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MAC Program Standards TIA 568-B TIA-569-A A SI!TIA!"IA-6#6-A A SI!TIA!"IA-6#$ A SI!TIA!"IA-86% TIA Ca&'(ng Standards Insta''at(on )u(des Te*hn(*a' Ad+(sor(es Trade ames Pa*,ag(ng -(n,s . /esour*es -(terature Conta*t Support Contact Us 09$81 52$-9963 or ema(' us

ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B (B.1, B.2 and B.3
Co!!"rc#a$ Bu#$d#n% T"$"co!!un#cat#ons Ca&$#n% Standard The 'atest standard pu&'(shed &4 TIA (s the A SI!TIA!"IA 568-B standard5 It (s a re+(s(on o6 the A SI!TIA!"IA-568-A that 7as pu&'(shed (n 39955 It (n*'udes the *ore do*ument8 a'' 6(+e e9(st(ng addenda and TSB-6$8 TSB-$%8 TSB-$5 and TSB-955 Th(s standard (s pu&'(shed as a 2-part do*ument: The TIA!"IA-568-B53 d(s*usses genera' re:u(rements5 It pro+(des (n6ormat(on (n regards to p'ann(ng8 (nsta''(ng and +er(64(ng stru*tured *a&'(ng s4stems (n *ommer*(a' &u('d(ngs5 It a'so esta&'(shes per6orman*e parameters 6or *a&'(ng s4stems su*h as *hanne's and permanent '(n,s5 ;ne o6 the ma<or *hanges (n th(s do*ument (s that (t on'4 re*ogn(=es Categor4 5e 0or h(gher *ategor41 *a&'(ng 6or the se*ond data out'et5 The TIA!"IA-568-B5% d(s*usses &a'an*ed t7(sted-pa(r *a&'(ng *omponents5 Th(s standard spe*(6(es *a&'(ng *omponents and transm(ss(on re:u(rements 6or a *a&'(ng s4stem5 The TIA!"IA-568-B52 d(s*usses opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'(ng *omponents5 Th(s standard spe*(6(es *omponents and transm(ss(on re:u(rements 6or opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'(ng s4stems5 The purpose o6 th(s standard (s to pro+(de the m(n(mum re:u(rements 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng 7(th(n a *ommer*(a' &u('d(ng or *ampus en+(ronment5 The standard addresses the s(9 ma<or *omponents o6 a stru*tured *a&'(ng s4stem:

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"ntran*e 6a*('(t4 Ma(n!Intermed(ate *ross-*onne*t Ba*,&one d(str(&ut(on Hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t Hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on

>or, area

S*ope o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B

ENT'ANCE (ACI)IT* The entran*e 6a*('(t4 *onta(ns the *a&'es8 *onne*t(ng hard7are8 prote*t(on de+(*es and other e:u(pment re:u(red to *onne*t outs(de p'ant 6a*('(t(es to prem(se *a&'(ng5 The *omponents 7(th(n th(s room ma4 &e used 6or pu&'(* or pr(+ate net7or, *onne*t(ons5 The demar*at(on po(nt &et7een ser+(*e pro+(ders and the *ustomer o7ned prem(ses *a&'(ng (s t4p(*a''4 'o*ated (n th(s room5 +AIN/INTE'+E,IATE C'-SS-C-NNECT The &a*,&one d(str(&ut(on topo'og4 (s &ased on a h(erar*h(*a' star topo'og4 7(th no more then t7o 'e+e's o6 *ross*onne*ts8 the ma(n *ross-*onne*t and the (ntermed(ate *ross-*onne*t5 Th(s 7('' a''o7 the poss(&('(t4 to support a +ar(et4 o6 app'(*at(on re:u(rements and 7('' pro+(de a ma9(mum 6'e9(&('(t4 (n the &a*,&one *a&'(ng s4stem5 The hor(=onta' *ross*onne*t (n a T/ *an &e *a&'ed d(re*t'4 to the ma(n *ross-*onne*t or to an (ntermed(ate *ross-*onne*t8 then to the ma(n *ross-*onne*t5

Ba*,&one ?(str(&ut(on (n a H(erar*h(*a' Star Topo'og4 BAC.B-NE ,IST'IBUTI-N The 6un*t(on o6 the &a*,&one d(str(&ut(on (s to pro+(de (nter*onne*t(on &et7een te'e*ommun(*at(ons rooms8 e:u(pment rooms and entran*e 6a*('(t(es to ser+e the needs o6 tenants (n one or mu't(p'e &u('d(ngs5 The *omponents (n+o'+ed (n &a*,&one d(str(&ut(on (n*'ude:

• • • •

Ba*,&one *a&'es Intermed(ate and ma(n *ross-*onne*ts Me*han(*a' term(nat(ons Pat*h *ords or <umpers 6or &a*,&one-to-&a*,&one *onne*t(ons5

/"n"ra$ ,"s#%n /u#d"$#n"s P'ann(ng shou'd *ons(der the ma9(mum amount o6 &a*,&one *a&'e8 med(a add(t(ons 0opt(*a' 6(&er1 and num&er o6 *onne*t(ons re:u(red dur(ng a per(od spann(ng 6rom three to ten 4ears5 Cons(der the pro9(m(t4 o6 meta''(* *a&'es to poss(&'e sour*es o6 e'e*tromagnet(* (nter6eren*e5 Topo$o%0 The &a*,&one d(str(&ut(on s4stem (s to 6o''o7 a h(erar*h(*a' star topo'og45

"a*h hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t (n a T/ (s *a&'ed to a ma(n *ross-*onne*t or an (ntermed(ate *ross-*onne*t and then a ma(n *ross-*onne*t5

There *annot &e more than t7o h(erar*h(*a' 'e+e's o6 *ross-*onne*t5

• •

At most8 one *ross-*onne*t *an &e passed through to go 6rom the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t to the ma(n *ross*onne*t5 Three or 6e7er *ross-*onne*ts *an &e passed through to go 6rom one hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t to a se*ond hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t5

S4stems des(gned 6or non-star *on6(gurat(ons 0r(ng8 &us or tree1 *an usua''4 &e a**ommodated &4 the h(erar*h(*a' star topo'og45

• •

I6 spe*(a' re:u(rements 6or &us or r(ng *on6(gurat(ons are e9pe*ted8 (t (s a''o7a&'e to *a&'e d(re*t'4 &et7een te'e*ommun(*at(ons *'osets5 Th(s *a&'(ng (s (n add(t(on to the &as(* star topo'og45

'"co%n#1"d Bac2&on" ,#str#&ut#on +"d#a /e*ogn(=ed med(a ma4 &e used (nd(+(dua''4 or (n *om&(nat(on5 These med(a are:

• • • • •

3## ohm @TP *a&'e 5#!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 6%55!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e S(ng'e-mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 35# ohm STP-A *a&'e5 Th(s med(a (s st('' a re*ogn(=ed med(a &ut (s not re*ommended 6or ne7 (nsta''at(ons

+"d#a S"$"ct#on Cr#t"r#a The *ho(*e o6 &a*,&one d(str(&ut(on med(a 7('' depend on the *hara*ter(st(*s o6 spe*(6(* app'(*at(ons5 Ba*tors to *ons(der (n ma,(ng a se'e*t(on (n*'ude:

• • •

B'e9(&('(t4 7(th respe*t to supported ser+(*es /e:u(red use6u' '(6e o6 &a*,&one *a&'e S(te s(=e and user popu'at(on

In-Bu('d(ng and Inter-Bu('d(ng Ba*,&one Ca&'(ng ?(stan*es /e*ommended ma9(mum d(stan*es are app'(*at(on and med(a dependent5 It (s not assured that a'' app'(*at(ons 7('' 6un*t(on proper'4 o+er the spe*(6(ed d(stan*es5 +a3#!u! Bac2&on" ,#str#&ut#on ,#stanc"s

4or#1onta$ Cross4or#1onta$ Conn"ct Cross-Conn"ct +"d#a T0p" to to +a#n Int"r!"d#at" Cross-Conn"ct CrossConn"ct @TP 8## m 2## m 0%86%C 6t1 098C 6t1 6%55!3%5 Am %8### m 2## m or 5#!3%5 Am 06856# 6t1 098C 6t1 opt(*a' 6(&er S(ng'e-mode 28### m 2## m opt(*a' 6(&er 0988C# 6t1 098C 6t1

tota' d(stan*e o6 9# m 0%95 6t15

+a#n CrossConn"ct to Int"r!"d#at" CrossConn"ct 5## m 0386C# 6t1 38$## m 0585$5 6t1 %8$## m 088855 6t1

Bor h(gh-speed data app'(*at(ons the use o6 Categor4 2 or 5e 3## ohm @TP &a*,&one *a&'e sha'' &e '(m(ted to a

area to the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t (n the T/5 Hor(=onta' *a&'(ng (n*'udes: • • Hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on *a&'es Te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor (n the 7or.&one term(nat(ons us(ng <umper 7(re or pat*h *ords a''o7 6or 6'e9(&('(t4 to e9tend ser+(*es to te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tors5 The (ntermed(ate or ma(n *ross-*onne*t 6or port(ons o6 the &a*.&one *a&'e (s a'so term(nated on *ompat(&'e hard7are5 Conne*t(ng hard7are8 <umper 7(re and pat*h *ords are *o''e*t(+e'4 re6erred to as the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons 'oo! (unct#ons The pr(mar4 6un*t(on (s to *onta(n hor(=onta' *a&'e term(nat(ons o6 a'' re*ogn(=ed t4pes5 /e*ogn(=ed t4pes o6 &a*.&one or e:u(pment *onne*t(ng hard7are5 Conne*t(ons made d(re*t'4 &et7een e:u(pment and hor(=onta' *a&'(ng are *a''ed (nter*onne*ts5 4-'I5-NTA) .&one *a&'(ng s4stem ma4 a'so &e 6ound (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room separate 6rom the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t5 Cross-Conn"ct#ons and Int"rconn"ct#ons Mo+es8 add-ons or *hanges are to &e *omp'eted &4 per6orm(ng *ross-*onne*ts or (nter*onne*ts5 Cross-*onne*ts are *onne*t(ons &et7een hor(=onta' *a&'(ng and &a*.• The *apa&('(t4 o6 s(ng'e-mode opt(*a' 6(&er ma4 a''o7 6or d(stan*e up to 6# .&one d(str(&ut(on d(stan*es are the +a'ues 6ound (n the A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B53 Standard5 4-'I5-NTA) C'-SS-C-NNECT The term(nat(on o6 hor(=onta' *a&'e (s the pr(mar4 6un*t(on o6 the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t that (s housed (n a te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 Ca&'e o6 a'' med(a t4pes are term(nated on *ompat(&'e *onne*t(ng hard7are5 Ba*.&one *a&'e are a'so term(nated here5 Cross-*onne*t(ons o6 hor(=onta' and &a*. area .IST'IBUTI-N Hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on (s the part o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng s4stem runn(ng 6rom the 7or.m 02$ m('es18 ho7e+er8 th(s (s outs(de the s*ope o6 the standard5 ote: These ma9(mum &a*.

#stanc"s /egard'ess o6 the med(a t4pe used 6or hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on8 the ma9(mum d(stan*e (s 9# m 0%95 6t15 • • • • Th(s ma9(mum d(stan*e (s 6or the amount o6 *a&'e re:u(red to get 6rom the 7or. area (s to &e d(re*t'4 *onne*ted to a hor(=onta' *ross*onne*t (n a te'e*ommun(*at(ons room 'o*ated on the same 6'oor as the 7or. spe*(6(*at(ons &et7een *a&'es o6 a h4&r(d *a&'e shou'd &e met5 . area shou'd not e9*eed 5 m 036 6t15 '"co%n#1"d 4or#1onta$ . area5 Br(dged taps and sp'(*es are not perm(tted5 .&one *a&'e (s not to e9*eed 5 m 036 6t15 It (s re*ommended that the ma9(mum 'ength o6 *ord used (n the 7or."s#%n /u#d"$#n"s The hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on s4stem must sat(s64 *urrent re:u(rements and shou'd 6a*('(tate ongo(ng ma(ntenan*e and re'o*at(on5 A'so *ons(der 6uture e:u(pment and ser+(*e *hanges5 • • • A6ter (nsta''at(on8 hor(=onta' *a&'(ng (s usua''4 'ess a**ess(&'e than other *a&'(ng5 Hor(=onta' *a&'(ng (s su&<e*t to the greatest amount o6 a*t(+(t4 (n the &u('d(ng 0appro95 9#D15 Cons(der the d(+ers(t4 o6 poss(&'e ser+(*es!app'(*at(ons to &e used5 Cons(der the pro9(m(t4 o6 *a&'es to poss(&'e sour*es o6 e'e*tromagnet(* (nter6eren*e5 Topo$o%0 The hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on s4stem must 6o''o7 a star topo'og45 • • The te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor (n the 7or.• • Me*han(*a' term(nat(on o6 the *a&'e med(a Pat*h *ords!<umpers (n the T/5 ote: Ma4 a'so (n*'ude a mu't(-user te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et assem&'4 0M@T.#str#&ut#on +"d#a /e*ogn(=ed med(a ma4 &e used (nd(+(dua''4 or (n *om&(nat(on5 These med(a are: • • • • Bour-pa(r 3## ohm unsh(e'ded t7(sted-pa(r 0@TP1 *a&'e 5#!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 6%55!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 35# ohm STP-A 0sh(e'ded t7(sted-pa(r1 *a&'e5 Th(s med(a (s st('' a re*ogn(=ed med(a &ut (s not re*ommended 6or ne7 (nsta''at(ons5 H4&r(d *a&'es 0mu't(p'e t4pes o6 med(a under a s(ng'e sheath1 ma4 &e used (n the hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on s4stem (6 ea*h re*ogn(=ed *a&'e t4pe meets the transm(ss(on re:u(rements and *o'or-*ode spe*(6(*at(ons 6or that *a&'e t4pe5 • • 3## ohm @TP *a&'es o6 m(9ed *ategor(es are not re*ommended under the same sheath5 Crossta'. area out'et to the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t (n the T/5 Bor ea*h hor(=onta' *hanne' a ma9(mum o6 3# m 022 6t1 (s perm(tted 6or 7or.A1 or a *onso'(dat(on po(nt 0CP15 /"n"ra$ . area *ords8 T/ pat*h *ords8 <umper 7(res and e:u(pment *ords 0(n*'us(+e15 At the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t8 the ma9(mum 'ength o6 pat*h *ords!<umpers used to *onne*t hor(=onta' *a&'e to e:u(pment or &a*.

area *omponents are 6rom the out'et to the 7or. A'EA >or. or *hanne'8 and pre6era&'4 6or the ent(re &u('d(ng5 "(ght-pos(t(on <a*. area must &e e:u(pped 7(th at 'east t7o te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'ets!*onne*tors5 .• • It must &e poss(&'e to d(st(ngu(sh h4&r(d @TP *a&'es 6rom mu't(-pa(r @TP &a*.ut'et!Conne*tor P(n!pa(r ass(gnment 6or 3## ohm @TP *a&'e (s re*ommended to 6o''o7 the T568A or the T568B *on6(gurat(on5 These *on6(gurat(ons8 sho7n (n the (''ustrat(on &e'o78 dep(*t the 6ront +(e7 o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor5 It (s (mportant to use on'4 one p(n!pa(r *on6(gurat(on 0e(ther T568A or T568B1 6or an4 g(+en '(n. area5 Bour-pa(r @TP *a&'es are term(nated (n 8-pos(t(on modu'ar <a*. area e:u(pment5 It (s assumed a ma9(mum o6 5 m 036 6t51 (s used 6or the modu'ar *ord at the 7or. area *omponents 6a'' outs(de the s*ope o6 the standard5 >or. area e:u(pment (n*'udes a 'arge +ar(et4 o6 e:u(pment5 In*'uded are te'ephones8 6a9 ma*h(nes8 data term(na's and *omputers5 >or. areas are genera''4 *ons(dered to &e non-permanent8 and are e9pe*ted to *hange5 There6ore8 7or. area5 The p(n!pa(r ass(gnments are re6erred to as T568A and T568B5 6or2 Ar"a Co!pon"nts Copper te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor >or. areas shou'd &e des(gned to &e re'at(+e'4 eas4 to *hange5 Te'e*ommun(*at(ons .ne out'et ma4 &e asso*(ated 7(th +o(*e and the other 7(th data5 • The 6(rst out'et sha'' &e a C-pa(r 3## ohm @TP *a&'e8 Categor4 2 or h(gher 0Categor4 5e re*ommended15 The se*ond out'et sha'' &e one o6 the 6o''o7(ng med(a: • • • Bour-pa(r 3## ohm @TP *a&'e Categor4 5e *a&'e T7o-6(&er 5#!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e T7o-6(&er 6%55!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 6-'.s at the*a' 6(&er te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor .&one *a&'e5 H4&r(d *a&'e made up o6 opt(*a' 6(&er and *opper *ondu*tors ma4 &e re6erred to as *ompos(te *a&'e5 +"d#a S"$"ct#on Cr#t"r#a "a*h 7or. p(n!pa(r ass(gnments .

