound and effective 2lannin4 of 1uman resources :1ic1 is t1e /ey to success of im2lementin4 develo2ment 2ro;ect of any sector! T1e 0an/ is 2artici2atory. consensus oriented. accounta0le. trans2arent. res2onsive and efficient. e9uita0le and inclusive and follo:s t1e rule of la:! In s2ite of 2revailin4 unet1ical environment. 7rime Ban/ :itnessed! imited is a 1i41 2erformin4 2rivate Ban/ as :e 1ave

Ta0le of ?ontents@
o o o etter of Transmittal *onesty Statement E8ecutive Summery 4& $ter 5 01

7a4e No!
"& "A "A "> "3%"'

o Ac/no:led4ement

Pr%,#-e %, t&e ( nk o O3er3#e/ %, t&e c%*$ n. o O()ect#3e+ %, t&e c%*$ n. o M#++#%n %, t&e c%*$ n. o V#+#%n %, t&e c%*$ n.
4& $ter 5 02 $"%$3

Per,%r* nce An -.+#+

4& $ter 5 06 $# % &'

Bu+#ne++ Re3#e/ Str te0. L% n+ 7 A!3 nce+ Pr%!uct+ 7 Ser3#ce+

I+- *#c B nk#n0



5" 5$


Pr%,#-e %, Pr#*e ( nk:

7rime Ban/ imited :as incor2orated on t1e $& t1 Fe0ruary $''>! As a conse9uences of relentless and dedicated efforts a 4rou2 of entre2reneurs 1avin4 e8cellence of e82erience and e82osure in t1e different field of industry. trade and commerce of industry! It started as a commercial 0an/ in t1e 2rivate sector on t1e 3 t1 A2ril $''> :it1 a 0ranc1 at Moti;1eel! At 2resent. t1e 0an/ 1as 3# 0ranc1es s2read over t1e country! It renders all /inds of commercial 0an/in4 services to t1e customer of all strata in t1e society :it1in t1e sti2ulations laid do:n in t1e Ban/in4 ?om2anies Act $''$ and rules re4ulations framed 0y Ban4lades1 Ban/ from time to time! Diversification of 2roducts and services and innovation of 2roducts suited to t1e needs of t1e customers in /ee2in4 :it1 relevant rule la:s 1ave made it different from ot1er local commercial 0an/s of t1e country! As a fully licensed commercial 0an/. 7rime Ban/ td! Is 0ein4 mana4ed 0y a 1i41ly 2rofessional and dedicated team :it1 lon4 e82erience in 0an/in4! T1ey constantly focus on understandin4 and antici2atin4 customer needs! As t1e 0an/in4 scenario under4oes c1an4es so is t1e 0an/ and it re2ositions itself in t1e c1an4ed mar/et condition! 7rime Ban/ td! (ffers all /inds of ?ommercial ?or2orate and 7ersonal Ban/in4 services coverin4 all se4ments of society :it1in t1e frame:or/ of Ban/in4 ?om2any Act and rules and re4ulations laid do:n t1e central 0an/! Diversification of 2roducts and services include ?or2orate Ban/in4. Retail Ban/in4 and ?onsumer Ban/in4 ri41t from industry to a4riculture and real state to soft:are! ! 7rime Ban/ ran/ed $>t1 in Ban4lades1 0y mar/et ca2itali<ation. :1ic1 stood at T/!$>5A' million as at t1e end of &""#! It 1as 0een ran/ed as At1 com2any as 2er 2erformance 0y DSE%&" Inde8! T1e 7rime Ban/ Brou2 is t1e second lar4est 0an/in4 4rou2 in Ban4lades1 0y asset si<e. :it1 total assets of T/ $$".A53 million! T1e Ban/=s de2osits and lendin4 4ro:t1 :ere &A!#5 and 5"!&' res2ectively in &""#!

Pr#*e B nk L#*#te! t
N *e %, t&e B nk Re0#+tere! O,,#ce 9e( A!!re++ D te %, Inc%r$%r t#%n T%t - Nu*(er %, Br nc&e+ 4& #r* n M n 0#n0 D#rect%r Au!#t%r+ Aut&%r#;e! 4 $#t P #!:u$ 4 $#t Br n! LO8O

8- nce:
7rime Ban/ imited Adam;ee ?ourt Anne8e Buildin4%& $$'%$&" Moti;1eel ?CA. D1a/a%$""" ///.$r#*e:( nk.c%* A2ril $3. $''> 3# DDecem0er &""#E A<am J c1o:d1ury M! E1sanul *o9ue Ra1man Ra1man *u9. ?1arted Accountants S F A1men & ?o. ?1artered Accountants BDT $""""!"" Million DDecem0er &""#E BDT &#AA!"" Million DDecem0er &""#E

O()ect#3e %, B nk:
< To mo0ili<e t1e savin4s and c1annelin4 it out as loan or advance as t1e com2any a22rove! < To esta0lis1. maintain. carry on. transact and underta/e all /inds f investment and financial 0usiness includin4 under:ritin4. mana4in4 and distri0utin4 t1e issue of stoc/s. de0enture and ot1er securities! < To finance t1e international trade 0ot1 in im2ort and e82ort! < To carry on t1e forei4n e8c1an4e 0usiness. includin4 0uyin4 and sellin4 of forei4n currency. traveler=s c1ec/s issuin4. international credit card issuance etc! < To develo2 t1e standard of livin4 of t1e limited income 4rou2 0y 2rovidin4 ?onsumer ?redit! < To finance t1e industry. trade and commerce in 0ot1 t1e conventional :ay and 0y offerin4 customer friendly credit service!

V#+#%n %, t&e B nk:

To 0e t1e 0est 2rivate ?ommercial Ban/ in Ban4lades1 in term of efficiency. ca2ital ade9uacy. asset 9uality. sound mana4ement and 2rofita0ility 1avin4 stron4 li9uidity!

M#++#%n %, t&e B nk:

Its mission is to 0uild 7rime Ban/ imited into an efficient. mar/et driven. customer focused institutions :it1 4ood cor2orate 4overnance structure! ?ontinuous im2rovements in its 0usiness 2olicies and 2rocedures and cost reduction t1rou41 inte4ration of tec1nolo4y at all level!

