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Economy and ideology Beyond lobbying, Lincoln's history showed a strong ideological dissonance.

Here, we assert Marx's theory on the mystification of the monetary value. The south, generally democrats, believed the use of slavery on the assumption of white man's burden. The moral ascendancy assumed from the proposition also translate to their leanings against the thirteenth amendment of the constitution. However, the implications of economic favor reverberated in the political arena. Since the south is a strong economic player of cotton production, and it was a period of excessive demand in Europe and the rest of the world, the south had to rationalize the control they have over souther economy and the benefit of black slavery. While democratic pov changed later on, their outright support to slavery was a clear economic drive. The movie Lincoln is a perfect film to be shown right after the documentary about the US president, Barrack Obama. This movie brings us all back in the past wherein a man like President Obama does not even have the equal right as what the white people are enjoying at that time. This movie shows us the historical development and the growth that has happened in the American society and that the implications of what we saw in the movie “Lincoln” and the principles and ideologies that the Republicans led by Mr Stevens and President Lincoln are now affecting the lives of the people. The movie helps us understand more the struggle that the African Americans had and on how racism and class struggles are not really organic in nature but only developed because of an oppressive society. It shows to us that hatred, elitism and the dominating society itself are the cause of evil that if we remove this in our hearts, regardless of what color our skin has, in the end we will treat each other equally just like what the white

This movie makes us realize that we should fight for what we think is right. President Lincoln understood that no matter where you are from or who you are. stand on our principles. Another thing this story tries to teach us is that we are all equal and that the government. fight not for today but fight for the future. . no one will ever be exploited and no one will ever be called slave again. we all have morals or morality. should be the first to recognize it so that no one will ever be marginalized.people who fought for the freedom of the slaves did. fight for it and do not be discourage because it is not the popular opinion because in the end those people will not be the judge but the future generations. President Lincoln also showed to us that no matter how unpopular our decisions maybe and no matter how much others criticize us. No matter how many negative attitudes we have or one person has. who is said to be the representation of all the people. all people are equal and should be treated equally though other might say he did this to save the Union but for me I believe that President Lincoln understood that true meaning of what it is to be human and that is to respect and love each other just like how you love your family and yourself. we should also stand to what we believe is right and what our ideologies tell us. we will all go back to what differentiate us from other things.