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August 30th, 2005, 10:23 PM

I've had over 30 people staying with me since Sunday, evacuating from New Orleans and points south in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina. Only two families were my friends: they told other friends of theirs that they knew a place where they could hole up, and so a whole bunch arrived here! I didn't mind, because there were six RV's and travel trailers, so we had enough accommodation. However, I've had the opportunity to see what worked - and what didn't - in their evacuation plans and bug-out kits, and I thought a few "lessons learned" might be appropriate for the S&T forum. 1. Have a bug-out kit ready at all times. Many of these folks packed at the last minute, grabbing whatever they thought they'd need. Needless to say, they forgot some important things (prescription medications, important documents, baby formula, diapers, etc.). Some of these things (e.g. prescriptions) obviously can't be stocked up against possible emergency need, but you can at least have a list in your bug-out kit of what to grab at the last minute before you leave! 2. Renew supplies in your bug-out kit on a regular basis. Batteries lose their charge. Foods have an expiry date. So do common medications. Clothes can get moldy or dirty unless properly stored. All of these problems were found with the folks who kept backup or bug-out supplies on hand, and caused difficulties for them. 3. Plan on needing a LOT more supplies than you think. I found myself with over 30 people on hand, many of whom were not well supplied: and the stores were swamped with literally thousands of refugees, buying up everything in sight. I had enough supplies to keep myself going for 30 days. Guess what? Those supplies ended up keeping 30-odd people going for two days. I now know that I must plan on providing for not just myself, but others in need. I could have been selfish and said "No, these are mine" - but what good would that do in a real disaster? Someone would just try to take them, and then we'd have all the resulting unpleasantness. Far better to have extra supplies to share with others, whilst keeping your own core reserve intact (and, preferably, hidden from prying eyes!). 4. In a real emergency, forget about last-minute purchases. As I said earlier, the stores were swamped by thousands of refugees, as well as locals buying up last-minute supplies. If I hadn't had my emergency supplies already in store, I would never have been able to buy them at the last minute. If I'd had to hit the road, the situation would have been even worse, as I'd be part of a stream of thousands of refugees, most of whom would be buying (or stealing) what they needed before I got to the store. 5. Make sure your vehicle will carry your essential supplies. Some of the folks who arrived at my place had tried to load up their cars with a humongous amount of stuff, only to find that they didn't have space for themselves! Pets are a particular problem here, as they have to have air and light, and can't be crammed into odd corners. If you have to carry a lot of supplies and a number of people, invest in a small luggage trailer or something similar (or a small travel trailer with space for your goodies) - it'll pay dividends if the S really does HTF. 6. A big bug-out vehicle can be a handicap. Some of the folks arrived here with big pick-ups or SUV's, towing equally large travel trailers. Guess what? on some evacuation routes, these huge combinations could not navigate corners very well, and/or were so difficult to turn that they ran into things (including other vehicles, which were NOT about to make way in the stress of an evacuation!). This led to hard feelings, harsh words, and at least one fist-fight. It's not a bad idea to have smaller, more manoeverable vehicles, and a smaller travel trailer, so that one can "squeeze through" in a tight traffic situation. Another point: a big SUV or pickup burns a lot of fuel. This is bad news when there's no fuel available! (See point 10 below.) 7. Make sure you have a bug-out place handy. I was fortunate in having enough ground (about 1.8 acres) to provide parking for all these RV's and trailers, and to accommodate 11 small children in my living-room so that the adults could get some sleep on Sunday night, after many hours on the road in very heavy, slow-moving traffic. However, if I hadn't had space, I would have unhesitatingly told the extra families to find somewhere else - and there wasn't anywhere else here, that night. Even shops like Wal-Mart and K-Mart had trailers and RV's backed up in their parking lots (which annoyed the heck out of shoppers trying to make last-minute purchases). Even on my property, I had no trailer sewage connections, so I had to tell the occupants that if they used their onboard toilets and showers, they had to drive their RV's and trailers somewhere else to empty their waste tanks. If they hadn't left this morning, they would have joined long, long lines to do this at local trailer parks (some of which were so overloaded by visiting trailers and RV's that they refused to allow passers-by to use their dumping facilities). 8. Provide entertainment for younger children. Some of these families had young children (ranging from 3 months to 11 years). They had DVD's, video games, etc. - but no power available in their trailers to show them! They had no coloring books, toys, etc. to keep the kids occupied. This was a bad mistake. 