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Fred Phelps has died
By Worley Rodehaver Publisher “Ding, Dong, the wicked Witch ( warlock) is dead!” I can hear some of my readers gasping. “You should not defame the dead,” they say. This so-called preacher didn’t follow that admonition either. He and his “clan” defiled Matthew Shepard’s funeral carrying signs saying such things as “Matt in hell” and “No fags in heaven”. He and “family” also protested at the funerals of U.S. Arms Forces members. A motorcycle group was organized to keep the Phelps family from getting near funerals. Groups surrounded the Westboro Baptist Church members at funerals. And the family appeared at two locations in Cincinnati Carl D. Fox said, Indeed, he protested out in front of the new headquarters building of P&G with his kids and grandchildren! They were all wearing or holding disgraceful signs, even his grandchildren.” He remembered it was after they bought the Crazy Fox in Newport. Phelps was Protesting the fact that P&G was donating $1,000.00 ( or some amount) to their GLBT group for that year’s PRIDE Parade. They were on one side of the street and the counter protesters were on the other. Carl said, “Fred stood on an American Flag atop a Rainbow Flag. They had Police

and is probably in hell

on Horses dividing everyone. It was around Noon on a Monday and Terry and I were there! We put on our Pope and Devil Big Heads we
See Phelps, Page 8, Col. 2

April, 2014 Print Edition

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Youth, have a bullying Problem—Call the Trevor Project, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR

See Good, Page 5, Col. 2

Page 2–GLBT News PE
On and on and on and on........
Ah! The peace, the quite of old age. The security of knowing you are secure. I was awaiting my police permit to turn on my new full-house alarm. Scheduled for installion of a pacemaker, I went in the hospital for an overnight stay on March 10. Then I was informed I could not lift more than 10 pounds with my left arm. And, to climb my steps to get in my house I am lifting with my left arm “210 pounds”—me! So, off I went to the Purple Egg Nursing home. (I am The Old in one again) Geezer this time for By Worley Rodehaver two weeks to which I agreed. Meanwhile, my police code came but I was not home to install the alarm. Of course, somebody broke in and stole a computer—what else! And, on and on and on and on.....! By Ronn Rucker Some of you may remember about 20 years ago a member of the Cincinnati LGBT community, HUEY McCLELLAN, was convicted of a serious sexual offense against three minor males. Huey has been in prison now for more than 18 years. He attended my church, Church of Our Saviour Episcopal and recently, I began a correspondence with him to try to offer some human notice to his dire situation.

April, 2014
Out of that correspondence, I have decided to begin an effort to garner community support for his next parole hearing some time in the next year. I would like any one willing to write a support letter to the Parole Board or possibly to appear before the Parole Board with me to contact me at I will have a few meetings with interested parties to organize this effort. The first step is to contact me if you might help.

Do you remember Huey McClellan?

GLBT News had an Information Page several years ago. This updated info was obtained from The Center. If you see soething that does not exist or something that should exist but isn’t here e.mail GLBT News at That includes phone/e.mail addresses.
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Same-sex couples can be recorded on OhioDeath Certificates

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Vol. 18; April 2014 Print Edition (PE)

This publication is dedicated to those who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
It is our goal to record the positive contributions GLBT people make to their community and the local community at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw the positive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whose lives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want them in. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, died of AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hate Crime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.

Paul Delph

Matthew Shepard

Our Website is dedica ted to Gen Critel, its de veloper dedicated dev

Are you a same-sex couple living in Ohio but legally married in another state? Each of you will die some day and you will want your marriage properly recognized on your death certificate. Last December a federal judge in Cincinnati ordered the Ohio Department of Health to recognize the marriages on the death certificates of two men who died in Ohio but were married out-of-state. Their husbands were listed as the “surviving spouse” on their death certificates. While the decision, Obergefell v. Wymyslo, was written broadly, the Court’s ruling was limited. It only directly applied to the two couples who brought the lawsuit, and to the funeral director, Robert Grunn, who handled the cremation of one of the men. The Ohio Department of Health has interpreted the Court’s decision narrowly and put out notice to funeral directors across the state that it only applies to death certificates filed by Robert Grunn. As a result, it is possible the Ohio Department of Health will only recognize marriages between samesex couples on death certificates filed by Mr. Grunn and no other funeral directors. But the precedent is clear and all married same-sex couples should know their rights and make sure their marriages are recognized at death. The Court’s ruling is in effect, but it is also on appeal. While the appeal is pending, the lawyers representing the plaintiffs want to know about the See Death, Page 3, Col 4