A1 (s a term(nat(on po(nt 6or the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng8 *ons(st(ng o6 se+era' te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'ets (n a *ommon 'o*at(on5 The modu'ar '(ne *ord e9tends 6rom the M@T.The opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e used (n hor(=onta' *a&'(ng sha'' &e term(nated at the 7or. area Sma'' 6orm 6a*tor *onne*tor t4pe ma4 a'so &e *ons(dered5 6or2 Ar"a Cords The hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on s4stem assumes a ma9(mum *ord 'ength o6 5 m 036 6t15 Ca&'es and *onne*tors shou'd meet or e9*eed pat*h *ord re*ommended re:u(rements5 Sp"c#a$ Adaptat#ons I6 app'(*at(on spe*(6(* adaptat(ons su*h as (mpedan*e mat*h(ng de+(*es are re:u(red8 the4 must &e e9terna' to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor5 Some *ommon'4 used adapters (n*'ude the 6o''o7(ng: • • • • • • A spe*(a' *a&'e or adapter 7hen the e:u(pment *onne*tor (s d(66erent 6rom the out'et!*onne*tor EYE adapters to perm(t t7o ser+(*es to run on a s(ng'e *a&'e Pass(+e adapters used 7hen the hor(=onta' *a&'e t4pe (s d(66erent 6rom that re:u(red &4 the e:u(pment A*t(+e adapters 7hen *onne*t(ng de+(*es us(ng d(66erent s(gna'(ng s*hemes Adapters a''o7(ng pa(r transpos(t(on 6or *ompat(&('(t4 purposes Term(nat(on res(stors Cons(der adapter *ompat(&('(t4 7(th prem(ses *a&'(ng and e:u(pment5 Adapters ma4 ha+e detr(menta' e66e*ts on the transm(ss(on per6orman*e o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng s4stem5 4-'I5-NTA) CAB)IN/ (-' -7EN -((ICES A hor(=onta' *a&'(ng term(nat(on po(nt 0mu't(-user te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et assem&'41 and!or (ntermed(ate hor(=onta' *a&'(ng (nter*onne*t(on po(nt 0*onso'(dat(on po(nt1 pro+(de more 6'e9(&('(t4 (n open o66(*e 'a4outs 7(th modu'ar 6urn(ture8 7here 6re:uent o66(*e rearrangements are per6ormed5 Both the mu't(-user te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et assem&'4 and the *onso'(dat(on po(nt sha'' &e 'o*ated (n a 6u''4 a**ess(&'e8 permanent 'o*at(on5 +u$t#-Us"r T"$"co!!un#cat#ons -ut$"t Ass"!&$0 The mu't(-user te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et assem&'4 0M@T. area 7(th a dup'e9 opt(*a' 6(&er out'et!*onne*tor5 • • The 568SC *onne*tor (s the re*ommended *onne*tor at the 7or.A to the term(na' e:u(pment 7(thout an4 add(t(ona' (ntermed(ate *onne*t(ons5 Th(s *on6(gurat(on a''o7s the open o66(*e p'an to *hange 7(thout a66e*t(ng the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng5 .

A sha'' ser+e a ma9(mum o6 t7e'+e 7or. ! (8t.AF • • • • • The M@T. Area %C A>) @TP Ca&'(ng -engths Conso$#dat#on 7o#nt The *onso'(dat(on po(nt 0CP1 (s an (nter*onne*t(on po(nt 7(th(n the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng5 The *onso'(dat(on po(nt per6orms a Estra(ght-throughE (ntermed(ate (nter*onne*t(on &et7een the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng *om(ng 6rom the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t and the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng go(ng to a M@T.A5 . areas The M@T.A to the term(na' e:u(pment sha'' &e 'a&e'ed on &oth ends 7(th a un(:ue (dent(6(er A M@T.A or the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et (n the 7or. 5 0361 9# 0%951 5 0361 3## 02%81 5 0361 85 0%$91 9 02#1 99 02%51 5 0361 8# 0%6%1 32 0CC1 98 02%%1 5 0361 $5 0%C61 3$ 05$1 9$ 02391 5 0361 $# 0%2#1 %% 0$%1 9$ 02391 Hor(=onta' and >or. area *a&'(ng 0modu'ar *ord1 'ength as per the 6o''o7(ng ta&'e: A B C Tota$ C9ann"$ ! (8t. ! (8t.ut'et Assem&'4 The 6o''o7(ng gu(de'(nes sha'' &e 6o''o7ed 7hen (nsta''(ng a M@T.Mu't(-@ser Te'e*ommun(*at(ons .ed 7(th the ma9(mum a''o7a&'e 7or. area5 Cross-*onne*t(on &et7een these *a&'es (s not a''o7ed5 A *onso'(dat(on po(nt ma4 &e use6u' 7hen re*on6(gurat(on (s 6re:uent5 &ut not so 6re:uent as to re:u(re the 6'e9(&('(t4 o6 M@T.A sha'' not &e (nsta''ed (n a *e('(ng The ma9(mum modu'ar *ords 'ength sha'' &e %# m 066 6t51 The modu'ar *ord *onne*t(ng the M@T.A sha'' &e mar. ! (8t.

A sha'' &e used 7(th(n the same hor(=onta' run A CP sha'' ser+e a ma9(mum o6 t7e'+e 7or. area *ord Te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor Cross-Conne*t(ons (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room Pat*h *ord or <umper 7(re Te'e*ommun(*at(ons room e:u(pment *ord . resonan*e o6 mu't(p'e *onne*t(ons (n *'ose pro9(m(t4 o more than one *onso'(dat(on po(nt and one M@T. areas Copp"r Ca&$#n% Trans!#ss#on 7"r8or!anc" Transm(ss(on per6orman*e depends on: • Ca&'e *hara*ter(st(*s • • • • Conne*t(ng hard7are Pat*h *ords and *ross-*onne*t 7(r(ng um&er o6 *onne*t(ons 0ma9(mum o6 6our1 Insta''at(on and ma(ntenan*e C9ann"$ T"st Con8#%urat#on Channe' test(ng (s used to +er(64 the per6orman*e o6 the o+era'' *hanne'5 The *hanne' (n*'udes the 6o''o7(ng *omponents: • • • • • • • @p to 9# m 0%95 6t51 o6 hor(=onta' *a&'e Ca&'e &et7een T/ and an opt(ona' *onso'(dat(on po(nt and 6rom the *onso'(dat(on po(nt to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et >or.Conso'(dat(on Po(nt The 6o''o7(ng gu(de'(nes sha'' &e 6o''o7ed 7hen (nsta''(ng a *onso'(dat(on po(ntF • • • • "nsure that the tota' *hanne' d(stan*e (s 3## meters 022# 6t51 or 'ess It (s re*ommended that the *onso'(dat(on po(nt &e 'o*ated at 'east 35m 0C9 6t51 6rom the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room (n order to a+o(d add(t(ona' "GT due to short '(n.

The tota' 'ength o6 e:u(pment *ords8 pat*h *ords and <umper 7(res and 7or. test *on6(gurat(on represents the permanent'4 (nsta''ed *a&'(ng5 It (n*'udes: • • • @p to 9# m 0%95 6t51 o6 hor(=onta' *a&'e Ca&'e &et7een T/ and an opt(ona' *onso'(dat(on po(nt and 6rom the *onso'(dat(on po(nt to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et A *onne*t(on at ea*h end o6 the hor(=onta' *a&'e The permanent '(n. e9*'udes &oth the *a&'e port(on o6 the 6(e'd test (nstruments *ord5 . area *ords (s not to e9*eed 3#m 022 6t51 Channe' Test Con6(gurat(on 7"r!an"nt )#n2 The permanent -(n.

Permanent -( 2: /ep'a*e the Categor4 5 trans(t(on po(nt or *onso'(dat(on *onne*tor 7(th a Categor4 5e trans(t(on po(nt or *onso'(dat(on po(nt *onne*tor5 .e7 Cat"%or0 5 Ca&$#n% Trans!#ss#on S(n*e the m(n(mum re:u(rement 6or *opper *a&'(ng s4stems (s no7 Categor4 5e *a&'(ng s4stemsF (n the A SI!TIA!"IA-568B538 there (s an (n6ormat(+e anne9 that pro+(des *a&'(ng transm(ss(on per6orman*e 6or Categor4 5 'ega*4 s4stems5 The (mportant parameters to meet are the /eturn -oss and the "GB"GT5 I6 an e9(st(ng Categor4 5 (nsta''at(on 6a('s e(ther /eturn -oss or the "-B"GT parameters g(+en (n the A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B538 anne9 ?8 *orre*t(+e a*t(ons shou'd &e %: I6 poss(&'e8 re*on6(gure the *ross-*onne*t as an (nter*onne*t5 .pt(on 3: /ep'a*es the Categor4 5 pat*h *ords5 Th(s 7('' poss(&'4 *orre*t /eturn -oss 6a('ures5 .en5 The do*ument spe*(6(es d(66erent opt(ons to *orre*t the 6a('ure5 Se'e*t the opt(ons0s1 7h(*h (s the most appropr(ate to 4our so'ut(on5 • • • .s are: • • • • • • • • Insert(on 'oss "GT 'oss Po7er sum "GT "-B"GT 'oss Po7er sum "-B"GT /eturn 'oss Propagat(on de'a4 ?e'a4 s. Test Con6(gurat(on Parameters d(s*ussed (n the do*ument 6or *hanne' and permanent '(n.

pt(on 5: /ep'a*e the Categor4 5 (nter*onne*t 7(th a Categor4 5e (nter*onne*t5 Test(ng shou'd &e per6ormed 7(th an enhan*ed 'e+e' II 0'e+e' II-"1 6(e'd tester or &etter5 -pt#ca$ (#&"r Ca&$#n% Trans!#ss#on 7"r8or!anc" M(n(mum re*ommended per6orman*e 6or a mu't(mode or s(ng'e-mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'(ng s4stem are des*r(&ed (n th(s standard5 A t4p(*a' -(n.• • . area *ords8 pat*h *ords and e:u(pment *ords (s not to e9*eed 2##m 098C 6t515 . attenuat(on5 It (s the on'4 parameter that *an &e a66e*ted &4 the (nsta''at(on and *an &e tested (n the 6(e'd5 ?epend(ng on the app'(*at(on8 a &udget 'oss (s a''o*ated 6or the '(n. area out'et *onne*tor 7(th a Categor4 5e 7or.&one *a&'(ng pro+(des the greatest 6'e9(&('(t48 ease o6 managea&('(t4 and *an eas('4 &e m(grated to a *ross-*onne*t5 The ma9(mum hor(=onta' *a&'(ng 'ength (s spe*(6(ed at 9#m 0%95 6t515 The d(stan*e o6 hor(=onta' and &a*. segment5 Centra'(=ed . Con6(gurat(on The s(ng'e per6orman*e parameter 6or opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'(ng s4stem (s the '( C: /ep'a*e the Categor4 5 7or. segment (n*'udes5 • • • . area *onne*t(ons are e9tended to the ma(n *ross-*onne*t &4 ut('(=(ng e(ther pu''-through *a&'es8 an (nter*onne*t or a sp'(*e (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 @se o6 an (nter*onne*t(on &et7een the hor(=onta' and &a*.&one *a&'(ng *om&(ned 7(th 7or. segment (s 6ound &et7een the te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et!*onne*tor and the hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t5 The '(*a' B(&er Ca&'(ng The purpose o6 the *entra'(=ed opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'(ng s4stem (s to pro+(de a 6(&er-to-the-des. area out'et *onne*tor .pt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 0'ength depends on app'(*at(on1 Conne*tors Sp'(*es -(n. *a&'(ng s4stem ut('(=(ng *entra'(=ed e'e*trons +ersus the trad(t(ona' method o6 d(str(&ut(ng the e'e*tron(*s to the (nd(+(dua' 6'oors5 >or.

sha'' &e 'e6t (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room to a''o7 6or the *a&'es to &e mo+ed to the *ross-*onne*t 'o*at(on5 S'a*.eted 6(&ers5 >hen stor(ng s'a*.Centra'(=ed *a&'(ng s4stems sha'' &e 'o*ated 7(th(n the same &u('d(ng o6 the 7or. *an &e stored as e(ther *a&'e or un<a*.s ma4 &e added and remo+ed (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 >hen us(ng the pu''-through method8 the *a&'e (s to ha+e a *ont(nuous sheath 6rom the 7or. .&one 6(&er *ount shou'd &e *apa&'e o6 support(ng present and 6uture net7or.&one *a&'es5 The &a*. areas &e(ng ser+ed5 A'' mo+e and *hange a*t(+(t4 sha'' &e per6ormed at the ma(n *ross-*onne*t5 Hor(=onta' '(n. *an &e stored 7(th(n an en*'osure or on the 7a'' o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 Prote*t(+e en*'osures sha'' &e used 7hen stor(ng s'a*.&one *a&'(ng8 pro+(s(ons shou'd &e made 6or 6uture hor(=onta' '(n.(ng te*hno'og(es5 T4p(*a''4 t7o 6(&ers are re:u(red 6or ea*h app'(*at(on *onne*t(on re:u(red at the 7or. area5 • • • -a&e'(ng o6 the *entra'(=ed *a&'(ng s4stem sha'' 6o''o7 the re:u(rements as spe*(6(ed (n TIA!"IA-6#65 To ensure *orre*t 6(&er po'ar(t48 the *entra'(=ed *a&'(ng s4stem sha'' (mp'ement the A-B or(entat(on at the 7or. area through the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room to the *entra'(=ed *ross-*onne*t5 The pu''-through *a&'e 'ength sha'' &e '(m(ted to 2##m 098C 6t515 >hen des(gn(ng a *entra'(=ed *a&'(ng s4stem8 pro+(s(ons sha'' &e made to a''o7 6or the m(grat(on 6rom pu''-through8 (nter*onne*t or sp'(*e to a *ross-*onne*t (mp'ementat(on5 To 6a*('(tate th(s m(grat(on8 su66(*(ent spa*e sha'' &e 'e6t (n the te'e*ommun(*at(on room 6or add(t(ona' pat*h pane's5 In add(t(on8 ade:uate *a&'e s'a*.8 pro+(s(ons sha'' &e made to ensure &end rad(us '(m(tat(ons are not +(o'ated5 Ca&'e s'a*. area and B-A or(entat(on at the *entra'(=ed *ross-*onne*t as spe*(6(ed (n A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B53 B(&ers *an &e <o(ned &4 e(ther us(ng re-matea&'e *onne*tors or sp'(*es5 I6 *onne*tors are used8 the *onne*tor sha'' meet the spe*(6(*at(ons as de6(ned (n A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B525 B(&ers ma4 &e 6us(on or me*han(*a''4 sp'(*ed8 pro+(ded the re:u(rements as spe*(6(ed (n A SI!TIA!"Ia-568-B52 are met5 N": 7u&$#s9"d Add"nda.s there&4 m(n(m(=(ng the need 6or add(t(ona' &a*.-mount 'a4out8 pro+(s(ons shou'd &e made to a''o7 6uture gro7th5 >hen s(=(ng &a*. 6(&ers5 >hen p'ann(ng the 7a''-mount or ra*.

