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(SESSION 2009-20011)



Under the supervision of:-

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Alankit Assignments ltd.

Upper 1st Floor JOP Plaza
Sector 18 Noida

Executive Summary



Research Methodology

SWOT analysis of Stock Market

Company Profile


Alankit Assignments product profile








Time is the most important element in every aspect of life. The person
who does not give importance to time cannot succeed in life. So for the
timely completion of the project we owe our thanks to all the individuals
who contributed in the successful completion of the project from very
beginning till its successful completion.
Summer training needs a lot of dedication concentration and hard work
of the students and also it should be garnished with the topping of good
guidance. I am deeply indebted to all of them for excellent ideas and
I express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Ashok Kumar Aggarwal
(Executive Director) who spared his precious time and gave me advice
whenever I needed. I am also indebted to all other corporate staffs that
helped me in the successful completion of this project.

Summer training is a major part of the management programs because it
provides lots of practical knowledge as well as organizational experience. This
pre-exposure of the market becomes very necessary in order to form a position
as well as to sustain in the corporate world.
Productive utilization of various


is the need

of time.

Organization Functioning consists of three broad identifiable elements i.e.

converted into outputs depends on the purpose of the organization,
achievements of that Purpose through technology Management.
The project report has been designed to meet the requirement of the investors
as well as Spectators; who wish only to obtained better return with the current
An attempt therefore has


made to find golden mean between todays

dreams and Tomorrows reality. Since the project report is related to assess the
risk profile of Investors, for enhancing the market potential of ALANKIT
ASSIGNMENTS LIMITED hence project report consists purpose and scope
of Investment as well as


precise negative aspects, that harms to

Investors. It will give a broad view of investment plan as well as investors

Perception and related issues. The project will help

the organization related

to stock market, mutual funds as well as investors and me by different ways.

Through this project investors will be able to know about different Investment
strategy of investment and organization related to investment will be able to
know that, what are the precise aspects that will


faith and decrease the risk of investors. Being Management



student I


be able to know about various aspects while undergoing my professional


The Research Design is that conceptual structure with in which research
is conducted. It constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement
and analyses of data. In this research descriptive research design is used
because my research is concerned with perception Alankit Assignments
ltd. Product (IPOs, MF, Equity, Derivatives (Future & Options), Pan,
TDS, NSR and Demat)

Research is based on certain outlets that are to be collected from various
sources. These resources are based on all over Noida depending on the
scope of the projects.

This research is based on secondary sources as well as primary sources.
Primary data source includes:
Direct interview of the executives of the competitor firms.
Direct questioning to the marketing department of the competing
Collection of information by me while moving around in Noida
Secondary data source includes:
Advertisement pamphlets.
World Wide Web.
Newspapers & Magazines.


Company Magazines.



Stock market or mutual fund gives more return than any other deposit

like bank deposits or monthly deposit in post office.

Company fixed deposits and other small savings conducted by


Market is very flexible and risky. So people who have much idea
about the market may lose their money.



economic situation and monetary policy of government

gives Strength to the stock market so it gives opportunity to
investors to invest their money in stock market.


Banks and post offices and other investment schemes are attack on
market potential of stock market.

Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal,

Chairman - Alankit Group of Companies


Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal, FCA, started his first venture, Alankit
Assignments Ltd. (AAL) in the year 1995 from a single room office
by establishing R&T Division with the approval of SEBI. Mr
Agarwals personal passion has helped to create a unique
combination of enthusiasm with entrepreneurship in AAL / Alankit
Group. Over the years, various activities have been added in
Alankit fold. Presently, Alankit is providing services to over millions
of clientele through its ten group companies in diverse service
With his foresighted vision and leadership, Alankit as a Group has
carver its niche in the market and established itself as a leader for
providing various financial services through its operations as
Depository Participant, Stock & Commodity Broking, TIN
Facilitation Centre & PAN Centre, e-Return Intermediary, Registrar
& Transfer Agent, POS - NSR, Investment Advisory, Online IPO
Apply Facilitator, Third Party Administrator Insurance Services,
Suppliers of Medicines to Govt. & General Hospitals, Dispensaries
and as Retailers. Alankit has invested over 200 million (INR) in the
state of art Technology Infrastructure, which in todays scenario
becomes essential for providing online information and accuracy
Presently, Alankit is having 13 Regional Offices in all metropolitan
cities (including Ahmedabad, Bareilly, Bengaluru, Chandigarh,
Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow,
Mumbai and Pune), four overseas offices at Dubai, London, Muscat,
Singapore and 23 branches of its own besides 800 + business
associates set-up covering 440 + cities. With more than 1000
terminals coupled with skilled and trained manpower of 1200
employees, Alankit is in a position to render first class customer
services to its clients. Leading International Agency on business
information and risk

Alankit Group is a conglomerate of 11 Group companies. Some of

the core activities of the group are diversified into Financial
Services, Wealth Management, e-Governance, HealthCare,
Insurance and POP (New Pension System). Alankit Assignments
Ltd., the flagship company was incorporated in 1991 by a talented
visionary entrepreneur, Mr Alok K Agarwal. Under his able
guidance and management, the company has made unhindered
The Group has its headquarter in Delhi with 18 Regional Offices in
Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad,
Lucknow, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh, Pune, Bareilly, Cochin,
Amritsar, Ludhiana, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Guwahati. The
Group has expanded its footprint in global arena with its overseas
offices in London, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Muscat. With a
consistent expansion of Alankits business, the Group has evolved
from largely Financial & Share Broking Company into a diversified
Alankit is a professionally managed Group, led by a team of level
headed personnel with outstanding managerial acumen. We are
determined to provide the best and state-of-art investment
products and services to our esteemed clients, appreciating their
increasing needs & demands. With a customer base of over 15
Million, our services ranges from offline & online trading in Equity,
Future and Option segments, Commodities, Currency Derivatives,
Debt Market, Interest Rate Futures, Portfolio Management,
Pharmaceutical Retail, Third Party Administrator (TPA) to Pension

Services. The Group also deals in 3rd party financial products like
Mutual Funds, Insurance products, and Institutional Broking
besides providing an expert guidance for the same.
Keeping in view the performance of Alankit, the leading
international agency on business information & risk assessment,
"Dun & Bradstreet" has awarded the Company as Indias Leading
Equity Broking House in 2008 & 2009 in a row.

"To be a unique service provider in the sectors we serve

To become a customer centric organization with focus on building trust
by our unmatched standards.




Alankit Assignments Limited., a flagship company of Alankit Group is amongst the
leading financial intermediary providing services to a large clientele through its 11 Group
of companies and 18 Regional offices across India and is constantly moving towards its
expansion proving efficient and quality services to its clients.
The company is focused on providing multiple financial services through its extensive
network. Alankit started its commercial activities in the year 1995 as a Registrar & Share
Transfer Agent. Over a period of time, it has grown into a multi-dimensional financial
house having presence across all realms of the financial market.

