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INT. WAGSTAFF SCHOOL - AFTERNOON TINA is putting a book in her locker before gently shutting it. She places the book in her backpack as she hears a disco-themed song playing in the background. TINA (to herself) Huh? I wonder where this music is coming from. Tina walks closer to the sound as she hears laughing and grunting from the music rehearsal room. She peeked behind the door, watching JIMMY JUNIOR and ZEKE. Jimmy Junior is dancing to the music while Zeke is cheering him on. INT. CLASSROOM - AFTERNOON ZEKE Come on, Shimmy Jimmy! Boogie it up! JIMMY JUNIOR I’m doing it, Zeke! I’m dancing like it’s seventy-seven! ZEKE Pounce out! Jimmy Junior leaps forward, landing on his feet as he continues to dance. Tina decides to walk in the classroom. TINA Hey, Jimmy Junior! Zeke. What is all of this for? The music is suddenly turned off by Jimmy Junior, putting his attention toward Tina. JIMMY JUNIOR It’s for the upcoming dance competition on Saturday. ZEKE He’s been dancing his butt off! JIMMY JUNIOR Too bad it’s a two-person competition. Otherwise, I’d win by a long shot.


TINA Two-person, you say? ZEKE Boy thinks he could get away with one, but he ain’t gonna. TINA Maybe I can be your partner, Jimmy Junior. Look no more. JIMMY JUNIOR (sighs) How well can you balance? TINA Well, it fluctuates. Why do you ask? JIMMY JUNIOR Because I was just wondering if you could doJimmy Junior twirls himself in a circle, grabbing Tina by her waist to dip her, lowering her backwards toward the ground. Tina looks up at Jimmy Junior with admiration in her eyes. TINA Wow. ZEKE Whoa! He’s like an angel! That boy is a keeper! Seconds later, Jimmy Junior then lifts her back up with a small smile on his face. TINA It was like flying on a magic carpet, except I was lying on my back... Well, on your hand. JIMMY JUNIOR Wow, Tina, I have to say that was impressive balancing you have there. TINA You think so?


JIMMY JUNIOR I mean, for a novice, that’s great! TINA (mumbling) Well, I did say I wasJIMMY JUNIOR (interrupting Tina) It doesn’t matter. You’re hired. ZEKE He’s like Donald Trump! Except he’s hirin’ and not firin’! TINA Oh! Well, okay then! So, where would we meet? JIMMY JUNIOR Tomorrow after school. They’re using this room for some recital rehearsal and we can’t be in here. TINA That sounds good. Maybe I can show you more tomorrow. ZEKE Yeah, girl! Shake that money maker! Tina gives a blank stare at Zeke. She then turns to Jimmy Junior, smiling. TINA Then I’ll see you tomorrow! JIMMY JUNIOR Yeah, see ya! Tina waves goodbye to Jimmy Junior as she walks out of the classroom. She looks around for anyone coming her way. TINA (soft-spoken) Score.

4. EXT. WAGSTAFF SCHOOL - AFTERNOON GENE and LOUISE are waiting for Tina to walk out of the doors. They are sitting on the stairs, looking down at the concrete with bored expressions on their face until they hear Tina walk out. LOUISE What took you so long? GENE Yeah, we’ve waited like fifteen minutes for you! TINA I just got a little bit sidetracked. GENE (sarcastically) Oh, I know that feeling. I used to get lost in the school hallways a lot, too! Sometimes, I’d get myself lost in the janitor’s closet for no reason! Tina, Gene, and Louise start walking home from school. Along the way, they continue the conversation. LOUISE Yeah. Gene’s bad sense of direction almost makes up for his bad diet. GENE My diet is good enough and you know it! Tell that to dad! TINA Anyway, I might be able to get myself closer to Jimmy Junior this time. LOUISE So what? You’re going to try to stitch yourself to him? GENE Nothing says "I love you" more than pulling a Frankenstein! TINA I’m just saying that I might be able to get on Jimmy Junior’s good side.


GENE Spice up your love life by giving him speech lessons! LOUISE Yeah, or vest shopping! TINA But I like his vest! LOUISE Yeah, from the seventies! GENE If you’re into that kind of stuff. TINA Well, there’s an upcoming dance competition and we’re in it to win it. LOUISE We’re? TINA We as in Jimmy Junior and I. The kids approach the restaurant as they continue to talk along the way. GENE Aw man! I had this whole mad situation you could do while in the dance competition, and now it’s flushed down the toilet! Way to be a buzz kill, Tina! INT. BOB’S BURGERS - AFTERNOON Tina, Gene, and Louise walk in the restaurant as the bell chime sounds. BOB is handing a plate with a burger and fries to TEDDY while LINDA is wiping the tables. The Burger of the Day is "You Shroom Be Dancing". LINDA Hi, kids! TINA Hey, mom! You’re not going to guess what happened after school today!


LINDA Ooh! Tell me! Mommy wants to know! LOUISE Tina’s setting herself up with disappointment once again! LINDA Oh? What do you mean by that? GENE She’s got bitten by the love bug again! And now she has a rash. Gene starts screaming out of nowhere, running to hide under the table. Louise backs up as well. LOUISE She’s infected! BOB Gene, Louise. Tina’s not infected. (to Gene) And get from under the table. We have customers in here. Teddy doesn’t necessarily panic, but he knows Bob was talking about him. TEDDY How do you know she’s not infected? BOB Being bitten by a love bug isn’t even real. It’s not an actual insect. TEDDY Oh, but they are! They just don’t bite is all. BOB Then why are you afraid of them? TEDDY The way they always stick to one another. It’s like they’re mating. BOB Not in front of the kids, Teddy. LINDA So, sweetie, what’s going on?


TINA There’s going to be a dance competition on Saturday, and Jimmy Junior asked me to be his dance partner. He didn’t give me all of the details, but he told me this was a big deal. LINDA Aw, my baby’s going to be a dancing queen! LOUISE And since this is a big deal for him, I can pretty much tell the Belcher family failure rate will be off the charts! BOB Louise. LOUISE But it’s true! LINDA I’m sure you’re not going to fail at this, honey, and if you do, it’s probably not going to be as bad as the past. GENE Yeah! I’m predicting around a C+ for this dancing! LOUISE Maybe a curve if you’re lucky. TINA I’m sure the dance theme is from the disco era. You know, the seventies! TEDDY I remember when I used to wear my dance pants back in the day. There was a lot of chafing on my inner thighs. Those were the worst. I may still have it somewhere in my closet. Might show up in it sometime.