A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% addendum 3 Th(s addendum pro+(des the Categor4 6 re:u(rements 6or *hanne' and permanent '(n. area5 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% addendum % Th(s addendum (s a re+(s(on o6 su&-*'ause C525C588 C5C8 C5C538 C5C5C59 and 55C52 o6 the A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% do*ument regard(ng the "GT parameter e:uat(on 6or Categor4 2 *a&'es5 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% addendum 2 Th(s addendum (s a re+(s(on o6 *'ause 35%55 regard(ng add(t(ona' *ons(derat(ons 6or (nsert(on 'oss and return 'oss pass!6a(' determ(nat(on5 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B52 addendum 3 The purpose o6 th(s addendum (s to pro+(de add(t(ona' transm(ss(on per6orman*e spe*(6(*at(ons 6or 5#!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e *apa&'e o6 support(ng 3# )&!s ser(a' transm(ss(on up to 2##m 098C 6t51 us(ng 85# nm nom(na' 7a+e'ength 'asers5 The 6(&er (s *a''ed 85# nm 5#!3%5 Am mu't(mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e5 .&one des(gn re:u(rements (n*'ud(ng the 7or.s5 The Categor4 6 *a&'(ng s4stems are part o6 the A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B *ore do*ument and 6o''o7 a'' the stru*tured *a&'(ng re:u(rements8 6or e9amp'e8 topo'og48 re*ogn(=ed med(a t4pe8 hor(=onta' and &a*.

ANSI/TIA/EIA-56<-A Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Standard 6or Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Path7a4s and Spa*es The pr(mar4 6o*us o6 th(s standard (s to pro+(de des(gn spe*(6(*at(ons and gu(dan*e 6or a'' &u('d(ng 6a*('(t(es re'at(ng to te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng s4stems and *omponents5 Th(s standard (dent(6(es and addresses s(9 prom(nent *omponents o6 the &u('d(ng (n6rastru*ture: • • • • • • "ntran*e 6a*('(t4 ":u(pment room Ba*.&one path7a4s Te'e*ommun(*at(ons room Hor(=onta' path7a4s >or. area Scope of ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A ENT'ANCE (ACI)IT* A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A de6(nes an entran*e 6a*('(t4 as an4 'o*at(on 7here te'e*ommun(*at(ons ser+(*e enters (nto a &u('d(ng and!or 7here &a*."s#%n Cons#d"rat#ons • ":u(pment room: a s(ng'e *entra'(=ed spa*e hous(ng te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment that ser+es a &u('d(ng5 .&one path7a4s5 E=UI7+ENT '--+ An e:u(pment room 0"/1 (s de6(ned as an4 spa*e 7here te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment *ommon to the o**upants o6 a &u('d(ng res(des5 In the des(gn and 'o*at(on o6 the e:u(pment room8 one shou'd pro+(de room 6or e9pans(on and shou'd *ons(der 7ater (n6('trat(on5 S(n*e the te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment (n th(s room (s usua''4 o6 a 'arge s(=e8 de'(+er4 a**ess(&('(t4 shou'd &e a *ons(derat(on as 7e''5 The m(n(mum re*ommended s(=e 6or th(s room (s 3C m% 035# 6t%15 /"n"ra$ .(ng to other &u('d(ngs (n a *ampus en+(ronment are 'o*ated5 The entran*e 6a*('(t4 ma4 *onta(n pu&'(* net7or. (nter6a*e de+(*es as 7e'' as te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment5 The standard re*ommends that the 'o*at(on o6 the entran*e 6a*('(t4 shou'd &e (n a dr4 area8 *'ose to the +ert(*a' &a*.&one path7a4s '(n.

B-NE 7AT46A*S INTE'-BUI).&one path7a45 S#1#n% Issu"s An e:u(pment room (s s(=ed to meet the .no7n re:u(rements o6 spe*(6(* t4pes o6 e:u(pment5 • "9pe*ted 6uture re:u(rements shou'd a'so &e *ons(dered • • ":u(pment room des(gn shou'd a''o7 6or non un(6orm &u('d(ng o**upan*4 The re*ommended pra*t(*e (s to pro+(de #5#$ m% 0#5$5 6t%1 o6 e:u(pment room spa*e 6or e+er4 3# m% 03## 6t%1 o6 usa&'e 6'oor spa*e 07or.• • • Common e:u(pment (n*'ud(ng PBGs8 *omput(ng e:u(pment su*h as a ma(n6rame and +(deo s7(t*hes5 .e sure that the 6'oor 'oad(ng *apa*(t4 (s su66(*(ent to &ear &oth the d(str(&uted and *on*entrated 'oad o6 (nsta''ed e:u(pment5 The e:u(pment room shou'd not &e 'o*ated &e'o7 7ater 'e+e'F pre+entat(+e measures shou'd &e ta.n'4 e:u(pment d(re*t'4 re'ated to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons s4stem8 *ontro' s4stem and (ts en+(ronmenta' support s4stem (s to &e housed (n the e:u(pment room5 Idea''48 the e:u(pment room shou'd &e 'o*ated *'ose to the ma(n &a*. • • • • -(m(tat(ons d(*tated &4 the topo'og4 0th(s (n*'udes 'and de+e'opment1 )rad(ng o6 the underground path7a4 to perm(t proper dra(nage eed to +ent gaseous +apors Amount o6 +eh(*'e tra66(* to determ(ne the amount o6 *o+er o+er the path7a4 and 7hether or not *on*rete en*asement (s re:u(red5 @nderground path7a4s *ons(st o6 *ondu(t8 du*ts and troughsF poss(&'4 (n*'ud(ng manho'es5 • A'' *ondu(t and du*t are to ha+e a d(ameter o6 3## mm 0C (n51 .7ned .en (n *ons(derat(on5 A**ess to the "/ sha'' &e pro+(ded &4 a m(n(mum o6 one door o6 93# mm 026 (n51 7(de and %### mm 08# (n51 h(gh5 BAC.'er s4stems8 HHAC e:u(pment ded(*ated to the e:u(pment room8 (nter(or 6(n(shes8 '(ght(ng8 po7er8 ground(ng and 6(re pre+ent(on sha'' &e ta."s#%n Issu"s Ma.en to pre+ent 7ater (n6('trat(on5 Sour*es o6 e'e*tromagnet(* (nter6eren*e8 +(&rat(on8 room he(ght8 *ontam(nants8 spr(n.IN/ 7AT46A*S In a *ampus en+(ronment8 (nter-&u('d(ng path7a4s are re:u(red to *onne*t separate &u('d(ngs5 The A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A standard '(sts underground8 &ur(ed8 aer(a' and tunne' as the ma(n path7a4 t4pes used5 Th(s (n6ormat(on (s *onta(ned (n normat(+e Anne9 C o6 the A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A standard5 Add(t(ona' re:u(rements 6or *ustomer-o7ned outs(de p'ant *an &e 6ound (n the standard A SI!TIA!"IA-$58 Customer-. areas1 o I6 7or.uts(de P'ant Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard5 Und"r%round Int"r-&u#$d#n% Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s An underground path7a4 (s *ons(dered to &e a *omponent o6 the entran*e 6a*('(t45 7at9:a0 p$ann#n% !ust cons#d"r t9" 8o$$o:#n%.&one path7a4 to a''o7 6or eas(er *onne*t(on to the &a*. area dens(t4 (s e9pe*ted to &e greater8 pro+(de more e:u(pment room spa*e5 -t9"r E>u#p!"nt 'oo! .

• Bends are not re*ommendedF (6 re:u(red there shou'd &e no more than t7o 9#I &ends5 .#r"ct Bur#"d Int"r-&u#$d#n% Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s A d(re*t &ur(ed path7a4 (s *ons(dered to &e a *omponent o6 the entran*e 6a*('(t45 • In su*h *ases8 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'es are *omp'ete'4 *o+ered (n earth5 ?(re*t &ur(a' o6 te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'es (s a*h(e+ed &4 tren*h(ng8 auger(ng or &or(ng 0p(pe-push(ng15 • P'o7(ng (s not *o+ered &4 the standard5 >hen se'e*t(ng a route 6or the path7a48 (t (s (mportant to *ons(der the 'ands*ap(ng8 6en*(ng8 trees8 pa+ed areas and other poss(&'e ser+(*es5 A"r#a$ Int"r-&u#$d#n% Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s An aer(a' path7a4 (s *ons(dered to &e a *omponent o6 the entran*e 6a*('(t45 • In su*h *ases8 the 6a*('(t4 *ons(sts o6 po'es8 *a&'e-support strand and support s4stem5 So!" cons#d"rat#ons to !a2" :9"n us#n% a"r#a$ &ac2&on" #nc$ud" t9" 8o$$o:#n%.&one path7a4 (s used to *onne*t them5 . • • • • • Appearan*e o6 the &u('d(ng and surround(ng areas App'(*a&'e *odes Separat(on and *'earan*es 6or e'e*tr(*a' and roads Span 'ength8 &u('d(ng atta*hments8 storm 'oad(ng and me*han(*a' prote*t(on um&er o6 *a&'es *urrent'4 and 6uture gro7th potent(a'5 Tunn"$ Int"r-&u#$d#n% Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s Tunne's pro+(de path7a4s 6or *ondu(t8 tra4s8 7(re7a4s or support strand5 • The 'o*at(on o6 path7a4s 7(th(n a tunne' shou'd &e p'anned to a''o7 6or a**ess(&('(t4 as 7e'' as 6or separat(on 6rom other ser+(*es5 INT'A-BUI).IN/ 7AT46A*S Intra-&u('d(ng &a*.&one path7a4s are proper'4 6(restopped as re:u(red &4 app'(*a&'e *odes5 ?"rt#ca$ Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s Made up o6 +ert(*a''4 a'(gned te'e*ommun(*at(ons rooms5 • /ooms 'o*ated on separate 6'oors are *onne*ted 7(th s'ee+es or s'ots5 "'e+ator sha6ts are .&one path7a4s5 4or#1onta$ Bac2&on" 7at9:a0s I6 a te'e*ommun(*at(ons room *an not &e +ert(*a''4 a'(gned 7(th the one a&o+e or &e'o78 or (6 a room *annot &e +ert(*a''4 a'(gned 7(th the entran*e 6a*('(t4 room8 a hor(=onta' &a*.&one path7a4s are used to p'a*e &a*.&one *a&'es &et7een the e:u(pment room and the entran*e 6a*('(t48 the entran*e 6a*('(t4 and the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room or the e:u(pment room and the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 Path7a4s *an &e e(ther *ondu(t8 s'ee+es8 s'ots or *a&'e tra4s5 It (s +er4 (mportant to ensure that a'' &a*.T to &e used to 'o*ate &a*.IN/ (IN-BUI).

area per 3# m% 03## 6t%18 the T/ shou'd &e s(=ed as 6o''o7s: Usa&$" 8$oor ar"a 'oo! s#1" !2 3### 8## 5## 8t2 3#8### 8### 5### ! 2 9 25C 2 9 %58 2 9 %5% 8t 3# 9 33 3# 9 9 3# 9 $ -t9"r T' d"s#%n #ssu"s B'oor 'oad(ng (s to &e at 'east %5C .&one s4stem In add(t(on8 t7o spare s'ee+es or *ondu(ts 6or a m(n(mum o6 three5 Condu(t8 s'ee+e8 and tra4 6('' spe*(6(*at(ons *an &e 6ound (n th(s standard5 TE)EC-++UNICATI-NS '--+ The te'e*ommun(*at(ons room 0T/18 6orma''4 .&one and hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on path7a4s5 T/Ls *onta(n te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment8 *ontro' e:u(pment8 *a&'e term(nat(ons and *ross-*onne*t 7(r(ng5 /"n"ra$ ."s#%n Cons#d"rat#ons The 'o*at(on o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room shou'd &e as *'ose as pra*t(*a' to the *enter o6 the 6'oor area to &e ser+ed: It (s pre6era&'e to 'o*ate the T/ (n the *ore area5 /oom spa*e shou'd not &e shared 7(th e'e*tr(*a' e:u(pment5 S#1" and Spac#n% Issu"s It (s re*ommended to ha+e at 'east one T/ per 6'oorF add(t(ona' T/Ls are re*ommended 7hen: • • • The usa&'e 6'oor area to &e ser+ed (s greater than 3### m% 03#8### 6t%1 A ru'e-o6-thum& est(mates usa&'e 6'oor spa*e at $5D o6 tota' 6'oor spa*e The 'ength o6 hor(=onta' d(str(&ut(on *a&'e re:u(red to rea*h the 7or.Pa 05# '&6!6t%15 T7o 7a''s are to &e *o+ered 7(th %56 m 08 6t51 h(gh8 %# mm 02!C (n51 A-C p'47ood to atta*h e:u(pment5 Su66(*(ent '(ght(ng (s to &e pro+(ded5 >a''8 6'oor and *e('(ng 6(n(shes shou'd &e '(ght (n *o'or to enhan*e room '(ght(ng5 o 6a'se *e('(ngs5 Bor po7er(ng e:u(pment8 at 'east t7o ded(*ated dup'e9 e'e*tr(*a' out'ets on separate *(r*u(ts are to &e pro+(ded5 Bor *on+en(en*e8 dup'e9 e'e*tr(*a' out'ets shou'd &e p'a*ed at 358 m 06 6t51 (nter+a's around per(meter 7a''s5 • There are (nstan*es 7hen (t (s des(ra&'e to ha+e a po7er pane' (nsta''ed (n the T/5 /oom penetrat(ons 0s'ee+es8 s'ots8 hor(=onta' path7a4s1 must &e proper'4 6(restopped (n *omp'(an*e 7(th app'(*a&'e *odes5 Se*ur(t4 and 6(re prote*t(on are to &e pro+(ded5 It (s re*ommended to ha+e *ont(nuous Heat(ng8 Hent('at(on and A(r ."s#%n Issu"s >hen us(ng *ondu(t 03## mm JC (n5K1 or s'ee+es8 the 6o''o7(ng amount o6 &a*. area (s greater than 9# m 0%95 6t15 >hen there are mu't(p'e T/Ls on a s(ng'e 6'oor8 (t (s re*ommended to (nter*onne*t these rooms 7(th at 'east one *ondu(t 0trade s(=e 21 or e:u(+a'ent5 Assum(ng one s'ee+e or *ondu(t per 5### m% 05# ### 6t%1 o6 usa&'e 6'oor spa*e to &e ser+ed &4 that &a*.no7n as te'e*ommun(*at(ons *'oset 0TC18 (s de6(ned as the spa*e that a*ts as the *ommon a**ess po(nt &et7een &a*.&one path7a4 (s re*ommended: • • .

