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Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

The Red Mountain football staff will have in place a well-rounded yearlong strength, speed and conditioning program. This program will be intertwined in order to help develop the athlete in the safest and quickest way. This program is critical to the success of the Red Mountain football program. Athletes who are physically superior to their opponents greatly increase their opportunities to win and greatly decrease their risk of injury. Working out together also builds team unity and morale. Furthermore, our strength program is designed to help players turn their maximum level of potential into performance. The program is comprehensive, meanin g that it is designed to facilitate the improvement of a football athletes explosive strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and conditioning. The program is partially football specific, designed with the football player in mind. Strength Training is periodized based on NSCA formulas and percentage assigned. There will be (4) phases to this program. Each is essential to the development of young people and the success of our team. 1. In-Season (Aug-Nov) a. This will be a maintenance + routine: i. Bench Press/Towel bench ii. Deadlifts/Hang Cleans/Power Cleans iii. Parallel Squat/Box Squat iv. Push Jerk v. Hang Snatch/overhead Squat (Flexibility) b. Few Axillary Lifts, We want to do just enough to not lose any of our Max strength in our core lifts. 2. Winter Training (Jan-Feb) a. This 8 Week session will be for Muscle Hypertrophy: i. Core lifts ii. 15-8 Reps at 67-80% of our 1RM iii. Create new muscle b. Lots of Axillary lifts during this session, lots of reps as well. 10+ each set 3. Spring Training (Mar-May) a. This 6 week session will focus on Maximal Strength gains: i. Core Lifts ii. 10-4 Reps at 75-90% of our 1RM iii. Increase neuron recruitment in muscle to increase strength iv. First Max at the end of this cycle. 4. Summer Training (June-July) a. This cycle will focus primary on creating explosive power i. Core Lifts ii. 5-3-1 Rep model at 85+% of our 1RM iii. Plyometric exercises are incorporated into workout. iv. Second Max at the end of this cycle b. Conditioning Cycle i. Four day a week football specific conditioning schedule ii. Linear and Directions agilities work iii. Speed Development iv. Old School Conditioning and Team work v. Combine style testing (40yrd, 10yrd, 5-10-5, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and 300yrd Shuttle) vi. Pre-Camp Conditioning Test (16) 110yrd timed Sprints.

Program Time Line and Lifting Progression

Year 1 Freshman Year

Summer Freshman Year
Register for Summer Strength Camp Intro to Core Lifts Bench Press Back Squat Dead Lifts First Recorded Maxes (Baseline)

Freshman Fall Semester

Freshman Spring Semester

**Register for 6th Hour Freshman Football***Do not register for a Weight Training Class* **If possible please register for PE 76 Weight Training will start Mid February Weight Training for this semester only. All Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6:15-7:30am other weight training will be done held Introduction of Hang Cleans during camps Advance Max Progression by 12% (12%) Advance Max Progression by 12% (25%)

Year 2 Sophomore Year

Summer Sophomore Year:
Register for Summer Strength Camp Morning Weight training Introduction to Agility and Speed Introduction of Overhead Lifts Advance Max Progression by 12% (40%)

Sophomore Fall Semester:

Lifting will take place 2 days a week Thursday and Saturdays Core lifts and Light Conditioning

Sophomore Spring Semester:

Register for Winter Strength Camp Resister for Spring Strength Camp All lifting after school 4 days a week Introduction to Push Jerks Advance Max Progression by 12% (76%)

Advance Max Progression by 12% (57%)

Year 3 Junior Year

Summer Junior Year:
Register for Summer Strength Camp Morning Weight training Introduction to Power Cleans Advanced Agility and Speed Advance Max Progression by 12% (97%)

Junior Fall Semester:

Junior Spring Semester:

Register for Morning Strength Camp Register for Winter Strength Camp Monday and Wednesday 6:15-7:30am Resister for Spring Strength Camp Core Lifts at 80% or higher and Plyometrics All lifting after school 4 days a week

Advance Max Progression by 12% (121%)

Advance Max Progression by 12% (147%)

Year 4 Senior Year

Summer Senior Year:
Register for Summer Strength Camp Morning Weight training Advanced Agility and Speed Final Max in Program Advance Max Progression by 12% (177%)

Senior Fall Semester:

Register for Morning Strength Camp Monday and Wednesday 6:15-7:30am Core Lifts at 80% or higher and Plyometrics

Program Max Progression

Over cours e of 4 yea rs the objecti ve of our s trength a nd condi ti oni ng i s to i ncrea s e our overa l l ma x s trength by 12% ea ch tes ti ng cycl e. Lea di ng to a n overa l l i ncrea s e i n s trength nea r 200% of our ori gi na l ma xes duri ng our fres hma n yea r.