9. Pack essentials first, then luxuries. Many of these folks had packed mattresses off beds, comforters, cushions, bathrobes, etc. As a result, their vehicles were grossly overloaded, but often lacked real essentials like candles, non-perishable foods, etc. One family (both parents are gourmet cooks) packed eighteen (yes, EIGHTEEN!!!) special pots and pans, which they were going to use on a two-burner camp stove... They were horrified by my suggestion that under the circumstances, a nested stainless-steel camping cookware set would be rather more practical. "What? :eek: No omelette pan?" Sheesh... 10. Don't plan on fuel being available en route. A number of my visitors had real problems finding gas to fill up on the road. With thousands of vehicles jammed nose-to-tail on four lanes of interstate, an awful lot of vehicles needed gas. By the time you got to a gas station, you were highly likely to find it sold out - or charging exorbitant prices, because the owners knew you didn't have any choice but to pay what they asked. :fire: Much better to leave with a full tank of gas, and enough in spare containers to fill up on the road, if you have to, in order to reach your destination. 11. Have enough money with you for at least two weeks. Many of those who arrived here had very little in cash, relying on check-books and credit cards to fund their purchases. Guess what? Their small banks down in South Louisiana were all off-line, and their balances, credit authorizations, etc. could not be checked - so many shops refused to accept their checks, and insisted on electronic verification before accepting their credit cards. Local banks also refused (initially) to cash checks for them, since they couldn't check the status of their accounts on-line. Eventually (and very grudgingly) local banks began allowing them to cash checks for not more than $50-$100, depending on the bank. Fortunately, I have a reasonable amount of cash available at all times, so I was able to help some of them. I'm now going to increase my cash on hand, I think... Another thing - don't bring only large bills. Many gas stations, convenience stores, etc. won't accept anything larger than a $20 bill. Some of my guests had plenty of $100 bills, but couldn't buy anything. 12. Don't be sure that a disaster will be short-term. My friends have left now, heading south to Baton Rouge. They want to be closer to home for whenever they're allowed to return. Unfortunately for them, the Governor has just announced the mandatory, complete evacuation of New Orleans, and there's no word on when they will be allowed back. It will certainly be several weeks, and it might be several months. During that period, what they have with them essential documents, clothing, etc. - is all they have. They'll have to find new doctors to renew prescriptions; find a place to live (a FEMA trailer if they're lucky - thousands of families will be lining up for these trailers); some way to earn a living (their jobs are gone with New Orleans, and I don't see their employers paying them for not working when the employers aren't making money either); and so on. 13. Don't rely on government-run shelters if at all possible. Your weapons WILL be confiscated (yes, including pocket-knives, kitchen knives, and Leatherman-type tools); you will be crowded into close proximity with anyone and everyone (including some nice folks, but also including drug addicts, released convicts, gang types, and so on); you will be under the authority of the people running the shelter, who WILL call on law enforcement and military personnel to keep order (including stopping you leaving if you want to); and so on. Much, much better to have a place to go to, a plan to get there, and the supplies you need to do so on your own. 14. Warn your friends not to bring others with them!!! I had told two friends to bring themselves and their families to my home. They, unknown to me,

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11/3/2012 1:06 PM

:) Those who count on insurance to rebuild their flimsy wooden houses may be sorely disappointed. I refused. The other had a handgun for himself. old. to lend them firearms. as they'd never handled guns before. If the city hall or neighbors protest on grounds of aesthetics. I'd go with reinforced concrete in pyramidal recessing shapes. 11:15 PM If you do. I'm sure I'll think of a few things to add to this list. You can priority pack so that the trailer has your "second tier" of goods. Preacherman A couple more points that come to mind: August 31st. Basically.. Now.. and be up to your armpits (at least) in floating sewage. 2005. I thought of all the things THR-ers think about and Preacherman identified.As a "foodie" I have to ask . credit card issuer(s). (saved from mattress purchases. elevation. August 30th. I would have been very nasty indeed to their friends (and even nastier to them. who'd seen TV reports of looting back in New Orleans. if things had been worse.. no water. a dog. 2005. or to whom you owe money.. decorate the concrete with pastoral mosaics of colorfully painted tiles and plant some greenery. The feds may bail them out. you'd still be SOL about now . if you have someone willing to offer you extra gas. It occured to us that we could call a few friends. a shotgun. I allowed them all to hang around. make sure they know that this applies to them ONLY. rack and "rocket box" but that would get filled pretty quickly when you start adding in necessities for an 8 mo. I think the small trailer is a great idea. utility supplier(s). Similarly. build your house to last. Have windows with slanted recessing panes and have matching steel plates