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1. Design a cover for your booklet.

It must contain the name of the book you have read and the authors name. To make it more attractive you can draw a picture which is representative for the book. 2. 3. Draw a map of the story. hat had you known about the book before you started reading it! hat information had you already had when you began reading it!

Before starting reading the book I had very little information about it. I only knew that the writer was a famous one in British literature for her novels in which she portrayed the social relations in 19th century England and that Pride and Prejudice was one of her greatest writings. hen I began reading the book I was already a little familiar with the plot as I saw some parts of the movie made after the book. !his is how I found out that the main focus in the book is on the relation between Eli"abeth Bennet and #it"william $arcy two people who have to overcome things like %pride& and %prejudices& in order to have a relation. I had already heard that the character of Eli"abeth Bennet was a very witty one and that 'r. $arcy was a man of great manners and of great comple(ity.

". here did you hear about the book! #$ibrary% book store% home% friend% school% other&. I heard about the book from a friend of mine who made me a short description of the book and showed me some pictures of people looking and dressing like the characters in )ane *usten+s novel. '. (ow did you go about choosing this book! as it your first choice or did you try other book before you decided on this one! *s I already mentioned I was already familiar with the title when I bought the book and I may also say that the edition I found had a very nice cover on which there was a photo with the characters in the movie. ,o the book was the occasion to better knowing the plot of the story seen in the movie and see the difference between what was on paper and the vision of the director. -ne of the reasons I chose the book was that I wanted to see if the author+s vision was different than that of the director+s and if my vision itself was any different than the one the movie presents. !his was my first choice but I hesitated a little bit between this book and the !he war of the worlds by ../. ells. -ne of the reasons for which I would have chosen the other book would have been the literary type0 the other novel

seemed to be a science fiction one and I think it is very interesting to see how people can sometimes imagine a possible future. ). here and when did you read this book!

I read this book at hospital1 two months ago. *ctually )ean *usten+s calm and slightly analytical style of writing made the reading of this book to be a perfect time for physical and mental rela(ation. Beside all this I must also mention that the book is also very funny from the point of view of some of the characters present in the book and sometimes because of the author+s witty comments. *. hat is the plot of your book! Describe it.

!he story of the book begins with the arrival at 2etherfield Park of a wealthy1 young man called 3harles Bingley1 news which causes 4uite a stir in the Bennet family living in 5ongburn in which the %lady of the house& 'rs. Bennet is very eager to see all her 6 daughters 7 )ane1 Eli"abeth1 'ary1 8itty and 5ydia9 married and settled in their own homes. !his is why she sets her mind to find a solution as to make the ac4uaintance of this young man. !he situation is eased by 'r. Bennet who pays a social visit to 'r. Bingley. But the actual moment of the ac4uaintance is the ball they all attend and where the gentleman+s close friend 'r. $arcy appears as an arrogant and insufferable man1 refusing to dance with Eli"abeth and thus showing not so well shaped manners. !he story continues although in the first part of the novel the focus of the story is set on the relation between )ane and 'r. Bingley1 her social visits paid at the manor where he and his sisters were spending the summer1 the novel changes the course of the plot and puts forward the 'r. $arcy and Eli"abeth future couple. Being better ac4uainted with her way of behaving and thinking and with her perfect manners 'r. $arcy starts being more and more attracted to her. !he fact that he arrives to have certain feelings for her is also due to )ane+s spending a few days in 2etherfield as she catches a cold on her way to the manor . hen Eli"abeth and )ane return home they find 'r. 3ollins visiting their household. ,ome sort of cousin of 'r. Bennet 'r. 3ollins is a young clergyman who set his mind on marring one of the Bennet girls and thus inheriting 'r.Bennet:s property. Passing from )ane1 who was very much attracted by 'r.Bingley1 to Eli"abeth1 who rejects his marriage proposal wounding his pride in only three days1 he ends up marring 3harlotte 5ucas1 Eli"abeth+s best friend1 a ratter poor girl who+s aim was the comfort and 4uietness of a home. 'eanwhile1 another situation appears in the novel1 the arrival of some militia officers in a town nearby. ith this occasion ickham is introduced to the reader1 a handsome young soldier1 who:s friendly toward Eli"abeth and who reverseal to her how $arcy cruelly cheated him by staling his inheritance. !he begging of the winter brings some changes in the story0 the Bingleys and $arcy return to 5ondon1 )ane1 ratter sad1 because of the lack of fulfillment in her love affair leaves for 5ondon to spend some time with the /ardiners while Eli"abeth visits her friend the new 'rs. 3ollins.