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April, 2014 PE
Benefits—financially and otherwise—of homeownership
After bearing witness to the swings in the real estate market during the last five years, the common question is: Why should I buy a home? The reasons are very sound and solid, when you stop to think of them. *It’s yours - you are in charge! You can decorate to your taste, make renovations and care for the property without the need to ask permission of someone else *Ownership builds wealth - If you buy what you can afford, you will build wealth over time - rather than padding someone else’s pocket *Financial benefits deductions on mortgage interest, closing

costs and property taxes can all be used to your benefit at tax time. Home equity lines, too. Check with your accountant! * Capital Gains Exclusions - Profits up to $250,000 can be kept - and not reported to Jack the IRS if Wolking you’re single; up to $500, 000 if married and filing jointly. * Choice - it’s up to you how you wish to live - single family, condo, multi-family. Age of house, type of neighborhood, urban, suburban, rural - it’s all up to you and your preferences * Longterm - Buying is always less expensive than renting! You build wealth and equity for yourself and not for someone else! As always, we’re here for YOU! If you’ve a topic or question you

wish to see covered, please reach us via email at or by phone at 513-5273800. Happy Spring finally!

Death—from Page 2
experiences of other married same-sex couples who seek recognition on death certificates in Ohio. If you are legally married, and your same-sex spouse dies, you can ask your funeral director to report your deceased spouse as “married” and yourself as the “surviving spouse.” If you do so, the plaintiffs’ lawyers want to know if your funeral director agrees or refuses, and if the state refuses to register death certificates recording your marriage or grants one. This information will help the lawyers argue the appeal in the Obergefell case and help ensure that all marriages

between same-sex couples are soon recognized by the State of Ohio. Please share your experiences with Adam Gerhardstein of Gerhardstein & Branch Co.LPA at 513-6219100 or e.mail him at To learn more aboutthe lawsuits now pending to secure marriage recognition in Ohio and to read the pleadings and orders visit

GLBT News—Page 3
Your View
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“Moppin Mamas”
Let Us Get Your House Clean for the Holidays. Honest, Reliable Women. Lot’s of Experience.We Actually Like To Clean! Call Karen




31! Nothing stopping PRIDE stories you from submitHistory is never ting….just saying! finished, never totally So here is complete! PRIDE that FB season is Post, I think rolling it stands on up, beits own. fore you After you know it, read it, take Goose a surMother Says the time to prise remember By Michael Chanak piece of something information came to about your PRIDE experthe Goose’s attention ience or memories, and if from the “Rainbow it is the Cincinnati neck Page” on FB (for of the woods – just drop a WFW document or Since I tend to be a such to the publisher – “history whore” I am they can forward it along delighted to say that to Mother Goose. If the Michael Wilson, the history isn’t complete, publicity chair of who is there to blame, Cincinnati PRIDE unless you take the time ( to jot it down?! expressed interest in “I was born and raised collecting PRIDE in Cincinnati, and I have histories/stories. I read some of the have shared all of information on your mine with him in- pages. I am concerned cluding others that about the omission of the were sent to me. convergence of black Cincinnati PRIDE history and LGBT leads off in the region history in Cincinnati in with its event on May the 1960s. There were