M n 0e*ent 1#er rc&. %, t&e Pr#*e B nk L#*#te!:

From t1e to2 to t1e 0ottom mana4ement 0ody of 7rime Ban/ imited can 0e divided into four levels@ F To2 evel Mana4ement F E8ecutive evel Mana4ement F Mid evel Mana4ement F Junior evel 4& #r* n B% r! %, D#rect%r+ E2ecut#3e 4%**#ttee M n 0#n0 D#rect%r De$ut. M n 0#n0 D#rect%r+ Sr. E2ecut#3e V#ce Pre+#!ent E2ecut#3e V#ce Pre+#!ent Sen#%r V#ce Pre+#!ent A++#+t nt V#ce Pre+#!ent F#r+t A++t. V#ce Pre+#!ent Sen#%r E2ecut#3e O,,#cer E2ecut#3e O,,#cer Pr#nc#$-e O,,#cer Sen#%r O,,#cer O,,#cer =un#%r O,,#cer Top Management

Executive level Management

Mid evel Mana4ement

Junior evel

P rt:2

Per,%r* nce An -.+#+

Ke. F#n nc# - D t
P rt#cu- r+ Interest income Interest expenses Net #ntere+t #nc%*e Non%interest income Non%interest e82enses Net n%n:#ntere+t #nc%*e 7rofit 0efore 2rovision and ta8 7rovision for loans and assets 7rofit after 2rovision 0efore ta8 Ta8 includin4 deferred ta8 7rofit after ta8 B - nce S&eet Aut1ori<ed ca2ital 7aid%u2 ca2ital Total s1are1olderHs e9uity De2osits ##."&$ on4%term lia0ilities 5$."AA oans and advances Investments 7ro2erty. 7lant and E9ui2ment Earnin4 assets $"".&G$ Net current assets Total assets $$".A53 ?urrent ratio De0t e9uity ratio Ot&er Bu+#ne++ Im2ort E82ort Remittance Buarantee Business Inland letter of credit 4 $#t - Me +ure+ Total ris/ :ei41ted assets ?ore ca2ital DTier%IE Su22lementary ca2ital DTier%iiE Total ca2ital T 200> 5,199 5.G'# $.>"" $.35& $.$"$ G5$ &.$5$ 5'" $.3A$ G#' $.">& k #n M#--#%n 2"00' 2"00? 7,170 9,096 >.&G3 3.$&G $.'"5 $.'3" &.'$5 5.#"# $.>>' $.'5$ $.5>A $.#33 5.&>3 5.#A3 '$" $.5#A &.5A3 &.AG5 'AG $.&5& $.A"$ $.&5&

A""" A.""" $".""" $3>" &.&3> &.#AA 5.#G" >.&35 G.G'3 >A.3&A 3".>$& $G.#33 $>.&G3 A>."$" >3.G#5 3>.$>G 3.#AA $&.G'# &5.$"5 A$& GG" $.53> >>.A># 3&.3'# >.&#G $.55# G".#'' 3'.>## "!## 3I "!'3 3I '.'G& "!## G!A>I

>&.G5' 3".G$3 '$.A&A A$.#"$ >$.5$G G#.>>" $>.">" $>.'"> &&.GG' >.5#G 3."55 $"."$" $".$3A $$.'A5 $$.&A& AA.5&A >>.A#> 3&.&>5 5.#G" >.&G$ G.&G> >A' $.$&& $.>'A A.A"' G.5#5 3.#>'

Tier%I ca2ital ratio Tier%II ca2ital ratio Total ca2ital ratio 4re!#t @u -#t. Non%2erformin4 loans DN7 sE N7 s to total loans and advances DIE 7rovision for unclassified loans 7rovision for classified loans S& re In,%r* t#%n Mar/et 2rice 2er s1are DTa/aE No! of s1ares outstandin4 DMillionE No! of s1are1olders DactualE Earnin4s 2er s1are DTa/aE DividendJ ?as1 Bonus Effective dividend ratio Mar/et ca2itali<ation Net assets 2er s1are DTa/aE 7rice earnin4 ratio DtimesE O$er t#n0 Per,%r* nce R t#% ABC Net interest mar4in on avera4e earnin4 assets Net non%interest mar4in on avera4e earnin4 assets Earnin4 0ase in assets Davera4eE ?ost income ratio ?redit de2osit ratio ?ost of funds on avera4e de2osits Kield on avera4e advance Return on avera4e assets Return on avera4e e9uity Ot&er #n,%r* t#%n No! of 0ranc1es No! of em2loyees No! of forei4n corres2ondents Avera4e earnin4 assets Avera4e total assets Avera4e de2osits Avera4e advance Avera4e E9uity

#!3$ $!&A '!'> 5G3 "!#&I >A> 5"' >&' $3!>" >&G& G"!$$ 5"I "!""I 5"I

'!>" #!G3 &!"" &!&$ $$!>" $"!## 333 $!5>I #'> A3# '&A &&!3> 3.5G# G$!>3 5>I $"I &>I

$.5&5 $!3GI $."A" 35A >A" &#!AA '.$#" A5!5& &>I "!""I &>I

'.&>5 &$."&$ $>.5A' &&$ &5& &5> #!#" $>!"$ $&!AG 5!&GI &!'3I &!&#I $!53I &!$$I &!$3I '"!"&I $!&'I '$!"3I 5A!"3I 5&!53I 55!A&I #&!&>I#$!#$I#>!5#I #!$>I #!A$I #!>>I $5!>&I $5!'GI $5!G'I &!">I $!''I $!5"I 5$!>>I 5"!G#I& "!>#I >" G$ 3" $$3& $.A"" $>>$ >$3 >>5 >$# AG."'5 GA.$&# #G.>5" >$.&"5 3".&AA '>."$5 A>.535 G&.G$# 3'.&GG 5#.AG5 >$.5A3 GG.A&" 5.55A A.>G3 $$.'3"

Ta/a in Million

4 *e- R t#n0 O, Pr#*e B nk L#*#te!:

T1e system t1rou41 :1ic1 t1e 2erformance of t1e 0an/in4 sector is Jud4ed on t1e 0asis of t1e analysis of t1e statistical re2ort in is ?AME ratin4 :1ere. ?L ?a2ital Ade9uacy ALAsset Muality ML Mana4ement A0ility ELEarnin4 ?a2acity L i9uidity T1ere are five cate4ories of com2osite ratin4s! T1ese are@ Ratin4 $ & 5 A > ?AME Rate ?L?a2ital And reservesCTotal R+A AL?lassified oanCTotal oan MLMana4ement ratin4 ELNet income of 2revious calendarCTotal Assets L i9uid AssetsCTotal & demand ia0ilities ?om2osite Ran4e $!""%$!A' $!>"%&!A' &!>"%5!A' 5!>"%A!A' A!>"%>"" &""G LAA"'CAA5&A L'!'5I Stron4J ratin4 $ L5G3!$>CA>"$" L"!#&I Stron4J Ratin4 $ LD$N$N$N$ECA L$ Stron4J ratin4 $ L$">&CG"#'' L$!35I Stron4J ratin4 $ L>'GGAA>&C&#G&''3 L5"!>GI Stron4J ratin4 $ ?omments Stron4 Satisfactory Fair Mar4inal Unsatisfactory &""# L3#>'C3&&>5 L$"!##I Stron4J Ratin4 $ L$5&5C3>$>G L$!3GI Stron4J ratin4 $ LD$N$N$N$ECA L$ Stron4J ratin4 $ L$&5&C$$"A53 L$!$&I Stron4J ratin4 $ L3AG'"#&"C&5$"5"'' L5&!5&I Stron4J ratin4 $

&""3 LG5#&C>>A#> L$$!>"I Stron4J Ratin4 $ L333C>3G#5 L$!5AI Stron4J ratin4 $ LD$N$N$N$ECA L$ Stron4J ratin4 $ L$A"$C3'>## L$!3GI Stron4J ratin4 $ LG"&#G'&&C&&'"&&> L5$!$$I Stron4J ratin4 $

