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DRUG SAFETY REVIEWS This is an alphabetized list of 24 drug safety reviews conducted by Health Canada in 2013.

These reviews were triggered by reports of adverse reactions infor!ation fro! a foreign regulator indicating a potential concern with a drug or through findings su!!arized in !edical and scientific literature. "o!e drugs are listed several ti!es because they were the sub#ect of !ore than one review. Health Canada is not planning to !a$e these reviews available unless there is %public interest.& This list co!piled by Health Canada after repeated re'uests fro! the Toronto "tar is the only publicly available docu!ent of drugs investigated by federal officials in 2013. Alimta Alvesco Atypical Antipsychotics (olanzapine, ispe i!one, a ipip azole" #enzo!iazepines #yetta $hampi% $ym&alta Fl'o o('inolones Gleevec )epp a (* times" +iacalcin an! $alcima (nasal sp ay an! in,ecta&le" - opyl.Thy acil /va Revlimi! Sensipa Se o('el S'tent T i!' al Vasc'la En!othelial G o0th Facto Inhi&ito s (&evaciz'ma&, ani&iz'ma&, s'nitini&, so a1eni&, a%itini&, pazopani&, e2o a1eni&, van!etani&" 3a elto

4em' on 4ometa R5UTI6E +56IT5RI6G REVIEWS This is an alphabetized list of (1 brand)na!e drugs currently on the !ar$et that were the sub#ect of routine safety !onitoring reviews by Health Canada in 2013. *ccording to Health Canada this group of drug reviews with the e+ception of ,iane)3- will not be sub#ect to public release. * su!!ary review for ,iane)3- an acne pill prescribed widely off)label as birth control was published online by Health Canada on *pril ( to launch .ttawa/s new transparency initiative. The infor!ation in this category of drug reviews which includes adverse drug reaction reports and usage data is provided by !anufacturers %with the understanding that this infor!ation is proprietary & a Health Canada spo$eswo!an said. * senior !edical adviser at Health Canada said the !aterial offers only a %point)in)ti!e& snapshot of a drug/s perfor!ance and could be ta$en out of conte+t if released on its own. *n additional 40 drugs were also reviewed but their na!es do not appear in this list because they have not yet been approved for sale in Canada. A&ili1y Aclasta A!empas Ale tec Alo%i Apo.$alcitonin At ovent A'&a2io Avan!ia # eo Ellipta # ilinta $ap elsa $e tican $la 's

$ esto $ym&alta Diane.*7 D' ezol En!' ant E ive!2e E%,a!e Fampy a Fento a Fi& istal Gilenya 8alaven Incive9 Inlyta Instanyl :a9avi :ay!ess )aly!eco ;at'!a +e9inist +ep o&amate +iacalcin +ozo&il +'lta( +'ltihance +y &et i( 6e'p o 6e%ava 5lmetec 5n2lyza 5ps'mit

5%eze 5%y6E5 -icato - a!a%a Rapa1lo Rapam'ne Rasilez (Rasilez 8$T, Rasilamlo" Revlimi! Revola!e Samsca Si2ni1o Sin2'lai Spi iva Stiva 2a St ive !i Respimat S'&lino% Ta1inla Ta 2in Ta%ote e Thalomi! Tivicay T a,enta T amacet T i!' al T iseno% T'!o za Gen'ai Ty&ost Ve e2en Vite9ta Vot ient

3a elto 3tan!i 4a%ine 4ith oma%, 4ma%, azith omycin 4ometa 4yti2a