to button down. Have a realistic expectation about what will and won't go. Have portable weapons and ammo ready to hand. etc. ammo supply will NOT be a problem. and can be ditched if necessary.. Bring enough ammo to keep you secure.. who and where to write. If you really need bulk supplies of guns and ammo. "Mayan temple" is the ideal style. Before blast off we figure we could take a day where we all ganged up and went from house to house moving everything easily mobile out of basements and up to the highest part of the house where it could be covered with a tarp and weighted down. so I didn't. August 30th. You'd still have no power. I'm willing to triple bag the bass in poly. not their other friends. This gives us a much better work force given almost all of our friends have kids. don't have to take your entire arsenal along. Other than that.the Governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city. elevation. but here it is for now. If they'd stayed a couple of days. the roof comes off. Then turn off the gas. telephone supplier(s). Meanwhile we can also provide some positive "peer pressure" to make sure that folks pack warm Only two of my friends were armed. 12:28 AM 15. not occupying space (and taking up a heck of a lot of weight!) in your vehicle. I'm sure he won't mind!" Well.thehighroad. My conclusion . leave the rest of your guns in the safe (you do have a gun safe. :D ) I'm sure there are more points to come. told half-a-dozen other families to come too . etc. and the bulk ammo supplies too. 11:44 PM Don't live in a city lower than sea level with an adjacent. don't presume on his/her hospitality by arriving with others unforewarned. 2005. 11:11 PM Thank you. how can they do this when they don't know their account numbers. God help the people who were stranded or had their homes obliterated by this storm. When I pointed out to my wife that the only way we move her bass now (for her classic and jazz performances) is with one seat down and that between the bass. An idea we had was to "team up" with a few other families who might also consider leaving. Another thing .THR http://web. CAnnoneer A nice writeup! I would only add: Don't live in a hurricane region.) and put it on the roof though. which is not something that I look forward to. 11:44 PM to your family and figure out what their priorities are. and an evil black rifle . but no more. if you'd built just such a house in New Orleans. A fishing outfit might not be a bad idea either (you can shoot bait! :D ). :( A house built to specs would also protect you and your property against looters. us and the dog there wasn't much room for necessities. they should be waiting for you at your bug-out location. I did mind.. All eight feet of it. bank(s). 2005. etc. So. then firearms for life support through hunting (and don't forget the skinning knife!). This will provide a bit better protection for furniture and other easily water damaged goods in the event the windows blow out. or who might owe you money. How about others contributing to this list? rwc August 31st. main power. If you are a place of refuge for your friends. Your home is your castle. that would have been different: but they wouldn't. and leave the 18 pots and pans behind. whether residents like it or not.. 2005. and water lines. personal."He's a good guy. I think I'll pass on building Fortress Preacherman. insurance companies (medical.. and thus would have been more of a danger to themselves and other innocent persons than to looters. non-perishable foods. Nail old doors and spare plywood over lower floor windows and doors.? 16. when they need to change postal addresses for correspondence. It's got to be love. for inviting others without clearing it with me first!).) 2 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . but I would not hold my breath. Have account numbers. our baby's car seat. Anyone like to add anything? goon August 30th. another for his wife.archive. Your secondhand experience is much more educational than anything short of actually surviving it.was it Calphalon or All Clad? . None of my friends brought all this information with them. as they are by large lazy cowards and thus would rather hit softer targets. and will have to notify others of this: their doctors. but since the circumstances weren't personally dangerous. Preacherman . insurance claims. as the companies go bankrupt by an overwhelming number of simultaneous claims. and two adults.MUCH better! I was asked by some of the other families. anyone who sends you bills. . In this case it's not elevation and windage but just elevation. so that I could teach them the basics. and one of them had only a handgun. We would want a team of at least three couples. say we are bugging out and ask if they want to go with us. or the flood waters rise.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] .. what number to call. We have a Subaru wagon.. and will use the National Guard to enforce it. contact addresses and telephone numbers for all important persons and institutions. vehicle and property). don't you?). etc. securely bolted to the floor. and invest in a small travel trailer instead! :D Hardware A house built to specs under 20 feet of water might not be in a desirable location. My wife's first thoughts went to the family photo albums and her classic bass. 12:46 AM My wife and I talked through this over dinner. (For those bugging out in my direction.) Preacherman August 30th. etc. Firearms for personal defence come first. My friends will now have to get new postal addresses. higher lake. However.

