For humans to survive, they need the key primary needs which are food, water, clothing and

shelter. They also need secondary needs such as energy and health/sanitation and health care and Social security. One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs. Once these needs have been reasonably satisfied, one may be able to reach the highest level called self-actualization. When I was a Student in Primary school it was my observation and majority are living within means of earning. The time is changing and cultures are displaced by rich and powerful persons and political trends and mainly by who rule the world, even the human needs remain the same, we all became greedy. I was following the life around for more than 5 decades the passion and greed remain the same, while each human being is unique, we also share the anatomy and same nervous systems that function in the similar way. There are fundamental needs that everyone has in common, and all behaviour is simply an attempt to meet those needs which the human attained millions of years with the evolution. One of the major human needs is the desire for certainty that we can avoid pain and gain pleasure. This how the Medical profession progressed with the element of reducing the pain and comforting from diseases. Some people pursue this need by striving to control all aspects of their lives, while others obtain certainty by giving up control and adopting a philosophy of faith, this how the religious organises control the humanity as Winston Churchill said religion is the opium of the masses, as we find religion still control majority of the humans and many control the passions, desires in spite of urges. Many fulfil the vacuum of life with money and materialism this is the growing phenomenon of life in the present era which also associated with exhibitionism of many around. The force of life is the drive for fulfilment; we all have a need to experience a life of meaning. Fulfilment can only be achieved through a pattern of living in which we focus on two spiritual needs: the need to continuously grow; as academicians and scientists contribute to the world and the need to contribute beyond ourselves in a meaningful way as exemplified with great humans of previous century like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela Mother Theresa and many others. All dysfunctional behaviours arise from the inability to consistently meet these needs as happening around the society with criminalization of political life and corruption of the powerful individuals and by poor when they do not meet the both ends When our attempts to reach fulfilment fail, we will settle for comfort—or for meeting our needs on a small scale. Today’s problem in India and concern of the youth is corruption. Politicians change, Governments may change and replaced with some other greedy people, if I look at the society the people who have no voice to raise suffer all the consequences. Look to replace any disempowering ways of meeting your needs with things that empower and support you and others. When ask anybody on needs Humans describe many different needs, some say salvation, some say peace, some say freedom, some say liberation, others call it justice or abundance, some say revenge, many say easy money, And many are not confident what one needs each pursuit makes sense as circumstances one lives differs, If we look deep at life nothing changes everything goes well as it is, we go about life just simply "collecting experience." "Oh look, it’s the suffering experience." And without resistance, we collect that one, but we're allowed to whine. Then, "Oh look, here comes ecstasy," and there are no words for that one. This is an attitude that life is about the being part of us collecting experience by the doing part. Being and Doing are our wholeness. Both are true. In divine paradox, we are one, yet it is equally true that we are many in imagination and needs. Our society changed to individual needs and comforts everybody wants to be extremely popular because we believe it will help us meet our need for belonging or that we could take advantage of such popularity to obtain money with which to meet other needs. But the root need is belonging or the security or resources we might obtain by spending the money. Becoming very popular is not a need

in itself, but a want, a strategy we believe will help get our needs met. Today many youth are disappointed when conditions exist or events take place that limit their ability to meet needs and affect bodily or psychological structure, in my view, we experience a trauma. As a result, in order to cope, we then may develop defence mechanisms to block out awareness of or desperately attempt to meet those unmet needs, often in a misguided fashion. This process involving unmet needs, trauma and defence mechanisms is a central one that lies behind many of the most destructive aspects of our culture, However we need not be disappointed to attain everything in life We don’t need to perfect all of these. Many learned suggested was that we each one has 2-3 needs that most resonate with us, and then dedicate our work to fulfilling those needs and enabling it in others. Through this process of identifying what is most important to you, you can start to make an impact in these areas in a way that is truly fulfilling. "So, I guess the real question human behaviour motivated by a universal "human nature" or is human behaviour learned through culture? Are we really all that different?" All our behaviour is a collective nature of universal humanity what is happening around is the human behaviours where many have become. Our Politics and Politicians cannot change our lives it is our self-thinking can us better or worse. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer

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