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SECTION 15/1/7

00000000 PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 DESCRIPTION: A. 1.2 The Work shall consist of furnishing and installation of all pipe expansion joints as required, or as shown on the drawings and specified herein.

REFERENCES: B. EJ A ! Expansion Joint EJ A EJ A anufacturer"s Association

#ractical $uide to Expansion Joints. %tandards of expansion Joints, &'(0, )th Edition.


SUBMITTALS: *. +. #roduct +ata, .anufacturer"s technical product data, including installation instructions for each t/pe of expansion co.pensation product. %hop +rawings, .anufacturer"s asse.-l/!t/pe shop drawings for each t/pe of expansion co.pensation product, indicating di.ensions, weights, required clearances, and .ethods of asse.-l/ of co.ponents.


WARRANT : E. written guarantee signed -/ the .anufacturer and the *ontractor, agreeing to replace defecti0e .aterial or work.anship within & /ear of date of su-stantial handing o0er.


!UALIT ASSURANCE: 1. EJ A *o.pliance, *onstruct expansion co.pensation products in accordance with standards of the Expansion Joint anufacturer"s Association 2EJ A3.

"" PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.1



#ipe Expansion Joints


$eneral, A-sor- expansion in -ends, swing joints, expansion joints, and offsets. All piping .ains, -ranches and run outs shall -e installed to allow for free expansion and contraction without de0eloping leaks or undue stressing of pipe or equip.ent.

2.2 B.

BELLOW T PE JOINTS: $eneral, #ro0ide -ellow t/pe joints where indicated for piping s/ste.s, with pressure5te.perature ratings to suit intended ser0ice. %elect joints to pro0ide 6007 a-sorption capacit/ of piping expansion -etween anchors. All expansion joints shall -e factor/ tested to &)07 of .axi.u. rated pressure for &6 .inutes -efore ship.ent. 8u--er -ellow t/pe joints shall -e peroxide cured E#+ throughout with .anufacturer9s standard tire cord reinforce.ent, single or dou-le -ellows as applica-le for the t/pe of expansion joint. Expansion joints for copper pipes, 6: and s.aller shall ha0e -rass threaded ends, and 6!&56: and larger shall ha0e interlocked ductile iron flanges. Expansion joints for steel pipes, 6: and s.aller shall ha0e ductile iron threaded ends, and 6!&56: and larger shall ha0e interlocked ductile iron flanges. *ontractor shall pro0ided calculations the selected expansion joints for the appro0al of Engineer -efore ordering the .aterial. PIPE ALIGNMENT GUIDES: +. $eneral, #ro0ide pipe align.ent guides on -oth sides of Expansion joints, and elsewhere as indicated. *onstruct with ;!finger spider tra0eling inside guiding slee0e, with pro0isions for anchoring to -uilding su-strate. $uides shall -e constructed with steel -ase and T!-ar with teflon or graphite plates -onded to the steel co.ponents to allow .ini.u. static friction and self ! lu-rication for unli.ited .o0e.ent. <nits shall -e factor/ painted. $uide -ase shall -e welded to the pipe.





EXPANSION JOINTS: 1. $eneral, #ro0ide expansion joints where indicated or required for piping s/ste., with .aterials as .entioned a-o0e for -ellow t/pe joints.


Exa.ine areas and conditions under which expansion co.pensation products are to -e installed. +o not proceed with work until unsatisfactor/ conditions ha0e


#ipe Expansion Joints

-een corrected in .anner accepta-le for installation. 3.2 EXPANSION JOINTS: B. $eneral, =nstall expansion joints where indicated, and elsewhere as deter.ined -/ the *ontractor for adequate expansion of installed piping s/ste.. =nstall in accordance with .anufacturer"s instructions. #ro0ide pipe anchors and pipe align.ent guides as indicated, and in accordance with .anufacturer"s reco..endations. Align units properl/ to a0oid end loading and torsional stress.


EXPANSION COMPENSATION FOR RISERS AND TERMINALS: *. $eneral, <nless otherwise indicated, install connection -etween piping .ains and risers with at least ) pipe fittings including tee in .ain> install connections -etween piping risers and ter.inal units with at least ; pipe fittings including tee in riser.



#ipe Expansion Joints