%C hours per da48 265 da4s a 4ear5 >hen a*t(+e e:u(pment are present8 a su66(*(ent num&er o6 a(r *hanges shou'd &e pro+(ded to d(ss(pate the heat5 A**ess to the T/ sha'' &e pro+(ded &4 a m(n(mum o6 one door o6 93# mm 026 (n51 7(de and %### mm 08# (n51 h(gh5 4-'I5-NTA) 7AT46A*S Hor(=onta' path7a4s are 6a*('(t(es used (n the (nsta''at(on o6 hor(=onta' *a&'(ng 6rom the 7or. o6 ra*e7a4s em&edded (n *on*rete5 • • ?(str(&ut(on du*ts are those du*ts 6rom 7h(*h the 7(res and *a&'es emerge to a spe*(6(* 7or. areas5 • • Penetrat(ons ma4 &e 'o*ated an47here on the a**ess 6'oor Ser+(*e out'ets must not &e p'a*ed (n tra66(* areas or other areas 7here the4 ma4 *reate a ha=ard to the o**upants5 Condu#t Condu(t t4pes (n*'ude e'e*tr(*a' meta''(* tu&(ng8 r(g(d meta' *ondu(t and r(g(d PHC5 • • The t4pe o6 *ondu(t used must meet 'o*a' &u('d(ng and e'e*tr(*a' *odes Meta' 6'e9 *ondu(t (s not re*ommended8 due to poss(&'e *a&'e a&ras(on pro&'ems5 Us#n% condu#t 8or a 9or#1onta$ rac":a0 s0st"! 8or t"$"co!!un#cat#ons ca&$#n% s9ou$d &" cons#d"r"d on$0 :9"n. area . area out'et to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 These path7a4s must &e des(gned to hand'e a'' t4pes o6 *a&'es (n*'ud(ng: unsh(e'ded t7(stedpa(r8 and opt(*a' 6(&er5 >hen ' 7or.Cond(t(on(ng 0HHAC1 .uct @nder6'oor du*ts ma4 &e a s4stem o6 re*tangu'ar d(str(&ut(on and 6eeder du*ts or a net7or. area per 3# m% 03## 6t%15 Acc"ss ($oor The a**ess 6'oor (s made up o6 modu'ar 6'oor pane's supported &4 pedesta's 7(th or 7(thout 'atera' &ra*(ng5 • @sed (n *omputer and e:u(pment rooms as 7e'' as genera' o66(*e areas5 It (s ne*essar4 to des(gn 6'oor penetrat(ons 6or the t4pe and num&er o6 7or. • • Three de+(*es per 7or. area Beeder du*ts are those du*ts 7h(*h *onne*t the d(str(&ut(on du*ts to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 Bor genera' o66(*e use8 the pra*t(*e (s to pro+(de 65# mm% 03 (n%1 o6 *ross-se*t(ona' under6'oor du*t area per 3# m% 03## 6t%1 o6 usa&'e 6'oor spa*e5 Th(s app'(es to &oth d(str(&ut(on and 6eeder du*ts5 T9#s #s &as"d on t9" 8o$$o:#n% assu!pt#ons.(ng o+er the s(=e o6 the path7a48 a'7a4s *ons(der the :uant(t4 and s(=e o6 the *a&'es to &e used and a''o7 room 6or gro7th5 The 6o''o7(ng (s a '(st and &r(e6 des*r(pt(on o6 path7a4s re*ogn(=ed &4 the A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A standard5 Und"r8$oor . • • • Te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et 'o*at(ons are permanent ?e+(*e dens(t(es are 'o7 B'e9(&('(t4 (s not a re:u(rement5 Insta''ed *ondu(t re:u(rements 6or support8 end prote*t(on and *ont(nu(t4 are spe*(6(ed (n appropr(ate e'e*tr(*a' *odes5 .

• • Three de+(*es per 7or.-(n *e('(ng t('es8 dr47a''8 p'aster1 are not to &e used as d(str(&ut(on path7a4s Ce('(ng t('es must &e remo+a&'e and p'a*ed at a ma9(mum he(ght o6 25C m 033 6t51 a&o+e the 6'oor There shou'd &e ade:uate and su(ta&'e spa*e a+a('a&'e (n the *e('(ng area 6or the re*ommended d(str(&ut(on 'a4out5 A m(n(mum o6 $5 mm 02 (n51 o6 *'ear +ert(*a' spa*e a&o+e the *e('(ng t('es must &e a+a('a&'e There shou'd &e a su(ta&'e means 6or support(ng *a&'es and 7(res5 The4 are not to &e 'a(d d(re*t'4 on the *e('(ng t('es or ra('s /a*e7a4s are to &e pro+(ded 7here re:u(red &4 *odes or des(gn5 7"r#!"t"r 'ac":a0s @sed to ser+e 7or.• • o se*t(on o6 *ondu(t *an &e 'onger than 2# m 03## 6t51 o se*t(on o6 *ondu(t *an *onta(n more than t7o 9#I &ends &et7een pu'' po(nts or pu'' &o9es5 Ca&$" Tra0s and 6#r":a0s These are pre6a&r(*ated8 r(g(d stru*tures *ons(st(ng o6 s(de ra('s and a so'(d or +ent('ated &ottom8 used 6or the *onta(nment o6 te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'es5 Tra4s and 7(re7a4s *an &e 'o*ated a&o+e or &e'o7 *e('(ng (n p'enum or non-p'enum app'(*at(ons5 Bor genera' o66(*e use8 the pra*t(*e (s to pro+(de 65# mm% 03 (n%1 *ross-se*t(ona' tra4 or 7(re7a4 area per 3# m% 03## 6t%1 o6 usa&'e 6'oor spa*e5 T9#s #s &as"d on t9" 8o$$o:#n% assu!pt#ons. area . areas 7here te'e*ommun(*at(ons de+(*es *an &e rea*hed 6rom 7a''s at *on+en(ent 'e+e's5 The determ(n(ng 6a*tor 6or us(ng per(meter path7a4s (s room s(=e5 • • A'' de+(*es (n the room depend on ser+(*es 6rom 6(9ed 7a'' areas Pra*t(*a' *apa*(t4 6or per(meter ra*e7a4s (s %#D to C#D 6('' depend(ng on *a&'e-&end(ng rad(us5 7o:"r S"parat#on Co-(nsta''at(on o6 te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'e and po7er *a&'e (s go+erned &4 app'(*a&'e e'e*tr(*a' *ode 6or sa6et45 In add(t(on8 the 6o''o7(ng pre*aut(ons shou'd &e *ons(dered (n order to redu*e no(se *oup'(ng 6rom sour*es su*h as e'e*tr(*a' po7er 7(r(ng8 rad(o 6re:uen*4 0/B1 sour*es8 'arge motors and generators8 (ndu*t(on heaters8 and ar* 7e'dersF • • In*reased ph4s(*a' separat(on "'e*tr(*a' &ran*h *(r*u(t '(ne8 neutra'8 and ground(ng *ondu*tors shou'd &e ma(nta(ned *'ose together 0e5g58 t7(sted8 sheathed8 taped8 or &und'ed together1 6or m(n(m(=(ng (ndu*t(+e *oup'(ng (nto te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng • @se o6 surge prote*tors (n &ran*h *(r*u(ts *an 6urther '(m(t the propagat(on o6 e'e*tr(*a' surges5 @se o6 6u''4 en*'osed8 grounded meta''(* ra*e7a4 or grounded *ondu(t or use o6 *a&'e (nsta''ed *'ose to a grounded meta''(* sur6a*e 7('' a'so '(m(t (ndu*t(+e no(se *oup'(ng5 . area per 3# m% 03## 6t%15 C"#$#n% 7at9:a0s Cond(t(ons 6or *e('(ng d(str(&ut(on s4stems (n*'ude 6o''o7(ng: • • • • • Ina**ess(&'e *e('(ng areas 0'o*.

area5 6or2 Ar"a r"co!!"ndat#ons /e*ommendat(ons 6or 7or. area (s 3# m% 03## 6t%1 (n s(=e5 The te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'et represents the *onne*t(on &et7een hor(=onta' *a&'e and the *a&'es *onne*t(ng de+(*es (n the 7or. area are *onne*ted to the 6a*ep'ate5 It (s ne*essar4 to *ons(der the num&er and t4pe o6 de+(*es to &e *onne*ted5 • T4p(*a' te'e*ommun(*at(ons de+(*es (n*'ude te'ephones8 persona' *omputers8 graph(* or +(deo term(na's8 6a9 ma*h(nes8 modems5 At 'east one out'et &o9 or p'aster r(ng shou'd &e pro+(ded to ea*h 7or.. areas shou'd ha+e su66(*(ent room 6or the o**upant and re:u(red e:u(pment5 T4p(*a' 7or.A T.ANSI/TIA/EIA-56<-A At the t(me o6 th(s 7r(t(ng8 s(9 addenda to A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A are pu&'(shed and the se+enth one (s a 7or. (urn#tur" 7at9:a0s and Spac"s Th(s do*ument (s an amendment to rep'a*e se*t(on 65252 o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 It pro+(des add(t(ona' gu(de'(nes 6or 6urn(ture path7a4s5 Add"ndu! 3.EN. A'EA >or. area5 • Bor areas 7here (t 7('' &e d(66(*u't to add out'et &o9es or p'aster r(ngs at a 'ater t(me8 at 'east t7o out'ets or p'aster r(ngs are re*ommended 6or (n(t(a' (nsta''at(on5 NE6 A.(ng dra6t addenda8 addenda $5 These addenda pro+(de add(t(ona' re:u(rements 6or: Add"ndu! 1. areas *o+er on'4 spe*(6(*at(ons 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons path7a4s and te'e*ommun(*at(ons out'ets5 6or2 ar"a t"$"co!!un#cat#ons pat9:a0s Burn(ture path7a4s: • • Manu6a*turers shou'd &e *onsu'ted to determ(ne ra*e7a4 *apa&('(t(es and opt(ona' 6eatures a+a('a&'e Path7a4 *apa*(t4 ma4 &e est(mated to &e appro9(mate'4 %#-C#D o6 the path7a4 *ross-se*t(on 0th(s (s a rough gu(de and does not a**ount 6or *orners and other 6a*tors15 /e*ept(on areas8 *ontro' *enters8 attendant areas: • • Theses areas t4p(*a''4 ha+e hea+4 demands 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons e:u(pment It (s re*ommended to ha+e (ndependent8 d(re*t path7a4s to these areas 6rom the te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons -ut$"ts An e9amp'e o6 su*h a *onne*t(on po(nt (s a 3## mm 9 3## mm 0C (n5 9 C (n51 e'e*tr(*a' &o9 7(th hor(=onta' *a&'e term(nated on 6a*ep'ate *onne*tors5 • Te'e*ommun(*at(ons de+(*es (n the 7or. Acc"ss ($oors Th(s do*ument (s a re+(s(on o6 the su&*'ause C52 o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 It pro+(des (n6ormat(on (n regards to a**ess . areas are genera''4 des*r(&ed as 'o*at(ons 7here &u('d(ng o**upants (ntera*t 7(th te'e*ommun(*at(ons de+(*es5 >or. Sur8ac" 'ac":a0s Th(s do*ument (s an amendment to rep'a*e se*t(on C5$ o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 It pro+(des add(t(ona' gu(de'(nes 6or per(meter path7a4s5 Add"ndu! 2.6-'.

Und"r8$oor 7at9:a0s Th(s do*ument (s a re+(s(on o6 the su&*'ause C5% o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 It pro+(des (n6ormat(on (n regards to under6'oor path7a4s5 Add"ndu! 6.+er6'oor ra*e7a4s "9posed 7(r(ng5 . • • • • • • "ntran*e room A**ess pro+(der spa*e Ser+(*e pro+(der spa*e Common e:u(pment room 0C"/1 Common te'e*ommun(*at(ons room 0CT/1 Intra&u('d(ng and (nter&u('d(ng path7a4 re:u(rements5 A Not coB"r"d &0 t9" ANSI/TIA/EIA-56<-A Standard • • .e-thru (s a de+(*e that a''o7s te'e*ommun(*at(ons and po7er *a&'(ng to &e (nsta''ed through a&o+e-grade *on*rete 6'oors or stee' de*. 6'oor(ng5 Add"ndu! 5.6'oor(ng s4stems5 Add"ndu! @. +u$t#-T"nant 7at9:a0s and Spac"s Th(s do*ument (s the 'atest addenda pu&'(shed5 It d(s*usses the path7a4s and spa*es re:u(rement 6or a mu't(tenant *ommer*(a' o66(*e &u('d(ngs5 E$"!"nts o8 !u$t#-t"nant spac"s d#scuss"d #n t9#s docu!"nt ar". 7o2"-T9ru 8#tt#n%s Th(s do*ument pro+(des (n6ormat(on on po.e-thru de+(*es5 A po.

e'4 to &e (mposed5 Bond#n% conductor 8or t"$"co!!un#cat#ons (s a *ondu*tor used to (nter*onne*t the te'e*ommun(*at(ons &ond(ng (n6rastru*ture to the ser+(*e e:u(pment 0po7er1 ground o6 the &u('d(ng5 E88"ct#B"$0 %round"d re6ers to an (ntent(ona' *onne*t(on to earth through a ground *onne*t(on o6 su66(*(ent'4 'o7 (mpedan*e5 It must ha+e su66(*(ent *urrent-*arr4(ng *apa*(t4 to &e a&'e to pre+ent the &u('dup o6 +o'tages that *ou'd potent(a''4 resu't (n unne*essar4 ha=ard to *onne*ted e:u(pment or persons5 /round (s an (ntent(ona' or a**(denta' *ondu*t(ng *onne*t(on &et7een an e'e*tr(*a' *(r*u(t or e:u(pment and earth or *ondu*t(ng &od4 ser+(ng (n p'a*e o6 earth5 /round "$"ctrod" conductor (s a *ondu*tor used to *onne*t the ground(ng e'e*trode to: • • • The e:u(pment ground(ng *ondu*tor The grounded *ondu*tor o6 the *(r*u(t at the ser+(*e e:u(pment The sour*e o6 a separate s4stem5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons &ond#n% &ac2&on" (TBB (s a *opper *ondu*tor used to *onne*t the te'e*ommun(*at(ons ma(n ground(ng &us&ar 0TM)B1 to the te'e*ommun(*at(ons ground(ng &us&ar 0T)B1 'o*ated on the 6'oor 6arthest a7a45 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons &ond#n% &ac2&on" #nt"rconn"ct#n% &ond#n% conductor (TBBIBC (s a *ondu*tor used to (nter*onne*t te'e*ommun(*at(ons &ond(ng &a*.&ones5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons !a#n %round#n% &us&ar (T+/B re6ers to a &us&ar &onded to the ser+(*e e:u(pment 0po7er1 ground &4 the &ond(ng *ondu*tor 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons5 The TM)B shou'd &e p'a*ed (n a 'o*at(on that (s *on+en(ent and a**ess(&'e5 .ANSI/TIA/EIA-6CD /round#n% and Bond#n% '">u#r"!"nts 8or T"$"co!!un#cat#ons #n Co!!"rc#a$ Bu#$d#n%s The pr(mar4 o&<e*t(+e o6 th(s standard (s to pro+(de gu(dan*e around the (ssue o6 &ond(ng and ground(ng as (t re'ates to &u('d(ng te'e*ommun(*at(ons (n6rastru*ture5 Be6ore re+(e7(ng the h(gh'(ghts o6 th(s standard8 (t (s (mportant to understand a 6e7 &as(* terms used throughout the &ond(ng and ground(ng spe*(6(*at(ons5 Bond#n% means permanent <o(n(ng o6 meta''(* parts 6or the purpose o6 6orm(ng an e'e*tr(*a''4 *ondu*t(+e path to ensure e'e*tr(*a' *ont(nu(t4 and *apa*(t4 to sa6e'4 *ondu*t an4 *urrent '(.