:( CAnnoneer August 31st. When you get to a part of the country where things are normal you'll likely run into the same issues Preacherman's visitors (amd imposers) did. Yes. So what if it takes you an extra day to drive back home? If you can find food and lodging instead of living in a YMCA gym it'll be worth it. you can still be the victim of some other disaster. Clean water supplies and distillation equipment are quite inexpensive and a reasonable component to Fortress CAnnoneer. 2005.. Beware the land mines and robotic defense turrets!" Are they going to knock down my door to check the suspicion that I am in? Why would they bother when there are so many other houses to evacuate? Methinks they will choose to convince themselves there is nobody home. you need a way to fix it. but a simple assortment of screwdrivers. Some trail mix. but most of these disasters are going to leave a lot of building materials strewn all over. Duct Tape. power is not an issue. 2005. This should be a sticky. And of course. Pleasure food. Something to fix flat tires. A face washing and tooth brushing goes a long way when you're dirty and otherwise very foul. P95Carry August Woman products for the wife/girlfriend/daughter/mom. so keep some fresh rolls on hand. I really think that right now at least . will go a long way if you need them. more uses. etc. money money money. Those pads also make outstanding wound dressings. If you need to carry extra gas inside your vehicle. In other words. lots of them. August was then shades of gray. just look at the Superdome for an example. It's a great write up. same goes for the uber-giant first aid kits you see in some outdoor catalogs.''sticky'' this . make a list of Bug-Out stuff. Duct Tape. move away from those dangerous areas ahead of time. Mayan style.000 Snap-On collection.. one person can pool all the gas cans to go wait in line. You still want to prepare for the unexpected. If you don't know how to use a C-collar there's no need to get one. 2005. hso August 31st. Now I begin to see real black . sockets. 2005. Basic tools. Couple other things: Medical supplies you know how to use.thehighroad. I am again appalled at what I am seeing on the news . If something breaks. dried fruit or similar can have a similar effect as the brushing teeth and washing face. etc.) If you have your own generator and plenty of fuel. but oft forgotten I'm sure. but it would be a start. either one of those repair kits or a few cans of Fix-A-Flat. Even if you run away from the area and end up pitching a tent for a while. but it's that for a reason. Time to pick the team.. 01:37 AM Hehehehe.outstanding evaluation of what really matters. wrenches. We are also talking two-feet thick reinforced concrete walls and floors . Simple. in your tires upon your return. . Like I said. :evil: SIGarmed Thanks for was not .they are waterproof.. Keep in mind it'll be based on 1 male. You will pick up nails. 01:26 AM Peter . The gate would be at the top of a staircase. EVERYBODY is going to be hanging there.THR http://web. 01:56 AM 3 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . Some things can be made much worse by a well intentioned medical hack job. 01:43 AM YammyMonkey August 31st. or possibly while evac'ing and it's no fun driving on your rims. Small bills.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . Here is what we decided: Don't live in a Hurricane zone. made me start something I've been meaning to do for a few years now. Baby wipes are a good way to not use up precious water. Having a team also lets you divy up tasks. Have a place to go. Don't live where there is a known risk of mudslides or wildfires. Now I'm off to get my own disaster plan in gear. Trebor My wife and I talked about this tonight. etc. Even if it's your mom's third cousin. 2005. As stated earlier.I thought the situation was black earlier today . August 31st. 1 newborn and 5 ferrets so you may need to adjust. but you'll have less chance of actually needing to implement your disaster plan. Don't live below sea level if you are near the ocean. 01:52 AM Good thread. keep going. No need for the whole $30. it'll beat the Superdome or anything similar. three times remarried and once in prison it beats the other alternative. 2005. roll the windows down or die. The survival rations can get pretty demoralizing after a while. The first major city you come to may be the obvious choice. Basic sanitary items. Example. :evil: What would the NatGuard do? Come knock on my gate and see the sign: "Gone on vacation till the end of Katrina. there is always safety in numbers.archive. Fortress CAnnoneer would not have any windows or openings below 12 feet from the ground. It can go bad. Don't forget the antiseptic. Your tire guy may curse you when you go in to get new rubber.and it is appalling. I would go with rubbing alcohol instead of peroxide. one or two take care of all the kids. Once I've given it the once-over I'll submit it so others can use it as a template. Duct Tape. glass. twice removed. 01:20 AM Don't live in a known earthquake zone (that one's harder since the New Madrid fault is in the midwest.banks and comms down to certain areas. Quake's can happen even if you aren't in California) Don't live on a known flood plain. but just by avoiding known danger zones you can eliminate many of the risks.there are way too many folks who do not place enough importance on these things. 