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AFTER RECORDING PLEASE RETURN TO: ____________________ _____________________ ____________________ _____________________ DEED OF TRUST THIS DEED OF TRUST (hereinafter referred

to as this Deed of Tr!st"# is e$e%!ted to &e effe%ti'e this ___ da( of )___________*+ ,-)__*+ &( and &et.een )___________*+ a )_____* %or/oration ( Tr!stor"#+ )___________________________*+ and .hose address is )______________*+ )_____* ( Tr!stee"#+ and )______________*0+ a )_____* %or/oration ( 1enefi%iar("#0 20 ------Grant in Tr!st0 Tr!stor here&( 3rants+ transfers+ assi3ns+ %on'e(s and .arrants to Tr!stee IN TRUST+ 4ITH THE PO4ER OF SALE+ a55 ri3hts+ tit5e and interest .hi%h Tr!stor no. has or 6a( 5ater a%7!ire in that %ertain rea5 /ro/ert( (the Pro/ert("# 5o%ated in )__________* Co!nt(+ State of )_____*+ des%ri&ed on E$hi&it A" atta%hed hereto and in%or/orated herein &( this referen%e+ to3ether .ith a55 &!i5din3s+ fi$t!res and i6/ro'e6ents no. or hereafter 5o%ated thereon0 ,0 Se%!red O&5i3ations0 Tr!stor 6a8es the 3rant+ %on'e(an%e+ transfer and assi3n6ent set forth in Se%tion 2 a&o'e for the /!r/ose of se%!rin3: (a# the /a(6ent and /erfor6an%e of a55 o&5i3ations of Tr!stor !nder that %ertain /ro6issor( note of Tr!stor in fa'or of 1enefi%iar( dated )___________* 9-+ ,-)__* (the A3ree6ent"# in the /rin%i/a5 a6o!nt of :________ and an( and a55 6odifi%ations or a6end6ents thereof; (&# the /a(6ent and /erfor6an%e of ea%h a3ree6ent of Tr!stor %ontained herein; and (%# the /a(6ent of a55 s!6s e$/ended or ad'an%ed &( 1enefi%iar( !nder or /!rs!ant to the ter6s of this Deed of Tr!st+ to3ether .ith interest thereon as /ro'ided herein0 90 Condition of Pro/ert(0 Tr!stor a3rees to %o6/5( .ith a55 5a.s+ %o'enants and restri%tions affe%tin3 the Pro/ert(; not to %o66it or /er6it .aste thereof; not to %o66it+ s!ffer or /er6it an( a%t .ith res/e%t to the Pro/ert( in 'io5ation of 5a.; to do a55 other a%ts .hi%h fro6 the %hara%ter or !se of the Pro/ert( 6a( &e reasona&5( ne%essar(+ the s/e%ifi% en!6erations herein not e$%5!din3 the 3enera50 <0 Ta$es and Assess6ents0 Tr!stor a3rees to /a( at 5east = da(s &efore de5in7!en%( a55 ta$es and assess6ents affe%tin3 the Pro/ert(+ in%5!din3 a55 assess6ents !/on .ater %o6/an( sto%8 and a55 rents+ assess6ents and %har3es for .ater; to /a(+ .hen d!e+ a55 en%!6&ran%es+ %har3es+ and 5iens+ .ith interest+ on the Pro/ert( or an( /art thereof+ .hether or not the sa6e a//ear to &e /rior or s!/erior hereto; and Tr!stor sha55 /a( a55 %osts+ fees+ and e$/enses of this Tr!st0

