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All aglow at Golden Bee Candleworks, where you’ll find handcrafted candles and honeybee skin care products
Step into the Golden Bee Candleworks for a natural treat for the senses. “All our candles are handcrafted here in the Ferndale valley using only the finest pure beeswax and non-toxic cotton wicking,” said owners Brian and Ann Barbata. “The honey aroma from our candles elicits very appreciative comments from our customers.” With well over 100 unique candle varieties there is sure to be a candle to suit just about everyone. “We also offer many styles of candleholders, accessories and a full line of honeybee skin care products,” said Ann. Golden Bee is truly a local family-run business, and the Barbatas would like to thank their customers for making their business such a success. Pure beeswax candles have been highly regarded for their purity and unusually long-burning time, for centuries. Burning with a bright yellow soot-free flame, there is no wax that burns cleaner. An added bonus is that pure beeswax candles burn much longer than other candles. “We are proud to offer these fine handcrafted candles at a reasonable price,” said Ann. Golden Bee Candleworks is located on Main Street in the heart of Ferndale next to the Ferndale Repertory Theatre. The business is part of the Artisan Alley Alliance. New expanded summer hours are 10-5 seven days a week. “So, please feel free to come in and say hello and take a look around,” said Brian.

GOLDEN BEE CANDLEWORKS 451 Main Street Tel. 707/786-4508

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The aroma of honey is wonderful when one enters Golden Bee Candleworks.

Sparky’s Pet Sitting: keeping pets happy and healthy
Now offering photo home inventory service
Spend any time in Ferndale and it’s likely you’ll see pet sitter Bethel Laborde of Sparky’s Pet Sitting dog walking one of Ferndale’s many canines. Since 2000, Bethel has been taking care of dogs and cats in Ferndale, Fortuna and Loleta while owners have been away. Pet sitting is a relatively modern phenomenon, due to the rise in status of the family pet in our culture, but it’s catching on. Statistics show that hiring a pet sitter to care for our critters while we are away (versus leaving animals in a kennel) is more beneficial to the animals’ well being. “This is not meant to malign the many excellent people who staff the world’s kennels and do a caring and competent job,” explained Bethel. “It’s just clear that pets deal with the absence of their humans much better when cared for in familiar surroundings.” The seeds of Bethel’s career, according to a 2007 article in the Humboldt Beacon, began germinating within her heart while she was growing up in New Orleans, although it took a chance occurrence decades later for her to realize the dream of owning her own pet sitting company. As a young girl, Bethel pet sat for a neighbor’s Boxer named Princess. “We couldn’t have dogs when I was growing up. So caring for Princess wasn’t like a job at all, it was an honor!” Bethel said. “I told my neighbor that she didn’t even have to pay me. I just loved doing it.” The idea of pet sitting as a career never occurred to Bethel, according to the article. She simply did what many people do: take classes and pursue a degree that leads to a decent job. In Bethel’s case, she decided to pursue a career in horticulture. In the mid-1990s, she and her husband, Michael Stuart, moved from New Orleans to the San Francisco Bay Area so she could continue her studies. While working as a receptionist at an architectural firm and taking classes, Bethel met a woman who owned a pet sitting business in Alameda. After becoming the woman’s client and friend, Bethel learned that the woman was planning to move. The pet sitter asked Bethel if she was interested in taking over the business, and the rest just fell into place. Bethel started with the owner’s original 15 clients and within four years, increased her clientele to 150 happy pet parents. On a visit to the North Coast during a family vacation, the couple fell in love with Humboldt County and eventually relocated. “Because I so love working with animals, there was no question that I’d start another pet sitting company,” Bethel said. “I’m doing what I absolutely love to do and what spiritually feeds me, so my job is sheer joy.” Ferndale’s Robert Hamilton is a regular client of Sparky’s and recommends her highly. “When I travel it can be for weeks at a time. Having the confidence and trust in Sparky's Pet Sitting to care for my pets like I do, makes the trip much more relaxing knowing that I have Bethel taking care of my dogs.” Sparky’s Pet Sitting services include a free initial consultation, up to three daily visits, food, fresh water, cat box cleanings, play time, walks and a written report about daily pet dispositions and activities. Bethel will even turn on and off various lights in the house, collect mail and put trash cans out at the street for homeowners, if needed. Meanwhile, Bethel is excited to announce a new service she is offering in 2013 — that of securing a photo home inventory for clients. “The photo home inventory service offers a digital version of the contents of your home room by room,” she explained. “This ensures a comprehensive account of your possessions for insurance purposes.” Yes, it’s possible to do it yourself, but as Bethel asks, “Where is it on your to-do list”? Items tucked away in drawers, closets, boxes are often forgotten. “When you suffer a

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Bethel Laborde of Sparky’s Pet Sitting, with “Holly.” loss and file a claim for fire, ance purposes for theft or natural disaster or theft, loss. As I moved through would you be able to pro- room by room photovide a complete inventory graphing, I experienced an of what you own to your ‘aha’ moment and came to insurance company?” asks realize this is an additional Bethel. “Memory is a poor service I would love to substitute for actual docu- offer. I am already providmentation of your posses- ing exceptional care for their pets, why not a servsions.” Photography is Bethel’s ice for their home?” (Excerpts of this article passion. Her pet sitting clients know this first hand were written by Elizabeth by the amount of photos of Casey, and reprinted with her their “furry kids” Bethel permission.) emails and texts to them. “My first clients who SPARKY’S PET SITTING requested this photo serv- “Pet Parents Trust Us . . . ice owned a high-end rental Pets Adore Us” property,” said Bethel. Tel. 707/786-9291 “They wanted a detailed photo inventory of the inte- rior of the home for insur-

Fun, luxurious, and surprisingly affordable.

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