!here1 she encounters 'r. $arcy1 the nephew of 5ady 3atherine de Bourg1 the patron of 'r. 3ollins. !he several visits that 'r. $arcy pays to his aunt leads him to spending more time with Eli"abeth and to making a socking proposal of marriage1 which she refuses. .er reasons are0 his arrogance1 the fact that he was the one making Bingley take a distance from )ane and the misfortune brought upon ickham. In fact $arcy e(plains to Eli"abeth how things really are in a letter that makes her see the truth and to reconsider her feelings about him. 'r. $arcy was indeed the cause of 'r. Bingley:s separation of )ane but this is because he didn+t thought it as being serious. *s what regards ickham the young man tried to elope with $arcy+s under aged sister1 /eorgia. !he militia is leaving town1 which makes the younger1 rather man9cra"y Bennet girls distraught. 5ydia manages to obtain permission from her father to spend the summer with an old colonel in Brighton1 where ickham+s regiment will be stationed. ith the arrival of )une1 Eli"abeth goes on another journey1 this time with the /ardiners1 who are relatives of the Bennets. !he trip takes her to the 2orth and eventually to the neighborhood of Pemberley1 $arcy+s estate. ,he visits Pemberley1 after making sure that $arcy is away1 and delights in the building and grounds1 while hearing from $arcy+s servants that he is a wonderful1 generous master. ,uddenly1 $arcy arrives and behaves cordially toward her. 'aking no mention of his proposal1 he entertains the /ardiners and invites Eli"abeth to meet his sister. *nother twist in the novel is the news that 5ydia elopes with ickham and can+t be found. *fter a great deal of worries and stress the couple is found and ickham is set to have agreed to marry 5ydia in e(change for an annual income. !he source of the money is not 'r. /ardiner as the Bennets were convinced but $arcy. ,hortly after the leave of ickham and 5ydia from 2owbourne1 Bingley returns to 2etherfield and starts again to court )ane. $arcy too acompaignies Bingley but makes no mention of his desire to marry Eli"abeth. Being cornered at a certain moment by 5ady 3atherine Eli"abeth is made promise that she will refuse any proposal coming from him. !he demand is refused and in the end Eli"abeth accepts his proposal in marriage as he confesses his feelings are still the same. <. +hoose three sentences that ,grabbed- your attention. down and e.plain why you chose them. rite them

%It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.& %,he is tolerable= but not handsome enough to tempt me= and I am in no humour at present to give conse4uence to young ladies who are slighted by other men. >ou had better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles1 for you are wasting your time with me.&