BOB No one needed to know that. And please, don’t wear it if you do find it. TEDDY But, I’m not kidding! You try wearing them for a day. BOB (overlapping) No, Teddy. I’ll pass. EXT./INT. WAGSTAFF SCHOOL - MORNING Tina runs up to Jimmy Junior who is on his way to class, looking down at a piece of paper, studying for a test. She catches up with him as she strikes up a conversation. TINA Hey, Jimmy Junior! I was just wondering if you still remembered that I was your dance partner for the upcoming competition. JIMMY JUNIOR (reading papers) Uh, yeah, Tina. I’m aware of that. TINA It’s just that I’ve been thinking about it all night andJIMMY JUNIOR (still reading papers) Do you think we can talk about this after school? I mean, we do have a test inZeke comes from behind, wrapping his arms around Tina and Jimmy Junior’s shoulders. He grins as he looks at the two. ZEKE Whassup broskis? How are we doin’ this morning? TINA (slightly annoyed) We were doing okay until you showed up.


ZEKE It’ll get better! Anyway, about that dance competition... JIMMY JUNIOR Not now, Zeke. We have a history test this morning. ZEKE (surprised) Crap! That’s today? JIMMY JUNIOR Yeah, you didn’t pay attention again, did you? TINA Yeah, Zeke. Maybe if you paid closer attention, then none of this would be happening. ZEKE Ah, whatever. I can just go with my gut. Works like a charm! As Tina, Jimmy Junior, and Zeke continue to converse with each other, TAMMY walks the opposite way, approaching them. TAMMY Move out of the way, dorks! This dancing queen is coming through! Tammy shoves Tina and Zeke on each side of her, strutting along the hallway. TINA Oh hi, Tammy! Glad to see your confidence this morning! Tammy turns around to the sound of Tina’s voice. TAMMY What’s that? I don’t speak Dorkanese! JIMMY JUNIOR Wait, you’re in this dance competition too? I had no idea. After Jimmy Junior asks about Tammy in the competition, she approaches the three.

10. TAMMY Pfft. Well, duh! Don’t you see a true dancer when you see one? And here you are, as the dancing king, and he can’t even notice his queen! JIMMY JUNIOR (confused, raising an eyebrow) Since when was I your dancing king? TAMMY Agh, forget it! Well, then who is your so-called "dancing queen?" JIMMY JUNIOR She’s standing right here. TINA Hi. TAMMY Tina is your dance partner? Tammy starts cracking up laughing rather loudly. At least it would make it easier for me to win this competition! JIMMY JUNIOR Well then, I wish you and your partner the best of luck, whoever that may be. TAMMY Thanks. Though... I don’t exactly have a partner yet. I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to find the perfect one. TINA Isn’t today the deadline to sign up for the competition? TAMMY Wait, what?! JIMMY JUNIOR She’s right. Today is the last day to sign up, and you’re supposed to have a partner. Tammy screams, frantically looking for the closest guy to claim as her partner. She notices Zeke, and clings his arm, dragging him to her.

11. TAMMY You. Me. Partners. Dance competition. Got it? ZEKE Uh... Comprende? TAMMY Good! Meet me here. Today! After school! If not, then I’m screwed, and I’ll tell everyone about that one time you wet your pants during P.E. because you thought you saw me naked! TINA You wet your pants during gym class? ZEKE (embarrassed) Ah, shut it! TAMMY See you two nerds on Saturday! Because you’ll be swept off the dance floor by me and Zeke! Tammy walks away from the three. Zeke blinks a few times, and then he breaks the silence. ZEKE I have no idea what just happened. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - AFTERNOON Tina and Jimmy Junior are walking alongside with each other. TINA So, how do you think of Zeke dancing with Tammy in the competition? JIMMY JUNIOR I don’t know. I’ve never thought Zeke would actually be up for it with the number of sugar and adrenaline rushes he has in a week. TINA Do you think he may be able to, I don’t know, beat us?


JIMMY JUNIOR Honestly, not a chance, but who knows? He may have a secret weapon or some hidden dance move I’m not aware of. TINA You’re not mad? JIMMY JUNIOR Competition motivates me. TINA But... This dance competition means a lot to you. Don’t you want to win? JIMMY JUNIOR I do, but- Here we are. Tina and Jimmy Junior walk in a dance studio place called "Dance Dance Rehearsalution". INT. DANCE DANCE REHEARSALUTION - AFTERNOON Jimmy Junior takes a key from the key hanger, walking to his dance studio. He unlocks the door, opening it as the room exposes numerous mirrors and a plugged in stereo and some chairs alongside. JIMMY JUNIOR Well, here we are. Tina is fascinated when Jimmy Junior claps his hands twice, which triggers the lights to turn on. TINA Wow, your hands are like magic! Let me try! Tina claps her hands twice, turning off the lights. She claps them again, turning the lights on. This goes on a few more times until Jimmy Junior interrupts her. JIMMY JUNIOR Alright, Tina. That’s enough. TINA Oh, okay.

13. EXT./INT. TAMMY’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON Tammy’s room is surrounded by pastel colored walls, stuffed animals, a neatly made queen sized bed, a big closet, many pictures of herself, along with her friends, a kitchen area, a makeup studio, and everything else a thirteen year old girl could dream of. TAMMY Okay, make yourself at home. If you need anything from the fridge, take whatever. Not too much. Just make sure you clean up after yourself. ZEKE Okie dokie, artichokie! TAMMY I’ll be right back. I need to slip into something more comfortable. ZEKE Oh? TAMMY Not that comfortable. Don’t touch my stuff! Tammy walks into the big walk-in closet, shutting the door behind her. Zeke walks up to the refrigerator, taking out a juice box. He walks his way to a bean bag chair, sipping on the juice box. He looks around the room with amazement. ZEKE (to himself) Whoa, this girl is loaded! She has like ten times the stuff I do! Maybe twenty. And this juice hits the spot. Zeke sips the last amount of juice, crunching up the juice box with one hand, aiming it toward the garbage can, throwing it, except he missed it. TAMMY (V.O.) You better not be making a mess in there! After hearing her voice, Zeke runs to pick up the squished up juice box, tossing it into the nearby garbage can before Tammy opens the door. She strikes a pose. Okay, I’m ready! PAN UP: TAMMY IN A BABY BLUE TANK TOP AND FITTED KNEE PANTS

14. Zeke takes some time to take it all in, blinking as he looks at her. ZEKE (under his breath) Whoa. TAMMY Hello? Eyes up here! She snaps her fingers a few times, snapping Zeke back into reality. ZEKE Oh, sorry, Tam Glam! TAMMY Whatever. Just shut your trap and follow me. Tammy grabs Zeke by the hand, walking to the dance studio right next to her room. She opens the door to her dance studio, which is the door in the back of her room. INT. TAMMY’S DANCE STUDIO - AFTERNOON ZEKE I had no idea you had your dance studio! TAMMY It was present for my eighth birthday. I was taking ballet lessons at the time, and I used to have a private instructor until I decided that ballet wasn’t really my thing. ZEKE Everything’s so shiny! Even the mirrors have never been touched! Zeke slowly reaches his hand for the mirror until Tammy slaps his hand away. TAMMY And you’re not going to change that! Tammy walks with Zeke to the middle of the dance floor. She takes a second to look at him, noticing that his posture is way off. She grunts lightly, walking over behind him to fix his posture. She then walks in front.