?om2ositin4 Ratin4@ L$C?N$CAN$CMN$CEN$C L>C>L$DStron4E

T&e c $#t - !eDu c. c%*$ut t#%n %, Pr#*e B nk L#*#te! + t Dece*(er 61" 200? #+ 0#3en (e-%/: F#0ure #n T&%u+ n! Balance ?as1 in 1and and 0alance :it1 0an/s De8ce2t 0an/s a0roadE G.$5$.'5' Money at call and s1ort notice DBan/in4 com2aniesE % Money at call and s1ort notice DNon%0an/in4 com2aniesE % Forei4n currency 0alance 1eld 5."G3.3'5 E82ort and ot1er forei4n 0ills % Im2ort and inland 0ills 7rivate sector >A&.5G3 De2osit Money Ban/s 5.'>A.3A$ Advances Bovernment A".3&" (t1er Financial Institutions%2rivate &.A35.&&> $.&5G.G$& 7rivate sector >3.#>5.5#& De2osit Money Ban/s G&G.G>5 Investments Bovernment &".#"3.'&> (t1er Financial Institutions%2u0lic 5>.""" (t1er Financial Institutions%2rivate A&".A$5 (t1er non%financial 2u0lic enter2rises 3'".GA3 7rivate sector #5G.''5 De2osit Money Ban/s &$&.$&$ *ead office and inter%0ranc1 ad;ustment $A'.&5G ?ontin4ent assets as 2er contra etters of credit and letters of 4uarantee%Bovt! $.G#3.5A# (t1ers $3."$3.$G# #.>"#.>#A Fi8ed assets $.53A.#&G E82enditure account $.'5".'>G (t1ers $."&5.&'3 $."&5.&'3 factor % % % % % R+A % % % % %

$!"" >A&.5G3 "!&" 3'".'A# % "!>" %

$!"">3.#>5.5#& "!&" $&>.55$ % % % % "!>" &$".&"3 "!>" 5'>.5&5 $!"" #5G.''5 "!&" A&.A&A % % % "!>" %

"!>" G#3.A$5 % % $!"" '2"2E2"??1

T&e c $#t - !eDu c. c%*$ut t#%n %, Pr#*e B nk L#*#te! + t Dece*(er 61" 200' #+ 0#3en (e-%/:
T k #n M#--#%n P rt#cu- r+
?as1 in 1and and 0alance :it1 0an/s De8ce2t 0an/s a0roadE

B - nce 200' >.G$$.#&G % % &.&&A.A>' $$3.G5& &.5GA."$3 &&A.A3' % &."5$.35$ A>.$$$.A"' $.>"A."53 $&."'".&#> A".GGA A"."G3 &A>.3'& $G5.A$3 $$3.3'A &G$.'$5 $.3#5.5&$ $A.$'".#$G GG".A'" $".33".AAA 3$".G$5

4%n3er+#%n , ct%r

Money at call and s1ort notice DBan/in4 com2aniesE Money at call and s1ort notice DNon%0an/in4 com2aniesE Forei4n currency 0alance 1eld E82ort and ot1er forei4n 0ills % Im2ort and inland 0ills 7rivate sector De2osit Money Ban/s Advances Bovernment (t1er Financial Institutions%2rivate 7rivate sector De2osit Money Ban/s Investments Bovernment (t1er Financial Institutions%2u0lic (t1er Financial Institutions%2rivate (t1er non%financial 2u0lic enter2rises 7rivate sector De2osit Money Ban/s *ead office and inter%0ranc1 ad;ustment ?ontin4ent assets as 2er contra etters of credit and letters of 4uarantee%Bovt! (t1ers Fi8ed assets E82enditure account (t1ers

% % % % $!"" "!&" "!>" $!"" "!&" % "!>" "!>" $!"" "!&" % % "!>" "!>" $!"" &"."5A $&&.#'G $G5.A$3 &5.>>' $$3.G5& A3&.#"5 $."$>.#GG A>.$$$.A"' 5"".#"3

3."'>.A"# 55".&A> 3$".G$5 EE"F?F">?G

Im2act Details of ?a2ital Fund

200? 4%re c $#t - AT#er:1C 7aid u2 ca2ital Statutory reserve Revaluation 4ain on investment Sur2lus in 2rofit and loss account C Retained earnin4s T%t - 4%re c $#t - AT#er:1C Su$$-e*ent r. c $#t - AT#er:IIC
Beneral 2rovision maintained a4ainst unclassified loan C investments


&.#A5.3>" &.&3>.""" &.5GG.&$A $.#35.>AA % % $.">A.'&$ $.$$&."$" >"2>F"??> E"2>0"EE6

$."5'.#"" #'A.#"" Beneral 2rovision maintained a4ainst off%0alance s1eet e82osures 5&#.""" &$".""" Beneral 2rovision maintained a4ainst (ff%s1ore Ban/in4 units >.>"" % Revaluation 4ain on investment D>"I of totalE '".$A$ $&.3&A Revaluation reserve a4ainst lands and 0uildin4s D>"I of totalE $&>.#"$ % E8c1an4e e9uali<ation account A.>&5 A.>&5 T%t - Su$$-e*ent r. c $#t - AT#er:IIC 1"EG6"'>E 1"122"0F' T%t - c $#t '"?E?">E1 >"6?2">01 Total ris/%:ei41ted assets '2"2E2"??1 EE"F?F">?? ?ore ca2ital ratio #!G3I '!>"I Su22lementary ca2ital ratio &!&$I &!""I T%t - c $#t - !eDu c. r t#% 10.??B 11.E0B V -ue !!e! +t te*ent+ ,%r t&e .e r en!e! 61 Dece*(er 200? Income from 0an/in4 services $&.'"A.$&" $"."#&.#"5 ess@ ?ost of services & su22lies D#."&3.$'"EDG.""G.G"$E value added 0y Ban/in4 service F"?'>"G60 F"0'>"202 Non%0an/in4 income % % 7rovision for loans & off%0alance s1eet e82osures and (ff%s1ore 0an/in4 units $.5#5.>"" '$".""" 6"FG6"F60 6"1>>"202 D#+tr#(ut#%n %, 3 -ue !!#t#%n To em2loyees as salaries & allo:ances '"3.$$' 35A.A$3 To 2roviders of ca2ital as dividend & reserve $.&"5.G"# $.&G>.G&5 To Bovernment as income ta8 $."$&.A>" $."$>.""" To e82ansion and 4ro:t1 Retained 2rofit &#.&&A $5>."A& De2reciation $&&.'>G #A.'&" Deferred ta8ation &$'."35 DG#.#""E T%t 6"FG6"F60 6"1>>"202

Economic Oalue added

Economic Oalue added is a measure of 2rofita0ility :1ic1 ta/es into consideration t1e cost of total invested e9uity! S1are1olders C e9uity 2roviders are al:ays conscious a0out t1eir return on ca2ital invested! As a commercial 0an/in4 com2any. :e are dee2ly concern for delivery value to all of our s1are1olders C e9uity 2roviders!
Ec%n%*#c 3 -ue !!e! T k #n T&%u+ n!
$.5A'.$3A #3".&G& 3$$.#GG