ers0 At an( ti6e and fro6 ti6e to ti6e !/on .in3 e'ents (in%5!din3 the /assa3e of ti6e+ if an(+ s/e%ified therefor# sha55 %onstit!te a defa!5t &( Tr!stor !nder this Deed of Tr!st: (2# If Tr!stor sha55 fai5+ ref!se or ne35e%t to /a( or /erfor6 an( o&5i3ation or a3ree6ent se%!red here&(+ in%5!din3 .itho!t . . or (&# re%on'e(+ . and in e$er%isin3 an( s!%h /o. /a(+ /!r%hase+ %ontest+ or %o6/ro6ise an( en%!6&ran%e+ %har3e or 5ien . (<# If Tr!stor sha55 &e%o6e inso5'ent or sha55 fi5e a 'o5!ntar( /etition for re5ief !nder the United States 1an8r!/t%( Code or ha'e fi5ed a3ainst Tr!stor an in'o5!ntar( /etition for re5ief !nder the United States 1an8r!/t%( Code. or (=# If the ho5der of an( 5ien or se%!rit( interest affe%tin3 the Pro/ert( instit!tes fore%5os!re or other /ro%eedin3s for the enfor%e6ent of its re6edies there!nder0 C0 No 4ai'er0 The fai5!re on the /art of 1enefi%iar( to /ro6/t5( enfor%e an( ri3ht here!nder sha55 not o/erate as a .itho!t 5i6itation the A3ree6ent+ as and .hate'er a6o!nts in its a&so5!te dis%retion it 6a( dee6 ne%essar( therefor+ in%5!din3 %ost of e'iden%e of tit5e+ e6/5o( %o!nse5+ and /a( %o!nse5?s reasona&5e fees0 @0 Tr!stee?s'er &( 1enefi%iar( of an( defa!5t sha55 not %onstit!te a .hi%h in the >!d36ent of either a//ears to &e /rior or s!/erior hereto.ritten re7!est of 1enefi%iar(+ /a(6ent of its fees and /resentation of this Deed of Tr!st (in %ase of f!55 re%on'e(an%e+ for %an%e55ation and retention#+ .itho!t re5easin3 Tr!stor fro6 an( o&5i3ation hereof+ 6a(: 6a8e or do the sa6e in s!%h 6anner and to s!%h e$tent as either 6a( dee6 ne%essar( to /rote%t the se%!rit( hereof.itho!t o&5i3ation so to do and .hen the sa6e sha55 &e%o6e d!e andBor /a(a&5e. %o66en%e+ a//ear in and defend an( a%tion or /ro%eedin3 /!r/ortin3 to affe%t the se%!rit( hereof or the ri3hts or /o.ers+ in%!r an( 5ia&i5it(+ e$/end . (.ai'er of s!%h ri3ht+ and the .arrant( 6ade &( Tr!stor or others in+ !nder or /!rs!ant to this Deed of Tr!st or an( do%!6ent des%ri&ed herein sha55 &e fa5se or 6is5eadin3 in an( 6ateria5 res/e%t.=0 Re6edies0 Sho!5d Tr!stor fai5 to 6a8e an( /a(6ent or to do an( a%t as herein /ro'ided+ then 1enefi%iar( or Tr!stee+ &!t .itho!t noti%e to or de6and !/on Tr!stor and .ai'er of an( other or s!&se7!ent defa!5t0 D0 Noti%e of Defa!5t0 Ti6e is of the essen%e hereof0 U/on the o%%!rren%e of an( e'ent of defa!5t+ a55 s!6s se%!red here&( sha55 i66ediate5( &e%o6e d!e and /a(a&5e at the o/tion of .arrant(+ a55 or an( /art of the Pro/ert(0 The 3rantee in an( re%on'e(an%e 6a( &e des%ri&ed as the /erson or /ersons entit5ed thereto"+ and the re%ita5s therein of an( 6atters or fa%ts sha55 &e %on%5!si'e /roof of the tr!thf!5ness thereof0 Tr!stor a3rees to /a( reasona&5e Tr!stee?s fees for an( of the ser'i%es 6entioned in this /ara3ra/h0 A0 E'ents of Defa!5t0 The o%%!rren%e of an( one or 6ore of the fo55o. (9# If an( re/resentation or .# If Tr!stor sha55 fai5+ ref!se or ne35e%t to /erfor6 and dis%har3e f!55( and ti6e5( an( o&5i3ation or a3ree6ent re7!ired in this Deed of Tr!st.itho!t affe%tin3 the 5ia&i5it( of an( /erson for the /a(6ent of the inde&tedness se%!red here&(+ Tr!stee 6a( (a# >oin in an( s!&ordination or other a3ree6ent affe%tin3 this Deed of Tr!st or the 5ien or %har3e thereof.ers of 1enefi%iar( or Tr!stee.