At Alankit we provide online trading platforms to our clients with comprehensive

risk management solutions, both for personal and business requirements
according to their financial needs and enable them to trade online in Equities,
Commodities, Mutual Funds and Currency.

Alankit recognizes the challenges institutions faces and strives to provide the
latest cutting edge solutions to maintain a good liaison with the clients.

Alankit offers advisory and brokerage services for the Indian currency derivatives

At Alankit, we provide our investors the chances to profitability invest in the

financial market, as our clients do not have to worry about the market swings

With the mission to institutionalise and implement a process driven approach, the
Institutional Broking Services at Alankit cater to the investment need of leading
institutions like PNB, UBI, BOI, SBI, etc.

Alankit Online IPO Application facility is a unique service, wherein more and
more people & shareholders across the country have opted to get the high returns
on their money and enjoy a lucrative incentive using their demat account details.

Alankit offers a wide trading platform with a dual membership at both NSDL and
CDSL, for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares. We believe in
efficient, cost effective & integrated service support to our brokerage business.

Alankit offers professional Portfolio Management Service (PMS) to HNIs who

seek customized solutions to realize their investment goals.

At Alankit, we offer proactive and timely world class research based advice and
guidance to our clients so that they can take informed decisions.

Alankit has been appointed as an e-Return intermediary for accepting IT returns



Alankit Imaginations Limited, a Group Company of Alankit Assignments Limited, was
incorporated in 1994. The Company is engaged in, sale/purchase of commodities and
derivatives, all kind of commodities traded on the Commodity Exchanges. It has obtained
the membership of all major active Commodity Exchanges in India, which are regulated
by Forward Market Commission (FMC) and Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) which is
regulated by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC). Alankit Imaginations
Limited is a growing and consistent profit making company offering array of services
under Derivatives Market segment of NCDEX, MCX and NMCE. In line with the
frequent changes taking place in the commodity sector across the world, the company is
also increasing its span of services with the thrust on integration with the help of
information technology.

Alankit Imaginations Limited. has equipped itself with necessary technology,

manpower, infrastructure and other related services to facilitate power trading on
IEX platform.

The company is a primary Trading Member of IEX and functions as a facilitator

between IEX and the buyer/sellers of electricity. The company has a secured and
dedicated leased line terminal of IEX for putting bids and offers of clients.

The company provides strategic development, Implementation and execution

services to put leverage to our energy market dealing with leading edge

We review the clients business goals and objectives; help them to analyze and to
employ automatic notification on target goals.

Alankit offers competive brokerage with quality services.

We offer a wide range of optional services equipped with a strong project

management and execution team to ensure that our clients have the information
and tools they need to achieve their goals and attain the highest levels of
satisfaction with our transaction method and processing.



Alankit Health Care Limited. a Licensed Third Party Administrator-(TPA) started
operations in Nov 2003. Alankit Healthcare entered the market with the mission to play
an important role by offering smooth health insurance services to beneficiaries. It
provides hassle free services to all the stakeholders and in the process ensuring reduction
in claim cost and control on fraudulent claims.
Alankit Health Care Limited (AHCL) is an ISO 9001 certified company by KPMG for
quality systems, process driven organization leading to minimum scope of error and
increased efficiency. The Company is equipped to handle over 1 million policy holders.
With State of the Art technology and in- house software, the company has managed to
bring down process time for the various services it provides to its customers.

At Alankit Healthcare the manpower is professionally trained on the various

products and services to be provided as a Third Party Administrator.

The company follows the dual punching system for enrolling policy particulars to
ensure 100% accuracy in data entry.

We provide facility to receive payments through ECS facility.

The company has maintained a well connected customer relationship with its
clients and its network of hospitals by making special emphasis on the service
delivery aspect.

Alankit Healthcare has a good capacity of data storage and archiving system. The
data is stored on DAT and Server besides office computers for day-to-day use and
is upgraded regularly.

The company gives utmost importance to satisfy all grievances with courtesy, politeness
and promptness.

24-hour helpline services through an inhouse Call Centre.

Cashless Hospitalisation through a countrywide network of hospitals.
Claim Settlement.
Cost Containment.
Priority Admissions in hospitals.
Data Analysis for the use by the underwriters.

Alankit Healthcare is a pioneer TPA in India to manage the RSBY schemes in Delhi state
as total solution provider for managing the scheme. The Scheme has been launched by
the Central Government. in association with the State Government to provide medical
insurance to BPL (Below Poverty Line) families, at nominal rates.


Alankit Life Care Limited is making a foray into Pharmaceutical retail business through
its division called Rx Pharmacy. The first store of Alankit Life Care was set up in Delhi
in 2003. Since then we have served over lakhs of customers through our pharmacy
chain .With fourteen medical stores operating currently, the company has plans to open
more stores, both company owned and franchisees, over next few years. The stores will
also be launched in other metros and mini metros and then leading to a Pan India
Alankit is committed to serve its customers with high quality products and services. Our
objective is to act as a partner to our customers providing them daily health solutions. We
offer a wide range of products and services, each one caters for different needs and we
ensure our customers continued health and well-being.
Our priority is to stock an entire range of pharmaceutical and medical products, and
deliver them efficiently to our customers. Our strong supply chain helps us serve our
clientele with critical medicines. As pharmacy retail chain we provide large range of
products. Our priority is to stock an entire range of pharmaceutical and medical products,
and deliver them efficiently to our customers. Our strong supply chain helps us serve our
customers with critical medicines. The products include pharmacy, surgical, disposables,
anti-cancer, life saving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements.
Key features of the Rx Pharmacy:

A complete Family Health Store

One stop stores for preventive, curative & supportive care
Complete health to deliver Medicine ( Prescription &OTC ) , alternate
medicine, pathology, health goods, health food, health books all under one roof
Building a long time relationship with the customer
Fully Computerised and system driven mechanism
Well established resources and network across the country backed by high end
technology, VPN connectivity, sufficient medical and paramedical staff,
additional administrative and financial resources
Dedicated IT team to implement robust Tele-support solutions for Tele-medicine
including WAN networks, online video support, video surveillance,
infrastructural and IT facilities with multi-mode back up channels.
Central warehouse and retail outlets are secured by access control and CCTV to
ensure 100% security of stocks and transactions.

Our offerings:
We provide Genuine Medicines, Free Home Deliver, Free Insurance worth 1 Lac,
Competent staff, Upto 15% discount, Prescription refill, Service Medicine Reminder
Facility, TEM Methodology.
Alankit Life Care - Our Business Associates

Company has been associated with some of the leading pharmaceutical companies from
around the world including:

Svizera Health Care Limited.