%In vain have I struggled. It will not do. 'y feelings will not be repressed. >ou must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.& !he three sentences above seem to me very important as they resume in only a few words key moments in the te(t and give important details for the personality and behavior of the characters from a general and a particular point of view. !he first is actually the first sentence of the novel it9self and it made me from the beginning enter a world where money and marriage are two important facts and in which women find throw marriage a personal fulfillment. hat I also liked at the sentence was )ane+s *usten humor who suggests that the facts that will happen in the novel have as source a universal truth and a universal order of things. !he second sentence seemed to me as being very important in the portrait of 'r. $arcy although during the novel we will also see a softer side of this character this line presents him as a very harsh1 4uite rude1 direct and also manner9lacking man. .e seems to be a very interesting person throw his sincerity and very sure of him but at the same time he appears as a superficial man1 who refuses a young lady only because she isn+t beautiful. !he third sentence seemed very interesting as it preceded the proposal of marriage. hich seemed to me very bi"arre was that in order to e(press his positive feelings and love in a more poetic manner1 as we are used to with such marriage proposals= he chooses a ratter harsh way1 manly focusing on his struggle and his thinking ratter than his feeling. #or 'r. $arcy love is passed trough the mind and social behavior. /. rite down some bits of elaborated #not common% nice& language that impressed you #metaphors% similes 0 comparisons&. %::'y fingers1@@ said Eli"abeth1 ::do not move over this instrument in the masterly manner which I see so many women@s do. !hey have not the same force or rapidity1 and do not produce the same e(pression. But then I have always supposed it to be my own fault 99 because I would not take the trouble of practicing. It is not that I do not believe my fingers as capable as any other woman@s of superior e(ecution.@@ %Eli"abeth laughed heartily at this picture of herself1 and said to 3olonel #it"william1 ::your cousin will give you a very pretty notion of me1 and teach you not to believe a word I say. I am particularly unlucky in meeting with a person so well able to e(pose my real character1 in a part of the world where I had hoped to pass myself off with some degree of credit. Indeed1 'r. $arcy1 it is very ungenerous in you to mention all that you knew to my disadvantage in .ertfordshire 99 and1 give me leave to say1 very impolitic too 99 for it is provoking me to retaliate1 and such things may come out1 as will shock your relations to hear.@@&


In what ways can you connect with this book!

#irst of all love and social relations are two things occurring in everybody+s life1 this is way it was very interesting to see how two people who are separated by al sort of obstacles succeed in the end to overcome them and to find one each other as two e4ual beings in an une4ual society. *t the same time it was very interesting to learn a little bit more about this specific era1 about behaviors1 feelings1 manners. 11. 2ake a list of facts that you learned from the story.

7 People shouldn+t be judged according to their social rank but according to their true selves1 ideas and behavior 9 Pride is a very strange feeling that can sometimes be an obstacle in your way to personal happiness 9 >ou shound:t always pay attention to what the others are saying but try to in4uire on your own about the truth behind the words 9 'aking decisions when you are young without listening to nobody else+s sayings can sometimes ruin your whole life 9 !he pursuit of material goods muns:t be one+s main aim in life as they are perishable 9 -ne should fight for the things he believes in1 instead of giving up before having started and having seeeand all the pieces of the pu""le. 12. Describe the main character#s& in terms of appearance and feelings. Do you agree with the way they are presented in the story! Eli"abeth Bennet is the second daughter in the Bennet family and the most intelligent and witty in the family. ,he+s clever1 lovely1 defined by honesty1 virtue and her conversation is delightful. In a novel like Pride and Prejudice1 where dialogue is very important trough all her 4ualities she succeeds in rising above the bad behavior and poor spirit of her class. .owever her sharp tongue and tendency to make judgments on the spot leads her in situations where she has a partial view on things. Eli"abeth must not only deal with her hopeless mother1 a father a little bit distant1 snobbish women and men who either see her as a fortune provider or an easy con4uest but also with her own way of thinking1 her feelings and mistaken judgments upon $arcy. Psychically she+s not an utter beauty but her charms keep $arcy interested1 even when all muddy from head to toe arise at he 2etherfield manor. $arcy notices at the moment that her eyes were bright and beautiful. #rom the point of view of the presentation that the author makes for Eli"abeth1 I must say1 that I think there is much objectivity in the description and revelation of her personality. .er character is not critici"ed nor harshly judged for the choices and ideas she assumes because all her actions have very good reasons and the decisions she makes set their bases on facts which are presented to her different from reality.