Okay, now put your hand here and your other hand on my waist. Zeke looks down on Tammy placing her hand in his, and putting his other hand on her waist. ZEKE Okay? TAMMY Always give eye contact. Don’t look away. Focus on me, and make sure not to step on my feet. Got it? ZEKE Yes, ma’am, I do! TAMMY Good. Follow my lead. Tammy leads Zeke into a soul-like Latin dance, leading Zeke as he follows her moves. He starts off smoothly, but then ends up stepping on Tammy’s foot! Ow! What did I tell you? ZEKE My mistake. Tammy looked away, slapping her hand to her face as she groans in agony. TAMMY This is going to be a long week. Suddenly, a loudspeaker interrupts her dance session. It is TAMMY’S MOM trying to reach her. TAMMY’S MOM (V.O.) Honey, are you there? Tammy walks over to the loudspeaker, pressing a button. TAMMY What is it, mom? TAMMY’S MOM (V.O.) Dinner’s ready! I made lasagna! TAMMY Ugh, not now, mom! I have company over!

16. TAMMY’S MOM (V.O.) Oh, and bring your little boyfriend with you! There’s enough for everyone! TAMMY (to herself) Ugh, mom, he’s not my boyfriend! He’s my dance partner! (out loud) I’ll see you whenever! Tammy turns off the loudspeaker, walking back to Zeke. ZEKE You have loudspeakers too? TAMMY Let’s just get lasagna. ZEKE Hell yeah! Tammy and Zeke walk their way out of the dance studio. INT. BELCHER APARTMENT - DUSK The Belchers are all sitting in the living room complex, making conversation. Bob and Linda are sipping on wine, Tina is sitting in-between Bob and Linda on the couch while Gene and Louise are sitting on the floor, munching on potato chips. LINDA Alriiight! Family bonding time! What’s on everyone’s mind! Bobby, let’s start with you! BOB (hesitant) You know I’ve been working all day, right? LINDA Yeah, but what happened when I went to the grocery? BOB I don’t know, Lin. I’ll pass. GENE Louise made a kid trip at lunch today.


LOUISE And it was a lot of fun! LINDA Aw, that poor kid. TINA I got to dance with Jimmy Junior after school today. LINDA Ooh! TINA It was like I was the Baby to his Johnny Castle. Now no one’s going to put me in a corner. LINDA Aww! Linda pours in more wine into her glass, placing down the bottle as she takes a sip. BOB You’re dancing with Pesto’s kid in a dance competition? TINA The grand prize is a thousand dollars cash. BOB Okay then, go for it. LINDA So, where is this dance party headed? We want to support ya! TINA It’s at Studio Nine Times Six! LINDA Oh my god! I love that place! I remember when your father and I were young and in love, we would go to Studio Six Times Nine. TINA What’s Studio Six Times NiBob interrupts Tina by covering her mouth.


BOB You don’t want to know. LINDA It’s better for you not to know until you’re much older, honey. TINA Well, if I know it now, I would be able to know about it ahead of time. BOB AND LINDA (overlapping simultaneously) No! TINA Aww. EXT./INT. DANCE DANCE REHEARSALUTION - AFTERNOON Jimmy Junior is warming up to the sound of an upbeat dance number by dancing all around the dance studio. He jumps around, twirling in circles. He grunts as he moves from one place to another. Tina looks at him with awe, then turns serious. TINA Uh, Jimmy Junior? Shouldn’t we be rehearsing? He doesn’t hear Tina, causing Tina to talk in a slightly raised voice. We have to get serious. Jimmy Junior approaches toward Tina. He stops dancing. JIMMY JUNIOR What? Tina turns off the music from the stereo. TINA We’re supposed to be learning our dance? For the competition? JIMMY JUNIOR Tina, I was warming up. I always do that. What did you think I was doing?

19. TINA Oh, I thought you were dilly dallying. Anyway, what would we be dancing to? JIMMY JUNIOR Well, I wanted to try this out. Jimmy Junior dances a pose, using his knees for support to lift Tina off of the ground Dirty Dancing style. TINA (to herself) I wish this could last forever. Jimmy Junior places Tina on the ground. I didn’t know forever lasted ten seconds. JIMMY JUNIOR But I don’t think we should do that. (Pause) Not because you’re heavy, though. You’re light. TINA Oh! No, I don’t want you to hurt your arms. JIMMY JUNIOR Right. Anyway, you have to warm up before dancing. Tina stretches her arms first, then going on to her legs. As she tries to balance herself on one leg, then the other. She attempts a twirl, but she falls back. TINA I’m okay! JIMMY JUNIOR Be careful. Jimmy Junior offers Tina a hand to get up. She holds onto it as she regains her balance. I don’t want you to get hurt. TINA Don’t worry. I won’t. Well, actually, I could improvise it. JIMMY JUNIOR Don’t improvise it. That’s why I’m here. Okay, get in position.

20. TINA Okay. Tina gets in position by placing her hand into Jimmy Junior’s hand and her other hand onto his shoulder. Before Jimmy Junior starts the dance routine, he notices her posture a bit off. JIMMY JUNIOR There’s a problem. TINA What? JIMMY JUNIOR Your posture is off. TINA How so? Jimmy Junior gets out of position. He places his hands on her back to straighten her up. He moves her head a little lower, facing straight. He walks over to the stereo to turn on smooth disco music. He walks back to Tina and places her hands in the appropriate places. JIMMY JUNIOR Alright. Follow my lead. The music plays as the two dance to the music. It goes by smoothly for the first several seconds until Tina accidentally steps on his foot. Jimmy Junior shrugs it off the first time until she steps on it again. Tina apologizes before she steps on his foot again. Ow! Could you stop stepping on my foot? TINA Sorry! I haven’t danced with anyone like this before. JIMMY JUNIOR That’s alright. Look down at our feet if you have to. Tina nods, continuing to dance with Jimmy Junior. Their dancing improves as they went step-by-step. He lunges forward a couple of times in the dance, letting her twirl in a circle as he holds onto her hand. When she comes back to him, he lightly dips her. Tina is taken by surprise, looking into his eyes. Meanwhile, Jimmy Junior looks down with fascination at Tina, feeling his face heat up. Seconds later, he accidentally lets go of Tina, dropping her to the ground.