Elder Pharmaceutical Limited.
Comed Chemicals Limited.
Currently the company is in direct relationship with
Wockhardt Limited.
Talent India

The company had been empanelled as authorized medicine supplier to various
government and private bodies like ESI central purchase, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia
Hospital, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Vinayak Hospital, GM Modi Hospital, Balaji
action, Tihar Prison, CGHS dispensaries. We offer a complete range of allopathic drugs,
ayurvedic drugs, supplements and FMCG items.
We have a well established resources and vast network across the country backed by
High end Technology, Computerized and system driven mechanism, VPN Connectivity,
sufficient Medical and Paramedical staff, additional Administrative and Financial
resources. We have a dedicated IT Team to implement Robust Tele-support solutions for
Tele-medicine including WAN networks, Online Video support, Video surveillance,
Infrastructural and IT facilities with Multi-mode back up channels.



Alankit Insurance Brokers established in year 2003 and licensed by Insurance Regulatory
and Development Authority (IRDA) is one of the pioneer broking house to join this new
channel with an objective of understanding insurance requirements of clients and
tailoring the services to provide risk managed cost competitive services.
We are licensed as a Direct Insurance Broker with Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority (IRDA) for providing a wide array of insurance services under
professional guidance by experienced and experts of the field. We are authorized to offer
all types of insurance products, insurance consultancy besides risk assessment and policy
servicing for all life and general insurance companies in India.

At Alankit we offer a comprehensive range of products for individuals and Group

Insurance solutions.

We try providing our clients with all the information they want to seek regarding
the procedures such as paying their premium, various policy servicing options,
processing a claim & so on.

Alankit offers various products that are meant to provide customers flexibility,
transparency and value for money.

Alankit insurance ensures excellent insurance & investment solutions by offering

customized products, supported by the best technology.

The Company intends to make the claim settlement as prompt, transparent and
speedy as possible.

Alankit provides with the comfort that your near and dear ones will continue to
live their lives in calm without financial worries even when you are not around.

The company provides a single window approach, expert advice as risk managers for a
well designed and suitable Insurance cover from a pool of options. We comprehend your
constant needs and try reducing risk exposures. We have also tied up with public &
private sector Insurance Companies across India for arranging suitable & customized
insurance cover/quote.
For Life Sector:
We offer a comprehensive range of products that ensures life protection and caters to
every financial requirement. Keeping in mind our clients risk appetite we offer the best
suitable policies so that they can enjoy the benefits in every stage of life.


For Non-Life Sector:

We provide overall protection for Insurance solutions, Claim Management, Policy covers
for any loss or damage to the Vehicle insured against Natural Calamities, Personal
accident, Third party liability and Specialized & Tailor made products & Insurance
premium on best Terms & Conditions with Indian & Multi National Insurance



The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was created by the Government of Dubai
in 2002 as an international centre for trading and adding value within the commodities
sector. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was created by the Government
of Dubai in 2002 as an international centre for trading and adding value within the
commodities sector.
Alankit Global Resources DMCC, a subsidiary Company of Alankit Group, was formed
on 11th October, 2005 for obtaining the membership of Dubai Gold & Commodities
Exchange (DGCX) for trading in Forex, Gold & other Commodities and to carry on all
such business as approved by Dubai Multi & Commodities Centre Authority and other
trade or business which can in the opinion of its Board of Directors and subject to the
Authority for approval.

The company has obtained the Broker and Clearing Membership of DGCX and is
entitled to trade on all of the market segments operated by DGCX either as
principal or on behalf of clients and also to clear the own transactions as well as
transactions of Trading Members of DGCX.

The company can benefit its clients from clearing services available on over 65
global exchanges and electronic trading access to over 35 global exchanges.

At Alankit, we are focused on strengthening our portfolio in Forex bullion, base

metals, oil, energy, sugar and other Commodities.

Alankit as a member of the Exchange, we will be able to provide our clients with
the rich opportunities in the commodity derivatives market, enabling us to
accelerate the expansion of our Commodity Business.



Over a period of time, the Company has built a strong team of people to ensure highest
standards of quality in its products and services. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified
by Intertek Quality Register. The company has started this operation in a big way and is
selling Digital Signatures for Individuals, Corporate, Public Sector Undertakings and
Banks for various projects involving e-filling and web based applications.
The company is catering to its customers mainly in following activities:

IT solutions and IT enabled services

Scanning, document management & digitisation services
Software Development
Smart Card Solutions
System Integration
Digital Signatures, USB Tokens & Smart cards.

Since Alankit Technologies Limited. is backed by large resources available within the
group. It is competent to execute and handle large orders and provide adequate support.
The company has developed following softwares:

Online IPO apply

Online filling of IT Returns
TPA Management Systems
Medical Information Management System (MIMS)
Document Management System
Share Accounting - RTA Division
TIN-Facilitation Network - Digitization Software for TAN & PAN

As a Licensed Registration Authority for Digital Signatures, the company is

providing following products and services to customers:

Digital Signatures
SSL Certificates

USB Cryptographic Tokens



Alankit Finsec Limited. is one of the leading Alankit Group of Companies, was initially
incorporated on 30th May, 1995. Consequent upon change of name on conversion to
Public Limited Company, the company got fresh Certificate of Incorporation on 14th
October, 1996. The company is a Registered Non-Baking Finance Company (NBFC)
dealing in securities and financing.
Registered NBFC dealing in Securities and Financing.
Non Banking Finance Company with RBI
Deals in Securities

e-Return Intermediary services to the clients.



Alankit Management Consultancy was formed in Dubai (U.A.E) for the purpose of
providing consultancy services in U.A.E Government of Dubai has issued a Professional
License No. 587097 on 17th October, 2006. The Company has also tied up with Al
Ghurair Exchange, Dubai for keeping and accepting of PAN Application forms from
Indian Nationals residing in the U.A.E, which has been approved by Central Bank of the
We do operate as point of service for;

Pan Card

Alankit provides consultancy in pan processing;

Demat Accounts




Alankit Corporate Services LLP is into various Front Office operations services for BFSI,
Telecom, Healthcare & Corporate houses. The organization works with Banks, Insurance
Companies, Financial Institutions, Telecom companies, Corporate houses for handling
their Back office as well as Front Office functions.
Alankit Corporate Services is able to take care of their clients at multiple locations &
there by helping them to have a unified partner experience across the country with the
spread of 440 cities and 850 back offices.
Alankit Corporate Services is leveraging its PAN India presence & offer services to BFSI
& corporate industry houses in the area of:

Account Opening forms processing.

