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SECTION 15/1/3

PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 DESCRIPTION: A. The Work under this Section consists of furnishing and installation of all pipe, duct and equipment insulation and accessories as indicated on the drawings and as specified herein.


REFERENCES: A. ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials ASTM B !" ASTM $ %&' ASTM $ %% ASTM $ %%, ASTM $ /0 ASTM 1 2& ASTM 1 "/ B. and 6uct *nsulations, 7ow Temperature.. (S 44-*-% ,$ (S 44-*-%%01 (S 44-*-%%2B *nsulation Block and #ipe $o8ering Thermal -$alcium Silicate, (or Temperatures up to !!o(.. *nsulation Block and Boards, Thermal $ellular +lass. *nsulation, Blocks, Blankets, (elts, Slee8ing -#ipe and Tu)e $o8ering., and #ipe (itting $o8ering, Thermal -Mineral (i)er, *ndustrial Type.. Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and #late. Mineral (i)er #ipe *nsulation. $ellular +lass Thermal *nsulation. Mineral (i)er Blanket and (elt *nsulation -*ndustrial Type.. Mineral (i)er Block and Board Thermal *nsulation. Surface Burning $haracteristics of Building Materials. Water 3apor Transmission of Materials.

(S - (ederal Specification (S 44-B-0!!B Barrier Material 3apor -(ire 5etardant, 5einforced for #ipe

(( 44-*-0'%09,A *nsulation Slee8ing, Thermal, #ipe $o8ering -$ellular +lass.. (S SS-$-0/!A $ements, *nsulation Thermal : *nt. Am-0

(S WW-4-0'06 4angers and Supports, #ipe. $. ;(#A - ;ational (ire #rotection Association ;(#A %% 6.
0%> 0-,

Surface Burning $haracteristics of Building Materials.

<7 - <nderwriter=s 7a)oratories


Mechanical *nsulation

<7 ' , 1.3 SUBMITTALS: A.

Test for Surface Burning $haracteristics of Building Materials.

#roduct 6ata? Su)mit manufacturer=s technical product data and installation instructions for each type of mechanical insulation. Su)mit schedule showing manufacturer=s product num)er, @-8alue, thickness, and furnished accessories for each mechanical system requiring insulation. Samples? Su)mit manufacturer=s sample of each piping, duct and equipment insulation type required. AffiA la)el to sample completely descri)ing product. $ertificate of compliance.

B. $. 1.4

TRANSPORTATION, HANDLING AND STORAGE: A. #rotect insulation against, dirt, water, chemicals and mechanical damage )efore, during and after installation. 6amage prior to final acceptance of work shall )e repaired or replaced at no additional cost.


WARRANTY: A. Su)mit written guarantee signed )y the manufacturer, and the contractor, agreeing to replace defecti8e material or workmanship within 0 year of date of su)stantial handing o8er.


!UALITY ASSURANCE: A. (lame9Smoke 5atings? #ro8ide composite mechanical insulation -insulation, Backets, co8erings sealers, mastic and adhesi8es. with flame spread indeA of % or less, and smoke de8eloped indeA of %! or less, as tested )y ASTM 1 2& -;(#A %%. method.

0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation

PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.1 GENERAL: A. All insulation systems, including Backets and adhesi8es, shall )e fire rated with a maAimum permanent flame spread rating of % and a smoke de8eloped rating of %! as per ASTM 12&. *nsulation shall ha8e a thermal conducti8ity rating -@-8alue. of approAimately !.!,% W9m@.


PIPE INSULATION: A. +lass (i)er #ipe *nsulation? 5igid preformed glass fi)er insulation for chilled water piping shall conform to ASTM $ %&', Type *, /& kg9mC density, thermal conducti8ity of !.!, W9m o$ maA. at & o$, with factory-applied and all-ser8ice 8apor seal Backet, (S 44-B-0!!B, Type *, laminated aluminum foil and glass cloth pro8ided with self-sealing lap. *nsulation thickness for chilled water piping shall )e as shown on drawings. All eAposed piping shall ha8e aluminum cladding $ondensate 6rain #ipe *nsulation? ArmafleA9*sofleA type foam ru))er insulation, ! mm thick, with adhesi8e as specified )y the manufacturer. *nsulation shall )e installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer=s recommendations. $ircumferential )utt Boints must )e glued and 8apor-sealed. 7ongitudinal sections shall )e o8erlapped and glued firmly at the )utt edges. Weatherproof #ipe Dackets? (or eAternal pipe work, pro8ide !./! mm thick em)ossed aluminum cladding, with longitudinal seams and )utt Boint strips with weatherproof mastic adhesi8e. #iping *nsulation Adhesi8e? *nsulation and piping Backet adhesi8e, 8apor )arrier coating and weatherproof mastic shall )e of the type recommended )y the insulation manufacturer.