1 female adults. That's why it is a fortress. to avoid having to evacuate at the last minute. electronic copy from scanned documents is not acceptable under normal circumstances. I have one of these in just about every crevice of the two vehicles and the house... Preacherman Thanks for all the comments. Quake's can happen even if you aren't in California) Case in point.. Pack a Bible. Very important point: if you're going in a convoy of three vehicles (or more). you can still talk to one another to arrange a rendezvous further down the road. folks.. SS cards. A "real" jack will allow you to get that spare in place quickly after road debris wrecked your tire. Mnemesyne August 31st..g. 2005. would be excellent boots..I didn't think it'd actually work till the husband started our campfire with one of these kits one night at Zaleski :rolleyes: That and you can replace the items with common every day things (natural jute rope.thehighroad... establishing residence.. You'd be amazed with what you can move if all you have to move it is "enough".how about posting them? August 31st.His biggest concern was not being armed. On a side note. such as are sold for use by hunters..THR http://web.. I tend to keep my major bugout gear packed in my large internal fram backpack with a smaller box and bag with ammo. some great ideas there. random Bug Out thoughts.. Although now I think my strategy needs to be revamped to include definite offsite plans with a cache or two up on the Ga please post there as well. Like the commercial says... If Jeff wants to do so. 02:55 AM A flint and steel kit for making fires. Everyone who is capable should have a good one.... I think I'll start another thread for the actual contents of a "bug-out kit" . but in the end you will probably be humping along on foot. so that if your vehicles are separated by traffic or I also keep another backpack in my truck with a smaller version of what is at home. Don't forget something to keep it sharp! The first on my list however. but you can at least have a list in your bug-out 4 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . Is it time to buy a small cabin and start stashing there? Do I need to start standardizing the weapons? No more new purchases? Same platform and caliber? Should I be allotting a percentage of the bi-weekly corporate wage to food stocks and ammo? This Katrina thing has got me thinking and to tell you the truth a bit worried.. you'll need some means of inter-vehicle communication ... 2005.. and insurance.the 1986 earthquake in NE Ohio of all places. 100% cotton balls) Another thing that sometimes is overlooked is a radio with either solar power or a hand crank (or both) for those times when batteries just can't be obtained easily. Sure there's no power where you are... WRT important documents . I'm sure the vehicle thing will owrk for a while.. The local news agencies are just now starting to talk about gas shortages.. titles/deeds. Even if you don't hike or work in places that you need these.archive. trail runners or some type of ruggedized footwear. 02:05 AM Don't live in a known earthquake zone (that one's harder since the New Madrid fault is in the midwest. Also. Carry some basic "off road" gear. That includes evacuation routes that may be open when much of everything else is packed. this isn't my forum. Mnemesyne August 31st.. 02:45 AM Rwc..Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . bank and credit.... although sometimes you pay for what you get.. rather than the cheaper 2-mile range sets. ownership. cleaning/sharpening implements. 2005. and generally jump starting part of the recovery process. 08:57 AM I would echo the steel and flint. but there will be where you'll end up. so I won't make this a "sticky". and booze. like coffee.and the cellphone towers go out very quickly! Might be a good idea to invest in a few handheld two-way radios. Tire patch kit if there's anything recoverable on the tire you pulled. but in a general disaster if you have birth certificates.. etc saved to disc or flash you have a very compact "history" that could go a long way towards getting the meds you've run out of. Try to give something back. tea. 04:48 AM jpthegeek Forgive the randomness: August 31st. Try to think about what skills you can offer someone who kindly gives you refuge. Texian Pistolero Great posts! I would just add the following: Don't forget to include "luxuries". If you smoke. they can be had for very little cash..So if you pray. Come on. August 31st.everyone else is leaving the NO area and the husbands work sent him and some others down there to help. 2005.. it's his prerogative. SIGarmed.Can come in quite handy in those situations where matches or lighters are not present. 09:53 AM Some of these things (e..looks like they're gonna need all the help they can get. your smokes are essential prescriptions. I'm sure that you have many more suggestions . Byron Quick August 31st. 2005. 2005. A small chain saw and a spair chain blade can cut a tree in half so that you can pull the parts far enough apart to squeeze through. please say a prayer for him and all the other relief workers down there. Can also get one of those magnesium firestarter bars from Wally World or a camping outfit. "Have a plan". prescriptions) obviously can't be stocked up against possible emergency need. good knives. Rope. I'd suggest the 5-mile range sets. cross-arm straps and heavy 'beaners will allow you to set a "z-drag" to move obsticles. Anyway.