Page 4–GLBT News

very visible transvestites on Cincinnati’s black community of Avondale. One, named Camille, would walk down Rockdale Avenue in a different outfit every day. I remember she caused a flurry in the crowd at the Isaac Hayes concert in 1968. People were straining to catch a glimpse of her. Perhaps even more important was the Gay rights demonstration I stumbled onto in Fountain Square in about 1963 or ’62. There were about 40 black men dressed as women. Many of them were extremely fashionable and at that time (I was only about 13) I didn’t know that men could look so much like women. They marched around the Fountain and carried signs about Gay Rights. The event was even on the local news because I remember catching the report.
See PRIDE, Page 8, Col.5

officers to adminiTransgender strative assistants, to people and bring their full self to city hall work. That means not Early in my first term having to worry about on Counwhere to cil, a City use the restChris Employee room or the Seelbach p o t e n t i a l asked to Cincinnati meet with looks or City Council me. The comments employee, f r o m identifying others. And as Transgender (female while the City of to male), wanted to talk Cincinnati has taken about the City Hall many steps to ensure workplace. our employees treat He had recently everyone with respect, transitioned and was regardless of their feeling uncomfortable sexual orientation or about using the stand- gender identify, it’s ard men’s restrooms at impossible to control City Hall. As I learned, the looks or actions of Transgender people are almost 6,000 employoften faced with ees. uncomfortable After our discussion, situations when using I realized there was a standard “male” or very simple solution to “female” restrooms the problem: Install a because of the looks g e n d e r - n e u t r a l (and sometimes com- restroom. We worked ments) from others. expeditiously and, in no As a City Leader, I time, created a lockwant every single able, gender-neutral employee, from police restroom that allowed

April, 2014 PE
more people (families, those in wheelchairs, or Transgender people) to feel more comfortable in City Hall. But there was a mistake. After posting a photo of the progress on social media, someone reached out to me because of the words on the new restroom. The sign read, “Family Restroom.” While families with small children would most certainly use this new restroom, there are many who would use it alone, including those with limited mobility ( in wheelchairs ) or Transgender people. As the person pointed out, “Family Restroom” implies the use is for multiple individuals. This can lead to discomfort when a single person, LGBT or not, walks into the restroom. This hadn’t crossed my mind, but it certainly made sense.

City, Page 8, Col. 5


April, 2014 PE
Ed Hicks returning to tri-state
By Ed Hicks Publisher Mitchell, the girls and I are planning to move from Memphis to the Greater Cincinnati area around the middle of June, and we are looking for a house to rent. Though the longer term plan calls for buying another house, renting may be the better option for the short term. That said, do you have or know of any houses that may be suitable and available around that time? Since I expect my job to require Kentucky residency, Northern Kentucky houses will get first look. And they must have a fenced yard because of the girls — two well mannered, housebroken, older dogs. Needless to say, the dogs will live in the house and not the yard, but a yard is essential. So if you hear of anything, please let me know. And old friends, be on the lookout for a moving in party invite!

GLBT News—Page 5
The Plum Street Pet Clinic (Cincinnati Central Animal Hospital), begun just after the Second World War, is one of the oldest established veterinary hospitals in the city. We are by design a smaller, more personalized clinic that provides complete services such as medical and surgical procedures. Dental and grooming facilities are available as well. Serving the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, we pride ourselves on personalized and intimate service at a place where the Golden Rule is our motto.

“Dr. Bob”

Dr. Bob and Mite

Dr. Robert Biederman, Jr. D.V.M.

427 Plum Street between 4th and 5th Cincinnati, OH 45202

Caracole to add pharmacy services
Caracole, a nonprofit agency located in Northside with the mission of providing safe, affordable housing and supportive services to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS has added one more service to compliment its five programs: pharmacy services. Caracole begins this service via the 340B Drug Pricing Program, a federal program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible entities at significantly reduced prices. As a Ryan White funded, nonprofit organization, Caracole received its designation as a covered entity from the Department of Pharmacy Affairs in mid-Marc. Caracole has elected to dispense 340B drugs to patients through contract pharmacy services. In midJanuary, Caracole signed a contract to initiate pharmacy services with PharmBlue, a leading Contract Pharmacy under the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Through this program, Caracole will be able to offer eligible clients significantly reduced prices on alarmingly expensive specialty drugs used in the treatment of HIV and other health care problems. Caracole is hopeful that this service will be beneficial to as many of its 1,400 clients who are eligible to take part in this program.