13. $ist ' to 11 words you learned in the book. them. 9 *c4uaintance 9 2eglect 9 4uieten 9 'isfortune 9 ,cornful 9 rongdoing

rite short sentences with

$uring her first week in Paris she made a lot of interesting ac4uaintances ,he didn+t know that all her friends had neglected her all day long1 so that her birthday party surprise be even bigger atch how the baby 4uietens when he hears this song *ll misfortunes in his life happened because of his incapacity of rapidly reacting ,itting around the table and looking at their scornful faces he felt he was no good and that all his life was spend in their shadow ,he didn+t felt responsible for )ames+s wrongdoings. 1". hat problems does one of the characters have and how does he 3 she solve it! *n interesting character in the novel is 'r. 3ollins. !he son of 'r. Bennet+s cousin1 this young man is the perfect prototype that the novel announces from the beginning. * fresh clergyman having ac4uaintances with people from the so9called high society1 'r. 3ollins pays a visit to his uncle in order to repair the wrong that his father had done to the Bennet girls and what a better pri"e than himself. In search of a wife he sets his eyes upon )ane who was the most beautiful of the five girls but as )ane was already showing some sort of attraction towards 'r. Bingley and how 'rs. Bennet contributes to this image of marriage to be1 'r. 3ollins has no problem in passing on to the ne(t girl1 which is Eli"abeth. In fact he considers all of them as being inferior to him and thinks that making the marriage proposal means flattering them as any woman+s dream should be '*BBI*/E. In fact this is his problem and the way he chooses to deal with it is changing the women even if that means all three of them in one week. .is future wife1 3harlotte 5ucas has the same interest as he does0 being married which is very different from being in love. 'arriage is from their point of view ac4uiring a certain social status and the comfort and the protection of a home. 1'. Think of a day in the life of the main character and write a diary entry.

Dear diary, Last evening I had a very interesting experience which I look upon with eyes not surprised but rather amused. The night of the ball which mother waited with such great impatience in order to meet the already famous Mr. ingley was actually a very pleasant and amusing time spend in a diversity of companies. I dare to say diversity although I know not so very well the new ac!uaintances formed. Mr. ingley danced two dances with "ane which is not such a great number for me but which rose up spirits in what mother is concerned. I must say that Mr. ingley is !uite a gentleman. There is !uite a difference between him and his friend Mr. Darcy who left me the impression of an obnoxious and rude man. The remark he made about me made him show his real face, more than it made me felt embarrassed. #ctually he did nothing more than give people a sub$ect of gossiping and amusement. I must confess dear diary that there is no use in continuing talking about this man as he is nothing to me or to my kind. %ood bye& 1). +hoose one character from the story you would like to be friends with and e.plain why. -ne of the characters I would like as my friend is 'r. $arcy. #irst of all he is a very intelligent man who engages in solving all sorts of problems during the novel. .e is a very loyal friend1 a good brother and a helpful hand in need. hen he has to pay ickham so that 5ydia doesn+t suffer and for her social status not to be stained he doesn+t look at the money he has to give1 neither he brags about the gesture he did. .is loyalty towards his friend is proved when sincerely thinking that )ane doesn+t have love feelings for him1 he advices 'r. Bingley to give up his courtship. 1*. (ow did the main character feel throughout the book! 4ive evidence.

!he son of a wealthy1 well9established family and the master of the great estate of Pemberley1 $arcy is the ideal match. !hroughout the book he seems to be a very intelligent man1 having the tendency to judge too hastily and harshly the people around him. .is high birth and wealth make him overly proud and overly conscious of his social status. .is haughtiness makes him initially ruin the marriage proposal. hen he proposes to her1 for instance1 he dells more on how unsuitable a match she is than on her charms1 beauty1 or any other 4uality. .er rejection of his advances builds a kind of humility in him. $arcy demonstrates his continued devotion to Eli"abeth1 in spite of the fact he hates her low connections1 when he rescues 5ydia and the

entire Bennet family from disgrace1 and when he goes against the wishes of his haughty aunt1 5ady 3atherine de Bourgh1 by continuing to pursue Eli"abeth. $arcy proves himself worthy of Eli"abeth1 and she ends up repenting her earlier judgment of him. 15. Did you identify with one of the characters! not% why not! hich one and why! If