&""# F#0ure #n t&%u+ n!>

200? S1are1olders= e9uity Add@

?umulative 2rovision for loans & (ff%s1ore 0an/in4



G.G'G.33" &.$"&.&&G #.3'#.''G 3.#&3.353 $.&5$.#5& $.5#5.>"" D'AA.$33E 1">'1"1EE $&!&GI '>'.&#' 3$$.#GG %A3!&AI

>.&35.&33 5.#>'.##' $.>#5.&"" #>5.5&$ G.#>G.A33 A.3$5.&$" >.3#A.#AA A.""G.>"5 $.A"".GG> $.">$.#'$ '$".""" 5'".""" D$#".>53E D&".35>E 2"160"12? 1"F21"1E> $5!>"I $5!3>I

unit e82osures Avera4e e9uity of s1are1olders E rn#n0+ 7rofit after ta8ation Add@ 7rovision for loans & loans & (ff%s1ore 0an/in4 unit e82osures ess@ :ritten%off durin4 t1e year
Avera4e cost of e9uity D0ased on :ei41ted avera4e rate of S1anc1ay 7atra issued 0y t1e Bovernment of Ban4lades1E

2lus &I ris/ 2remium! ?ost of avera4e e9uity Economic value added Bro:t1 over last year

3#".'>A >>".#'A $.5A'.$3A #3".&G& >>!"5I #$!3"I

M rket V -ue A!!e! St te*ent Mar/et value added statement DMOAE is t1e difference 0et:een t1e total mar/et value and t1e total 0oo/ value of s1ares of a 0an/! A 1i41 MOA indicates t1at t1e Ban/ 1as created su0stantial :ealt1 for t1e s1are1olders! T1e s1are mar/et value of t1e Ban/ stood at T/! $>.5A' million :1ereas t1e 0oo/ value of t1e s1are stood at G.G'3 million.

resultin4 a Mar/et Oalue Added of T/! #.G>& million as of Decem0er 5$.&""#! T1e calculation of Mar/et Oalue Added is 4iven 0elo:@ 7articulars
t&%u+ n!

Nu0 of s1ear &#.A53.>"" &3.A53.>""

Oalue >5'!3> &5>!A'

F#0ure #n

Mar/et value Boo/ value M rket 3 -ue !!e!

$>.5A'.$A$ G.G'G.3A3 ?">E2"6GF

P rt:6 Bu+#ne++ Re3#e/ Str te0.

7B 1as consistently remained focused on efficient customer service 0y 2rovidin4 :ide ran4e of 2roducts and services! 7B focused on our diverse 2roducts and services! (ur customer 4rou2 ran4e from individuals. 0i4 cor2orate clients. NB(s and Non residents! Financin4 to NB(s :as done for e8tendin4 micro finance to t1ose :1o are very 2oor and stru44lin4 to im2rove t1eir 2overty level! 7B :ill continue to focus on its delivery 2latform. its 2eo2le and 0rand to su22ort t1e 4ro:t1! 7B :ill focus on more off 0alance s1eet services for t1e clients 0y en1ancin4 t1e cas1 mana4ement and ot1er advisory services t1rou41 its state of art IT 2latform! Im2rovement in mi8 of de2osits 0y develo2in4 more retail 2roducts remained as on focus and s1all continue to remain so in &""' also! Diversification of lendin4 to SME :ill remain in forefront! It :ill try to remain a1ead of t1e 2eer 4rou2 0enc1mar/ t1rou41 our usual efficient cost effective 0ut 2roductive service to our customers! 7B =s core value to remain socially res2onsi0le cor2orate citi<en :ill remain inte4ral 2art to its strate4y and communicatin4 t1em to all sta/e1olders is intrinsic to t1e 2lan! Le3er 0#n0 %n !#3er+#,#c t#%n L% n+ 7 A!3 nce+ T1e 4ro:t1 of oans & Advances :as 5"!&' 2ercent durin4 t1e year as a4ainst A" 2ercent of 2revious year! T1e oans and Advances cover follo:in4 core areas@ ?or2orate. SME. Retail and ?redit ?ard! ?or2orate lendin4 is still t1e core 0usiness of t1e Ban/! Industrial loans 4iven to cor2orate clients increased 0y 5&!&' 2ercent. :1ic1 s1o:s t1at. our activities are ali4ned :it1 t1e monetary 2olicy of t1e 4overnment! 7rime Ban/=s cor2orate 0usiness 2rovides tailored services to cor2orate and institutional clients! T1e financin4 is 0ased on 0ot1 conventional and Islamic S1aria1 mode! +1ile 2rovidin4 lar4e loans to our customer t1e 2olicy of Ban4lades1 Ban/ is strictly follo:ed! T1e ?ustomer Relations1i2 7ro4rammed 1as 0een stren4t1ened and fre9uent visits to t1e clients 1ave 0een ensured to develo2 t1e e8istin4 relations1i2! ?or2orate finance in 0ot1 mode D?onventional and Islamic S1aria1E s1o:ed steady 4ro:t1! 7B also 2rovides facilities under syndication for t1e cor2orate customers! 7B already 2roved itself as a trusted 2artner in syndication facility develo2ment and it is e82ected t1at t1e 2ro4ress :ould continue durin4 &""' also! T1e sectors of financin4 include 21armaceutical. c1emical. cement. ceramic. steel. micro finance. food and allied industry. infrastructure and trade related 0usiness! It raises funds from t1e mar/et for financin4 term loans. :or/in4 ca2ital at t1e most com2etitive rates and terms!

De$%+#t+ T1e de2osits 0alance of 7rime Ban/ reac1ed t1e level of T/ ##!" 0illion durin4 &""# from T/ 3"!> 0illion of 2revious year! T1e 4ro:t1 rate is &A!#5 2ercent! T1is :as 2ossi0le due to su2erior customer service delivery at t1e 0ranc1 level. e82ansion of 0ranc1 net:or/ to rural areas :1ere forei4n remittance flo: is si4nificant! E82ansion of our 0ranc1es at rural areas 1as 2rovided t1e lo:er income 4rou2 an access to modern 0an/in4 system and recei2t of remittances at reasona0le fasted s2eed! Fi8ed de2osits. Sc1eme de2osits. Savin4s de2osits. S1ort term de2osits from customer remained t1e core de2osits of t1e Ban/! Some of t1e de2osits also offer insurance covera4e! 7roducts li/e 67rime Millionaire- and 6*ouse Buildin4 De2osit Sc1eme- ensure 1i41er return 0ut t1e latter 1as t1e additional feature of 0ein4 acce2ted as e9uity 2artici2ation for 1ouse 0uildin4 loan to 0e ta/en u2 at maturity! As a 2art of ?SR. 7B is continuin4 to 2rovide Senior ?iti<en Sc1eme for t1e de2ositors! As 2er t1e sc1eme "!>"I more value is 2rovided to t1e eli4i0le savin4s and fi8ed de2ositors of t1e Ban/! T1e Ban/ e8tended t1e ead Ban/ services to t1e com2anies for investment of fund collected under Initial 7u0lic (fferin4! T1e Ban/ 1as many S1aria1 0ased Islamic 7roducts :1ic1 are 2rovided to t1e customers t1rou41 Islamic Ban/in4 Branc1es of t1e Ban/! T1e Ban/ al:ays try to 4ive t1e 1i41est return on t1e de2osits of t1e customers!