IN/ AN. • • • • • • • Cons(sten*4 (n the des(gn o6 the te'e*ommun(*at(ons &a*.&one path7a4s5 The TBB *onne*ts to T)BLs (n a'' te'e*ommun(*at(on rooms and the e:u(pment room5 The pr(mar4 6un*t(on o6 the TBB (s to redu*e or e:ua'(=e d(66eren*es &et7een te'e*ommun(*at(ons s4stems &onded to (t5 TBB d"s#%n cons#d"rat#ons #nc$ud". • • • The *opper *ore *ondu*tor must &e (nsu'ated and &e at 'east o5 6 A>) (n s(=e These *ondu*tors shou'd not &e p'a*ed (n meta''(* *ondu(t5 I6 th(s *an not &e a+o(ded8 the *ondu*tors must &e &onded to ea*h end o6 the *ondu(t (6 the run (s 'onger than 3 m 02 6t51 (n 'ength "nsure that &ond(ng *ondu*tors are mar.&one *a&'(ng s4stem Perm(t mu't(p'e TBBs as d(*tated &4 &u('d(ng s(=e P'an route to m(n(m(=e TBB 'ength ?o not use (nter(or 7ater p(pe s4stem o6 the &u('d(ng as a TBB ?o not use meta''(* *a&'e sh(e'd as a TBB (n ne7 (nsta''at(ons M(n(mum *ondu*tor s(=e (s o5 6 A>)8 *ons(derat(on shou'd &e g(+en to us(ng a TBB as 'arge as o5 2 A>) Mu't(p'e8 +ert(*a' TBBs must &e &onded together at the top 6'oor and at a m(n(mum o6 e+er4 th(rd 6'oor (n &et7een us(ng a TBB (nter*onne*t(ng &ond(ng *ondu*tor .Scope of ANSI/TIA/EIA 607 B-N.ed appropr(ate'4 &4 us(ng a green 'a&e'5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons Bond#n% Bac2&on" (TBB Th(s (s an (nsu'ated *ondu*tor used to (nter*onne*t a'' T)BLs 7(th the TM)B5 • The TBB starts at the TM)B and e9tends throughout the &u('d(ng us(ng te'e*ommun(*at(ons &a*.IN/ C-+7-NENTS Bond#n% Conductor 8or T"$"co!!un#cat#ons Th(s *ondu*tor (s used to &ond the TM)B to the ser+(*e e:u(pment 0po7er1 ground 7h(*h (s (n turn *onne*ted to the ground(ng e'e*trode *ondu*tor5 T9"r" ar" t9r"" #!portant d"s#%n cons#d"rat#ons to r"!"!&"r a&out &ond#n% conductors. /'-UN.

T"$"co!!un#cat#ons /round#n% Bus&ar (T/B -o*ated (n a te'e*ommun(*at(ons room or e:u(pment room8 (t ser+es as a *ommon *entra' po(nt o6 *onne*t(on 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons s4stems and e:u(pment (n the area ser+ed &4 that T/ or e:u(pment room5 T/B c9aract"r#st#cs. • • Pre-dr(''ed *opper &us&ar pro+(ded 7(th standard "MA &o't ho'e s(=(ng and spa*(ng 6or t4pe o6 *onne*tors to &e used M(n(mum s(=e 6 mm 0#5%2 (n51 th(*. • • • • • TBBs and other T)Bs 'o*ated (n same spa*e must &e &onded to the T)B Bond(ng *ondu*tors used &et7een a TBB and T)B must &e *ont(nuous and routed (n the shortest8 stra(ght-'(ne path poss(&'e Insta'' the T)B as *'ose as pra*t(*a' to the pane'&oard >hen a pane'&oard 6or te'e*ommun(*at(ons (s 'o*ated (n the same room as the T)B8 &ond the pane'&oardLs AC") &us 07hen e:u(pped1 or the en*'osure to the T)B Bond the T)B to the TBBIBC 7here re:u(red5 Bond#n% to t9" +"ta$ (ra!" o8 a Bu#$d#n% In those &u('d(ngs 7here meta' 6rames 0stru*tura' stee'1 are e66e*t(+e'4 grounded8 &ond ea*h T)B to the meta' 6rame 7(th(n the room us(ng a o5 6 A>) *ondu*tor5 .• TBBs sha'' &e (nsta''ed 7(thout sp'(*es5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons Bond#n% Bac2&on" Int"rconn"ct#n% Bond#n% Conductor (TBBIBC The TBBIBC (s a *ondu*tor that (nter*onne*ts TBBs5 T"$"co!!un#cat#ons +a#n /round#n% Bus&ar (T+/B The TM)B ser+es as a ded(*ated e9tens(on o6 the &u('d(ng ground(ng e'e*trode s4stem 6or the te'e*ommun(*at(ons (n6rastru*ture5 It a'so a*ts as the *entra' *onne*t(on po(nt 6or TBBs and e:u(pment5 T9" 8o$$o:#n% T+/B d"s#%n cons#d"rat#ons !ust &" r"!"!&"r"d.ness8 3## mm 0C (n51 7(de and o6 +ar(a&'e 'ength5 Ensur" t9" s#1" o8 t9" &ar a$$o:s 8or 8utur" %ro:t9. &4 5# mm 0% (n51 7(de8 +ar(a&'e 'ength5 T/B d"s#%n cons#d"rat#ons. • • There (s t4p(*a''4 one TM)B per &u('d(ng5 The TM)B *an &e e9tended &4 us(ng and 6o''o7(ng the ru'es 6or T)Bs TM)B must &e 'o*ated so that (t (s a**ess(&'e to te'e*ommun(*at(ons personne'5 It (s o6ten 'o*ated (n the entran*e room or the ma(n te'e*ommun(*at(ons room5 A 'o*at(on shou'd &e *hosen that m(n(m(=es the &ond(ng *ondu*tor 'ength 6or te'e*ommun(*at(on *onne*t(ons • • The TM)B must &e a pre-dr(''ed *opper &us&ar 7(th standard "MA &o't ho'e s(=(ng and spa*(ng 6or the t4pe and s(=e o6 *ondu*tor &e(ng used TM)Bs are a m(n(mum o6 6 mm 0#5%2 (n51 (n th(*.

• I6 the meta' 6rame (s e9terna' to the room &ut read('4 a**ess(&'e8 &ond the T)B to the meta' 6rame us(ng a o5 6 A>) *ondu*tor5 ANSI/TIA/EIA-862 Bu#$d#n% Auto!at#on S0st"!s Ca&$#n% Standard 8or Co!!"rc#a$ Bu#$d#n%s -BEECTI?E The standard spe*(6(es a gener(* *a&'(ng s4stem 6or a &u('d(ng automat(on s4stems 0BAS1 used (n *ommer*(a's &u('d(ngs5 The purpose o6 th(s standard (s to he'p (n the p'ann(ng and (nsta''at(on o6 a stru*tured *a&'(ng s4stem 6or BAS app'(*at(ons5 TE)EC-++UNICATI-NS CAB)IN/ S*STE+ The &as(* e'ements o6 the BAS *a&'(ng s4stem stru*ture are: • • • • • • • Hor(=onta' *a&'(ng Ba*.&one *a&'(ng Co+erage area Te'e*ommun(*at(ons room 0T/1 or *ommon te'e*ommun(*at(ons room 0CT/1 ":u(pment /oom 0"/1 or *ommon e:u(pment room 0C"/1 "ntran*e Ba*('(t(es 0"B1 Adm(n(strat(on 4-'I5-NTA) CAB)IN/ .

The e'ements o6 the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng are: Hor(=onta' *ross-*onne*t 0HC18 hor(=onta' *a&'e8 hor(=onta' *onne*t(on po(nt 0HCP1 and an opt(ona' BAS out'et!*onne*tor5 The hor(=onta' *a&'(ng topo'og4 sha'' &e a star topo'og45 The ma9(mum hor(=onta' d(stan*e 6or d(str(&uted BAS '(n.s sha'' &e 9# m8 (ndependent o6 the med(a t4pe5 The BAS Channe' 'ength (s app'(*at(on dependent5 The hor(=onta' *a&'(ng sha'' meet the per6orman*e re:u(rements and the (nsta''at(on re:u(rements o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B535 4or#1onta$ Conn"ct#on 7o#nt (4C7 The HCP (s a *onne*t(on po(nt that a''o7s d(66erent *on6(gurat(on 6or the *o+erage area ser+ed5 The HCP sha'' &e 'o*ated (n a 6u''4 a**ess(&'e8 permanent 'o*at(on 6or ease o6 ma(ntenan*e and re*on6(gurat(on5 o more than one HCP (s a''o7ed (n a s(ng'e hor(=onta' *a&'(ng '(n.&one *a&'(ng topo'og4 sha'' &e a star topo'og45 The Ba*.B-NE CAB)IN/ The &a*.5 Ca&'es e9tend(ng 6rom the HCP are *a''ed *o+erage area *a&'es and sha'' &e term(nated d(re*t'4 to a BAS de+(*e or to a BAS out'et!*onne*tor8 as 'ong as the ma9(mum o6 6our *onne*t(ons (s respe*ted5 The d(66eren*e &et7een an HCP (n a BAS *a&'(ng s4stem and a *onso'(dat(on po(nt 0CP1 6ound (n a te'e*ommun(*at(ons *a&'(ng s4stem (s the poss(&('(t4 to ha+e a *ross-*onne*t at the HCP5 BAS out$"t/conn"ctor The BAS out'et (s opt(ona'5 It (s *onne*ted to the hor(=onta' *a&'e e(ther d(re*t'4 or through an HCP5 The BAS out'et sha'' *omp'4 7(th the hor(=onta' *a&'(ng re:u(rements spe*(6(ed (n A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B535 Example of BAS Horizontal Ca lin! in a Star Topolo!" '"co%n#1"d 9or#1onta$ ca&$#n% co!pon"nt /e*ogn(=ed med(a are: • • • 3## ohm &a'an*ed t7(sted-pa(r *a&'e8 %% or %C A>) unsh(e'ded t7(sted-pa(r 0@TP1 *a&'e (s re*ommended 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5%1 Mu't(mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e8 e(ther 6%55!3%5 or 5#!3%5 Am 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B521 S(ng'e-mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B521 A'' asso*(ated *onne*t(ng hard7are sha'' *omp'4 7(th A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% or A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B525 BAC.&one *a&'(ng sha'' meet the per6orman*e re:u(rements and the (nsta''at(on re:u(rements o6 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B535 '"co%n#1"d &ac2&on" ca&$#n% co!pon"nts /e*ogn(=ed med(a are: • 3## ohm &a'an*ed t7(sted-pa(r *a&'e 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5%1 • Mu't(mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e8 e(ther 6%55!3%5 or 5#!3%5 Am 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B521 .

+INIST'ATI-N The adm(n(strat(on o6 the BAS *a&'(ng (n6rastru*ture sha'' *omp'4 7(th the spe*(6(*at(ons pro+(ded &4 A SI!TIA!"IA-6#6-A5 .no7n as me*han(*a' rooms5 The "/ or C"/ (s the re*ommended area 6or (nsta''(ng the ma(n BAS *ontro''ers5 The "/ or C"/ shou'd &e des(gned (n a**ordan*e 7(th A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 Add(t(ona' path7a4s and spa*es ma4 &e re:u(red5 ENT'ANCE (ACI)ITIES (E( The "B *ons(sts o6 the *a&'es8 *onne*t(ng hard7are8 prote*t(on de+(*es and other e:u(pment needed to *onne*t the outs(de p'ant 6a*('(t(es to the prem(ses *a&'(ng5 The "B shou'd &e des(gned (n a**ordan*e 7(th A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 Add(t(ona' path7a4s and spa*es ma4 &e re:u(red5 A.• S(ng'e-mode opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e 0A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B521 A'' asso*(ated *onne*t(ng hard7are sha'' *omp'4 7(th A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B5% or A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B525 C-?E'A/E A'EA The *o+erage area (s the spa*e ser+ed &4 one BAS de+(*e5 The BAS de+(*e (s *onne*ted to the HCP or to the BAS out'et!*onne*tor +(a a *o+erage area *a&'e5 The *o+erage area *a&'e sha'' meet the same re:u(rements as the hor(=onta' *a&'e to 7h(*h (t *onne*ts5 The standard a''o7s d(66erent *o+erage area topo'og(es to support spe*(6(* BAS app'(*at(ons5 These topo'og(es are (mp'emented e(ther 6rom the HCP or 6rom the BAS out'et!*onne*tor and do not e66e*t the hor(=onta' stru*tured *a&'(ng (mp'ementat(on5 The *o+erage area topo'og(es are : • • • • • A star A &r(dge *onne*t(on A *ha(n *onne*t(on Mu't(po(nt &us Mu't(po(nt r(ng!6au't to'erant *(r*u(t5 TE)EC-++UNICATI-NS '--+ (T' -' C-++-N TE)EC-++UNICATI-NS '--+ (CT' The T/ or CT/ shou'd ser+e the *o+erage areas 6or the same 6'oor (n 7h(*h the T/ or CT/ res(des5 It shou'd house the BAS *ontro''er *a&(nets5 The T/ or CT/ shou'd &e des(gned (n a**ordan*e 7(th A SI!TIA!"IA-569-A5 Add(t(ona' path7a4s and spa*es ma4 &e re:u(red5 E=UI7+ENT '--+ (E' -' C-++-N E=UI7+ENT '--+ (CE' Bor BAS8 these spa*es are *ommon'4 .

pt(*a' B(&er Ca&'(ng 0Be&ruar4 %##21 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements Addendum 5 M Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng 6or Te'e*ommun(*at(ons "n*'osures M 0Mar*h %##C1 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements Addendum $ .)u(de'(nes 6or Ma(nta(n(ng Po'ar(t4 @s(ng Arra4 Conne*tors M 0Nanuar4 %##61 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components .pt(m(=ed 5#!3%5 Am Mu't(mode .0Be&ruar4 %##21 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements Addendum 2 M Supporta&'e ?(stan*es and Channe' Attenuat(on 6or .Addendum 3 M M(n(mum C-Pa(r @TP and S*TP Pat*h Ca&'e Bend /ad(us .0Ma4 %##31 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements Addendum % M )round(ng and Bond(ng /e:u(rements 6or S*reened Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Hor(=onta' Ca&'(ng .0?e*em&er %##21 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum 3 M Transm(ss(on .0Be&ruar4 %##21 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements Addendum C M /e*ogn(t(on o6 Categor4 6 and 85# nm -aser .pt(*a' B(&er App'(*at(ons &4 B(&er T4pe .)#st o8 TIA T"$"co!!un#cat#ons Bu#$d#n% Ca&$#n% (6#r#n% Standards F Add"ndu!s TIA!"IA568-B53 TIA!"IA568-B53-3 TIA!"IA568-B53-% TIA!"IA568-B53-2 TIA!"IA568-B53-C TIA!"IA568-B53-5 TIA!"IA568-B53-$ TIA!"IA568-B5% TIA!"IA568-B5%-3 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements M 0Ma4 %##31 Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part 3: )enera' /e:u(rements .