DUCT INSULATION: A. Mineral-(i)er Blanket Thermal *nsulation -*ndoor 6uct.? +lass fi)ers )onded with a thermosetting resin complying with ASTM $ %%,, Type *3, & kg9mC density, thermal conducti8ity of !.!,/ W9m o$ maA. at & o$, with factory-applied (oil 5einforced @raft -(5@. 8apor )arrier. (leAi)le glass fi)er )lanket insulation shall not )e less than % mm thick. *nsulation for (leAi)le 3aporseal 6uct? +lass fi)er )lanket, ASTM $ %%,, Type *, 0/ kg9mC density, minimum ,2 mm nominal thickness. *nsulation shall )e sheathed with a 8apor )arrier ha8ing a maAimum permea)ility of !.! perm as per ASTM 1 "/. 3apor Barrier? (S 44-B-0!!, Type *. Material shall )e flame resistant and shall not support mold growth. @itchen 1Ahaust 6uct *nsulation? 5ockwool )oard insulation with aluminum foil 8apor )arrier conforming to ASTM $ /0 , Type *B, not less than 0!! kg9mC density, minimum %! mm thick .


$. 6.


E!UIPMENT INSULATION: A. *nsulation shall )e the type and class as recommended )y the manufacturer. *nsulation shall )e faced or Backeted.

0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation


PIPING INSULATION A. B. All insulation shall )e applied )y eAperienced personnel in accordance with the manufacturer=s instructions and current good practice. All pipes to )e insulated shall )e inspected and cleaned )efore applying adhesi8e and the insulation. All possi)le precautions shall )e taken to protect work of other trades including the use of protecti8e co8ering. All equipment and material shall )e returned to its original new condition and appearance where damage occurs due to omission of, or improper protection. ;on-flamma)le adhesi8e shall )e applied o8er entire piping and insulation shall then )e applied o8er the adhesi8e. All Boints shall )e )utted and sealed )y minimum '% mm wide (5@ type self adhesi8e tape. ;ame plates and stamping shall not )e co8ered )y insulation. All piping shall )e tested, inspected and appro8ed prior to application of insulation. All piping whether or not specified to )e insulated, in locations su)Bect to condensation shall )e insulated and 8apor sealed. #iping or surfaces su)Bect to condensation shall )e insulated including 8apor seal. <nions, flanges or eAposed fiAture connections shall )e insulated. *nsulation on pipes shall )e continuous through slee8es. *nsulated pipe shall )e protected from crushing at supports. 0. . ,. #ipe shall rest on a painted, hot rolled steel insulation protection saddle, centered on the hanger. 3apor )arrier shall )e continuous through hangers. #ipe shall )e co8ered at hanger with a section of white, rigid, hydrous calcium silicate insulation or treated hard wood, wired on, of some thickness as adBacent insulation. (inish on insulation shall )e can8as em)edded in, coated and Boined with adBacent insulation Backet to form an un)roken 8apor )arrier.


6. 1. (. +. 4. *.

&. D.

(astenings? $o8ering shall )e fastened with aluminum )ands at midpoint and at ends of sections. Adhesi8e shall )e applied on eAposed risers to pre8ent slipping and returning. At )utt ends of pipe or insulation, Backet material shall )e pasted o8er eAposed ends and )anded to gi8e a neat and finished appearance. 1Aposed fi)erglass material shall not )e permitted. *nsulation shall )e pro8ided on all circulated piping requiring insulation and Edead legE )ranches )uried on masonry. #ipe penetrations shall )e designed so that a minimum opening remains after installation. Such openings shall )e effecti8ely sealed to pre8ent passage of rodents, 8ermin, fire, smoke and liquid. Where insulated pipe or duct passes


7. M.

0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation

through such openings, pro8ide for continuous insulation through the opening in addition to sealing the open space. ;. *nsulated piping outside or inside the )uilding eAposed to mechanical a)use from normal equipment maintenance procedures shall )e pro8ided with aluminum sealed Backet. 0. . All sections and Boints shall )e lapped at least % mm aluminum strapping. 1l)ows shall )e molded on a mitered fi)rous glass, aluminum Backeted as supplied )y the same manufacturer, of matching design to the straight run Backet. #ro8ide easily remo8a)le aluminum Backets around 8al8es and flanges.

,. F.