Pr%!uct+ 7 Ser3#ce+
Ban/ is t1e lar4est mo0ili<e of sur2lus domestics savin4s! T1e investment in its turn 1el2s indoctrination leadin4 to:ards creation of :ealt1 of t1e country! And t1e :ealt1 finally ta/es t1e country on road to 2ro4ress and 2ros2erity! As suc1. savin4s is considered t1e very 0asis of 2ros2erity of t1e country! T1e more t1e 4ro:t1 of savin4s. t1e more :ill 0e t1e 2ros2erity! 7B 1as formulated t1e follo:in4 Savin4s Sc1emes L%c - 4urrenc. De$%+#t Acc%unt+

aE 4%n3ent#%n - B nk#n0
P ?urrent De2osit P Savin4s De2osit P S1ort Term De2osit P Non Resident Ta/a Account P NR Investors Ta/a Account P Security De2osit Recei2t P De2osit Under Sc1eme @ % ?ontri0utory Savin4s Sc1eme % a/1o2oty Savin4 Sc1eme % Mont1ly Benefit De2osit Sc1eme % Dou0le Benefit De2osit Sc1eme % Education Savin4s Sc1eme % 7rime Millionaire De2osit Sc1eme % *B De2osit Sc1eme

0E I+- *#c B nk#n0

P Al%+adia1 ?urrent Account P Mudara0a Savin4s De2osit P Mudara0a S1ort Term De2osit P ?onverti0le Ta/a Account P Mudara0a Term De2osit P Mudara0a S2ecial Savin4 Sc1eme De2osit % ?ontri0utory Savin4s Sc1eme% a/1o2oty Savin4 Sc1eme % Mont1ly Benefit De2osit Sc1eme % Dou0le Benefit De2osit Sc1eme % Education Savin4s Sc1eme % *a;; De2osit % Mudara0a 7rime Millionaire De2osit Sc1eme % Mudara0a *B De2osit Sc1eme

F%re#0n 4urrenc. De$%+#t Acc%unt+

P Forei4n ?urrency Account P F?K Account under ERM P Resident F?K De2osit P Non Resident Forei4n ?urrency De2osit

Tre +ur. Pr#* r. De -er Un#t

P Treasury Bills P Treasury Bonds P RE7(=s P Reverse RE7(=s

F%re2 7 Fun! M n 0e*ent

P S+A7S P Im2ortCE82ort Financin4 P ?ustodian Services P Money Mar/et endin4 & Borro:in4 S$ec# - Ser3#ce+ 4 +& Ser3#ce+ P ATM Services P ?1e9ue encas1ment P Forei4n ?urrency

Fun! Tr n+,er
P Inter%Branc1 Money Transfer P S+IFT P Tele4ra21ic Transfer P Issuin4 and Encas1in4 Forei4n Drafts Tr 3e- Ser3#ce+ P Traveler=s ?1a9ues V -ue A!!e! Ser3#ce+

P oc/er Service P Insured De2osit P Senior ?iti<en Sc1eme 4re!#t 4 r!+ P Oisa ?redit ?ard% ocal P Oisa ?redit ?ard%International P Master ?ard% ocal P Master ?ard%International

A!3 nce+
aE 4%n3ent#%n - B nk#n0 P 7ac/in4 ?redit P oan A4ainst Im2orted Merc1andi<e D IME P etter of Trust Recei2t D TRE P 7ayment A4ainst Documents D7ADE P EDF oans P Secured (verdraft DS(DE P Inland Documentary Bills 7urc1ased DIDB7E P ?as1 ?redit P oan Beneral P ease Finance P *ire 7urc1ase P *ousin4 oan%?ommercial P Retail oans % Auto oans % *ome oan DS:a2na NeerE % ?onsumer Dura0le oan % Doctors oans % Marria4e oan % Travel oan % Education oan % *os2itali<ation oan % ?NB ?onversion oan % Advance A4ainst Salary % Any 7ur2ose oan

0E I+- *#c B nk#n0

P Bai%Mura0a1a P Bai%Salam P Muard P Bills DIslamic P Bai%Mua;;al P I<ara1 P *7 under Sir/atul Mil/ P Mus1ara/a P Term Investment%Retail % Seefa Investment Sc1eme % As10a0 Investment

% Burra/ Investment % Man;eel *ome Investment % Musafir Investment % Education Investment % *os2itali<ation Investment % ?NB ?onversion Investment % Me1na1 Investment A4ainst Salary

Ot&er Ser3#ce+
P etters of ?redit % etter of ?redit%Si41t % etter of ?redit%Deferred % Bac/ to Bac/ C? P etters of Buarantee % Advance 7ayment Buarantee % Bid Bond % 7erformance Bond % 7ayment Bond % ?ustom Buarantee % Retention Money Buarantee % S1i22in4 Buarantee % Buarantee % (t1ers $! 4%ntr#(ut%r. S 3#n0+ Sc&e*e@ T1is is a savin4s sc1eme in :1ic1 a 2erson 4ets t1e o22ortunity to 0uild u2 savin4s 0y contri0utin4 mont1ly installments and receives an attractive fi8ed amount at t1e end of a s2ecified term! T1e salient features of t1e sc1eme are 4iven 0elo:@ T1e si<e of t1e mont1ly installment is t/! >"". T/! $""" and u2 to T/! &>""" to 0e de2osited every mont1 t1ou41t t1e savin4s term! T1e term of savin4s s1all 0e for > years! A lum2 sum amount s1all 0e 2aid to t1e de2ositor after maturity of res2ective terms of savin4s as 2er t1e follo:in4 ta0le! Installment T/!>"" T/!$""" T/!&""" T/!&>""" Term Amount 2aya0le at maturity DTa/aE > Kears A"""" #"""" $G"""" &""G""" 2. F#2e! De$%+#t Sc&e*eH T1is ty2e of de2osit s1ould 0e /e2t for a fi8ed term or 2eriod! 7B deals :it1 t1e follo:in4 terms de2osit! Sl No! Term Interest rate

$ & 5 A > G

5" days 5 mont1s G mont1s $ year & years 5 years and a0ove

3!>"I $&I $&I $&I $&!""I $&!""I

6. D%u(-e Bene,#t De$%+#t Sc&e*e:

7B offers t1is sc1eme is colla0oration :it1 A I?(! De2osit s1all 0e minimum T/! &>""" or in multi2le t1ereof Insurance covera4e s1ale 0e availa0le u2 to t/! &" lacs! Insurance covera4e for natural deat1 :ill 0e $""I of de2osit amount and anot1er $""I for accidental deat1! T1e a4e of de2ositors s1ould 0e 0et:een $# to A> years! T1e time for t1e de2osit is G year!