TINA Ow! Jimmy Junior blinks, looking down at Tina worriedly. JIMMY JUNIOR Oh god, I’m sorry! He offers his hand for her to get up. I got distracted. TINA It’s alright. JIMMY JUNIOR We should try that entire dance number again. TINA Gotcha. INT. TAMMY’S DANCE STUDIO - AFTERNOON Tammy and Zeke are dancing to a soul disco song steadily for a few seconds until Zeke steps on her foot. Tammy turns aggravated, sighing as she steps away from Zeke to turn off the music. TAMMY Zeke! What the hell? ZEKE Sorry, girl! TAMMY This is like the tenth time you stubbed my foot! We went through this so many times, and it seems like this has not gone through your empty skull! ZEKE Truth is, I’ve been feeling out of my element all day today. I could use a pick-me-up. TAMMY I’ll be right back. Tammy runs out of the room while Zeke looks around at the room. Not much later, Tammy runs in with a Tammy.


ZEKE What’s this for? TAMMY This is the pick-me-up you wanted. On the house. ZEKE Do you have any other flavors? TAMMY (overlapping) Just drink it! Tammy forces the cup into Zeke’s hands as he shrugs and takes a swig of it. There is no effect yet. ZEKE You call this a pick-me-up? TAMMY Give it time! Zeke feels the sugar rush hit him as his eyes widen. He takes Tammy alongside with him, perfectly performing a dance number. At the end, he lifts her up, placing her on his right shoulder. Oh. My. God. Zeke? Are you o... kay? ZEKE (fast-paced) I’ve never felt better! Let’s get this show on the road! TAMMY Alright then. (Pause) Wait! Hold on! Tammy runs to get more Tammytinis and a beer bong, which is a cone connected to a tube. She runs in the dance studio, shoving the tube into his mouth. She pours the drinks into the cone. Chug it like you mean it! Zeke is struggling to take all of the drink into his mouth. He manages to swallow some of it, but he ends up drinking nearly all of it. He coughs a bit. ZEKE Easy with the chuggin’! I would’ve choked to death!


TAMMY Well, sor-ry! I know how much you love these drinks. ZEKE You do? TAMMY Nevermind. Zeke’s eyes suddenly grow bigger as he starts to vibrate. ZEKE Uh, Tammy? Where is the bathroom? TAMMY Why? ZEKE I really gotta go! I don’t know how much longer I can hold this in. Tammy sighs, opening the door. She points directions. TAMMY Down the hall to the left. ZEKE Alright! Zeke runs out to find the bathroom. Tammy walks down the hall, seeing that Zeke opened the door to another room. TAMMY I said to the left! Not right! ZEKE Oh! There we go! EXT./INT. WAGSTAFF SCHOOL - AFTERNOON Tina is dancing with her textbook. Gene and Louise are walking beside her down the school hallway, glancing at each other. LOUISE What is she doing? GENE Forming a reaction!


TINA I never knew science would make such a great dance partner! LOUISE I guess it does. Tina continues to dance with her science book until she, along with Gene and Louise, approach toward Tammy. TAMMY Oh wow. What happened? Did Jimmy Junior dump you on the way? LOUISE (sarcastically) Ha ha. Good one, Tammy. Good one! TINA I just found my science book, so I was celebrating. How is your dance number going? TAMMY Better than how yours is doing. TINA Oh, so he’s doing better than perfection? TAMMY We’re doing better than ten times the perfection! TINA Well, I don’t mean to brag, but we’re doing twenty times as good as you are. TAMMY Forty! TINA Eighty! GENE My hunger is one hundred and sixty times as big! Get on my level! Tina and Tammy ignore Gene, but look at him.


TAMMY I’m better than you! No callbacks! See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya! Tammy walks past them, waving as Tina, Gene and Louise watch her exit. Tina frowns after she is not seen. TINA Aww. I had such a good comeback, but there she goes. Louise pats Tina on her shoulder. LOUISE There, there. You’ll get her next time. INT. BOB’S BURGERS - AFTERNOON Bob and Linda are in the restaurant, cleaning up and interacting with each other. There are not any customers in the restaurant. Today’s Burger of the Day is "One Fifth of Beet-Hoven (Comes with 1/5 beets)". LINDA Hard to believe the service here is dwindling. Must be a tough Thursday. Bob is seen looking through binoculars, shaking his head at the progress of customers at Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria. BOB Not for Jimmy Pesto. That idiot. LINDA Stop worrying about Jimmy. I didn’t marry him, I married you because you’re loyal and I love you. Linda hugs Bob tightly from behind, nuzzling her head against his back. Suddenly, Teddy walks in the restaurant with an sky blue dance suit from the seventies. It appears to be much tighter on him than usual, showing things in the wrong places. Bob takes off his binoculars as the chime rings, along with Linda who suddenly leans back up; the two scream loudly. BOB Teddy?

26. TEDDY I told you I’d find this gem! BOB But I told you not to even bother looking for it. TEDDY Well, I went to look for it anyway. Teddy notices a heads-up penny on the ground. His eyes darted to the ground. Ooh, a penny! BOB AND LINDA (simultaneously) No! No! No! No! Teddy gets up from his seat, walking over to the penny not far from him. He bends down as Bob and Linda shield their eyes after hearing a rip from behind Teddy, exposing his disco themed underwear. TEDDY This has made me one penny richer! I call it my lucky suit! BOB Yeah, Teddy. I think that is enough riches for you today. TEDDY Oh? There’s more! LINDA No, honey. BOB So, are you going to get anything? TEDDY Ah, no. I just wanted to come in here and show you two. Oh! I remembered one of my dance moves! As Teddy performs a dance move, he hears another rip from his underarm, ignoring it since he is too hyped into the dance. Bob and Linda glance at each other, noticing the hairy armpit, grossing them out. LINDA Okay, Teddy. Good job! That’s good enough.