I+ve liked all the characters but I don+t think I could identify with one of them because of the cultural difference and because of the age difference many of the characters act according to their education1 to their social background and many of their values and beliefs are considered today old9fashioned. *lthough Eli"abeth is one of the most %modern& character in the book I couldn+t judge someone so rapidly as he1 so this is why I couldn+t identify with one of the characters. 1/. Did anyone in the book do something you didnt like!

-ne of my least favorite moments was when 5ady 3atherine de Bourgh came to visit Eli"abeth to ask her not to marry 'r. $arcy. $espite this absurd re4uest that she addressed to Eli"abeth her behavior was not that of a lady+s. ,he not only insulted Eli"abeth but also her parents. 21. Did anyone in the book do something you liked! 6.plain.

*ctually there were several things I liked in the novel in the behavior of 'r. Bennet1 which although is not one of the main characters has the role of bringing an e4uilibrium in the relation the mother has with the Bennet girls. #or e(ample I very much liked when he told Eli"abeth 9 in front of her mother ready to force her to marry 'r. 3ollins just to see her married 9 that he will never forgive her if she will do such a thing1 the line having a funny twist in the story and making the situation seem not so serious. 21. rite another ending for the book. 6.plain your changes.

*nother ending which I could imagine for this book would be in fact different endings for the different stories inside the novel. #or e(ample I would see 5ydia dragged away by means of force from the arms of 'r. ickham whose marriage to the girls would be strictly prohibited by her parents. !hen the story of couple $arcy 7 Eli"abeth wouldn+t finish in marriage as his pride would overcome his love feelings for her and he wouldn+t try to propose to her a second time as he would fear bowing himself in front of this creature who herself is also full of pride.


*t the same time I would make Eli"abeth unaware of the truth1 because $arcy1 such a proud man1 wouldn+t try to give her any e(planation about the way he acted at a certain moment. 22. hat confused you in this book! 6.plain.

-ne of the things that were 4uite confusing at several times were that the language was 4uite difficult to understand and in order to focus on the action in the novel I as reader had to be careful at the turn of the phrase. !hen another confusing thing seemed to me this absolute need of women to find a husband or to be married even if they don+t like the man in front of them nor know him that better. *nother confusing thing in the relation of 'r. $arcy and Eli"abeth is the way in which he chooses to declare his love1 which is a very weird one1 based more on the mind than on the heart and the way that Eli"abeth1 although in love with him doesn+t do anything to react to his feelings in a positive way1 nor talk to him when she finds out the truth about his behavior but waits for him to declare his love and behaving as passive as all the other women in the novel. 23. rite a ,7ecommendation- for this book e.plaining why you would recommend it to others or why not. !he first thing that attracts the reader at this novel is dialogue. !he %witty& lines full of a wonderful humor and the descriptions full of a delicate sense of irony are those who make you turn the following page and read more and more. !he second thing is the love story between Eli"abeth and 'r. $arcy who keeps the reader waiting to see what will happen ne(t. *nd last but not least I would recommend this book to history lovers because it gives us details about a different culture and about different times. 2". rite your comments about the book.

!his book is a wonderful story about manners1 and love combined with intelligence and wittiness. !he humor present in the book is not only intelligent but also discreet without offending. !he characters in the book are presented in their entire splendor with faults and weaknesses but also with their strong points. 2'. hat 8uestions would you ask the author of the book! hy!

,ome of the 4uestions I would ask the author of the book would be0 *re the 4uestions inspired from real lifeE hich one of the characters in the book is the closest to your heartE !he one you dislike the mostE

ould you like to change something at the book+s endingE hich were the most difficult passages in the book from the point of view of the writingE $o you think about writing a se4uelE