F. M%nt&-. Bene,#t De$%+#t Sc&e*e

T1is is a de2osit sc1eme :1ere t1e de2ositor 4ets a fi8ed amount of 2rofit every mont1 :it1out distur0ance of t1e 2rinci2al! T1e sc1eme is desi4ned to attract T1e retirement 0enefits of services 1olders! T1e de2ositor 4ets a mont1ly 2ension Investment of fund of trust and foundations. :1ic1 a:ard mont1ly sc1olars1i2 to student! 7arents :1o :ant to defray t1e educational e82enses of t1eir c1ildren from t1e mont1ly 0enefit of de2osit :it1 t1e 0an/! E. E!uc t#%n - S 3#n0+ Sc&e*e: 7B 1as introduced a savin4s sc1eme entitled Educational Savin4s Sc1eme! T1e sc1eme 2rovide a uni9ue o22ortunity to t1e 2arents to ma/e a future 2rovision for t1e educational e82resses of t1eir c1ildren :1en t1ey enter into sc1ools. colle4es and university out of a small amount of savin4s :it1 t1e 0an/ at an o22ortunity moment! $! B nk -% n Sc&e*e@ 7B 1as formulated t1e follo:in4 loan sc1emes Beneral loan sc1eme ?onsumer ?redit Sc1eme ease Finance *ire 7urc1ase *ouse Buildin4C A2artment oan sc1eme Advance a4ainst s1are SME $! 8ener - -% n +c&e*e@

De2endin4 on t1e various nature of financin4. all t1e lendin4 activities 1ave 0een 0rou41t under t1e follo:in4 Beneral loan@ S1ort term loan Medium term loan on4 term loan T1e loans are allo:ed to individual for a s2ecific 2ur2ose 0ut for a definite 2eriod and 4enerally re2aya0le 0y installment fall under t1is 1ead! T1is ty2e of lendin4 are mainly allo:ed accommodatin4 financin4 under t1e cate4ories DiE ar4e & Medium Scale Industry and DiiE Small & ?otta4e Industry! Oery often term is financin4 for DiE A4riculture & DiiE (t1ers! 2. 4%n+u*er 4re!#t Sc&e*e: In order to 2rovide financial assistance to t1e limited income 4rou2 for raisin4 t1eir standard of livin4 0y ac9uirin4 domestics li/e free<e. TO. ?om2uter. Motor ?ar etc. t1ey 1ave introduced a consumer=s credit sc1eme to im2rove t1e 9uality of life 2articularly of t1e fi8ed income earner of t1e society! A4e limit is &" to A>! 6. Le +e F#n nce ease financin4 is one of t1e most convenient lon4 term sources of ac9uirin4 ca2ital mac1inery and e9ui2ment! An o0vious advanta4e of t1e lease is to use an asset :it1out 1avin4 to 0uy it! T1e lease is o0li4ated to ma/e lease 2ayments to t1e useful life of t1e asset! In a ca2ital scarce economy li/e ours. lease financin4 is suita0le for firms to ac9uire ca2ital mac1inery. e9ui2ment. medical instruments. automo0iles etc! And t1ere0y em2loy t1eir o:n resources more advanta4eously in some ot1er investments! ease financin4 also 1el2s a firm to rea2 si4nificant economic 0enefit t1ou41t ta8 savin4 and 0y reducin4 t1e ris/ of t1e e9ui2ments o0solete due to t1e tec1nolo4ical advancement! T1e 4iven amount :ills not more t1an $"" crore! A! 1%u+e Bu#-!#n0@ oan allo:ed to individual for construction of 1ouse fall under t1is ty2e of advance! T1e amount is re2aya0le 0y mont1ly installment :it1in a s2ecified 2eriod! Suc1 advances are /no:n as loan D*B %BENE! oan allo:ed to our 0an/ Em2loyees for 2urc1ase of 1ouse s1ell 0e 1eaded staff loan D*B %STAFFE E. A!3 nce 0 #n+t +& re: In order to contri0ute to t1e develo2ment of t1e ca2ital mar/et of t1e country 7B e8tends credit facilities a4ainst 2led4e of s1ear to t1e individuals as :ell as to t1e mem0er of DSE & ?SE! G! S* -- n! Me!#u* Enter$r#+e DSMEC: 7B too/ a strate4ic s1ift to:ards develo2in4 and e82andin4 t1e SME financin4. :1ic1 1as received considera0le attention of t1e 2olicy ma/ers! Durin4 &""#. 7rime Ban/=s strate4y :as focused on mar/etin4 t1e Ban/=s 2roducts to :ider ran4e of customers and 2rovided :or/in4 ca2ital and term loan to different manufacturers. traders and service 2roviders includin4 0ac/:ard and for:ard lin/a4e industry t1at fall into SME universe! T1e Ban/ is not only 2rovidin4 credit 0ut also too/ ste2s to 2o2ulari<e t1e sector 0y 2artici2atin4 in various

Trade s1o:s or4ani<ed in t1e country! Oarious refinancin4 facilities are 4iven 0y t1e Bovernment and UN 0odies for develo2in4 and financin4 t1e sector are 0ein4 utili<ed for!

I+- *#c B nk#n0

7rime Ban/ started its o2eration :it1 t1e slo4an 6 a 0an/ :it1 a difference-! From t1e very ince2tion of t1e 0an/ it s1o:ed its different activates! (2enin4 of Islamic 0an/in4 0ranc1 is one of its ac1ievements :it1in t1e frame:or/ of conventional 0an/in4! 7rime 0an/ ltd! Started its Islamic 0an/in4 o2eration 0y o2enin4 its first Islamic 0an/in4 0ranc1 at $'. Dil/us1a ?CA. D1a/a on Decem0er $#. $''>!Ban/ o2ened its &nd Islamic 0an/in4 0ranc1 at Am0er/1ana. Syl1et on Decem0er $3 .$''3! T1e salient features of Islamic 0an/in4 are as under! $! To conduct all its activities as 2er Islamic S1aria1! &! To conduct its monitory matters free of interest! 5! To esta0lis1 0an/er%customer relations1i2 on t1e 0asis of 2artners1i2 A! To follo: Islamic 2rinci2le in its inter investment 2ortfolio! >! To develo2 livin4 standard of t1e 2oor incomin4 4rou2! G! To render e8cellent services to t1e clients cordially! M +ter c r!: Master card credit card 1older of 2rime 0an/ limited can :it1dra: cas1 from t1e ATMs of standard ?1artered Ban/ and from t1e 0oot1 of 2rime 0an/ 0earin4 t1e lo4o of master card at any time.&A 1ours.5G> days! 7rime 0an/ ltd! (0tained 2rinci2le mem0ers1i2 of master card international in t1e mont1 of may $'''!:it1in a 2eriod of G mont1s. t1e 0an/ successfully launc1 master card% credit card. :1ic1 created a ne: dimension in its customer service and consumer financin4! T1e s2ecial feature of t1e 7B master card is t1at it 0ears t1e card1older=s on card! 7B issues # ty2es of card! T1ese are Bold local & International and silver local &international! ocal cards can 0e used in Ban4lades1 only!