27. BOB Yeah, don’t do anymore. TEDDY Alright, you two! Take care! I’m going to take this dance show to the road! BOB You go do that. TEDDY Wish me luck! Teddy waves to Bob and Linda. PAN ZOOM: TEDDY’S RIPPED PANTS FROM BEHIND Bob and Linda try not to gag, turning away from the view of Teddy from behind. Bob regains his breath as Linda tries not to choke. BOB Okay, Linda. He’s gone. We’re in the clear. LINDA Alright. We’re good? BOB We’re good. INT. TINA’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Tina is debating which dress she should wear for the dance competition in two days. One dress she is holding is a frilly, rose colored chiffon, knee-length dress; it looks a lot like the dress from Saturday Night Fever. The other is a blue colored "just below the knee" dress. She is preparing ahead of time. TINA (to herself) I wonder which dress is the key to Jimmy Junior’s heart. She lifts up the red dress. While rose is one of the colors of romance... She then lifts up the blue colored dress, lifting it up. This is the color of Jimmy Junior’s eyes. I can’t tell whether to go (MORE)

28. TINA (cont’d) for the heart or the eyes. (Pause) The heart, it is. Tina places the blue dress in her closet, hanging up the rose colored dress above it. She grabs her pillow from her bed, swaying it along with her. TRANSITION TO: START DAYDREAM SEQUENCE: LIGHT BLUE ROOM The room consists of a glistening chandelier and a big enough dance floor for the two to dance on. The scenery and music, along with the dancing resembles "Beauty and the Beast." Tina is dancing with Jimmy Junior. She dances to the music with him as the dance becomes more romantic. Jimmy Junior twirls her in a circle before taking her hand, kissing the top of it. JIMMY JUNIOR Have I ever told you how beautiful you look every time I see you? TINA I’m afraid not. JIMMY JUNIOR It doesn’t matter because you’re the most beautiful princess I’ve ever laid my eyes on. TINA Thank you, my sweet prince. The two lean in for a sweet kiss, holding onto each other for dear life. TRANSITION TO: END DAYDREAM SEQUENCE: INT. TINA’S ROOM - NIGHT Tina is shown making out with her pillow rather passionately. She is making kissing noises as she grasps the pillow from behind. Gene and Louise raise an eyebrow as they watch her from her room, glancing at each other. LOUISE It finally happened. She snapped. Though, I didn’t expect that it would take her this long to get to this point.


INT. CLASSROOM - AFTERNOON Tammy is writing things down on a dry erase board as Zeke lounges back on the desk. When Tammy finishes, she gets his attention by clearing her throat. TAMMY Alright, listen here! This is what we have to do tomorrow evening to beat the crap out of Tina. ZEKE What exactly is this and why do we need it? TAMMY Uh, hello? First place? More money in my pocket? ZEKE I see. TAMMY We need to find Jimmy Junior’s weakness. You’re his best friend. What is his weakness? ZEKE I think it’s chocolate. I don’t know. TAMMY Okay. She is jotting the words "Chocolate = Weakness" onto the dry erase board. And Tina is nothing without her glasses. She’d be blind as a bat! ZEKE That’s a bit much. TAMMY No it’s not! ZEKE I don’t know, Tam. It kind of is. TAMMY Did you forget what would happen if we both lose, Pants Wetter?

30. ZEKE Hey! Let’s not go there! This is goin’ into blackmail territory! TAMMY At this point, I don’t care. All I want to do is win! So, if we distract Jimmy Junior with these delicate chocolates and if Tina ever leaves her glasses unattended, then this is where I come in. You’ll just be playing cool. ZEKE Okay then. So where does dancing stand with all of this? TAMMY Oh, they wouldn’t be dancing. ZEKE No, I meant ’us.’ TAMMY Don’t worry. I have something planned. ZEKE Wait, if this is more directed toward Tina and not J-Ju, then why exactly are you trying to get revenge on him? He didn’t do anything to you. TAMMY We would’ve been dance partners! ZEKE Okay then. TAMMY Ugh, forget the chocolate. Let’s focus more on the loser dork. Tammy erases the "Chocolate = Weakness" off the dry erase board. ZEKE Thank you. TAMMY So, do you understand what we’re doing tomorrow?


ZEKE We’re taking Tina’s glasses, if unattended, then drinking the hell out of Tammytinis. TAMMY Are you sure you got this? ZEKE Crystal. INT. APARTMENT LIVING ROOM - EVENING It is the night of the dance competition. Bob is waiting on Linda and Tina while Gene and Louise are sitting patiently. BOB Come on, Linda. You know Tina’s the only one who needs to dress for the event, right? LINDA (V.O.) Hold on, I’ll be out in a minute! Bob sighs, resting his forehead onto his fingers. LOUISE Trust me on this one, dad. It’ll take her years. GENE Maybe even decades! BOB I’m sure your mother wouldn’t take that long to get ready. Linda interrupts Bob, stopping him mid-sentence. She walks into the living room with her hair teased while wearing a glitter-y purple, ABBA-inspired disco outfit. LINDA (overlapping) Alright! Who’s ready to party! Linda strikes a pose while Bob sighs, annoyed. BOB What the hell are you wearing?

32. LINDA Come on! We’re going to a disco club! Why not dress the look? BOB You know we’re only going to watch Tina dance, right? LOUISE Dad, you gotta let her go on this one! We could have two train wrecks in one night! GENE With no survivors! BOB And don’t even think about going to Studio Six Times Nine. LINDA (overlapping) What? No! I didn’t say I wanted to go there! BOB Okay. Just... take that ridiculous costume off. LINDA But I spent eighty bucks on it! I’m not letting it go to waste! BOB You spent eighty bucks on that? LINDA Yeah! And now it’s comfy on me and I don’t wanna take it off! BOB You know we couldn’t afford that. LOUISE Just think of how much more money that could have been in my pocket if you didn’t spend four Jacksons! TINA Okay, here I come! Tina walks her way into the living room, wearing a rose colored dress with frills in some places. She smiles as she holds the dress with her two hands.


How do I look? BOB Appropriate. Unlike your mother. Tina turns her attention to Linda. LINDA I had no idea this was Bob’s Buzz kills! TINA You don’t look so bad, mom. I like how your purposed those lamp shades as pants. LINDA (sweetly) Thank you. (in her normal voice) See? Tina thinks it’s appropriate. (to Tina) You look wonderful, honey. TINA (soft-spoken) Thank you, mom. BOB Alright. Go make a fool out of yourself then. See if I care. LINDA Fine then! I’ll be the fun mom! LOUISE Fun enough to put us to sleep. LINDA Let’s just go already. INT. DRESSING ROOM - EVENING Jimmy Junior and Zeke are in a men’s dressing room with each other. Zeke is chugging Tammytinis, wearing a forest green tuxedo, while Jimmy Junior, who is wearing a Tony Manero outfit, is taking deep breaths in front of a mirror. Zeke notices Jimmy Junior staring at his reflection, then wraps an arm around him to get his attention. ZEKE Hey, you alright, bro?


