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Judul/Title: THE SAYINGS OF MAHATMA GANDHI Penulis/Author: Mahatma Gandhi Penerbit/Publisher: Graham Brash Singapore Edisi/Edition: 1984 Halaman/Pages: 99 Dimensi/Dimension: 13x 18.5 x 0.5cm Sampul/Cover: Paperback Bahasa/Language: English Call No.: 180/Gan/s/C.1 *** Although Gandhi denied the sainthood that others pressed upon him, and claimed to be no more than a practical realist with less than average ability, there has never been any doubt in the minds of millions of his admires that he was somehow a man of another ordermore sensitive, more aware, more highly conscious than even the most gifted of men. He brought to the world the priceless gift of a new hope for its salvation through nonviolence; a concept far from nebulous and ineffectual, as his countrymen were to discover in their struggle for India's independence. But to understand Gandhi and the influence he was to become India, South Africa and the world at large, one must come to terms with some of the more complex aspects of his creed - Ahimsa, Satyagraha, and his devotion to the Bhagavadgita. This book is selection of Ghandi's sayings, arranged in an order of progression so that his his idea and philosophy become more accessible to the reader wishing to develop a broader understanding of | katalog buku agama hindu this remarkable man, who, for many, remains the greatest mortal of this country. Labels: AGAMA HINDU, TOTAL KOLEKSI

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Judul/Title: ONENESS Penulis/Author: Rasha Penerbit/Publisher: Earthstar Press Edisi/Edition: 2003 Halaman/Pages: 405 Dimensi/Dimension: 22.5cm Sampul/Cover: Paperback Bahasa/Language: English Call No.: 294.5/Ras/o *** IN UNPRECENTED DIVINE REVELATIONS ONENESS GIFTS HUMANITY WITH AN ASTOUNDING NEW VISION OF WHO WE REALLY ARE-AND WHERE WE'RE HEADING In February 1998, Rasha began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, "Oneness" -- the Divinity we all share. As Oneness guided her step-by-step through the agonies and the exultation of an experential voyage to God-realization, Rasha painstakingly documented the principles that lay the foundation for a new level of understanding of the phenomenon we call "life". These pages hold belief-shattering insight into the changes that are silently shaking the fiber of our lives and our world. Here we learn how reality is manifested vibrationally, and how our emotional responses set the stage for drawing life experiences to us. We learn to recognize the sign and symptoms of the ascension process -- the shifting of our awareness to accelerating levels of reality -- and how to harness its potential. Filled with astounding metaphysical concepts and catalysts for change. Oneness speaks in a voice that is non-technical, and in the same | katalog buku agama hindu breath, indescribably loving and personal. This book takes us to the outer reaches of our own humanness and to the depths of the Divinity within. Reading it becomes a sacred, experiential journey that leaves the reader empowered with timeless tools for real transformation and a clear roadmap of the inner path to enlightment. Labels: AGAMA HINDU, TOTAL KOLEKSI

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50 SPIRITUAL CLASSICS, Tom Butler-Bowdon

Judul/Title: 50 Spiritual Classics Penulis/Author: Tom Butler-Bowdon Penerbit/Publisher: Bhuana Ilmu Populer Edisi/Edition: I, 2005 Halaman/Pages: 399 Dimensi/Dimension: 15 x 22.5 x 2.5 cm Sampul/Cover: Paperback Bahasa/Language: Indonesia Call No.: 210/Bow/s/C.1 *** 50 Spiritual Classics merupakan kaleidoskop inspirasi yang mengajak pembaca untuk menjelajahi gagasan para pemikir besar spiritual. Dalam buku ketiga dari trilogi yang dimulai dengan buku pemenang penghargaan 50 SELF-HELP CLASSICS, Tom Butler-Bowdon menyimpulkan perjalanan pemenuhan diri dengan mengeksplorasi literatur tentang penemuan diri, pencerahanm dan tujuan hidup. 50 Spiritual Classics berisi ulasan tentang 50 buku besar yang bisa memperkaya pikiran dan menyembuhkan jiwa, berasal dari berbagai abad, benua, tradisi spiritual dan keyakinan sekuler. Labels: AGAMA BUDHA, AGAMA HINDU, AGAMA ISLAM, AGAMA KRISTEN/KATOLIK, TOTAL KOLEKSI | katalog buku agama hindu



Judul/Title: THE ESSENTIAL GITA: 68 KEY VERSES FROM THE BHAGAVAD GITA Penulis/Author: Penerbit/Publisher: Mandala Publishing Edisi/Edition: 2004 Halaman/Pages: 95 Dimensi/Dimension: 11cm Sampul/Cover: Hardcover Bahasa/Language: English Call No.: 294.5/Man/e *** From Gandhi in the East to Emerson and Thoreau in the West, accomplished writers, reformers, poets and intellectuals the world over have turned to the Bhagavad Gita for mystic insight and inspiration. Like the Tao te Ching or the Dhammapada, its timeless wisdom remains surprisingly fresh and relevant. The Essential Gita culls together some of the most potent verses from this enduring classic, addressing provocative subjects like birth and death, desire, leadership and yoga. From the path of right livelihood to the ocean of unconditional love, the sage advice offered within these pages imparts invaluable teachings on life and how to live it. Labels: AGAMA HINDU, TOTAL KOLEKSI | katalog buku agama hindu



Judul/Title: BHAGAVAD GITA, THE SONG OF GOD Penulis/Author: Mahatma Gandhi Penerbit/Publisher: Grange Books Edisi/Edition: 2002 Halaman/Pages: 127 Dimensi/Dimension: 21cm Sampul/Cover: Paperback Bahasa/Language: English Call No.: 294.5/Man/b *** Mohandas Gandhi was a Hindu from birth and consequently always had a copy of the Bhagavad Gita close by. However it was not until he was a law student living in England that he gained a firm grasp on its real meaning. It was this deeper meaning which would guide him in all he was to do. Labels: AGAMA HINDU, TOTAL KOLEKSI | katalog buku agama hindu



Judul/Title: 5 STEPS TO AWARENESS: 40 KEBIASAAN ORANG YANG TERCERAHKAN -- KARYA TERAKHIR MAHAGURU SHANKARA, SAADHANA PANCHAKAM Penulis/Author: Anand Krishna Penerbit/Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama Edisi/Edition: I, 2006 Halaman/Pages: 162 Dimensi/Dimension: 11 x 16 x 1 cm Sampul/Cover: Paperback Bahasa/Language: Indonesia Call No.: 204/Kri/s *** Saadhanaa Panchakam adalah karya klasik yang banyak dirujuk oleh penyelam kedalaman, penimba makna, dan pencari kebenaran. Karya terakhir Mahaguru Shankara ini memaparkan lima langkah menuju pencerahan dan empat puluh kebiasaan orang yang Tercerahkan. Selami karya ini dan songsong pencerahan Anda! Labels: AGAMA HINDU, TOTAL KOLEKSI

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