* Freshman Fall Semester you must register for 6 th Hour AA Athletics Freshman Football class. ** Depending on class load it is recommended that you register for PE 76 Fall semester freshman year only. This would give yo u 2 PE credits this semester and 4 core classes. No other electives can be taken. *** Please do not register for a regular PE class, only 6th Period AA Athletics Classes. All PE Credits should be AA Athletic.

The following guidelines will be observed during each workout: 1. The coaching staff will supervise each workout. Coaches will be maintaining a safe and conducive workout environment. 2. No horseplay 3. Work hard every rep, set, workout, day, month, season, year. 4. Players will complete the Red Mountain Strength and Conditioning workout, not their own workouts. 5. Attendance and performance records will be closely monitored and displayed. 6. Players will be expected to be on time, ready to work, and appropriately dressed (RUNNING SHOES & SCHOOL COLORS). 7. The players will abide by all weight room rules. These rules are not put in place to hinder the athlete, but to keep him safe. 9. The weight room is our life blood. In this very room, the foundation of next season will be laid. No cracks gentlemen. 10. Use this time to bond, and grow as a team, a player, and a family. These are your brothers. 11. GET BIG!!! 12. BUT MOST IMPORTATNLYHAVE FUN DOING IT!

Key Elements of Productive Training

Intensity: The prime aspect of a successful training program. In order to achieve goals an athlete must have training passion rather than just getting through the workout. Consistency: Remaining consistent throughout a training program, before, during and after workouts. Preparing the body to train with good eating habits, proper rest and recovery as well as training with a high level of intensity day in and day out. Accountability: Being accountable to teammates to show up each day with a high level of intensity and mental readiness. Also being accountable to yourself for lack of intensity and poor eating and recovery habits. Mental Toughness: Training hard each and every day is not easy, neither is being a champion. In order to reach goals you must be mentally ready to compete each workout and mentally strong enough to push through.

Sport Nutrition The value of a proper diet and good nutrition has become increasingly important in athletic performance. Good nutrition is essential for maximizing performance in athletics. Food provides us the energy to train and the building blocks to grow. The hard training athlete must be properly fueled if they are to reach their physical potential. Consistent eating patterns and attention to a balanced diet will provide you with all the benefits of good nutrition. The following information will assist you in making good choices on a daily basis. Proper nutrition and weight control is a lifelong habit, teach yourself proper guidelines now! Balanced Diet
A balanced diet consists of: Carbohydrates: 65% of daily caloric intake Fats: 15% of daily caloric intake Proteins: 20% of daily caloric intake

Do not skip meals! This will result in reduced energy levels, late day overeating and will lower your Basal Metabolic Rate. EAT BREAKFAST! It is important to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Breakfast gives you the energy to start your day. Skipping meals to lose weight is counterproductive. You should eat at least 3 meals per day, preferably 4-5 smaller ones. If you skip breakfast your body will have gone without nutrition for 18 hours. This is not conducive to hard training. Water is the most neglected nutrient . Fluid is very important to the hard training athlete. Water makes up 65-70% of the muscle. Muscles will not be able to function properly if they are dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids prior to, during and following any athletic activity. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Athletes should drink a minimum of 6-10 12 ounce glasses of water per day. Supplements are just that, SUPPLIMENTS. They are meant to supplement your existing diet. Do not use Protein shakes as meal replacements, you them as supplements to a well-rounded meal. The best time to use protein is 30-60 minutes post exercise at 20-25 grams. Please consult a doctor before starting any supplement regiment as they affect individuals differently. Also take supplements as directed.
**Use Red Mountain Quick Reference Guide to promote muscle growth and increase performance**