JIMMY JUNIOR Yeah. It’s just that I’ve never been this nervous to dance in my life. ZEKE C’mon, now! You’re never nervous when it comes to dancin’! Zeke continues to chug down another Tammytini. JIMMY JUNIOR But this is a team thing. I’ve never danced with a partner before. I usually go solo. What if I mess up? What if I hurt Tina? ZEKE Aw, don’t worry about it, J-Ju! I know you got that dance mojo in ya! Sure, you haven’t tangoed for two, but with the moves you got, you’ll be as smooth as butter! JIMMY JUNIOR I mean... I guess I could give it a shot. ZEKE (overlapping) That’s the spirit! Now take some deep breaths and get into that craze! That dancin’ craze! JIMMY JUNIOR I’m doing it! ZEKE Come on! You gotta work harder than that! You gotta OWN the dance floor! I know I’m your competition, but I’m only doing this for Tammy. I’m rootin’ for ya, bud! JIMMY JUNIOR I’m getting there! ZEKE Push harder! Let out that energy! Show me what ya mama gave ya! Or your papa. Whoever! Live by Spock! Live long and prosper! But on the dance floor!

35. Jimmy Junior starts screaming loudly, dancing around Zeke, giving out all that he has. JIMMY JUNIOR (shouting) I’ve got the power! ZEKE There we go! Light up that spirit! Show your true colors! Go forth! Long live! Live long! Prosper! Skywalker! Go to town, JJ! JIMMY JUNIOR I will Zeke! Jimmy Junior runs out of the dressing room while Zeke takes another swig at the drink. INT. STUDIO NINE TIMES SIX - EVENING Meanwhile, Jimmy Junior walks on his way through the hallway until he encounters Tina, who catches his attention. He is suddenly stopped in his tracks. TINA Hey, Jimmy Junior! How do I look? PAN UP: TINA IN HER DANCE COMPETITION DRESS Jimmy Junior looks at Tina with awe, completely speechless. He has nothing to say without stuttering as Tina walks up to him. His mouth is slightly agape, letting out a soft sigh. So? JIMMY JUNIOR Uhh... TINA Jimmy Junior? Hello? Jimmy Junior still does not acknowledge Tina. She waves her hand to his eyes. He suddenly blinks, shaking his head before quickly thinking about what to tell Tina. JIMMY JUNIOR Oh! I... You look amazing, Tina. TINA (soft-spoken) Thank you. I think you look really handsome.


The two smile at each other, lightly chuckling with each other before Jimmy Junior lightly holds her hands to Tina’s surprise. She lightly gasps as this happens before Tammy interrupts them by coming between the two of them in a bragging manner. She is wearing a light green, over the knee, frilly dress with many sequins and glitter. Zeke walks beside them, but does nothing. TAMMY Are you two lovebirds ready for defeat between me and Zeke? Because I’ve never been this ready in my life! TINA The dance floor is calling our names and you know it. TAMMY Oh? You think so? Well, you dorks will never win! Cause we got all the moves! Na na na na na! Pffft! Hahaha! Tammy and Zeke walk past them. Zeke turns around as he continues to walk. ZEKE Good luck, J-Ju! TAMMY Zeke! INT. STUDIO NINE TIMES SIX DANCE FLOOR - EVENING There is a crowd of people spectating another dance number performed by two others. They are dancing to upbeat tango disco music. The dance floor flashes with LED lights of various colors throughout the night. Their dancing has come to an end as the dancers ended with the boy dipping the girl near the ground. The crowd applauses as the JUDGE speaks onto the microphone. JUDGE Alright, let’s give them another hand! The crowd applauses to the dancers who have completed their dance routine. Tammy and Zeke are watching from the front row.


TAMMY Crap, I just realized something! ZEKE What? TAMMY I forgot that Tina always has her glasses on! ZEKE You don’t say. TAMMY Ugh, it’s just that I feel like I’ve had something on my chest for the past week. ZEKE (interested) Oh really? Tammy notices his eyes not focusing on her, but rather on her chest. She turns away, folding her arms. TAMMY Not literally! ZEKE (embarrassed) Oh. Meanwhile, the Belchers, except for Tina, make their way to the crowd. They are somewhere in the middle. LINDA This is too kid-friendly! The dance floor is reserved! BOB Well, Linda, looks like you dressed out for nothing then. LINDA I need some fresh air. Linda walks away from the family. Meanwhile, the judge announces the next contestants. JUDGE It’s our second to last dance of the competition, and we have Zeke and Tammy Larsen! Give ’em a hand!


As the crowd applauds, Tammy takes Zeke by his arm to the dance floor as she makes sure things are alright. TAMMY Okay, we’re headed into the real deal. You better not screw up or you’ll run out the school crying on Monday. Hear me? ZEKE Yes, ma’am! TAMMY Good. I’ll be giving you cues on the way, so I expect you to catch them! ZEKE Aye aye, captain! The music starts playing; it has a combination between "K-Jee" by MFSB and "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire: upbeat and soul. Tammy gives Zeke a look to start the dance and nods. He twirls her in a couple of circles as she holds onto his hand for gripping. They place their hands in the appropriate areas of their bodies as they start dancing ballroom style with the occasional lunging forward. They walk in circles along the dance floor. TAMMY This is where I twirl off! Shimmy yourself closer when I give you the okay to! Zeke nodded as he let go of Tammy, who twirled backwards; she managed to keep her balance in tact, even with high heels. As she gave him the okay, the two shimmied toward each other as the music continued to play. When Tammy was back in Zeke’s arms, she leaned herself back as Zeke held on. Tina walks over to the front of the crowd with Jimmy Junior. She starts to feel uneasy. Jimmy Junior quickly notices this from the corner of his eye. JIMMY JUNIOR Are you okay? You seem a bit distracted. Tina does not take her eyes off of the dance scene; she doesn’t even acknowledge Jimmy Junior. TINA They’re really good.


JIMMY JUNIOR Yeah, but we’re unstoppable. This caused Tina to glance over at Jimmy Junior, not feeling as confident as before. TINA No, I mean they’re REALLY good! He didn’t even drop her yet! JIMMY JUNIOR Now that you mentioned it, he hasn’t even done anything wrong. Besides, it’s beginner’s luck. I’m sure that we’ll dance circles around them. TINA No, we won’t! Just look! Tina throws her arms to Tammy and Zeke, who continue to successfully dance to the music. They are seen pulling each other to them in a dance-like manner. JIMMY JUNIOR You’re overreacting, Tina. TINA No, I’m not! Tina covers her face with her hands, groaning. Oh God. Tammy and Zeke separate from each other, stirring their hips to the music, along with their arms. They shimmy their way to each other before Tammy backs away to run closer to Zeke. As she ran toward him, his hands clutched onto her mid-section to carry her midair. Tammy "Dirty Dancing"-style. The crowd roars as he successfully carries her up. Tammy grins as Zeke walks in a few circles. JIMMY JUNIOR Wow. TINA I know! We’re beat! They’re actually really great. JIMMY JUNIOR We weren’t going to do that anyway.