herein the Pro/ert( or so6e /art or /ar%e5 thereof is sit!ated0 2-0 Tr!stee?s Sa5e0 After the 5a/se of s!%h ti6e as 6a( then &e re7!ired &( 5a.1enefi%iar(0 In the e'ent of s!%h defa!5t+ 1enefi%iar( 6a( e$e%!te or %a!se Tr!stee to e$e%!te a .0 Tr!stee is not o&5i3ated to notif( an( /art( hereto of a /endin3 sa5e !nder an( other deed of tr!st or of an( a%tion or /ro%eedin3 in .s of the State of )_____*0 220 Eort3a3e Fore%5os!re0 U/on the o%%!rren%e of an( defa!5t here!nder+ 1enefi%iar( sha55 ha'e the o/tion to de%5are a55 s!6s se%!red here&( i66ediate5( d!e and /a(a&5e and fore%5ose this Deed of Tr!st in the 6anner /ro'ided &( 5a.hi%h Noti%e of Sa5e sha55 &e /re/ared+ /osted+ /!&5ished+ and 6ai5ed as then re7!ired &( 5a.+ and an( res!5tin3 tr!stee?s sa5e sha55 &e he5d and %ond!%ted in a%%ordan%e .+ Tr!stee+ . for the fore%5os!re of 6ort3a3es on rea5 /ro/ert(+ and 1enefi%iar( sha55 &e entit5ed to re%o'er in s!%h /ro%eedin3 a55 %osts and e$/enses in%ident thereto+ in%5!din3 a reasona&5e attorne(s? fee in s!%h a6o!nt as sha55 &e fi$ed &( the %o!rt0 2.ith the 5a.itho!t de6and on Tr!stor+ sha55 se55 the Pro/ert( on the date and at the ti6e and /5a%e desi3nated in a Noti%e of Sa5e+ .ith the 5a.5ed3ed+ is 6ade a /!&5i% re%ord as /ro'ided &( 5a.hene'er the %onte$t re7!ires+ the 6as%!5ine 3ender in%5!des the fe6inine andBor ne!ter+ and the sin3!5ar n!6&er in%5!des the /5!ra50 2<0 A%%e/tan%e of Tr!st0 Tr!stee a%%e/ts this Tr!st .ers+ d!ties+ a!thorit( and tit5e of the Tr!stee na6ed herein or an( s!%%essor tr!stee0 Ea%h s!%h s!&stit!tion sha55 &e e$e%!ted and a%8no.0 This Deed of Tr!st sha55 &e 3o'erned &( and %onstr!ed in a%%ordan%e . tr!stee sha55 s!%%eed to a55 the /o.0 290 S!%%essors and Assi3ns0 This Deed of Tr!st sha55 a//5( to+ in!re to the &enefit of+ and &ind a55 /arties hereto+ their s!%%essors and assi3ns0 In this Deed of Tr!st+ .ritten &( a /erson d!5( a!thoriFed to e$e%!te the sa6e0 )___________* _____________________________________ 1(:_______________________________________ Its: _______________________________________ 9 .ritten Noti%e of Defa!5t and of e5e%tion to %a!se the Pro/ert( to &e so5d to satisf( the o&5i3ations hereof+ and Tr!stee sha55 fi5e s!%h noti%e for re%ord in ea%h %o!nt( .5ed3ed+ and noti%e thereof sha55 &e 3i'en and /roof thereof 6ade+ in the 6anner /ro'ided &( 5a.hen this Deed of Tr!st+ d!5( e$e%!ted and a%8no.hi%h Tr!stor+ 1enefi%iar(+ or Tr!stee sha55 &e a /art(+ !n5ess &ro!3ht &( Tr!stee0 2=0 Go'ernin3 La.hi%h the Pro/ert( or so6e /art thereof is sit!ated+ a s!&stit!tion of tr!stee0 Fro6 the ti6e the s!&stit!tion is fi5ed for re%ord+ the ne.0 S!%%essor Tr!stee0 1enefi%iar( 6a( a//oint a s!%%essor tr!stee at an( ti6e &( fi5in3 for re%ord in the offi%e of the Co!nt( Re%order of ea%h %o!nt( in .s of the State of )_____*0 IN 4ITNESS 4HEREOF+ Tr!stor has %a!sed this Deed of Tr!st to &e e$e%!ted as of the date first a&o'e .

5ed3ed &efore 6e this ___da( of )___________*+ .STATE OF )_____* COUNTG OF )_________* # : ss0 # The fore3oin3 instr!6ent .-)__*+ &( ___________________________________0 ___________________________________________ NOTARG PU1LIC Residin3 at:__________________________________ E( Co66ission E$/ires: _____________________ < .as a%8no.

EXHIBIT “A” Legal Description of the Real ropert! .