We will custom design a cleaning service to meet your individual needs and send the same team of 2 to clean each time. Cleaning Services Bill and June Deegan
4240 Airport Road, Suite 123, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 (513) 731-0007

Ultra Maid

Custom maid service; Free phone estimates. Guaranteed,

Page 6–GLBT News PE
well at-tended, so I wasn’t expecting a large turn-out this time This week, 16 when I hosted the faith leaders began meeting at my Northpreparing a worship side church. What a service to surprise! be held As the during repreThe PRIDE sentatAmen Corner week in i v e s C i n c y. streamed Our first in – get-together was not clergy and lay leaders –

April, 2014
have friends in many places when we seek collective action for a good cause. Many are the reasons to build bridges between us. And it all begins with the basic realization that God is too big to be limited to a single expression of love and faithfulness. I encourage you to add the experience of inter-faith worship to your 2014 PRIDE calen-dar: “Many Faiths, One Family” ser-vice on May 29 at 7 p.m. We are so very fortunate that Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp of Temple Sholom has offered her sacred space for our gathering. Address: 3100 Longmeadow Lane in Amberly Village. The Rev. Joy Simpson, New Spirit MCC 513-410-7413

Many faiths one family

we quickly set up a 2nd, a 3rd, and a 4th table to create our meeting space. It be-came a grand assembly of faces and faiths – both male and female, young and old, repre-senting Judaism and Buddhism, as well as Christians ranging from Quakers to Episcopalians. And what brought us all

together? The desire to affirm God’s unequivocal love of LGBT people, now an official doctrine for many. Amazing! We have come a long way in the move-ment, haven’t we? Now let’s talk about the value of interfaith relationships. First and foremost, it’s about peace. Remember all the wars waged over religious differences? When we choose to respect each other in our home town assemblies, we give world peace a chance. I would also say it’s a shame to overlook the richness and variety of other traditions. By making friends, we may be invited to experience the beauty of another culture. And keep in mind, of course, that it’s a great advantage to

On the road to a better day
By Brother Michael Childs Recently at a family holiday gathering, the discussion turned to “same-sex marriages and Gay Rights”. The tired old lines rolled off about what the Bible says and how this is the reason why our country is “going to Hell in a hand-basket”. I sat quietly, since I had been in these conversations in the past and found that challenging their points of view only leads to disagreements and no point of understanding on their part. Finally a cousin declared, “Let’s ask Mike. He’s a …”, and he used an offensive pejorative that had something to do with “fudge”. Another cousin spoke up saying, “Let’s see if he can talk like a sissy”, to which I sat there consoling myself that I was in a convention of fools. While I am well aware that this incident was minor compared to the sheer and utter persecution that many go through, and I in no way compare myself to those martyrs in Uganda, Russia and other countries where being Gay or supporting the cause of the Gay Community means that you may lose your life, yet incidents like this remind me that we have much ground to cover before we can see real equality and acceptance. We see where states refuse to challenge suits against the constitutionality of antiMarriage Equality laws, thus making it permissible to marry in the state, and we have the false assumption that all is well and that the whole world is opening loving arms to embrace us. If you think that, take a walk through the local mall hand-in-hand, or show open affection in public and watch for the reaction. Talk about you partner and use terms like “husband” or

A church community
that respects diversity as much as you do.
536 Linton Street at Reading Road, Avondale

James Helm
“When I was a kid I hated going to church every Sunday. Now, I hate to miss a Sunday at The Gathering.”
Doug Slagle, Pastor

9 and 11 a.m.. Sunday—Service and Religious Education Welcoming Congregation Childcare, Accessible, Audio Enhanced


April, 2014 PE
New York/San Francisco —Marriage Equality USA is proud to welcome Denise Norris to its board of directors. As a recognized leader in the transgender community, Denise brings a great depth of advocacy and organizing experience in the workplace, community and beyond — as well as a commitment to building a holistic movement for all LGBT-aligned