0Be&ruar4 %##%1 TIA-5%6-3C.0Nune %##%1 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-% Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum % M /e+(s(on o6 Su&-*'auses .pt(*a' B(&er Ca&'(ng Components Standard .0August 39981 These do*uments are not pu&'(* doma(n5 The4 are *op4r(ghtedO mater(a' o6 .0Nanuar4 %##51 TIA!"IAAdm(n(strat(on Standard 6or Commer*(a' Te'e*ommun(*at(ons 6#6-A In6rastru*ture .pt(*a' Po7er -oss o6 Insta''ed S(ng'e-Mode B(&er Ca&'e P'ant M .0Apr(' %##%1 568-2 TIA!"IA. /eturn -oss Pass!Ba(' ?eterm(nat(on 0Mar*h %##%1 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-C Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum C M So'der'ess Conne*t(on /e'(a&('(t4 /e:u(rements 6or Copper Conne*t(ng Hard7are 0Nune %##%1 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-5 Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum 5 M Corre*t(ons to TIA!"IA-568-B5% M 0Nanuar4 %##21 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-6 Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum 6 M Categor4 6 /e'ated Component Test Pro*edures M 0?e*em&er %##21 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-33 Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum 33*a' B(&er Ca&'(ng Components Standard M Addendum 3 M Add(t(ona' 568-253 Transm(ss(on Per6orman*e Spe*(6(*at(ons 6or 5#!3%5 Am .0.*to&er %##C1 TIA-5$#-B /es(dent(a' Te'e*ommun(*at(ons In6rastru*ture Standard .Per6orman*e Spe*(6(*at(ons 6or C-Pa(r 3## ohm Categor4 6 Ca&'(ng .Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng )round(ng 0"arth(ng1 and Bond(ng /e:u(rements 6or A Te'e*ommun(*at(ons .pt(*a' B(&er Ca&'es M 0Apr(' %##%1 TIA-569-B Commer*(a' Bu('d(ng Standard 6or Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Path7a4s and Spa*es .*to&er %##%1 TIA-$58-A Customer-o7ned .uts(de P'ant Te'e*ommun(*at(ons In6rastru*ture Standard M 0August %##C1 TIA-5%6-$ Measurement o6 .BSTP-$ .0.BSTP-3C .pt(*a' B(&er Ca&'e Co'or Cod(ng .0Ma4 %##%1 N-ST?-6#$.Spe*(6(*at(on o6 C-Pa(r @TP and SCTP Ca&'(ng M 0?e*em&er %##51 TIA!"IA.0Apr(' %##C1 TIA-598-C .0?e*em&er %##31 TIA!"IACommer*(a' Bu('d(ng Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Ca&'(ng Standard Part %: 568-B5%-2 Ba'an*ed T7(sted-Pa(r Ca&'(ng Components M Addendum 2 M Add(t(ona' Cons(derat(ons 6or Insert(on -oss .pt(*a' Po7er -oss Measurements o6 Insta''ed Mu't(mode B(&er Ca&'e P'ant A M .

area8 and 6or pat*h *ords or <umpers (n the te'e*ommun(*at(ons *'oset5 The ma9(mum &a*. : "9*eed(ng the m(n(mum &end rad(us *an d(stort the *a&'e geometr4 and resu't (n degrad(ng o6 transm(ss(on per6orman*e5 .&one5 7u$$#n% T"ns#on Ma9(mum pu''(ng tens(on 6or a C pa(r hor(=onta' *a&'e (s %5 '&65 "9*ess(+e pu''(ng tens(ons ma4 o**ur dur(ng (nsta''at(on5 .&one *a&'e 'ength (s 9# meters 0%95 6eet15 Th(s 9# meter 'ength assumes that 5 meters 036 6eet1 are needed at ea*h end 6or e:u(pment *a&'es *onne*t(ng to the &a*.n*e the damage (s done8 re+ers(ng the e66e*t ma4 not &e su66(*(ent enough to *orre*t the pro&'em and *a&'e rep'a*ement (s re*ommended5 Intermed(ate *a&'e pu''s 7(th(n the o+era'' *a&'e run ma4 &e ne*essar4 to a+o(d e9*eed(ng the ma9(mum pu''(ng 6or*e5 +#n#!u! B"nd 'ad#us C pa(r *a&'es ha+e a 3P M(n5 Bend /ad(us CA@TI.Te'e*ommun(*at(ons Industr4 Asso*(at(on! "'e*tron(* Industr(es A''(an*e5 A'' r(ghts reser+ed &4 TIA!"IA8 and!or HIS!)'o&a'8 and *an &e pur*hased at )'o&a' "ng(neer(ng ?o*uments or the B(CSI s(te5 Copper Cabling Guide UT7 and ScT7 Insta$$at#on /u#d" • • Categor4 5e Categor4 6 @TP 0@nsh(e'ded T7(sted Pa(r1 and S*TP 0Sh(e'ded T7(sted Pa(r1 *a&'es 7ere de+e'oped and des(gned to &e used (ndependent o6 the s4stem app'(*at(on5 Set transm(ss(on per6orman*e *r(ter(a 0Categor(es1 ha+e &een esta&'(shed 6or the +ar(ous grades o6 *a&'es5 69at ar" t9"s" Cat"%or#"sG Categor(es are a method o6 *'ass(64(ng *a&'es and re'ated hard7are 7(th(n spe*(6(* per6orman*e *r(ter(a5 • Categor4 5e M Spe*(6(es *a&'e and *onne*t(ng hard7are 7(th transm(ss(on *hara*ter(st(*s up to 3## MH=5 It d(66ers 6rom Categor4 5 &4 ha+(ng 2 dB t(ghter "GT re:u(rements and add(t(ona' re:u(rements 6or PS "GT8 "-B"GT8 PS "-B"GT8 and /-5 Categor4 6 M Th(s do*ument spe*(6(ed *a&'e and *onne*t(ng hard7are 7(th transm(ss(on *hara*ter(st(*s up to %5# MH=5 In add(t(on Categor4 6 has t(ghter (nsert(on 'oss8 "GT8 PS "GT8 "-B"GT and PS "-B"GT o+er Categor4 5e5 • Ca&$" 4and$#n% )"n%t9 The ma9(mum hor(=onta' *a&'e 'ength (s 9# meters 0%95 6eet15 3# meters (s a''o7ed 6or *ords (n the 7or.

or pat*h pane'5 Pr(or *a&'e p'a*ement pra*t(*es ma4 ha+e en*ouraged ma.(ng5 Ca&'e that has not &een (nsta''ed a6ter C hours shou'd &e returned to a heated area5 Co(' ser+(*e 'oops (n 3#E to 3%E 'oops5 A t(ght *o(' *ou'd *ause the *a&'e to *ra*.5 orma''4 the *a&'es are term(nated a6ter the s(te (s en*'osed and heated5 ?o not attempt to term(nate the *a&'es 7hen the temperature (s &e'o7 6ree=(ng5 -B"r Str"ss#n% "'(m(nate *a&'e stress *aused &4 tens(on (n suspended *a&'e runs and t(ght'4 *(n*hed *a&'e &und'es5 "9*ess(+e *a&'e 'oad(ng or stress *an a'so o**ur (6 a *a&'e (s (n*orre*t'4 suspended (n a *a&'e run5 A re*ommended *a&'e support spa*(ng (s C8E to 6#E *enters5 A+o(d t7(st(ng o6 *a&'e dur(ng (nsta''at(on5 "9*ess(+e t7(st(ng ma4 resu't (n d(stort(on o6 *a&'e geometr48 and (n se+ere *ases tears (n the <a*. strong'4 re*ommends the 6o''o7(ng supp'ementar4 (nsta''at(on t(ps: • ?o not 7a'.'(6ts5 Th(s *an e9ert e9*ess(+e 6or*e on the *a&'e8 d(stort(ng the geometr48 and!or *rush(ng the pa(rs8 resu't(ng (n e'e*tr(*a' shorts5 ?o not use stap'es8 e(ther 6rom a stap'e gun or mount(ng (n a trad(t(ona' manner 7(th a hammer5 Stap'es *an e9ert e9*ess(+e 6or*e on the *a&'e and d(stort the pa(r geometr45 • • • • ?-/(ngs8 na(' on *'amps or +e'*ro straps a'' o66er a**epta&'e *a&'e management te*hn(:ues 7(thout *ompress(ng the *a&'e5 ?o not run *a&'e near sour*es o6 heat8 as th(s ma4 negat(+e'4 (mpa*t *a&'e attenuat(on5 Ma(nta(n a 6E m(n(mum spa*(ng &et7een *a&'es and sour*es o6 "MI8 su*h as 6'uores*ent '(ghts or unsh(e'ded po7er '(nes5 .en to ensure that the <a*.5 The *a&'e 7('' reta(n enough heat to pre+ent *ra*. the e9*ess *a&'e 'ength &a*.(ng the *a&'e appear as 6orm6(tt(ng or t(ght aga(nst the rout(ng stru*ture 0*a&'e tra4 or ra*. or step on h(gh per6orman*e *a&'e5 ?o not run o+er h(gh per6orman*e *a&'e 7(th hand tru*.n*e the damage (s done8 the &est opt(on (s rep'a*ement o6 the damaged run5 There are t7o *ommon p'a*es 7here e9*eed(ng the m(n(mum &end ma4 o**ur: • At the 7or.et5 In add(t(on to the a&o+e gu(de'(nes e9tra*ted 6rom TIA!"IA-5688 Moha7.s or 6or. through the 7a'' out'et (nto the 7a''5 At the 7(r(ng *'oset8 and dur(ng rout(ng o6 the *a&'e to the term(na' &'o*.: • • • • Store the *a&'e (n a heated area 7hose temperature (s a&o+e 5#IB 6or %C hours &e6ore (nsta''at(on5 Trans6er on'4 enough *a&'e to the <o& s(te 6or C hours 7or./epos(t(on(ng o6 the *a&'e to the proper &end rad(( ma4 not *orre*t the 6au't5 .et 7('' not *ra*.1 as poss(&'e5 A &etter pra*t(*e 7ou'd &e to (n*orporate gent'4 s7eep(ng *ur+es a'ong the *a&'e path a+o(d(ng sharp &ends or *hanges (n d(re*t(on5 "+er4 e66ort shou'd &e made to ensure the path the *a&'e 6o''o7s has smooth gradua' s7eeps at an4 trans(t(on po(nt5 • Insta''at(on (n Temperatures Be'o7 Bree=(ng The m(n(mum (nsta''at(on temperature 6or p'enum *a&'es (s #IC 02%IB15 I6 the *a&'e has to &e (nsta''ed 7hen the temperature (s &e'o7 2%IB the 6o''o7(ng pre*aut(ons shou'd &e ta. stat(on 7a'' out'et5 A6ter the *a&'e (s term(nated8 too o6ten the rema(n(ng *a&'e (s <ammed (nto the 7a'' out'et8 or 7orse8 7rapped around (tse'6 and sho+ed (nto the out'et5 A &etter pra*t(*e 7ou'd &e to gent'4 7or.

s emp'o4 I?C *onne*tors to *omp'ete the *(r*u(t &et7een the *a&'e and the hard7are5 The manu6a*turer 7('' re*ommend the too's needed to term(nate the *a&'e5 Term(nate 7(th *onne*t(ng hard7are o6 the same *ategor4 or h(gher5 An4 '(n.no7n *a&'e 'engths5 I6 the readout 6or the *a&'e 'ength (s 'onger than the .et (ntegr(t4 to the po(nt o6 term(nat(on a(ds (n ma(nta(n(ng *a&'e geometr4 and "GT (so'at(on 6rom ad<a*ent *a&'e pa(rs5 >hen term(nat(ng S*TP *a&'e8 6o''o7 the same gu(de'(nes as '(sted a&o+e5 Add(t(ona''48 term(nat(on o6 the th(n 6o(' sh(e'd and dra(n 7(re are (mportant to ma(nta(n sh(e'd *ont(nu(t4 and sh(e'd(ng e66e*t(+eness 6rom the *a&'e to the *onne*tor5 The Conne*tor Manu6a*turerLs (nsta''at(on (nstru*t(ons shou'd &e 6o''o7ed 6or sh(e'ded *a&'e term(nat(on5 Br(dged taps and sp'(*es are not perm(tted as part o6 *opper hor(=onta' *a&'(ng re:u(rements5 T"st#n% It (s &est to determ(ne the 'engths o6 se+era' representat(+e *a&'e runs and ad<ust the HP to *orrespond to the .T"r!#nat#on The (nsta''er must &e a*:ua(nted 7(th the Conne*tor Manu6a*turerLs (nsta''at(on (nstru*t(ons5 The *orre*t too's8 7(re 'a4out and unt7(st 'ength are *r(t(*a'8 espe*(a''4 (n Categor4 6 (nsta''at(ons5 Modu'ar <a*. /e:u(rements at Spe*(6(* Bre:uen*(es NEHT (r">u"nc0 Ins"rt#on )oss (+41 5" 6 5" 6 35# %53 359 6#5# 655# C5# 259 255 5C58 6C53 3#5# 65% 556 C855 5$58 %#5# 859 $59 C25$ 5253 %55# 3#5# 859 C%53 5355 .no7n 'ength8 the HP shou'd &e de*reased5 Con+erse'48 (6 the readout 6or the *a&'e 'ength (s shorter than the .s usua''4 ha+e the Pa(r *o'or *ode mar.Qs produ*ts are as 6o''o7s: Non-7$"nu! 7$"nu! -uts#d" 7$ant Categor4 5e Categor4 6 A ote o6 Caut(on: 68D 68D $%D $%D 65D 65D • -e+e' II or -e+e' III Testers 7('' &e re:u(red to a**urate'4 measure Categor4 5e and 6 permanent '(n.s and *hanne's5 Consu't the manu6a*turer o6 4our test set 6or *'ar(6(*at(on5 Categor4 5e and 6 M Permanent -(n.5 The *o'or *ode *an &e e(ther T568A or T568B 7(r(ng methods5 Ma(nta(n the same p(n to pa(r *om&(nat(on throughout the (nsta''at(on5 Chang(ng p(n pa(r ass(gnment *an resu't (n *rossed pa(rs5 Modu'ar <a*.ed on the <a*.no7n 'ength the HP shou'd &e (n*reased5 The HP +a'ues 6or Moha7.s and *ross-*onne*t &'o*. that has su&st(tuted a 'o7er *ategor4 *omponent (s automat(*a''4 *'ass(6(ed to that 'o7er *ategor45 The ma9(mum a''o7a&'e amount o6 unt7(st(ng dur(ng *a&'e term(nat(on to *onne*t(ng hard7are (s #55E 6or Categor4 5e and Categor4 6 *a&'es5 "9*eed(ng the re*ommended 'ength o6 unt7(st(ng ma4 *ause per6orman*e pro&'ems5 The same te*hn(:ues shou'd &e emp'o4ed 7hen term(nat(ng *ross-*onne*t &'o*.s5 Ma(nta(n(ng <a*.