All pipe insulation shall )e applied in sectional form where required )y the 1ngineer. When the use of segmental form is necessary, segments shall )e of such construction as to fit properly the cur8ed surfaces to which they are applied. #ro8ide thermal hanger shields at hanger points of insulated piping as appro8ed. Where flame-retardant 8apor )arrier Backet is specified, either field applied adhesi8e at laps or self-sealing laps shall )e accepta)le. Seal piping Boints with minimum '% mm wide self adhesi8e (5@ type tape. All eAposed piping shall )e pro8ided with aluminum cladding o8er the insulation using (oster "%-&& or appro8ed equal sealant for Boints and seams.

#. G. 5. S. 3.2

INSULATION OF PIPE FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES A. +eneral? *nsulate all siHes of fittings, unions, flanges, strainers, traps and 8al8e )odies with the same type of insulation as specified for the piping system and as specified hereafter. #iping (lange *nsulation 0. Fn all pipe lines where flanged Boints occur, install a short piece of co8ering neAt or the flange on )oth sides of the Boint, so that pieces may )e remo8ed and the )olts taken out of the Boint without distur)ing the co8ering on the remainder of the pipe line. Fn pipe lines where the flanges are to )e co8ered flange co8er shall, where possi)le, )e made up of sectional pipe co8ering in two hal8es. (or flanges too large for sectional occurring, the co8ers shall )e )uilt in the field with a wire mesh reinforcement to which the insulating material shall )e firmly fastened. The outside 0, mm of the flange co8ers shall )e composed of cement. These flange co8ers shall )e composed of cement. These flange co8ers shall also )e made up in two hal8es. The thickness of the co8ering on the edge and sides of the flange shall )e at least equal to the thickness of the pipe line co8ering.




APPLICATION OF DUCT INSULATION A. +eneral? *nsulate all airconditioning supply and fresh air ductwork. The return ducts shall )e insulated where passing through a non-airconditioned area or

0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation

ceiling space not used as return air plenum. Fnly eAperienced workmen shall install insulation. *nsulation shall )e installed as per insulation manufacturer=s instructions and SMA$;A standards. All surfaces shall )e tested, cleaned, inspected and appro8ed prior to the application of insulation. Work of other trades shall )e protected during insulation installation. Stick-clip, where utiliHed, shall )e applied on )asis of 0 per square meter for all ducts with minimum dimension %%! mm or greater. B. 6uctwork requiring insulation shall )e lagged as follows? 0. . ,. &. %. $. ;on-flamma)le adhesi8e shall )e applied o8er entire duct. *nsulation shall then )e applied to adhesi8e. All Boints shall )e )utted and sealed )y minimum '% mm wide (5@ type self adhesi8e tape. *nsulation shall )e cut at el)ows and shaped to duct. All Boints shall )e taped and secured with supplementary 0! gauge copper wire as required. $orner metal angles shall )e furnished and installed at all corners.

*nsulation? 0. . ,. &. ;on-flamma)le adhesi8e shall )e applied o8er entire duct and fleAi)le duct insulation shall then )e wrapped o8er adhesi8e. All edges shall )e )utted and lapped. *nsulation shall )e cut at el)ow to match shape of duct and shall )e secured with supplementary 0/ gauge copper wire or tape as required. All eAposed ducting shall )e pro8ided with aluminum cladding o8er the insulation using (oster "%-&& or appro8ed equal sealant for Boints and seams.


(leAi)le duct insulation shall )e installed around all areas of registers, grilles and diffusers to pro8ide a continuous 8apor )arrier at all inlets and outlets.


APPLICATION OF E!UIPMENT INSULATION A. B. <nless otherwise specified, insulation thickness of equipment shall )e as per manufacturer=s standard. All 8apor Backets shall ha8e Boints o8erlapped -minimum %! mm o8erlap sealed with adhesi8e..

0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation


3apor )arrier Backets shall )e applied with a continuous, un)roken 8apor seal. 4angers, supports, anchors, etc., that are secured directly to cold surfaces shall )e adequately insulated and 8apor sealed to pre8ent condensation. All end co8ers, access plates, handholes, etc., shall )e remo8ed for ser8ice without distur)ing the insulated equipment. ;ameplates shall not )e co8ered. *nsulation shall )e tightly )utted, with Boints staggered, and secured with minimum 0/ gauge wire or 0 mm A ,2! mm gal8aniHed steel )ands on maAimum ,!! mm centers for large areas. Welded studs, clips, or angles shall )e pro8ided as requires for wires and )ands.


0%> 0-,


Mechanical *nsulation