Marriage Equality
ination is based in the social expectation that people need conform to a set of rules that dictate how men and women must behave.” She added, “The sole basis for denying marriage equality is that real equality would violate the rule that families can only exist between a man, a woman and the children they bear between them. People who identify as Transgender, Intersex, GenderQueer, or one of the many variations of how individuals express their gender, struggle against this form of discrimination every day.” “Having leadership and boards that meaningfully reflect our diverse community matters,” said MEUSA Executive Director Brian Silva. “Denise’s leadership will help us improve our work educating on the critical intersections of marriage equality and Transgender equality issues, as well as supporting the Transgender Community beyond marriage, where we are able.” Denise is currently the lead for global Transgender workplace inclusion at Accenture, a global management

GLBT News—Page 7
consulting firm with more than 250 thousand employees world-wide. Her roots in the Transgender community extend back more than 20 years from co-founding the Transexual Menace in 1993 to the creation of the Institute for Transgender Economic Advancement in 2014. Her vision for the future is that we will no longer be separated by letters like L, G, B and T, but will become one community united in seeking equality for all genders and all orientations. “MEUSA is particularly excited to engage Denise’s experience and passion for advocacy as we continue to support initiatives such as the federal fully inclusive Employment NonDiscrimination Act (ENDA), Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) in New York and legislation for transinclusive safe schools in California,” concluded MEUSA Board President Jane Wishon.

individuals. “Marriage Equality is a fundamental part of the human experience across all of history and around the world. It has been and should continue to be a basic right enjoyed by all genders in all combinations,” said Denise. “I am excited to join the Marriage Equality USA Board of Directors and help articulate that the root of gender and orientation discrimI guess I just wish they would change a little faster. If you are feeling the sting of ridicule and pay the price for the relation-ship of love you embrace, don’t lose hope. There IS a better day coming. Brother Michael Childs BSCDJubilee Cincinnati

Marshal, from Page 3
“wife” and see what some will say. Oh yes, it’s not as bad as it was, but it sure isn’t like it should be. Please do not confuse my observations as being solidly pessimistic, because I am not. I know that things are changing for the better.


Scott E. Knox
ATTORNEY AT LAW General Practice including: Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/Disability Insurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal Issues HIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of Lawyers Weekly USA’s Attorneys of the Year for 2002

13 E. Court St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Tel: 513-241-3800 FAX: 513-241-4032 e.mail:

Page 8–GLBT News
had made for the Mainstasse Mardi Gras in 2000 (we won), We dressed up, Terry the pope holding a sign saying “God Loves Diversity,” and I was the Devil and held a Sign that said “I Love Fred Phelps, He is my Best Worker!” Carl quipped, “The

April, 2014 PE
Phelps—from Page 1
Police got confused and made me go to Fred’s Side!!! For a couple of seconds the Devil stood next to Fred and No one got a Picture!!!!! Terry got me back over as he was sure he was going to be “The Pope dragging the Devil off of Fred”!! It was Awesome...” Carl added, “He was also going to come to the First Hearing when Covington was considering expanding their Humane Rights Ordinance, but a snow storm shut him down! The Mayor started the meeting by telling us this and adding “The Lord works in mysterious ways!” to much laughter and applause.” Scott Wegener said Phelps was also at Oak Hills High School in 2011. “I covered that,” CNN reported that according to Westboro, the church picketed more than 53,000 events, ranging from Lady Gaga concerts to funerals for slain U.S. Soldiers. Typically, a dozen or so church members would participate.

PRIDE—from Page 4
when I got home on the bus. Someone else must remember these events. It was a particularly forward-looking thing, since Stonewall didn’t happen until years later. I hope to see more information in the future about this. Signed: Starita Smith, PhD.” Indeed, Starita we also hope to see more information in the future. Keep sharing your stories, it helps build our communities! By the way, Starita was reported by the Progressive Media Project as “an award-winning journalist at the Gary Post-Tribune, the Columbus Dispatch and the Austin American-Statesman.”

PFLAG Cincinnati
Meetings on 2nd Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. at Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church (513) 721-7900

News You want To Know!

City—from Page 4
We quickly replaced the sign with international recognizable symbols that we usually see on separate restrooms (a male, a female, a person in a wheelchair, and a family). While steps like this may seem small, they are a big part of making sure every person is able to bring their full self to the workplace. Chris Seelbach Councilmember City of Cincinnati