40. TINA I know, it’s just... JIMMY JUNIOR We got this, Tina. As the music continues to play, Linda approaches to a server. She leans her arm against the "bar" area. It shows a 9X6 BARTENDER serving non-alcoholic beverages. LINDA Hi! Do you serve alcohol? 9X6 BARTENDER No, ma’am, we do not! LINDA What? But... 9X6 BARTENDER If you’re looking for alcohol, then try next door. LINDA Yeah, but my husband won’t let me. You can’t just smuggle some in? 9X6 BARTENDER And get arrested? No way! LINDA How old are you anyway? 9X6 BARTENDER Twenty-two. LINDA Then you can bring alcohol in here and make it a real party! 9X6 BARTENDER Ma’am, I would, but my boss would call the police on me if he even sees me with wine coolers. LINDA Tell your boss to shove it! 9X6 BARTENDER Look, I would serve alcohol, but I’m under set rules and regulations. (whispering) I hate this job.

41. LINDA Oh, I bet you do, honey. 9X6 BARTENDER It’s just that I’m in my last semester of school, and job hunting’s been hard. LINDA Whatcha studying? 9X6 BARTENDER Business. LINDA Ooh! But, you’re positive you can’t break the rules just once for me? 9X6 BARTENDER Sorry, I won’t be able to do that. LINDA Then, I’m just going to have to go next door then! Linda walks away from the non-alcoholic bartender as he continues to do his job. EXT. STUDIO SIX TIMES NINE - EVENING The line isn’t too long as Linda tries to make her way into the door. She is suddenly stopped by a bald, burly BOUNCER. BOUNCER Identification, please. Linda takes out her identification card as the bouncer takes it from her hand. He reads carefully, nodding. Alright, you’re in. LINDA Alriiight! Time to sizzle! INT. STUDIO SIX TIMES NINE - EVENING The interior of this dance club is very different from Studio Nine Times Six. The guests are dancing awfully close to one another, grinding and pelvic thrusting. The room had an aroma of cigarette smoke and alcohol, as Linda responds by coughing. Linda goes directly to the bar after seeing the 6X9 BARTENDER. He is double the age as the first bartender with a thick New York accent.

42. LINDA Give me your best Cosmopolitan! 6X9 BARTENDER You got it! But I’m going to need to see your ID. Linda grunts as she takes out the identification card from her pocket. He squints at the card before giving it back to her. Aight, you’re good to go! That’ll be two Washingtons. LINDA What a steal! Linda hands over the bartender two dollars. 6X9 BARTENDER It’s happy hour for the ladies from six to nine. LINDA Ooh! The bartender hands Linda the club’s best cosmopolitan drink, which is pink. She chugs it down. Are refills free? 6X9 BARTENDER Well, aight, I can do that! LINDA Thank you! The bartender gets to work by making her another drink. He tries to make conversation with her while making the drink. 6X9 BARTENDER So what brings you here, doll face? LINDA My husband. I came here from next door. I just want to party is all, but I want alcohol first, and they don’t serve it there. 6X9 BARTENDER Ah. Marital issues? LINDA Oh no. He’s boring is all, eh, but I love him.

43. 6X9 BARTENDER Here ya go. The bartender hands over Linda the free refill before she chugs it again. She wipes her mouth with a nearby napkin. She runs off to the dance floor to dance with others. As she dances with a crowd, an olive is suddenly thrown out of nowhere. LINDA Ow, my face! EXT./INT. STUDIO NINE TIMES SIX - EVENING Tammy and Zeke are toward the end of the dance number. They tango across the dance floor before their big finale. TAMMY (to Zeke) Now lift me onto your shoulder! Big finale! Zeke nods before the end of the dance number, sweeping Tammy off of her feet for a twirl in the air. He places her onto his shoulder as he gets down on one knee for her to sit on his lap. They stay in that pose as the crowd cheers them on. Tammy and Zeke catch their breaths as they remain in position. The judge is clapping as well, pleased with the result of their dancing. JUDGE Wow! That was phe-nom-en-al! Give another round of applause to Zeke and Tammy Larsen, ladies and gentlemen! The crowd cheers as Tina leans over to Jimmy Junior. The two are clapping as they talk with each other. TINA I’m not sure if I’m up for the challenge. JIMMY JUNIOR We’ll do just fine. Meanwhile, Bob looks around for Linda, who is nowhere to be found. BOB Where’s your mother? We haven’t seen her in a good while.


GENE Loving that fresh air! LOUISE You’ve lost her, dad. BOB She’s going to miss Tina’s dance. LOUISE Eh, let her. Tina can gush about it to mom later tonight. Linda catches up with Bob. She smells like Studio Six Times Nine and she has never felt this relieved in a long time. LINDA Whew, I needed that! Bob catches the scent, grunting in disgust. BOB Why do you smell like cigarette smoke and alcohol? Wait, did you go next door? LINDA No?! What are you talking about? BOB You smell like cigarette smoke and tequila. GENE You smell like shame! LINDA Wha- Okay, I went to get a couple of drinks next door. It was happy hour and I went all out, alright? Happy? BOB Yes, Lin, I am happy now. I’m just glad that you actually made it on time for Tina’s turn. LINDA What can I say? It’s sort of a mommy indicator.


BOB A mommy indicator? LINDA Ah, you’ll never know! The judge takes the microphone once again to announce the last performance of the night. JUDGE Okay, folks! We’re saving the best for last! Here they are! Tina Belcher and Jimmy Pesto, Junior! Tina grabs Jimmy Junior’s hand before heading onto the dance floor. She looks at him worried. He looks down at her. TINA I don’t know if I want to go on with this. I’m too nervous. JIMMY JUNIOR Don’t worry about it. Just follow my lead. He grasps onto her hand in response. TINA Okay. Tina and Jimmy Junior walk hand in hand onto the center of the dance floor, getting into position. One of Tina’s hands is resting onto Jimmy Junior’s while the other one is resting on his shoulder. One of Jimmy Junior’s hands are on her waist while the other one is supporting her hand. LINDA They look so cute! BOB Eh, I guess they look nice. A song that sounds like Bee Gees "More Than A Woman" starts filling up the dance studio. Tina and Jimmy Junior look into each others’ eyes before Jimmy Junior slowly dips her onto the ground. A couple of seconds later, he slowly lifts her up before Tina starts twirling away from him. When she returns, their arms wrap around each others’ waists as they walk in a circle. The dance is basically a re-enactment of Tony and Stephanie’s from Saturday Night Fever, except with a few alterations.