C@M" TS at 3-8##-85C$3$95 Bor add(t(ona' (n6ormat(on on *a&'e se'e*t(on8 p'ease *a'' 3-8##-C%%-9963 or ema(' to (n6oRmoha7. Categor4 and B(&er .pt(* Ca&'es5 Fiber cabling guide (#&"r Insta$$at#on /u#d" (-'E6A'.235%5 6%55 3##5# %##5# %5#5# (r">u"nc0 (+41 35# C5# 3#5# %#5# %55# 235%5 6%55 3##5# %##5# %5#5# 335% 365% %35# --- 3#5# 3C5C 3856 %$5C 2353 C#55 255$ 2%52 --') 5" 395# 395# 395# 395# 385# 3$53 3C53 3%5# --- 5#5# C553 C358 2659 2552 E)(EHT 5" 6 5856 6C5% C656 5%53 2856 CC5% 2%56 285% 2#5$ 265% %85$ 2C52 %%5$ %852 3856 %C5% -385% -365% 6 3953 %35# %35# %35# 3955 3855 365# 3C5# 335# 3#5# The Permanent -(n.Ls so'e 7arrant4 7(th respe*t to (ts *a&'es (s set 6orth (n the do*ument ent(t'ed EMoha7. >arrant48E 7h(*h has &een or 7('' &e pro+(ded separate'4 to (nsta''ers o6 Moha7. Categor4 and B(&er .BA. re:u(rements (n*'ude 9# meters o6 hor(=onta' *a&'e and the *onne*tors at ea*h end5 The *a&'es to the test e:u(pment are not part o6 the permanent '(n. and are su&tra*ted out &4 the test e:u(pment5 Channe' re:u(rements (n*'ude 9# meters o6 hor(=onta' *a&'e and 3# meters o6 e:u(pment *ords8 pat*h *ords and <umpers5 The ma9(mum 'ength o6 *ross-*onne*t <umpers and pat*h *ords (n the *ross-*onne*t 6a*('(t4 shou'd not e9*eed 5 meters5 Bor add(t(ona' (n6ormat(on and an A SI re6eren*ed '(st8 p'ease *onta*t: )* Ca&'es and are not a 7arrant4 &4 Moha7. as an a(d 6or (nsta''ers o6 Moha7.-*a&'e5*om5 These gu(des ha+e &een prepared &4 Moha7. and shou'd not &e *onstrued as su*h5 Moha7. It (s assumed that the reader has a genera' understand(ng o6 6(&er opt(* *a&'e *onstru*t(ons and term(no'og45 BICSI 07775&(*s(5org1 (s an e9*e''ent resour*e 6or genera' (n6ormat(on5 SA(ET* 7'ECAUTI-NS ." )I ""/I ) ?.

do7n the &u('d(ng8 there&4 e'(m(nat(ng most o6 the *a&'e (nsta''at(on &4 the t(me 4ou rea*h the 'o7er 6'oors5 A6ter (nsta''at(on8 the strength mem&er o6 the *a&'e 7('' need to support the hang(ng *a&'e5 I6 a 'ong +ert(*a' run (s ne*essar48 *a&'e shou'd &e se*ured at ea*h 6'oor and ser+(*e 'oops shou'd &e p'a*ed e+er4 three 6'oors8 at a m(n(mum5 Th(s pro*edure 7('' he'p d(str(&ute the 7e(ght o6 the *a&'e +ert(*a''4 and 7('' 6a*('(tate a**ess to mo+es8 adds and *hanges 0MACs18 (6 needed at a 'ater date5 B"nd rad#us There are t7o t4pes o6 &end rad(us: • The short term m(n(mum &end rad(us8 or d4nam(* &end rad(us8 (s the t(ghtest re*ommended &end 7h('e (nsta''(ng *a&'e at the ma9(mum rated tens(on5 It (s the 'arger o6 the t7o spe*(6(ed &end rad((5 Throughout the pu''8 the m(n(mum &end rad(us must &e str(*t'4 6o''o7ed5 I6 a 'o*at(on e9(sts (n the m(dd'e o6 a run 7here a re'at(+e'4 t(ght &end (s una+o(da&'e8 the *a&'e shou'd &e hand-6ed around the &end or a pu''e4 *an &e used5 .6ed to *omp'ete the (nsta''at(on5 Sharp &ends ma4 (n*rease *a&'e tens(on8 so (t (s &est to (nsta'' *a&'e (n se:uen*es that m(n(m(=e stress and 'a&or *osts5 >hen runn(ng *a&'e +ert(*a''48 ta.• • • Scop" >hen (nsta''ed on a '(+e s4stem8 (n+(s(&'e 'aser rad(at(on ma4 &e present5 ?o not stare (nto *onne*tor end6a*e or +(e7 d(re*t'4 7(th opt(*a' (nstruments5 >ear sa6et4 g'asses 7hen 7or.no7n as Sshort term tens(onP8 Sd4nam(* 'oadP8 S(nsta''at(on 'oadP or S(nsta''at(on tens(onP5 >hene+er poss(&'e8 the tens(on o6 the (nsta''at(on shou'd &e mon(tored5 The tens(on *an &e measured 7(th a d4namometer8 or 7(th a pu''(ng 7hee'5 Brea.e note o6 the *a&'e 7e(ght5 Insta'' *a&'es (n a se:uen*e that app'(es the 'east amount o6 stra(n on the *a&'e5 Bor e9amp'e8 most +ert(*a' *hasers (n &u('d(ngs tend to &e *ongested at the 'o7er 6'oorsF (nstead8 tr4 to start 4our (nsta''at(on at the top and 7or.(ng 7(th opt(*a' 6(&er5 ?(spose o6 a'' s*rap 6(&ers to a+o(d gett(ng 6(&er s'(+ers5 The 6o''o7(ng gu(de'(nes are (ntended as a genera' o+er+(e7 o6 (mportant (ssues re'ated to the (nsta''at(on o6 6(&er opt(* *a&'e5 INSTA))ATI-N S7ECI(ICATI-NS Bor a proper *a&'e (nsta''at(on8 (t (s (mportant to understand the *a&'e spe*(6(*at(on5 The t7o most (mportant spe*(6(*at(ons are the tens('e 'oad(ng and &end rad(us spe*(6(*at(ons5 It (s +er4 (mportant to adhere to these '(m(ts5 T"ns#$" $oad#n% A'though there are t7o d(66erent t4pes o6 tens(on (n 6(&er opt(* *a&'es8 the (mportant tens(on 6or the (nsta''at(on (s the ma9(mum 'oad the *a&'e *an &e su&<e*ted to 7(thout *aus(ng permanent damage5 >e *a'' (t the Sma9(mum 'oad (nsta''at(onP and (t (s measured (n e7ton or pounds5 The Sma9(mum 'oad (nsta''at(onP *an a'so &e .a7a4 pu''(ng e4es are a+a('a&'e 7h(*h separate (6 the tens(on rea*hes a preset 'e+e'5 The use o6 a s7(+e' (s re*ommended 7hen pu''(ng the *a&'e (n tra45 The s7(+e' a''o7s the *a&'e and pu''(ng rope to t7(st (ndependent'45 I6 pu''(ng a *a&'e (n an outs(de p'ant *ondu(t8 the use o6 appro+ed 'u&r(*ants *an he'p m(n(m(=e 6r(*t(on5 The use o6 *orrugated (nnerdu*ts *an a'so he'p redu*e the amount o6 tens(on needed to pu'' the *a&'e5 >hen (nsta''(ng 'oose-tu&e *a&'es8 the use o6 sea'er (s re*ommended to pre+ent ge' m(grat(on5 I6 a run (s too 'ong8 or (6 se+era' &ends are (n the *ondu(t8 (ntermed(ate pu'' &o9es shou'd &e used to separate one pu'' (nto t7o or more shorter pu''s5 A *a&'e shou'd not &e pu''ed through more than t7o 9#I &ends at one t(me5 I6 three or more 9#I &ends (n a *ont(nuous run are una+o(da&'e8 the *a&'e shou'd &e (nsta''ed 6rom a *entra' po(nt8 unree'ed (nto a 6(gure-e(ght8 and then &a*.

no7n8 the (ndustr4 de 6a*to standard (s to ma(nta(n a m(n(mum rad(us o6 %#G the d(ameter o6 the *a&'e5 The m(n(mum &end rad(us must a'so &e adhered to 7hen us(ng ser+(*e 'oops5 B(&er opt(* sp'(*e tra4s and pat*h pane's are des(gned to a**ommodate the &end rad(( o6 the (nd(+(dua' 6(&ers8 &ut outs(de o6 the hard7are8 e9tra *are must &e ta.• The 'ong term &end rad(us8 or stat(* &end rad(us8 (s the t(ghtest re*ommended &end 7h('e the *a&'e (s under a m(n(mum tens(on5 It (s the sma''er o6 the t7o spe*(6(ed &end rad((5 A6ter the pu'' (s *omp'ete8 the *a&'e *an &e &ent more t(ght'4 to 6(t (nto e9(st(ng spa*e8 &ut not to e9*eed the 'ong term m(n(mum &end rad(us5 B(gure 3: Bend /ad(us Ta&'e 3: T4p(*a' Bend /ad(us Spe*(6(*at(on S9ort T"r! (Insta$$at#on .et 7('' not &e (nad+ertent'4 used 6or strength5 .en5 INSTA))ATI-N T--)S /r#pp#n% T"c9n#>u"s /"n"ra$ To e66e*t(+e'4 ut('(=e a'' o6 the a+a('a&'e strength (n the *a&'e8 the strength mem&er must &e used5 The manu6a*turerQs spe*(6(*at(on 7('' (dent(64 the strength mem&er0s1 (n the *a&'e5 Ca&'es 7(th aram(d 4arn as the strength mem&er Bor *a&'es us(ng aram(d 4arn a'one as the strength mem&er8 the <a*.not 7(th the pu'' rope8 so that the <a*.uts(de P'ant Ca&'e Prem(se Ca&'e %#9 Ca&'e ?(ameter )on% T"r! (Insta$$"d 359 Ca&'e ?(ameter 359 Ca&'e ?(ameter 3#9 Ca&'e ?(ameter A'7a4s 6o''o7 the manu6a*turerLs gu(de'(nes 6or m(n(mum &end rad(us and tens(on5 Ba('ure to do so ma4 resu't (n h(gh attenuat(on 0ma*ro&ends1 and poss(&'e damage to the *a&'e and 6(&er5 )u(de'(nes are norma''4 supp'(ed 7(th the *a&'e manu6a*turer spe*(6(*at(on sheets5 I6 the &end rad(us spe*(6(*at(ons are *an &e remo+ed e9pos(ng the aram(d5 The aram(d shou'd &e t(ed (n a .

not &e6ore pu''(ng5 A6ter pu''(ng8 the .e sure that the *a&'e (s ordered 7(th t7o pu''(ng e4es8 one at ea*h end5 The (nsta''at(on o6 a *a&'e8 7h(*h (s pre-*onne*tor(=ed on &oth ends8 re:u(res spe*(a' ra*e7a4 *ons(derat(ons and pu''(ng gr(ps5 A t4p(*a' 6(&er opt(* *onne*tor (s #55 (n5 035%5 *m1 (n d(ameter8 has a '(m(ted pu''-o66 rat(ng and must &e prote*ted dur(ng *a&'e p'a*ement5 A pu''(ng gr(p 6or a pre-*onne*tor(=ed *a&'e must su**ess6u''4 (so'ate the *onne*tors 6rom an4 tens('e 'oad &4 p'a*(ng the 'oad on the *a&'e (tse'65 The pu''(ng gr(p must a'so prote*t the *onne*tors 6rom a&ras(on and damage5 In med(um 6(&er *ounts 06 to %C 6(&ers1 the *onne*tors must &e staggered 7hen (nsta''ed to redu*e the d(ameter o6 the pu''(ng gr(p5 In h(gh-6(&er *ounts 0greater than %C 6(&ers18 (nsta''at(on o6 a *onne*tor(=ed *a&'e ma4 not &e poss(&'e due to the *ondu(t s(=e that 7ou'd &e re:u(red5 . (n ea*h d(re*t(on to ea*h term(nat(on 'o*at(on5 It (s then (mportant to ma.not shou'd &e *ut o665 B(gure %: ?(str(&ut(on Ca&'e T(ed (n a Tnot Ca&'es 7(th aram(d 4arn and an e-g'ass *entra' mem&er Bor *a&'es us(ng aram(d 4arn and an e-g'ass *entra' mem&er8 a pu''(ng gr(p shou'd &e used5 The strength mem&er0s1 shou'd &e atta*hed (ndependent'45 Th(s *an &e a**omp'(shed &4 7ea+(ng the strength mem&er (nto the 6(ngers o6 the gr(p8 and then tap(ng (t together5 A'' strength mem&ers shou'd &e gr(pped e:ua''4 to ensure a proper d(str(&ut(on o6 tens(on5 B(gure 2: Pu''(ng )r(p 7r"-t"r!#nat"d (#&"r -pt#c Ca&$" Ass"!&$#"s /"n"ra$ The 6a*tor4 pre-term(nated 6(&er-opt(* *a&'e assem&'(es ma4 &e spe*(6(ed (n pro<e*t en+(ronments su*h as ?ata Centers5 The assem&'(es *an &e ordered (n e(ther (ndoor 0p'enum1 or outdoor +ers(ons8 and d(66erent 6(&er *ounts8 and (n mu't(mode or s(ng'e-mode5 A pu''(ng e4e *an &e 6a*tor4 (nsta''ed on e(ther end or on &oth ends o6 the *a&'e5 The pu''(ng e4e 0and asso*(ated *a&'e nett(ng1 7('' prote*t the pre-term(nated ends dur(ng the pu''5 Th(s produ*t (s a great t(me sa+er ensur(ng :ua'(t4 *onne*t(ons e+er4 t(me5 7u$$#n% "0" The pu''(ng e4es 0and asso*(ated *a&'e nett(ng1 are h(gh'4 re*ommended5 The pu''(ng e4e 7('' 6a*('(tate the (nsta''at(on as 7e'' as prote*t(ng the pre-term(nated ends dur(ng the pu''5 Bor &oth regu'ar and pre-*onne*tor(=ed *a&'es8 the ma9(mum pu'' 6or*e (s (dent(6(ed 7(th the S(nsta''at(on ma9(mum 'oadP *a&'e spe*(6(*at(on on our ?atasheets5 In man4 *ases8 pu''(ng (s not done 6rom po(nt to po(nt8 &ut rather 6rom an (ntermed(ate po(nt pu''(ng &a*.pt(ona''48 the <a* *an &e t(ed (nto a t(ght .