of course. which are critical when TSHTF. All the tech and gadgets in the world won't do you much good if you don't have a clue how to use them to full effect. they've been able to direct rescue personnel to people stranded by floodwaters. 2005.g. I don't want to encourage unlicensed use. and that a sufficiently large breakdown of society and gov't to necessitate the level of preparation we are discussing would not occur. Among other things. the entry-level Technician class license isn't hard to rotate the oldest out when you put in the newest.. Also good for short-range commo. It is just plain rude to think that your host will want you and Cousin Jim Bob. I'm all ears. You can get a good handheld (AKA "handie talkie" or "HT") for as little as $100 which will allow you to transmit and receive on the 2M FM band. take a Wilderness EMT course. 10:28 AM Charged cell phones along with car chargers.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . and the info you learn while studying for the exam can be useful. diabetes.. 73. You're allowed to use any means of communication to secure aid to preserve human life or property against immediate threats. If you do get a three month supply for emergencies and then regularly get one month supplies. Here's where it gets good. foghornl GI ammo cans are great for storing stuff other than ammo. Jim Bob's neighbor from 2 doors down. the most important part about getting one's ham license is getting familiar with proper operating procedures. I hope The Lord grants you an extra blessing for taking in those folks. 2005. These are good for commo up to several miles if you have line of sight. my Midland CB already does. [such as you].org.. Especially if the medications are purchased from a discount pharmacy. although I have little knowledge of it. find a pharmacy that's open. but Single Side Band CBs will give you longer range. Some also allow you to listen to the audio portion of TV broadcasts. Learn how to read a topo map and teach everyone in your family the same and all the rug rats that emit 5 or 6 primal screams per minute. FRS doesn't require a license. e.02. from Home Depot to WalMart.just make sure those cans are properly marked. KB3MNK Mongo the Mutterer What a great thread -. high blood pressure. although you'll only be able to talk to other SSB CB users. 2005. etc? Facing a disaster of the scale of New Orleans. Hams are currently in action down in the area affected by Katrina. find a pharmacy that accepts my insurance (if any). I'm currently shopping for a multi-band AM/FM/SW radio so if anyone has recommendations. find a doctor who will take my insurance (does my employer still exist to pay the premiums?). Ham (Amateur) radio. no test required. to Radio Shack. you mignt not be able to put all the pieces for a new prescriptions together in time. In my case.thehighroad. if I had arranged to make an emergency temporary stay with someone. kit of what to grab at the last minute before you leave! Peter. 10:42 AM 5 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . or your regular wall charger + a power inverter for the car. FRS/GMRS radios.. We are watching it happen. Dave. folks. 10:16 AM On the other side. GMRS gives you somewhat longer range. although you do hear a lot of garbage. Good for short range commo. IF you are in an area where they work. and the license covers your immediate family).. between vehicles in a bug out situation. Although you need a license. Some insurance companies will pay for three months of medications at one time. etc. maybe find money for doctor and pharmacy. Get topo maps of your area and study them before you need to. A NOAA weather radio should be in your disaster kit. Once I get my General ticket I'll be able to use the HF bands and transmit much longer distances without relying on a repeater. but in an emergency FCC rules about unlicensed transmission go out the window. LawDog August 31st. FRS/GMRS radios can be picked up cheap at any of the big box stores. I got my ticket last month. plus Jim Bosb & neighbors pets.. buzz_knox August 31st. All the food. in real-time. IMO. IMO.THR http://web. it'll be more versatile. weapons. These are still useful. If you keep an eye out you may be able to find them DIRT CHEAP. so I don't have a separate unit. I would never even think of showing up with uninvited and un-previously cleared 'extras'. chargers. I have a portable in my truck with an external magnet-mount whip antenna. This is of supreme importance to many people.. Don't forget plenty of batteries. if one of your other radios doesn't also pick up these channels.Preacherman God Bless you for helping the refugees. people were saying that we were paranoid. 2005. August 31st. while GMRS does (although it's just a fee. A portable AM/FM radio for listening to local news reports. Satellite phone is another option. much of which is not suitable for sensitive ears. find a pharmacy that has my medications. 09:55 AM What I find most fascinating is that in previous bug out bag threads.. E. Preacherman.. LawDog Dave Markowitz I haven't seen emergency comms mentioned yet so here's my $0. though both require line of sight. They require a prescription for a three month supply. 2005. 24/7/365. Even better. If it picks up shortwave or the NOAA weather channels. a cell phone can let you call relatives/friends outside the danger area. I can hit a 2M repeater ~10 miles away from inside my house with my Yaesu VX-5RS. Take a First Responder or EMT course so that you can use the medi-kit to it's full advantage. Most CBs are AM. appropriate AC adapters. CB radio. August 31st. and emergency supplies in the world are not going to do too much good if you die from a lack of insulin six weeks out. It's great for listening to truckers for real-time traffic reports and has kept me out of several jams. Do you take a medicine that you are absolutely dependent on? Heart. 10:22 AM Have training. August 31st. and a power inverter so you can plug them into the cigarrette lighter in your vehicle.archive. Let's see: I've got to find a doctor.. I got a pair of Midland FRS/GMRS last year from MidwayUSA for the whopping sum of $6 + S&H. No license required.g.