Address & Contact Point verification services.
Skip Client Tracing.
Front Office Management.
Cash Collections Counter Management.
End to End Collections Management including cash & cheques across the
Reconciliation Services.
Staffing Services.

Tele-calling Services.





Financial Services



Currency Derivatives




New pension scheme


Depository Participant

Mutual Funds


Institutional Equities


Wealth Management

e- Governance

Tin Facilitation Centre


CRA Facilitation Centre

National Skills Registry



Financial Services
Investment in equities may accrue handsome return if the associated risk is
managed and minimized by seeking expert advice and research. We at Alankit
are dedicated to ensure development of investors' literacy beyond just short term
trading and intraday trading.
We are increasingly widening the distribution network throughout the country to
attract retail investors to capital market. On the basis of sound reputation and
excellent contacts, we have attracted a sizable volume of retail, High Net worth
Individuals (HNI) and Corporate clients.
To provide a gateway to investors, traders, sub brokers and other participants for
trading in equities and derivatives, Alankit is presently having membership of all
major stock exchanges:

Cash, Future & Option (F&O) and

Currency Derivatives
Cash, Future & Option (F&O) and
Currency Derivatives
: Cash Segment

Present Trading Turnover is around Rs.30000 crores with average daily turnover
of Rs.200 crores.

Online Trading
Single screen for stock and commodity markets.
Real time streaming quotes/live market quotes and data.
Back office access for account statements, limits, positions etc.
Transfer of funds and control of money.
Hassle free trading and secure transactions.
Portfolio creation and market watch.
Value added information on fundamental and technical aspects of the


Alankit Advantages

Pan India Footprint.

Investment Advisory Services.
Online and Offline Transaction Facilities.
Attractive Brokerage.
Online Back Office Support.
Latest Market News and Views.
Trusted and Ethical Business Practices.
Dedicated Customer Helpdesk and Relationship Managers.

Assure you that trading in equities with us will make you more confident to meet
your investment needs and goals at all stages of life. Start investing early.


"Think -- Read -- Learn & Invest in Derivatives"
The term derivative indicates that its price is dependent upon or derived from
one or more underlying assets. The most common underlying assets include
stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates and market indices.
Futures contracts, forward contracts, options and swaps are the most common
types of derivatives.
Derivative is a contractual agreement between two different parties, where the
worth of commodity or the services offered, will be given to you by the other
person. The best help of this is - the risk gets minimized and transferred to both
the parties. So, derivatives are generally used to hedge risk.
Derivatives are also for speculative trading, where in you just speculate what
could be the possible cost of share or an asset. Apart from this speculation can
be done based on the volatility of the security/currency prices/interest rates.
Derivatives are good options to make money, but we need to be prudent while
using this form of financial investment. It can prove really beneficial to you,
however; if you do not make a good decision, it can also be the cause for a lot
of troubles. There are certain times it may do well for you, but the other time it
can fall flat on your face.

Our Services in Derivatives

Alankit is a Member of cash and derivative segments of all major Stock,
Commodity and Currency Exchanges in India:



Cash, F&O
Cash, F&O

NCDEX, MCX, NMCE and ICE Commodity




Alankit provides you a platform to enter the exciting markets of derivative

trading in stock futures, commodity futures, currency futures etc.


Currency Derivatives
Currency Future
Currency Future is a standardized foreign exchange derivative contract. All
Currency Future contracts are traded (buy or sell) on recognized exchanges.
Currency Futures are issued for standard quantity of one currency against
another currency on a specified future date, at a price specified on the date of
Currency Futures are marked-to-market daily. Investors can, by closing out their
position, exit from their obligation to buy or sell the currency prior to the contract's
delivery date.

Market Players
Currency markets have some of the highest volume (number of contracts) and
liquidity which attract individual day traders, trading companies, financial and non
financial companies, banks and governments. Smaller and affordable contract lot
size enables a large number of market players to participate in forex markets.
Broadly, there are four types of market players:

- to reduce foreign exchange risk.

- in the hope of making a profit.
to make profit from price differential in different
Arbitrageurs markets.
seek opportunities in volume, volatility and liquidity
in the market.

Currency Futures in India

RBI has permitted the recognized exchanges to offer following currency future


Japanese Yen (JPY)-INR
Pound Sterling (GBP)-INR

You can now invest across 4 currencies - US Dollar, Euro, Yen and GB Pound.
Open an account with us and enjoy an investment portfolio having a new asset
class, i.e. Forex. Alankit is member of following Exchanges for Currency Futures:

NSE Currency Derivatives

BSE Currency Derivatives
MCX'SX Currency Derivatives
USE Currency Derivatives


The year 2003 is a turning point in the history of commodity futures market
when a large group of prohibited commodities was opened up for forward
trading and new national commodity exchanges viz. MCX, NCDEX and NMCE
were established. Commodity trading is now available in agro products, metals,
oil and oilseeds, food grains, pulses, vegetables, fibres, spices, energy
products, polymers, petrochemicals, carbon credits etc.

Alankit Imaginations Limited

Our fast growing and profit making group company - Alankit Imaginations
Limited provides user friendly platform for commodity trading on all active and
major Commodity Exchanges:

National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX).

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX).
National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NMCE).
National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL).
Safal National Exchange of India Limited (SNX).
Indian Commodity Exchange Limited (ICEX).

Online trading
Real time price and trade data.
Convergence of all offers/bids in a single electronic order book.
Equal access to market intermediaries and participants.
Efficient and guaranteed clearing & settlement system.
Dematted warehouse receipt based delivery of underlying
Smaller lot & tick size enables retailers to participate in big way.
Online Trading in commodity futures has resulted in a phenomenal growth in
trading volumes and there exist significant trading and arbitrage opportunities

for informed market players.

Alankit is also initial member of Indian Energy Exchange. Alankit has a
secured terminal for putting bids/offers for sale and purchase of electricity.
Traders can trade electricity through the terminal.

Alankit Advantages

Nationwide Network.
Membership of all active Commodity Exchanges.
Online and Offline Transaction Facilities.
Attractive and Competitive Brokerage.
Investment Advisory Services.
Latest Market News and Views.
Trusted and Ethical Business Practices.


"An Arbitrage - A Free Lunch That Makes a

Profit without Risk."
Arbitrage refers to the opportunity of taking advantage between the price
difference between two different markets for that same stock, commodity and
derivative. Arbitrage is also an opportunity to lend securities to the market and
earn revenues.
Arbitrageur is the person who conducts and takes advantage of arbitrage in
stocks, commodities, interest rate bonds, derivatives and currency futures.
In India there are enormous Arbitrage opportunities between NCDEX and MCX
in commodities, between NSE - Cash and Future markets and BSE - Cash and
Future markets.
To be an Arbitrageur, one must have speed and accuracy on software,
immediate decision making ability, speedy numerical analytical skill,
concentration and patience.
To have Arbitrage business/trading, we provide training, infrastructure and
necessary assistance to the deserving clients and business associates.


Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA)

Alankit is a SEBI Registered Category-I Registrar and Share Transfer Agent
(RTA), commenced its business in 1996. Today, Alankit is rendering services to
over 250 corporate clients, which inter-alia consists of PSUs and public limited
companies. Alankit was the first Registrar to start providing electronic connectivity
with NSDL in the Northern parts of the Country. With the establishment of CDSL
Depository, it started providing the same services for CDSL depository also.

Role of RTA in Share Transfer System

Maintaining the entire record of securities transfer system with electronic

Replying to queries/complaints/enquiries from the investors/shareholders
and statutory bodies namely SEBI, CLB, Stock Exchanges, industry
Forums etc.
Processing and approving Dematerialization / rematerialization of
Reconciliation of securities held in the depository vis--vis physical
To provide beneficial owner data to the Corporate at periodical intervals.

RTA in Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Registrar is a key intermediary in IPO. Its role starts with the filing of
Sends Bankers Instructions and collect the subscription figures on daily
Processes applications after the closure of the issue within the prescribed
time to facilitate basis of allotment and credit of securities/ refund to the
investors accounts.
Takes care of investors' grievances at least for 6 months from the closure


of IPO.

Procedure and Process of Appointment of RTA

To sign MOU with RTA and obtain approval of Board of Directors to join the
To submit the duly filled up the prescribed Master Creation Form along with
Board Resolution, copy of M&A and copy of last 3 years annual reports.
To sign the tripartite agreement and other documents received from the
Depository. The depository obtains ISIN No. from SEBI and mention the
same in the tripartite agreement.
The depository activates the ISIN No. in RTA computer system and informs
all its depository participants details of the company along with ISIN No. &
address for sending certificates for dematerialization and request for
RTA and company receive request for dematerialization / dematerialization
After matching details from physical records, shares are transferred to
depository account along with necessary electronic communications for
crediting the securities in demat account of shareholders.

Advantages of Depository System

No need to preserve physical share certificates.

No fear of stolen shares/fraudulent and defective deeds.
Easy credit of shares from IPO, Bonus, Rights, Split, Consolidation etc.
Easy transfer / transmission / nomination facilities.
Readily available data for payment of corporate benefits and actions.

No hassles of change of address / bank mandate with each and every



The New Pension System (NPS)

The New Pension System (NPS) reflects Governments effort to find
sustainable solutions to the problem of providing adequate retirement income.
NPS is open for all resident & non-resident Indian citizens aged between 18
and 60 years who can enroll themselves into it to make valuable contribution for
post retirement income.
NPS is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority
(PFRDA) with transparent investment norms and regular performance review of
fund managers.
NPS Offers a choice of Investment options. Subscribers can choose
investment option as to how their pension wealth is to be invested.
Pension Fund Managers invest the pension wealth received from the
subscribers who have option to choose any one out of 6 funds managers
appointed by PFRDA. Shifting of PFM is permitted once a year.
National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) appointed as Central
Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) acts as an operational interface between
PFRDA and NPS intermediaries.
To enroll for NPS, submit the Registration Form to any of the Point of
Presence Service Provider ( POP-SP). After yourPermanent Retirement
Account (PRA) is opened, you will receive a Permanent Retirement Account
Number (PRAN)Card for future references.

Alankit- Point of Presence (POP) for NPS

Alankit, as Point Of Presence (POP) is the first point of interaction between
the voluntary subscriber and the NPS architecture. It takes care of functions
relating to :

Opening of NPS Account.

Registration of Subscribers.
Undertaking Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification.
Receiving Contributions and Instructions from Subscribers.
Uploading Data and Information to NPS Intermediaries.

Alankit is rendering POP services through its existing network of 1000 plus

branches that are acting as Point of Presence Service Providers (POPSP). Such POP-SPs are providing services like subscriber registration,
receiving regular contributions, modifications in address, nominations, bank
details, grievance handling and MIS uploading etc.


Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the event when an unlisted company makes
either a fresh issue of securities or an offer for sale of its existing securities or
both for the first time to the public. This paves way for listing and trading of the
issuers securities. The companies are launching more and more IPOs to raise
capital for part financing any or all of the following: setting up of new project,
expansion/modernization/diversification of existing activities, working capital
needs, merger and acquisition etc.
There are two types of IPOs:
Fixed Price IPO : where the company and lead manager fix a price.
Book Building IPOs : where the company and the lead manager stipulate a
floor price or a price band and leave it to market forces to determine the final
prices. These days, companies are coming with IPOs on book building process

How to apply in IPO?

When a company floats a public issue or IPO, it prints forms for application to
be filled by the investors. The duly complete application from, accompanied by
cash, cheque, DD or stock invest should be deposited before the closing date
as per the instruction on the form.
Another way is to apply online in an IPO. Online IPO is quicker and easier way
to invest in IPOs. It provides freedom from paperwork, convenient to transfer
fund for subscription and refund money from/to your bank account. Now you
need not to stand in long queues.

Online IPO Apply through Alankit

Alankit provides IPO distribution to its clients through offline and online
channels. Online IPO services are available to the existing registered clients.
To register yourself for applying online in IPOs, you have to open an online
account with us. Once your account is activated, you can freely apply online in

Alankit Advantages:


Nationwide Network for Distribution.

Online and Offline Channels.

Demat and Trading Facilities.
Timely Advice on IPOs.
Information, News and Data on Current and Forthcoming IPOs.
Experienced and Unbiased Advice.
Dedicated Customer Relationship Desk.


Depository Participant
"Enjoy the Double Benefits of Depository and Trading
Services from Alankit"
Depository concept was introduced by NSDL in 1996. When depository concept
was in its infancy stage in India, Alankit became the first Depository Participant
(DP) of NSDL outside Mumbai. Alankit made this new and innovative concept
accessible and comprehensible to investors/market participants and soon
became the leading DP operating from Delhi. Alankit is also one amongst the
initial DPs of CDSL.
Being a registered DP of NSDL and CDSL and a Trading Member of BSE, NSE
and Commodity Exchanges NCDEX, MCX and NMCE, Alankit offers risk free
and prompt trading and depository services. For providing hassle free and
paperless delivery instructions for sale of shares, NSDL Speed-e and
CDSL Easiest facilities are also being provided to a large number of our
registered users.