46. TAMMY We got this in the bag. ZEKE You think so? TAMMY I know so. Just look at her. Tammy looks over to Tina, who is dancing half-awkwardly. You see that? Everything about this dancing is wrong. ZEKE I gotta tell ya, Tam Bam, J-Ju is serious business when it comes to dancing. You don’t wanna prove him wrong! TAMMY And you know this how? ZEKE He just knows more than you think! TAMMY Ugh. The music continues to play as the two are dancing. Linda intertwines her fingers, gushing over how happy they look on the dance floor. LINDA She looks so graceful. It’s so romantic. (She sheds a tear) I’m gonna cry! Linda wipes the tear from her eye as the dance number becomes much more interesting. Tina twirls herself around a few times before Jimmy Junior picks her up, stepping around in a circle whilst keeping her safe in his arms; this lasted several seconds. He placed her down onto the ground, gently pushing her out, then pulling her back in before he twirled her around once before dipping her a second time. They stood like that for several seconds before slowly moving back up. To Tina’s surprise, she saw his face leaning in closer to hers until she puckered up lightly. Eventually, the two kiss, which lasts for several seconds. When they pull away, Jimmy Junior can’t help but to take it all in before smiling down at her. Tina does the same thing as she looks up. As they end their dace number, they stroll away from the dance floor, ending their performance. The crowd roars louder than the last time.


LINDA (clapping) Whoo! Go Tina! BOB That was actually really great. LOUISE Good start. GENE Someone bring roses! As the crowd continues to cheer, the judge begins to speak. JUDGE How about we give another round of applause for Tina and Jimmy, ladies and gents! The crowd continues to clap and cheer for them. Jimmy Junior looks over at Tina. JIMMY JUNIOR About that... TINA You don’t have to be sorry. JIMMY JUNIOR It was the heat of the moment, I guess. TINA So, it wasn’t part of the routine? JIMMY JUNIOR Well, it was. The judge takes the microphone again once the crowd has settled down a bit. JUDGE Now we’re at the hardest part of the competition: The judging! Not that I’ll judge any dance moves. They were all fantastic! LINDA I like this guy!

48. BOB He looks like a phony. LINDA Aw shush! JUDGE The envelopes, please! The envelope holder gives three different colored envelopes to the judge: gold, silver, and bronze. The judge cuts open the bronze colored envelope first. JUDGE And our bronze envelope winners, along with a $250 cash prize goes to: Rolando Torres and Jasmine Fontenot! People clap as a male Hispanic teenager, along with a spunky brunette girl his age walk their way to claim their prize. After they walk back, the judge speaks up again. JUDGE And our silver envelope winners, along with a $500 cash prize goes to! PAN: TINA AND JIMMY JUNIOR/TAMMY AND ZEKE Zeke and Tammy Larsen! TAMMY WHAT?! ZEKE Hell yeah! The crowd cheers a little louder as Tammy, with an angry expression on her face, claims "her" prize. She holds the envelope in her hand. Zeke looks over at the envelope before she turns away from him. JUDGE And last, but not least! We have the gold envelope winner! Who would it be? That, we will find out! The judge has a hard time opening the gold envelops before he eventually opens it. Okay! Drum roll, please! An actual drummer is performing a drum roll, along with the spectators, who are slapping their legs with their hands. More tension builds as the pause lasts longer than normal.


And! First prize! With $1000 cash money in the winnings! He was muy caliente! She was sweet! They were dancing like it’s nineteen seventy seven! The winners! Give them a round of applause! Tina Belcher! And Jimmy! Pesto! Junior! After hearing their names, the crowd screams and cheers while Jimmy Junior instantly wraps his arms around Tina, rather tightly in a hug. Tina is surprised by this, hugging him back. JIMMY JUNIOR (excitedly) Tina! We won! We actually won! TINA Oh my god! JIMMY JUNIOR You have no idea how much happier I am right now! TINA We should claim our prize! Jimmy Junior and Tina excitedly run hand in hand with Jimmy Junior claiming the cash prize as the crowd continues to make noise. JUDGE Congratulations, you two! You are the dancing king and queen! TAMMY That should be ME with that title! Me! ME! That loser does NOT deserve it! I do! I do! Tammy starts jumping up and down rather aggressively onto the ground out of frustration. ZEKE About sharing the winnings... TAMMY THERE IS NO SHARING! WE LOST! NO, I LOST! TO THAT NO GOOD, UGLY, RIDICULOUSTammy starts panting, enraged with the world.


ZEKE Don’t go ahead of yourself, girl! $500 smackers is still a lot! TAMMY Well, you’re not getting any of the prize money! At all! Prepare to cry like a baby on Monday! Tammy storms away before Zeke has a chance to speak. JIMMY JUNIOR Hey, Tina. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I have to say, you’ve outdone yourself, and I think you deserve this. Jimmy Junior hands her the entire wad of the cash prize money. Tina lightly gasps in surprise. TINA But... It was your idea to dance in the competition. You deserve it. JIMMY JUNIOR Listen, I know how hard I’ve made you work throughout the week, and you are always worth my time. Jimmy Junior takes her hand to place the money into her palm. Besides, you need it more than I do. I’m telling you the truth. Tina looks up at Jimmy Junior with her mouth slightly agape. She hugs him tightly as he hugs her back. One of his hands caress her back lightly before letting go. TINA Are you sure about this? JIMMY JUNIOR There will be more dance competitions along the way. TINA And we do make a good team. JIMMY JUNIOR Correction: We make an excellent team.


He reassures her with a gentle smile on his face. The Belchers approach Tina and Jimmy Junior with Linda wrapping both of her arms around them. LINDA There are the winners! TINA Hi, mom! JIMMY JUNIOR Oh, hey, Mrs. Belcher. BOB So, a thousand dollars, huh? LOUISE That’ll be enough for the studio apartment I never got for Christmas! GENE And that bobsled from Cool Runnings! BOB Kids. (to Tina) Anyway, I’m glad the family could have something to show for. LINDA And you two looked so happy, too! BOB Oh, Jimmy Junior? JIMMY JUNIOR Yeah? BOB I never thought I’d ever say this, but... Thank you for taking care of Tina. I know how much she appreciates your company and I know our dads don’t necessarily "like" each other, but, you’re a good kid. JIMMY JUNIOR Thank you, Mr. Belcher. Oh, by the way, we could use you as our Home EC teacher again.


BOB I would, but you know. LINDA Aww! Bonding! JIMMY JUNIOR I just have two words, though. TINA Oh, what are they? JIMMY JUNIOR LET’S PARTY! The judge caught Jimmy Junior’s exclamatory cue, playing a song that sounds an awful lot like "You Should Be Dancing" by Bee Gees. Everyone, except for Bob, who is just moving his arms, starts dancing onto the dance floor, along with everyone else. EXT. STUDIO SIX TIMES NINE - NIGHT PAN ZOOM OUT: STUDIO NINE TIMES SIX, ALONG WITH OTHER