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The Glutathione Advantage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

We know that exercise, rest, proper nutrition and having regular medical exams promote
wellness and with early detection of disease, the opportunity for cure is greatly enhanced.

As scientists develop their understanding of our miraculous immune system, more and
more research is being done to promote welness at the cellular level. To date, over 80,000
articles have been published on glutathione in medical literature.

One of the major keys to obtaining true health is through optimizing the immune system.
Researchers at Immunotec have pioneered the work using natural substances to raise
glutathione, critical for the optimization of the immune system.

It was the discovery of glutathione’s importance in optimizing your body’s first line of
defense – your immune system - that led to the development of immunocal. The presence
of glutathione is required to maintain the normal function of the immune system.

Without glutathione, our immune system could not function, and as

glutathione levels drop, our ability to ward off disease also declines,
says Dr. Gustavo Bounous, one of Immunotec’s leading medical researchers,
who has called glutathione “the master anti-oxidant”

How glutathione works.

Every day your body must handle the effects of aging,
pollution, environmental toxins, processed foods, stress,
infection and disease, all of these significantly diminish
glutathione levels.

As glutathione levels are diminished in the body, the immune system becomes sluggish,
is compromised and is unable to mount a defense against every day viruses and
infections. It can also lead to chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and heart

Glutathione helps to address a range of illnesses by preserving the overall health of cells
and tissues through the elimination of free radicals and countless toxins that can damage
our cells and cause a range of health problems. Glutathione is also involved in the
regeneration of new healthy cells.

When the immune system is at its peak, you can feel better, have more energy and the
quality of your life is enhanced. What’s more, it helps to slow down the aging process.
Immunocal and immunocal platinum are the leading natural health products, patented and
scientifically proven to help cells more efficiently manufacture recommended levels of
glutathione in the body for optimum health.

Experience the benefit of an optimally functioning immune system with immunocal and
immunocal platinum, your defense against disease. Protect yourself.

Glutathione: An Essential Health A.I.D.

Even cells in the healthiest of individuals need constant replenishment of glutathione
supply. There are four all-important roles that glutathione plays in the body.

A.I.D. = E
. Antioxidant
. Immune Booster
. Detoxifier
. More Energy!

The Master antioxidant

Antioxidants participate directly in the destruction of reactive oxygen compounds

commonly called “free radicals”. Much like exposed steel being destroyed by ‘rusting’ or
a perfectly sound apple, ‘rotting’ away when its skin is partly removed.

Among the source of free radicals are:

* Mental stress * Physical stress

* Aging * Toxins
* Radiation * Infection
* Poor diet * Chronic disease

Free radicals have been linked to everything from muscle fatigue during exercise to
premature aging.

Not only is glutathione the most essential antioxidant your body produces, but all other
antioxidants that we may get from our diet require the presence of glutathione to function
properly. This is why Dr. Bounous refers to glutathione as the “Master Antioxidant”.

Food for the immune system

The immune system is our main defense against infection and disease. A steady supply of
glutathione is critical for you immune system’s responsiveness. The front-line soldiers of
your immune system called the ‘white blood cells’, depend on glutathione for their proper
and continued functioning. As glutathione levels fall, we become increasingly open to
A natural detoxifier
The air that we breathe and the food that we eat are becoming increasingly more
contaminated with toxins and pollutants. Glutathione counters these effects by either
neutralizing them or physically binding to many compounds to eliminate them from our

Increased Energy!
Our energy levels are a result of many factors - everything from the biochemical
reactions taking place within our cells, to muscle function and even our sense of well-
being. Glutathione enables the mitochondria (the ‘batteries’ of our cells) to remain fully
charged, enhancing the muscle strength and endurance. Multiply you energy level with
Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum.

Benefits of Glutathione
•Strengthens your immune system
• Naturally increases your energy level
• Cleanses your body at the cellular level
• Protects you from environmental pollution
• Helps to slow the aging process

Give Your Body What It Needs

Glutathione is essential for so many critical
functions, but unfortunately eating glutathione will
not raise the glutathione levels in your cells.

Glutathione must be manufactured within your cells.

While there are synthetic ways to increase
glutathione levels such as the drug NAC
(n-acetyl-cysteine), the levels of the side effects and
the duration of action are such that its long-term
effectiveness is limited.

Glutathione is made up of three amino acid building

blocks: glutamic acid, glycine, and cysteine. Through our diet we receive plenty of
glutamic acid and glycine, but cysteine is harder to obtain. Eating pure cysteine as a
supplement is also largely ineffective and can make you feel ill.

Immunocal delivers “bonded cysteine” or cystein that is part of a larger protein, allowing
for its easy absorption and transfer into our cells. This “cysteine delivery system”,
devised by Dr. Bounous and his team at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, coupled
with a unique and proprietary manufacturing process, resulted in the development of
Immunocal contains natural proteins isolated from milk, but only negligible amount of fat
and lactose. Even lactose-intolerant individuals usually tolerate Immunocal well and can
feel free to use it safely.

Over the past 30 years, numerous clinical and experimental

studies have been conducted on Immunocal using the highest
scientific standards. Each study was submitted and accepted
by an independent medical journal for publication, setting
Immunocal apart from most other natural health products.
Research remains the foundation behind Immunocal.

What’s more, testimonial evidence from the many satisfied

customers in a dozen countries confirms what science has
been able to prove: Immunocal Works.

For more information: Google: Gustavo Bounous, click on: You Tube – Dr. Gustavo
Bounous, and enjoy the video.

“I am a leukemia survivor. I went from death’s door to remission

by God’s grace. But as I recovered, for seven years, I couldn’t
regain the strength to live normally.
Then a friend introduced me to Immunocal. Within the first week of
taking it, I knew that something was changing in my body. By the
end of the first month, I was off the couch and living seven full
days every week. After six years on Immunocal, I am still going
strong! I am so grateful that someone cared enough to tell me
about Immunocal…it has truly changed my life.”

-Pat Bush, Gold Distributor, Oakridge, NJ

No, I am not driving a Sprint car… at least not yet - I leave

that up to my son! However, after taking Immunocal for only a
few weeks I am now able to wring out a dish cloth again,
something I was not able to do anymore. I have been suffering
from arthritis in my hands and wrists quite badly for a number
of years. I used to take Brand Name pain killers for my
arthritis. They did help some, but on busy days I would have to
double my dose, now I am almost pain free and I can move my
hands and wrists much more freely.

Styn Hoekstra, new distributor, Vernon, BC

Tested and Proven
Immunotec is dedicated to the research and marketing of products that have received the highest approval
from the scientific community. The company’s products are the result of over two decades of medical

Behind Immunotec and Immunocal is a stellar team of researchers and doctors in the fields of natural
supplements, immunology and aging. This team includes world-renowned scientists Dr. Gustavo Bounous
and Dr. Wulf Droge, who are recognized as the top in their fields of study. Joining them is glutathione
expert Dr. Jimmy Gutman and a team that insures that Immunotec’s products are tested and proven to give
you the benefits you want and need.

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