Basic Depository Services

Demat is a quick, convenient, secure and safer way of holding securities in
electronic (dematerialization) form instead of paper form . In Depository
System, securities such as shares, debentures, bonds, commercial papers,
units etc. are held in electronic form by the Depository.
Investors can avail following depository services by opening a Demat Account
with DP :
Conversion into electronic form of securities in
physical form.
Conversion to physical form of securities held in
demat account.
Clients can avail loan against securities in
electronic mode.
Corporate Benefits
Non cash benefits- bonus, rights etc are credited
into Demat account.
Transfer of Securities : Easy transfer of securities from one demat account
to another demat account.


Benefits of Depository Services

Elimination of risks of loss / theft / mutilation / forgery / bad
Immediate transfer of securities with no stamp duty on transfer and
easy nomination facility.
Less paper work, no odd lot problem, even one share can be
Change in address with DP gets registered with companies in
which investor holds securities electronically.
Automatic credit of shares arising out of bonus, split,
consolidation, merger etc.
Holding investments in equity and debt instruments in a single

Alankit Advantages
Access and view Information and demat statements online 24x7.
Hassle free automated pay-in of sell obligations of registered users.
Speedy settlement process resulting in increased liquidity of your
Free Quarterly holding statement of your investment.
Competitive transaction charges and statement of demand.
No charges for monthly 'Bill-cum-Transaction-cum-Holding-cumLedger' statement.
Instant credit of non-cash benefits like Bonus and Rights.
Efficient dematerialization, rematerialization and pledge process.
Wide branch network across the country.


Mutual Funds
Many risk averse investors are switching over from bank deposits, government
bonds and post office saving schemes to capital market instruments - equities
and debt instruments which generally provide good post-tax return with
reasonable safety. However, in absence of adequate understanding of markets,
they put their hard-earned money at risk. Here Mutual Funds appear.
Mutual funds are investment vehicles that allow investors to pool their money
for investment through professional fund managers who allot units in lieu of the
money. Appreciation/reduction in value of investments is reflected in Net Asset
Value (NAV), which is declared on regular basis.
There are a lot of schemes offered by various mutual fund houses - Equity
Funds (growth, income and sector funds), Debt Funds (fixed income funds),
Money Market Funds, Gilt Funds, ETF and balanced funds. These schemes
allow investors a diversified portfolio at low cost. Fund managers use their
expertise for researching and analyzing current and potential holdings.

Get Started
Mutual Fund is a simple, efficient, convenient and transparent way to invest in
stocks, bonds or other securities for retirement, education or other financial
goals. Mutual funds have easy liquidity units can be redeemed regularly. So,
you have decided to add mutual funds to your portfolio. Your next step is to
decide which funds to buy in the context of your overall portfolio. You can get
started with a little amount, even in monthly installments Systematic
Investment Plan (SIP).

Do Your Homework
Identify your future needs and set your financial goals.
Make regular investment in Mutual Fund schemes.
Inculcate the habit of saving and investment.
Set your risk-return profile depending upon your age, income and
risk appetite.
Always avail services of Financial Advisor.
Ask questions and demand full disclosure from advisor.

Alankit Advantages
An established and successful track record as a financial planner.
Dedicated Mutual Fund Desk and Advisors.
In-depth Research and analysis to help you select the right scheme.
Pan India Presence.
Schemes from all major Mutual Fund houses.
Availability of market information, data, news and views.
Unbiased approach to investors' investment horizon and risk-return
Client back office support, anytime, anywhere.


"Get Life Insurance for all those relations that you
cherish the most"
Life Insurance
Life insurance works by determining the health, lifestyle and risk of the insured
in order to determine the price of a premium to pay for the insurance policy. Our
insurance advisory services determine the benefits for a life insurance. When we
assist you, we make sure you get the right coverage from the insurers who best
fit your needs. We will help find the life insurance policy that is exactly right for
you- we assure you. To the inexperienced, obtaining the best quotes and finding
the most suitable policy can be quite a daunting prospect but our help is at hand.
By using our resources, you can arm yourself with the knowledge to give
yourself a basic grounding in the subject before contacting any firm directly.
Your insurance needs will change as your life does, from starting to work to
enjoying your golden years and all the stages in between. Each one of these
stages may pose a different insurance needs and cover for you and your family Term Insurance Policies; Whole Life Insurance Policies; Unit Linked Insurance
Policies (ULIPs).

General Insurance (Non-Life Insurance)

Insurance is a contract between two parties whereby one party agrees to
undertake the risk of another in exchange for consideration known as premium
and promises to pay a fixed sum of money to the other party on happening of an
uncertain event (death) or after the expiry of a certain period in case of life
insurance or to indemnify the other party on happening of an uncertain event in
case of general insurance. Such uncertain events are fire, burglary, theft, loss
or damage to the property, goods, machineries, domestic appliances etc.

Alankit Insurance Advisory Services

When you need Insurance
Free advice and consultancy for your insurance needs.

Analyze Risk-Return Trade off - maximum benefits with reasonable

Arrange suitable and customized insurance cover/quote from
insurance companies.
Comparative analysis of insurance companies and their insurance
Explain scope of cover and pricing of the policy.
Portfolio Creation and market watch.
Negotiation by expert and experienced professionals with insurance
Relationship Managers for single window interface.
Providing holistic approach to mapping, modeling and mitigating
Deep and through identification of risk to control the chances &
impact of occurrences.
Claim Settlement by a team of professionals and other services with
value added advices.
Reminders for renewal and endorsements.

When you need your claim Settled

Assist in effective claims negotiation and speedy settlement.
Provide guidance at the time of loss by deputing immediate
Assist and coordinate with surveyor at the time of losses.
Assist and coordinate with departments for preparation of claim
Assist the department for preparation of claim papers.
Update clients of latest insurance news and laws.
Explaining scope of cover and pricing of the policy.
Time bound and prompt claim settlements.
Liaison with Third Party Administrators for claims & cards queries
on behalf of client.
Seek and arrange advice of expertise, wherever and whenever
Controlled login ID to nominated members of corporate.
Online claim status and analysis.

Risk Financing & Transfer

As insurance brokers, we transfer your risk to any of the insurers
operating in India


Institutional Equity
"We Make Money after We Make Money for You"
As a leading financial service provider and a Trading Member of BSE and NSE,
both for Cash and F&O segments, we have the expertise and experience in
equity research to help our clients successfully achieve their investment
Our equity researchers, credit analysts and portfolio managers extend their
internal research capabilities and support investment decisions. Through
institutional equity research, they focused on industry-focused equity, company
valuations, forecasts and industry dynamics.
Alankit's institutional equity research teams use their expertise and extensive
experience in trend analysis, fundamental and technical analysis, timely stock
picking, arbitrage opportunities, stock and sector specific research and various
economic variables.
Our dedicated sales, trading and specialized strategists work together to
provide you with the latest market views, themes and opportunities.
Over the years, Alankit has developed business relations with high networth
clients, corporates, professionals, industrialists and various other business
tycoons with whom we interact in meetings, conferences and other business
To meet challenges of volatile and dynamic market opportunities, all our
activities are process driven with a focus on latest technology in IT and
Alankit has invested over Rs. 200 millions in the State of the Art Technological
infrastructure for providing online information with accuracy and transparency
without any manual intervention.