4%**%n Ter* 7 T&e#r O$er t#%n t 4u+t%*er Ser3#ce

A. !e$%+#t+@
All de2osits t1at are acce2ted 0y 7B aE Demand de2osits 0E Time de2osits i/e ot1er 0an/s may 0e classified into@

C De* n! !e$%+#t+
T1ese de2osits are :it1out notice. 7B acce2ts demand de2osits t1rou41 t1e o2enin4 of aE?urrent account 0ESavin4 account

(C T#*e !e$%+#t+
A de2osit :1ic1 is 2aya0le at a fi8ed date or after a 2eriod of notice is called time de2osit! 7B acce2t time de2osit t1rou41 fi8ed de2osit recei2t. S1ort%term de2osit. Bearer certificate de2osit etc!

B. Pr%ce!ure %, %$en#n0 n cc%unt

Before o2enin4 a current or savin4 account t1e follo:in4 formalities must 0e com2leted 0y t1e customer! I! A22lication on t1e 2rescri0ed form II! Furnis1in4 21oto4ra21s III! Introduction 0y an account1older IO! 7uttin4 s2ecimen si4natures in t1e s2ecimen card O! Mandate if necessary! After fulfillin4 t1e a0ove formalities. 7B 2rovides t1e customer a c1e9ue 0oo/

4. D#,,erent T.$e %, De$%+#t Acc%unt+:

7B offer t1e follo:in4 ty2e of account and t1eir formalities! I! 4urrent Acc%unt@ In t&e n *e %, #n!#3#!u -: t1e client 1as to fill u2 ali41t 4reen account form! Term and condition are noted on t1e 0ac/ of t1e form! It contains t1e declaration clause. S2ecial instruction etc! T:o co2ies of 2ass2ort si<e 21oto4ra21s duly attested 0y t1e introducer are affi8ed :it1 t1e form! In )%#n n *e@ In t1is ty2e. t1e formality is same as individual account. 0ut in t1e s2ecial instruction clause. eit1er ,survivor= or ,former or survivor= clause is mar/ed! P rtner+&#$@ In case of 2artners1i2 account. t1e 0an/ as/s for aE A co2y of t1e 2artners1i2 a4reement D2artners1i2 deedE 0E A letter si4ned 0y all t1e 2artners containin4 t1e follo:in4 2articulars % % % T1e name and address of all t1e 2artners T1e nature of t1e firm=s 0usiness T1e name of t1e 2artners aut1ority to o2erate t1e account in t1e name of t1e firm . includin4 t1e aut1ority to dra:. endorse and acce2tin4 t1e 0ill and sell t1e 2ro2erties 0elon4in4 to t1e firm!

L#*#te! 4%*$ n.@ (n 1avin4 t1e desire to o2en an account from a limited com2any
an offer of 7B as/s for t1e follo:in4 documents@ aE Re4istration certificate from t1e re4istrar of ;oin stoc/ of com2anies 0E ?ertificates of incor2oration cE ?ertificate of commencement of 0usiness dE Memorandum of association eE Articles of association fE ?o2ies of annual accounts S%c# -" 4-u(+" A++%c# t#%n@ Incase of t1ese sorts of accounts. 7B re9uires t1e documents@ aE Re4istration certificate under t1e association re4istration act. $'G& 0E ?o2ies of memorandum. articles of association cE Resolution of t1e mana4in4 committee

dE 7o:er of attorney to 0orro:

N8O: T1e account o2enin4 2rocedure is same 0ut in e8ce2tion is t1at re4istration
certificate from t1e social :elfare de2artment of 4overnment must 0e enclosed :it1 t1e a22lication

S 3#n0+ Acc%unt@ To encoura4e savin4 1a0it amon4st t1e 2u0lic. 0an/ allo: de2ositors to o2en savin4s account! Interest is a:arded on t1e 0alance of t1e account! Re9uirement to o2en an account are follo:s@ aE Account o2enin4 from to 0e filled u2 0y t1e a22licant 0E T:o 2ass2ort si<e 21oto4ra21s attested 0y t1e introducer are needed cE 7ass 2ort or nationality certificate is re9uired to o2en an account dE Introductory reference to 0e o0tained from account 1older acce2ta0le to t1e 0an/ eE S2ecimen si4nature of t1e a22lication is ta/en on t1e si4nature card fE TQ $""" is minimum re9uired For o2enin4 every ty2e of account a sin4er card and different re4ister for different ty2es of account is mentioned in t1e 0an/! An account is 4iven for eac1 account and t1e descri2tion of t1e account! F#2e! De$%+#t@ It is also /no:n as time lia0ilities or term de2osits. :1ic1 are made :it1 t1e 0an/ for a fi8ed 2eriod s2ecified in advance! T1e 0an/ need not maintain cas1 reserves a4ainst t1ese de2osits. and offers 1i41 rate of interest on suc1 de2osit!

Pr%ce!ure %, %$en#n0 ,#2e! !e$%+#t Acc%unt:

T1e de2ositors 1as to fill an a22lication from :1ere in 1e or s1e mention s t1e amount of de2osit. t1e 2eriod s to 0e made and t1e names in :1ic1 t1e fi8ed de2osit recei2t is to 0e issued! In case of de2osits in ;oint name. 7B also ta/es t1e instruction re4ardin4 2ayment of money on maturity of t1e de2osits! T1e 0an/er also ta/es t1e s2ecimen si4natures of t1e de2ositors! AFDR is t1en issued to t1e de2ositor ac/no:led4in4 recei2t of t1e sum of money mentioned t1erein. it also contain t1e rate of t1e date on :1ic1 t1e de2osit :ill due for 2ayment! D. 4-%+#n0 %, n Acc%unt: T1e closin4 of an account ta/es 2lace@ $! If t1e customer desire to close t1e account &! If 7B finds t1e account not in o2eration for lon4 duration 5! If 4arnis1ee order is issued 0y t1e court on 7B A! To close t1e account. t1e c1e9ue0oo/ is to 0e returned to t1e 0an/! 7B ta/es all t1e c1ar4es 0y deviatin4 t1e account!

E. 8ener - ( nk#n0 In+tru*ent+@ T1ere are different ty2es of instruments 0y :1ic1 different services are 2rovided to t1e customers! T1ese instruments are used to do t1e tas/ smoot1ly and in a very efficient :ay!