under $25 from Brightguy. A few bottles of gas. 02:46 PM Don't wait too long to bug out!I spent a few years on the NC coast and had to react to a few storms. I think. Politicians are not going to risk making a decision until they are certain. Putting your life on hold and waiting for things to get better in NO is not going to be a very good decision financially. Went shooting last weekend. 11:34 AM Potable water may be in very short supply. FRS radios.thehighroad. Streamlight TL-2 LED "tactical" light http://www. I have a Streamlight TL-2 for "tactical" uses. Dirty Bob MikeIsaj One of the best threads I've ever read. tuna August 31st. a backpacking stove would be more desirable size-wise. CMG and Inova all use AAs. shown with a Mini MagLite http://www. Maps. owen Don't forget a boyscout fieldbook. The first thing she said was Gas cans. These have made great gifts for family members. FRS radios are for general utility.thehighroad. 02:22 PM I prefer LED flashlights. Travel grill. Dirty Bob August 31st. Need to get some. Our plan is to run in both vehicles if necessary. 01:19 PM Awesome . 11:16 AM armoredman August 31st. sturmruger August 31st.. Hate to fill a radiator after a hose leak with my bottled drinking water. Nothing fancy. Great to bounce ideas off each other. Good info. 2005. My old CMG Utility Tasklight is also useful. and I'd be set. No flames to worry about around the kids. Ammo. learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] .thehighroad. 2005. small sized. Let's keep this going. Preacherman . And we always have batteries. 10:55 AM alpineman August 31st. August 31st. Personally. it was way too late. and a coffee pot to put on a grill or fire. as well as a UK 4AA LED (excellent. The spot (with little sidespill) is good for moving around the house at night without disturbing others. Also.filtration systems may be handy. The UK. since we have kids with electronic toys.. It sounds like their best bet would be to drive North to a larger city and look for a new job and an apartement. and I've only got enough 9mm to fill the magazines. Then if they ever need to do it for real things should go much smoother.every time I start to read one of these "bug-out-bag" Lightsticks. I've reahed a couple of conclusions about my own needs. tough light -. if you can even think of benmefits as you watch this happen. "aw. 6 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . I've read all this before" .php?attachmentid=28314 inexpensive.THR http://web. and work so long as we have batteries. but a traveling gas grill would do better if we cannot build a campfire. I need to find out if Lithium AAs can be used in any of them. Most people wait until they are certain they need to leave. 2005. is that it has made us all take stock of our own abilities to survive. and take action where necessary. I need more. anywhere! Thank you Preacherman. By the time the Mayor of New Orleans gave the order. No batteries needed. after watching this. Need more. I have a mild evacuation bag packed for "what ifs" and stock it a little better for snow season. 11:16 AM I think one key benefit. you leave when the need is likely.php?attachmentid=28315 UL 4AA eLED utility light (bottom). 01:07 PM I think it might be a good idea to run an occasional load up drill.. Got one. big cans for non-potable water. 2005. Can't count on the cell phones for communication. August 31st. I also use an Inova X-1 as a personal utility light. Great tips. That way families could practice getting everything loaded up and out the door. And then I find something else I've left out. CAS700850 August 31st.thanks. 11:00 AM It's funny . That's too late. and trying to travel with a 500 gal tank wont work too well .. like in a parking lot along the way. to take advantage of the 10-year shelf life. :D Len *Post moved to Preacherman's other thread* August 31st. Everything you ever needed to know to stay alive in the woods. 2005. 2005. not certain. Sure. 2005.archive.. Deadeye Deb (my fiancee) and I were discussing a SHTF kit last night. 2005. or until they are told to leave. Those of us with addictions have to feed them. Just a few hundred rounds of quality ammo to have stored and forget about until needed.though I don't live below sea level. I really feel for people that have no where to go.php?attachmentid=28313 Inova X-1 utility spotlight Good road atlas to help find alternate routes as necessary.