Alankit - PMS Framework

In today's complex financial markets, successful investing demands time and
expertise. As financial complexity expands, managing own investments can
become a daunting task. Given the scenario, Portfolio Management Service
(PMS) offers ideal vehicle to investors looking for specialized investment
At Alankit, with an objective of ''creating wealth for client in a sustainable,
consistent manner with 'Safety First' principle'" approach, we offer feebased discretionary investment advisory services.

Investment Philosophy

Focus on 'Preserving Capital'.

Value oriented buy and hold investment style.
Buy stocks with large margin of safety.
Focus on Absolute return rather that Relative return.
Stock specific selection procedure based on fundamental research.
Disciplined Investment Process to minimize risk.

Investment Horizon
Our PMS is ideally suited for investors with medium to long term time horizon.
We believe that the long term horizon will allow the stock price to reflect the
underlying intrinsic value of the companies besides negating impact of shortterm volatility.
Our PMS has one of the lowest fee structures in the industry besides being
totally performance driven, i.e. the fees will be charged only after the client
makes money.

Research Framework
High quality company at reasonable price.


Reasonable quality company at cheap price.

Special Arbitrage situations resulting from spin off, M&As, Buybacks etc.
We invest across Large, Medium and Small capitalization companies.
We invest across industries.

Wealth Management
Indian society has a love and hate relationship with wealth. But majority of us
spend our entire lives attempting to get it, without understanding the nature of
money or how it works. Effective timing and expert advice is essential to
maximize wealth and gain handsome returns.
Alankit understands your financial needs, long term goals and investment
horizon and risk appetite. It implies that our investment experts, financial
analysts, economic researcher and tax planners provide you unbiased advice
and recommend financial planning products and strategies for wealth
maximization and preservation to fulfill your needs, priorities and dreams at
each stage of life.
We offer wide range of financial services and solutions encompassing
investment in equities, commodities, precious metals, portfolio management,
mutual funds, pension schemes, insurance products, bonds, structured
products, financial planning and tax planning for HNIs, retail, corporate houses
and financial institutions.
Regular research, review and valuation need time, energy, technology and
resources. True wealth means having control over your time. Our experienced
and expert Wealth Managers guide you for achieving financial independence
with minimum risk and maximum return so that you can free yourself from
anxiety that money management can cause.
We firmly believe in strong, trusted and lasting relationship with our clients.
Hence, our wealth managers always endeavor to provide you the most
trustworthy and reliable advice and solution by using state of the art technology.
Alankits ultimate aim is to empower you financially.


How We Do
Understanding financial needs and objectives of clients.
Effective and efficient investment advice.
Maximizing wealth with emphasis on health.
Building a planned and performing portfolio.
Delegating day to day dealing to Relationship Managers.
Building long term relationship based on fair and transparent

What We Do
We have added advantages by customizing our products and services in all
spectrum of financial sector to help you grow, manage and protect your
wealth and meet your financial goals at our single window:
Depository Services
Financial Planning
Structured Products
Retirement Plan (New Pension

Portfolio Management
Mutual Funds and IPOs
Tax Planning
Fixed income products
Alternate Asset Class

Our Strengths
Our business is built on exceptionally strong, trusted and lasting relationship
with our clients. Each customer is unique for us and we have unique
discovery process to identify his/her financial responsibilities and ambitions.
Full-service & professional guidance through a single window
Gateway to an array of high-quality investment solutions
A platform to execute and share business ideas and strategies
Proven wealth management, creation and advisory services
Highly motivated, experienced and trained team of
researchers, analysts and planners
We focus not only risk and return or growth and preservation of wealth; we
pursue multiple goals and strategies that work for health and wealth of our


e- Governance
Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information
and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced
technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and
effective for clients.

Tin Facilitation Centre

National Securities Depository Limited on behalf of Income Tax
Department on India (ITD) has established tax information Network
(TIN), a repository of nationwide Tax related information. TIN is a
initiative by ITD for the modernization of the current system for
collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes using
information technology.
TIN System
TIN has three key sub-systems:Electronic Return Acceptance and Consolidation System
which consists of an infrastructure for interface with the taxpayers (a
nationwide network of TIN-Facilitation Centers i.e. TIN-FC) and a webbased utility for upload of electronic returns of Tax Deduction at


Source (TDS) & Tax Collection at Source (TCS) and Annual Information
Return (AIR) to the central system of TIN.
Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)
for daily upload to the central system, the details of tax deposited in
various tax collecting branches across the country.
Central PAN Ledger Generation System (CPLGS)
which is the central system that consolidates for each PAN:

Details of tax deducted/collected on its behalf (TDS/TCS) which

is obtained by matching the TDS/TCS returns submitted by the
detectors/collectors with the tax deposit (challan) information
from the banks,

Details of the tax deposited (advance tax/self assessment tax)

directly by the taxpayer with the bank,

Details of major expenditure by the PAN holder from the AIR

filed by specified entities.

Services through TIN-FC

Through its network of TIN-Facilitation centers all over the
country, TIN offers the following services:

Acceptance of electronic and physical TDS/TCS Returns.

Processing of new PAN and PAN change request applications.

Processing of new TAN and TAN change request applications.

Acceptance of AIR.

Registration by a PAN holder for viewing its Annual Tax

Statement (Form 26AS).

Quarterly Statement Status - Deductors can access details of

their statements including financial details through the TIN-FC
who has uploaded their statements. Acceptance of e-TBAF


Filing income tax returns has always been a very tedious process in
many people's minds. Filling the long and complicated forms, standing
in queues for getting the return filed, and then eventually finding out
that the timings have ended, and you need to visit Income Tax Office
yet again.
To make things convenient, the Income Tax Department (ITD) has
launched a new scheme for improving interface with the taxpayers.
This scheme titled "Electronic Furnishing of Return of Income Scheme,
2007" enables authorized intermediaries to electronically file Income
Tax returns on behalf of the taxpayers. This scheme is available to any
taxpayer who is assessed or assessable to tax.
ALANKIT has been appointed as an e-Return intermediary for
accepting income tax returns from the taxpayers who are liable to file
their income tax returns. As an e-Return intermediary Alankit provide
services to taxpayers across the country to file income tax returns
The Income Tax Department is keen to encourage e-filing of IT returns
by all taxpayers in view of the following benefits to taxpayers:

Anywhere-Anytime Filing

No long queues

No Personnel Interface

Quick Processing

Accurate data in return

As e-Return Intermediary we ensure:

That the assessee has quoted a correct and valid permanent

account number or tax deduction account number.