en 6(&ers8 (6 an48 7(th(n the opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'e5 A'so8 (t (s re*ommended to dou&'e-*he*. 6(&er opt(* *a&'e assem&'(es: order(ng t(ps S(n*e the MP.(ng5 Ca&'e that has not &een (nsta''ed a6ter C hours shou'd &e returned to a heated area5 Co(' ser+(*e 'oops (n 3#E to 3%E 'oops5 A t(ght *o(' *ou'd *ause the *a&'e to *ra*.e15 >(th th(s s(mp'e test8 4ou shou'd &e a&'e to (dent(64 &ro.no7n d(66(*u't(es5 Bor +er4 'ong 'engths8 the add(t(on o6 an e9tra 'ength o6 m(n(mum 2D (s suggested5 M(n(mum d(ameters o6 *ondu(t to pu'' 3 r(&&on *a&'e assem&'4 e:u(pped 7(th an MP. *onne*tors and pu''(ng e4es *an &e pu''ed through a 3-V (n5 d(ameter *ondu(t5 INSTA))ATI-N /UI.en to ensure that the <a*.5 The *a&'e 7('' reta(n enough heat to pre+ent *ra*. shou'd &e store (n en*'osure or on the 7a'' to a''o7 repa(rs and!or re'o*at(on needs5 Insta''at(on (n temperatures &e'o7 6ree=(ng The m(n(mum (nsta''at(on temperature 6or p'enum *a&'es (s #IC 02%IB15 I6 the *a&'e has to &e (nsta''ed 7hen the temperature (s &e'o7 2%IB the 6o''o7(ng pre*aut(ons shou'd &e ta.et5 .ers5 A"r#a$ #nsta$$at#on @se proper hard7are mat*h(ng *a&'e8 span and tens(on re:u(rements5 @se *orre*t *a&'e <a*.5 orma''4 the *a&'es are term(nated a6ter the s(te (s en*'osed and heated5 ?o not attempt to term(nate the *a&'es 7hen the temperature (s &e'o7 6ree=(ng5 -UTSI.MP.E)INES 7r#or to #nsta$$at#on A'' opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'es are tested &e6ore 'ea+(ng our manu6a*tur(ng p'ant5 Be6ore (nsta''(ng the *a&'e8 7e re*ommend test(ng the *a&'e on the ree' 6or *ont(nu(t45 Th(s (s to ensure that no damage o**urred dur(ng sh(pment5 S(n*e the *ost o6 (nsta''at(on (s usua''4 h(gher than the *ost o6 mater(a's8 test(ng the 6(&ers &e6ore (nsta''at(on *an a+o(d unne*essar4 add(t(ona' e9penses and he'p meet(ng (mportant dead'(nes5 At a m(n(mum8 *ont(nu(t4 test(ng *an &e done on the ree' 7(th a +(sua' 6au't 'o*ator or a s(mp'e 6(&er tra*er su*h as a 6'ash'(ght8 a mod(6(ed 6'ash'(ght to proper'4 ho'd the 6(&ers8 a m(*ros*ope or a &r(ght red '(ght 0-"? 'oo.a'(.: • • • • Store the *a&'e (n a heated area 7hose temperature (s a&o+e 5#IB 6or %C hours &e6ore (nsta''at(on5 Trans6er on'4 enough *a&'e to the <o& s(te 6or C hours 7or.E 7)ANT CAB)E INSTA))ATI-N /"n"ra$ Prote*t e9posed *a&'es 6rom +eh(*u'ar and pu&'(* tra66(*5 Und"r%round #nsta$$at#on Bor underground (nsta''at(on8 *enter pu'' 'ong *a&'es5 Store e9*ess *a&'e (n +au'ts and manho'es8 and (dent(64 opt(*a' *a&'es 7(th mar. the a*tua' 6(&er *ount and the a*tua' *a&'e 'ength8 to a+o(d an4 (n*on+en(en*e5 It (s pre6era&'e to use He'*ro 7raps (nstead o6 t(e-7raps5 /emem&er not to d(stort the shape o6 the *a&'e8 as th(s adds pressure onto the opt(*a' 6(&ers and ma4 a66e*t per6orman*e5 B(&er opt(* *a&'es *an &e (nsta''ed (n (nnerdu*ts5 The use o6 (nnerdu*ts tends to redu*e the pu''(ng tens(on re:u(red5 "nsure that the proper'4 rated (nnerdu*t (s &e(ng (nsta''ed5 A 2 to 6 m 03# to %# 6t1 o6 *a&'e s'a*. *onne*tor and one pu''(ng e4e (s U (n5 d(ameter5 A :uant(t4 o6 3% r(&&on *a&'e assem&'(es 7(th 7('' not *ra*. *onne*tor (s pre-term(nated &4 the manu6a*turer8 (t (s (mportant to &e pre*(se 7hen measur(ng the 'ength o6 the r(&&on *a&'e re:u(red and a'7a4s add a m(n(mum o6 2 to 5 m 03# to 36 6t1 to the tota' r(&&on *a&'e 'ength to p'an 6or un.

segment5 In order 6or the s4stem to operate proper'48 the sum o6 the attenuat(on 6or the mu't(p'e '(n. 'oss &udget *a'*u'ated (n the des(gn phase5 T"st ">u#p!"nt Har(ous t4pes o6 test(ng e:u(pment are a+a('a&'e on the mar.out st4'e *a&'e 7(th *onne*tors5 CAB)E 7'E7A'ATI-N (-' T4E TE'+INATI-N /"n"ra$ It (s a**epta&'e to d(re*t'4 term(nate the 9## Am t(ght &u66er 6rom a d(str(&ut(on *a&'e 7(th a *onne*tor8 (6 the a&o+e pre*aut(ons are ta.-TS18 H(sua' Bau't -o*ator 0HB-1 sets or the . segments that 6orm an end-to-end '(n.n*e the 6(&er opt(* *a&'e (s read4 6or term(nat(on8 6o''o7 the term(nat(on (nsta''at(on (nstru*t(ons5 TESTIN/ /"n"ra$ .ers5 Ant(*(pate o&stru*t(ons5 Ad!#n#strat#on A un(:ue (dent(6(er sha'' &e ass(gned to ea*h &a*.n*e the *a&'e p'ant (s (nsta''ed and term(nated8 (t (s re*ommended to test the 6(&er opt(* segment5 The test(ng shou'd &e done a**ord(ng to TIA TSB-3C#5 Th(s do*ument pro+(des gu(de'(nes 6or 6(e'd-test(ng 'ength8 'oss and po'ar(t4 o6 a *omp'eted 6(&er opt(* '(*a' T(me ?oma(n /e6'e*tometer5 Bor trou&'eshoot(ng8 the .(t 7h(*h *on+erts a s(9 or t7e'+e 6(&er 'oose &u66er tu&e to a s(9 or t7e'+e 6(&er 9## Am d(str(&ut(on st4'e read4 6or term(nat(on5 I6 outs(de p'ant *a&'es are used8 the ge' 6'ood(ng mater(a' needs to &e *'eaned 7(th the appropr(ate so'+ent 0p'ease *onsu't the *a&'e manu6a*turer 6or re*ommendat(on on the *ho(*e o6 so'+ent15 The more thorough the *'ean(ng8 the eas(er the term(nat(on pro*edure 7('' &e5 Ca&$" pr"parat#on To prepare the *a&'e 6or term(nat(on8 the outer <a*.et (s to &e remo+ed5 Care must &e ta.&one *a&'e and sha'' &e must &e proper'4 str(pped5 T7o r(ng *uts shou'd &e made (n the <a*.5 It (s ne*essar4 to per6orm an end-to-end attenuat(on test to +er(64 the :ua'(t4 o6 (nsta''at(ons and to ensure h(gh :ua'(t4 s4stem per6orman*e5 The &est 7a4 to +er(64 7hether an end-to-end '(n.en not to *ut a'' the 7a4 through the <a*. must &e 'ess than the '(n.Bur#"d ca&$" #nsta$$at#ons Ident(64 *a&'e 'o*at(ons 7(th sur6a*e mar. 'oss &udget (s to d(+(de the endto-end '( and pu'' the <a*.et to tear (t at the r(ng *ut5 .T?/ (s re*ommended5 .et and (nto the *ore5 The %P p(e*e (s remo+ed 6rom the end o6 the *a&'e e9pos(ng the *ore and the aram(d r(p*ord5 Ma.ed on ea*h end5 /e6eren*e shou'd &e made as per the A SI!TIA!"IA-6#6-A standard5 TE'+INATI-N /"n"ra$ Be6ore term(nat(on8 the *a&'e shou'd &e proper'4 se*ured to pro+(de a tens(on-6ree 'ength o6 6(&er5 >hen sp'(*(ng 6(&ers8 me*han(*a' or 6us(on8 a sp'(*e tra4 (s needed to proper'4 store the *omp'eted sp'(*es5 I6 *onne*tors are to &e used8 tra4s or she'+es shou'd &e used to support the 6(&er &eh(nd the *onne*tor5 Proper stra(n re'(e6 s'ee+es pro+(ded 7(th the *onne*tors shou'd a'7a4s &e used to pre+ent e9*ess(+e &end(ng o6 6(&er5 o she'6 (s ne*essar4 (6 term(nat(ng a &rea.out .et8 su*h as .et a'ongs(de the r(p*ord 0do not *ut the r(p*ordW15 Pu'' the r(p*ord 7(th a need'e-nose p'(ers8 or s(m('ar8 unt(' (t rea*hes the se*ond r(ng *ut5 /emo+e the *ore 6rom the s'(*ed <a*.e a not*h (n the <a*.en5 It *an &e a**epta&'e to d(re*t'4 term(nate the %5# Am *oated 6(&er 6rom a 'oose &u66er tu&e 7(th a *onne*tor (n *erta(n app'(*at(ons5 Ho7e+er8 (t (s usua''4 re*ommended to use a &rea. (nto segments at ea*h *ross-*onne*t and measure the attenuat(on o6 ea*h '(n. meets the '(n.etF one a&out %P 6rom the end and the se*ond at the po(nt 7here the <a*.pt(*a' -oss Test Set 0.

T?/ (s an e9*e''ent too' 6or trou&'eshoot(ng a 6a('(ng '(n.' The .(s a red 'aser sour*eF the tra*er (s an -"? sour*e5 "(ther (nstrument *an &e used to tra*e 6(&ers and trou&'eshoot 6au'ts on opt(*a' 6(&er *a&'es5 The ma(n 6un*t(on o6 th(s e:u(pment (s to *he*.o!a#n '"8$"cto!"t"r (* Ca&'es and are not a 7arrant4 &4 Moha7.s8 sp'(*es or *onne*tors5 (#&"r t"st#n% %u#d"$#n"s The 6o''o7(ng test(ng gu(de'(nes promote e66(*(ent and a**urate test(ng: • • • C'ean a'' *onne*t(ons and adapters at the opt(*a' test po(nts pr(or to ta.-pt#ca$ )oss T"st S"t (-)TS The .T?/ (s used to measure the opt(*a' po7er 'oss and the 6(&er 'ength8 as 7e'' as to 'o*ate a'' 6au'ts resu't(ng 6rom 6(&er &rea.T?/ (s a more soph(st(*ated measurement (nstrument5 It uses a te*hno'og4 that (n<e*ts a ser(es o6 opt(*a' pu'ses (nto the 6(&er under test and ana'4=es the '(ght s*atter(ng and the '(ght re6'e*t(on5 Th(s a''o7s the (nstrument to measure the (ntens(t4 o6 the return pu'se (n 6un*t(ons o6 t(me and 6(&er 'ength5 The . Categor4 and B(&er . and shou'd not &e *onstrued as su*h5 Moha7.(ng measurements8 as per A SI!TIA!"IA5%6-3CA5 The '(ght sour*e or .T?/ 0. >arrant48E 7h(*h has &een or 7('' &e pro+(ded separate'4 to (nsta''ers o6* Ca&'es5 .m 7hen measured at 32## nm5 There6ore8 6or a run o6 3## meters 02%8 6eet18 the t4p(*a' *a&'e attenuat(on (s on'4 #5%$ dB at 85# nm and #5#$ dB at 32## nm5 Most 6(&er opt(* *onne*tors are spe*(6(ed as ha+(ng an (nsert(on 'oss o6 'ess than #55 dB5 S(n*e there are t7o *onne*t(ons 6or ea*h 6(&er8 up to 3dB o6 attenuat(on *an &e e9pe*ted to &e added to the (nsta''ed *a&'e5 As the *a&'e runs get shorter8 the *a&'e attenuat(on &e*omes 'o7er8 &ut the *onne*tor (nsert(on 'oss rema(ns the same5 I6 the *a&'e (s (nsta''ed proper'48 most o6 the measured attenuat(on 7('' *ome 6rom the *onne*tors5 I6 se+era' 6(&ers o66 o6 the same *a&'e sho7 h(gh attenuat(on8 or (6 a s(ng'e 6(&er attenuat(on rema(ns h(gh a6ter reterm(nat(on8 an .-TS *ons(sts o6 a '(ght sour*e and an opt(*a' po7er meter5 The ma(n 6un*t(on o6 th(s e:u(pment (s to measure the opt(*a' po7er or 'oss5 ?#sua$ (au$t )ocator (?() or trac"r The HB. &4 (dent(64(ng the 'o*at(on o6 the 6au't4 *omponent5 These gu(des ha+e &een prepared &4 Moha7. has a test report atta*hed sho7(ng the attenuat(on o6 a'' the 6(&ers (n the *a&'e5 T4p(*a' +a'ues 6or a mu't(mode *a&'e are %5$ dB!. Categor4 and B(&er .pt(*a' T(me ?oma(n /e6'e*tometer1 must operate 7(th(n the range o6 85# X 2# nm8 or 32## X %# nm 6or mu't(mode test(ng5 Test <umpers must &e o6 the same 6(&er *ore s(=e8 per6orman*e and *onne*tor t4pe as the *a&'e s4stem 0e5g58 5#!3%5 Am <umpers 6or a 5#!3%5 Am opt(*a' 6(&er s4stem1 and sha'' &e one to 6(+e meters 'ong5 A SI!TIA!"IA-568-B53 (s the re*ommended test method5 "+er4 ree' o6 6(&er opt(* *a&'e sh(pped 6rom Moha7.T?/ shou'd &e used to (so'ate the pro&'em5 An .m 7hen measured at 85# nm and #5$ dB!. *ont(nu(t4 o6 the 6(&er8 as 7e'' as to (dent(64 6(&ers and *onne*tors (n pat*h pane's or out'ets5 -pt#ca$ T#!" . as an a(d 6or (nsta''ers o6 Moha7.Ls so'e 7arrant4 7(th respe*t to (ts *a&'es (s set 6orth (n the do*ument ent(t'ed EMoha7.