$! 4&eDue(%%k@ Accordin4 to ne4otia0le instrument act. $##$. a c1e9ue is 6A 0ill of e8c1an4e dra:n on a s2ecified 0an/er and not e82ressed to 0e 2aya0le ot1er:ise t1en on demand-! To facilitate :it1dra:als and 2ayments to t1ird 2arties 0y t1e customer. 7B 2rovides a c1e9ue0oo/ to t1e customer c1e9ue0oo/ continue $" leave for savin4s account :1ile for current account is $" to >" leaves! A ?1e9ue0oo/ issuin4 re4ister is maintained in t1is re4ard! T1is re4ister contains t1e c1e9ue0oo/ num0er. leaf num0er. issuin4 date! If t1e c1e9ue0oo/ is lost. t1e customer 1as to furnis1 a 4uarantee indemnifyin4 t1e 0an/! After fulfillin4 t1is. a ne: c1e9ue0oo/ is issued! &! P . %r!er@ A 2ay order is a :ritten. issued 0y a 0an/. to 2ay a certain sum of money to a s2ecified 2erson or a 0an/! It may 0e said to 0e a 0an/er c1e9ue as a 0an/ dra:n u2on and 2aya0le issues it 0y itself! A 2ay order is issued and 2aid 0y t1e same 0ranc1 of a 0an/ suc1. t1e dra:er an t1e dra:ee are t1e same! T1e 2erson of t1e or4ani<ation in :1ose favor it is issued is /no:n as 2ayee or t1e 0eneficiary! It is sometimes sold to t1e individual on 2ayment of value to may or may not 0e a customer and is called t1e 2urc1aser! 6. P . S-#$: A 2ay Sli2 is :ritten aut1ori<ation for ma/in4 2ayment s2ecified 2erson or firm 2aya0le 0y issuin4 0ranc1. for a disc1ar4e lia0ility of t1e 0an/! F. In/ r! Re*#tt nce: Remittances of Ban4lades1 e82atriate 1ave started 2layin4 a si4nificant role in t1e country=s economy! To assist overseas Ban4lades1i. 7B also focused on 1andlin4 remittance 0usinesses and :it1 t1at aim in vie: o2ened rural 0ranc1es :1ere NRBs remit money as t1eir 2referred destinations! Most si4nificant endeavor 1ere is to 2rovide fastest delivery of remitted fund to local 0eneficiary! To ac1ieve t1is :e are continuously increasin4 our rural 0ranc1es and ma/in4 arran4ements :it1 ot1er local 0an/s to reac1 our 4oal in t1is res2ect! In addition to t1e o2enin4 of e8c1an4e 1ouse at Sin4a2ore. 7rime Ban/ entered into a4reement :it1 various e8c1an4e 1ouses in USA. UQ. Middle East and Sout1 Asian countries for in:ard forei4n remittances of t1e Ban4lades1i e82atriates! 7B also 2artici2ated in various trade fairs or4ani<ed 0y trade 0odies a0road to 0rin4 more customers under its net T1e remittance of funds 0y 0an/s is made t1rou41 different met1ods! T1ey are@ % Demand Draft % Mail Transfer % Tele4ra21ic transfer

E. De* n! Dr ,t+@ Demand draft is an order to 2ay money. Dra:n 0y one 0ranc1 of a 0an/ for a sum of money 2aya0le to order on demand

M #- Tr n+,er@ Mail transfer is a advice re4rettin4 remittance of funds sends 0y one 0ranc1 of t1e 0an/ to anot1er 0ranc1 of t1e same 0an/. at t1e :ritten re9uest of t1e a22lication! T1e mail transfer contains t1e name and address of t1e remitter! Te-e0r $&#c tr n+,er@ Tele4ra21ic transfer may 0e affected at t1e :ritten re9uest of any 2erson and a4ainst value received from 1im! A :ritten a22lication on t1e 0an/s 2rescri0ed form duly si4ned 0y t1e 2urc1aser s1ould 0e o0tained! If t1e a22lication for issue of tele4ra21ic transfer contains instruction to de0it t1e account of t1e 2urc1aser. 1is or 1er si4nature s1ould 0e verified! Pr#*e B nk %$er t#%n 7B is one of t1e leadin4 2rivate commercial 0an/ of t1e country in terms of asset 9uality. 2rofita0ly. mar/et diversification. and ca2ital ade9uacy! T1e ma;or c1allen4es faced 0y t1e Ban/ durin4 &""# :ere@ P Risin4 cost of de2ositsJ P Reduction in lendin4 rate to com2ly :it1 t1e re4ulatory re9uirement! T1is reduced our s2read and return on assetsJ P Increase in Beneral 2rovision re9uirement on (ff%Balance S1eet items as 2er re4ulatory Re9uirement! T1is 1ad im2act on net 2rofit. R(A and R(EJ P Oolatility in 2rices of fuel oil and ot1er essential commodities 1ave slo:ed do:n t1e recovery 7rocessJ P Reluctance of t1e 0usiness community to e82and in t1e ne: environment stemmed from t1e 4lo0al recessionJ P Fear and uncertainty caused 0y e8tensive anti corru2tion drive slo:ed do:n t1e activitiesJ P Fear and uncertainty in t1e ca2ital mar/et created 0y 4lo0al recessionJ In t1e 0ac/dro2 of t1e c1allen4in4 environment. 7B continued its 4ro:t1 at all of its o2eratin4 activities! 7B =s o2erational activities include commercial 0an/in4 in conventional and Islamic 0an/in4 mode. Merc1ant Ban/in4 and Investment activities! All t1e 0usiness sectors s1o:ed stron4 2erformance durin4 &""#! 9& t /e !#! 0%%! P E8cellent 6Brand Ima4e P Dee2 mar/et 2enetration and continuous 4ro:t1 in cor2orate. commercial. retail and SME

P *i41 mar/et s1are and sound financial 2erformance P +ide customer 0ase P Introduction of ATM services and e82ansion of 0usiness P Net:or/ of 3" 0ranc1es at strate4ic financial centers P Bro:in4 0usiness of merc1ant Ban/in4 and Investment Division P Diversified 2roduct 0ase

In every researc1. it is essential to find out t1e analysis of t1e study and follo: t1e findin4s as 4uideline of develo2ment of t1e 2ro;ect! T1is rec1erc1R :as mainly done on t1e evacuation of 0an/in4 and customer 9uality and customer satisfaction a0out t1e overall services of e8istin4 2rivate sectors 0an/! For t1e study. it is seen t1at most of t1e customers t1at t1ey face in t1eir 0an/. reveal t1eir e82ectations a0out t1e customer service and 4ave 2ro0a0le su44estion to solve t1ese 2ro0lems! T1e ;o0 condition and environment is very 4ood of 2rime 0an/ limited

7rime Ban/ imited D7B E is a ne: 4eneration 0an/! It is committed to 2rovide 1i41 9uality financial services & 2roducts to contri0ute to t1e 4ro:t1 B!D!7! of t1e country t1rou41 stimulatin4 trade & commerce . acceleratin4 t1e 2ace of industriali<ation . 0oostin4 u2 e82ort . creatin4 em2loyment o22ortunity for t1e educated yout1 .2overty alleviation . raisin4 standard of livin4 of limited income 4rou2 and overall sustaina0le socio economic develo2ment of t1e country! 2rime 0an/ ltd! Is o2eratin4 0ranc1es on 0ot1 conventional interests 0ased 0an/in4 and Islamic s1aria1 2rinci2le 0ased 0an/in4! +it1out 0an/s coo2eration. it is not 2ossi0le to run any 0usiness or 2roduction activity in t1is a4e!

B#(-#%0r $&.
7rime Ban/ Annual Re2ort of &""3 7rime Ban/ Annual Re2ort of &""# 7rime Ban/ +e0site 6:::!7rime%0an/!com Discussion :it1 0an/ mana4ement and em2loyees