That the particulars of advance tax, self assessment tax and tax
deducted at source are in accordance with the documents

Ensure accuracy of the data entry while transcribing the return

of income and during its transmission.

Provide to the assessee a paper copy of the e-return submitted

by e-intermediary and the acknowledgement receipt.

Maintain confidentiality of the information that comes to his

possession during the course of implementation of this scheme
and shall not part with any such information to anyone, except
with the prior permission of the assessee or the assessing

Alankit has successfully executed electronic filing of Income

Tax Returns (e-Return) for :

Indian Air force

Indian Navy


Garden Reach

Allahabad Bank


Tata McGraw-Hill Education




CRA Facilitation Centre

National Security Depository Limited (NSDL) was appointed as the
Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) by the Pension Fund Regulatory
& Development Authority (PFRDA) for Central / State Government
employees covered under the New Pension System as well as for the
employees of unorganized sector.
NSDL, in turn, appointed two Central Record Keeping Agency
Facilitation Centers (CRA-FC) on all over India basis to provide the
services to the employees of Central / State Government /
Unorganized sector through its various offices across India.
The applications for allotment of Permanent Retirement Account
Number (PRAN) are being received from the DDO / PAO at Alankit
Facilitation Centers for the employees of the Central / State
Government who have joined the services with the Government on or
after 01.01.2004.
The New Pension System runs on contributory basis where both the
parties i.e. employees and Government deposit their share in the
pension scheme simultaneously every month. The funds are invested
by the Fund Managers as per the choice of the subscribers. In case of
unorganized sector subscribers, the applications are being received
from Point of Presence Service Provider (POP-SP). The amount
subscribed by the applicant is invested by the Fund Managers as per
the choice mentioned in the application.


National skills registry

Indian IT and ITeS industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing
exporting industry in the Indian economy. The industry thrives on the
confidence it enjoys among the clients across the globe. NASSCOM is
continuously introspecting to find out the areas in which the Indian
industry and governance structures and practices that need to be
improved to keep its global clients satisfied and increase the noneconomic competitive barriers and keep India's lead.
NASSCOM has taken up several initiatives. It has conducted research
to identify gaps in the legal structure between India and other major
client countries. It identified the gaps and established among the client
countries that gaps are insignificant and also made recommendations
to our government wherever amendments were required. It has
helped Police system in India to build capacity to monitor cyber safety
by educating the police personnel. NASSCOM is working on several
such initiatives which are sure to enhance confidence and
competitiveness of Indian IT Industry.
One of the major concerns that global clients at present have is that
the personal and private information of their citizens is being handled
by persons employed by Indian IT industry and that IT industry does
not know them well. The Indian industry has met this concern by
engaging third party entities to conduct background check of persons
selected to be employed in the IT industry. The practice of background
check is quite expensive. Whenever employee moves from one
employer to the other within the industry, every next employer spends
time and effort on the same background check again that is a wasteful
expense. Further, employers do not have time and wherewithal to
counter check the quality of back ground check done by back ground
checking agency. In order to reduce the time and effort in conducting
the back ground check and to meet these limitations in the back
ground checking process, industry has approached NASSCOM and it
has taken the lead by creating National Skill Registry i.e.
Point of Service (POS) appointed by NSDL Data Management Ltd.
(NDML) will scan fingerprints, photograph and signature of ITP and


upload the same to NSR system. POS will have a mobile set up that
can be installed in the office of the employer so that ITP can save time
in completing this formality. The system will issue a unique
identification number to ITP. The uniqueness is determined based on
the comparison of fingerprint properties registered for other ITPs in
the system.


Aadhar Project also known as UID

The Aadhar Project, a big part of the national e-governance plan in
India, earlier known as Unique Identification Number or UID aims
to make our welfare systems more accessible and fair to every citizens
of India. For this purpose, the Government of India (GOI) has
constituted the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which
will provide every resident, a unique identification number that will
serve as a universal proof of identity, allowing residents to establish





This ID will be assigned on the basis of the uniqueness of the

resident's biometrics. Accordingly, the fingerprint and iris-related
biometrics of each resident will be captured. This will enable to
correctly establish the identity of an individual by linking the UID
number to the demographic and biometric information. The Authority
envisions is to issue a unique identification number (UID) that can be
verified and authenticated in a cost-effective manner, and that is
robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities. The UIDAI
would ensure that residents across India in accessing the benefits and
services that are meant for them. Moreover, this unique number would
thus be critical to the government achieving its goals of social justice


The widespread implementation of the UID project needs the reach

and flexibility to enrol residents across the country. To achieve this,
the UIDAI proposes to partner with a variety of agencies and service










Alankit as an Enrolment Agency aims to help every citizen of India with

its wide network of 1275 branches spread across 623 cities. At Alankit
we intend to be a part of a truly historic exercise, which will elevate
service delivery in India. Our dedicated team of experts in every
branch will help in enrolling citizens for UID with high standard of


The project is to check the risk profile of investors and how to increase the
market potential of ALANKIT ASSIGNMENTS LTD. So to analyze the
marketing research some important findings have been obtained about the
Indian investors and Indian investment organization. Most of the Indians are
aware about high risk and high return. So it is necessary that government
will encourage to investors to invest in Market.
Some important findings are that the women are defensive investors and
small investors want to invest their money in banks or post offices. But after
research it has found that the current economic situation and government
role people are attracting towards market investment.
Investment related organization should be transparent and they should be
less flexible .Government should guide to people about the investment
Organization and investment options .Because people are very conscious
about the government approval organization. Because they are ready to take
the risk if government is ready to prevent or sustain them.
ALANKIT ASSIGNMENTS LTD. has a great opportunity to increase their
market potential especially in this market situation. Most of the branded
broking agencies are coped by security exchange board of India due to their
illegal works and scams related to IPOs.
ALANKIT ASSIGNMENTS LTD. has a unique brand name who assures to
people about the transparent work and obtaining their belief.


Since the project is related to assess the risk profile of investor and how to
increase the market potential of ALANKIT ASSIGNMENTS LTD.. So
every precise aspect like risk taking, influencing factors of investment
Organization government role, age, sex income factors have been analyzed.
Since the problem is related to investors profiles. Market potential of
ALANKIT ASSIGNMENTS LTD therefore some Recommendations are
being putted for improvement.
Investors (especially lower and middle income group should invest
some percent of their income in stock market or mutual fund.
Investment related organization should be transparent and they should
guide to see the mentality of investors like attacking investors or
defensive investors
Government should monitor the stock market closely and they should
provide some guide to investors about investment