they find no-one. the information is not being shared amongst all recovery http://web. as individuals and families. for that matter) to save you. from radio reports) that going North up I-55 to Mississippi would have been much faster. paternalism. I got my ticket last A 2-meter handi-talkie is good for about that 10 miles. Also. instead of erupting as immediate and unanswered needs post-disaster? 7 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . and may even be making the loss of life worse. There seems to be a severe case of "too many chiefs. you should know a thing or two about hurricanes. We all got a chuckle two days later when they came around to announce the closing of the campground. The above has obvious implications for security. Route selection is very. This may or may not be true. 1. provide for our own needs in emergency. One has to sleep sometime. and thereafter. we're likely to be accused of racism rather than pragmatism.see point 6 below. However. There was less traffic on this route. Long-term vision appears to be sadly lacking at present. Why weren't these things considered in the leisurely days pre-disaster. Once I get my General ticket I'll be able to use the HF bands and transmit much longer distances without relying on a repeater. but the racial implications of the present situation are of great concern to me. One day the Park Ranger came through handing out info about closing the campgrounds. 2005. "This is payback time for all Whitey's done to us". What about mortgages on properties that are now underwater? The occupants both can't and won't pay. one will be in an environment filled. one is vulnerable. This is allegedly producing catastrophic confusion and duplication of effort. I'd bet the repeaters are knocked out. 3. You can get a good handheld (AKA "handie talkie" or "HT") for as little as $100 which will allow you to transmit and receive on the 2M FM band. Here's where it gets good. This was a VERY bad idea. 2005. MS. 4. 05:53 PM Preacherman August 31st.. One will send out a group to check a particular area for survivors: but when they get there. as something over half-a-million other folks had the same route in mind. 05:09 PM On the other hand. very important. Knowing how hurricanes work allows you to make decisions on your own. and that FEMA would have the same. Dave. They keep harping on the fact that the "underclass" that's doing all the looting is almost exclusively Black and inner-city in composition. Al Sharpton. murder and mayhem? Large gathering-places for refugees suddenly look rather less desirable. in that some areas in need of rescuers aren't getting them. and while one sleeps. or making love! A team approach might be a viable solution here . August 31st. Why isn't the Coast Guard pulled off that job now. then up I-49 to Alexandria).. There aren't nearly enough jobs available in this area to absorb this workforce. but the Coast Guard is saying (on TV) that they won't be able to get it up and running for three to six months. and in a disaster. or in an isolated spot with one's family. and the info you learn while studying for the exam can be useful. and other groups appear to be refusing to take instructions from either side.. but this doesn't seem to be the case. FEMA. I can hit a 2M repeater ~10 miles away from inside my house with my Yaesu VX-5RS. and then cut across LA on Route 84. and won't have any income at all for the next six to twelve months. a high-wattage rig with a properly mounted directional antenna can go 150+ miles (as I heard last night. but was overruled by Baton Rouge. and don't assume that the shortest route on the map in terms of distance will also be the shortest route in terms of time. because their primary focus is on search and rescue. and being on one's own. that need immediate attention. but it doesn't surprise me to hear it. not enough Indians" in New Orleans at the moment. garrettwc August 31st. If we have such a divide in consciousness among our city residents. short-term objective of rescuing survivors. One can hardly remain consciously in Condition Yellow while bathing children. and later learn that another group has already checked and cleared the area. even in states remote from the problem areas? The Government for sure won't provide enough for them in emergency aid to be able to pay their bills. MN ham in Minneapolis). and the "reparations for slavery" brigade appear to have so polarized inner-city opinion that these folks are (IMHO) no longer capable of rational thought concerning such issues as looting. If they'd used their heads. and vital to the economy. there's alleged to be conflict between City officials and State functionaries. I'm not making up these comments. found the shortest route to me (I-10 to Baton Rouge and Lafayette.. What is being done to plan for this. etc. and followed it slavishly. instead (it's claimed) wanting to run their own shows. leaving a lot of folks neck-deep in debt and without homes (even damaged ones). and they could have turned left and hit Natchez. the entry-level Technician class license isn't hard to get. I would like to discuss this further. The likes of Jesse Jackson. and all sorts of other crimes just because we want to preserve law and order. Not a bad item to have in the kit. 2005.don't drop it! 5. I avoided the gridlock leaving the island because it was all behind me. This would have taken them no more than five or six hours. Here are some more ideas.. For example: the Port of Louisiana is the fifth-largest in the world.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . My LSP buddies tell me that they're getting conflicting assignments and/or requests from different organizations and individuals. and other feedback. oppression.thehighroad. PM me please or start a thread at APS. Also. we're likely to be accused of racism. and won't share with others (whether they're of another race or not) because we don't have enough to go round. My friends (and their friends) basically looked at the map. even with the heavier evacuation traffic. and "This is reparations for slavery!". but don't seem to be getting it right now. Some of them took over twelve hours for what is usually a four-hour journey. and put to work right away on something this critical? There are enough Navy. If you live in a hurricane area. Although you need a license. I'm absolutely not a racist. 2. they would have seen (and heard. Marine and Air Force units available now to take over rescue missions.) All of this is unofficial and off-the-record. if Whitey wuz sittin' here in tha Dome waitin' for help.. A few thoughts on the social implications of a disaster situation. disaster relief. and we could end up with massive foreclosures on property that is worthless. they are as reported by my buddies. Andrew Rothman Just got my Ham radio license as well. who sent in others to do something different. in the absence of centralized command and control. August 31st. The mayor has already blown his top about the levee breach: he claims that he had a plan in place to fix it by yesterday evening. how many of them will feel "entitled" to obtain these necessities any way they have to. I said that I would be gone or close to it by the time they decided to close. with both sides claiming to be "running things": and some individuals in the Red Cross. Feedback from my contacts in the LSP and other agencies is very worrying. Thanks. These are good for commo up to several miles if you have line of sight. up to and including looting. If we. when I chatted with a Duluth. What is being done to find work for them. then when we hit a SHTF situation. the mortage holders will demand payment. with other evacuees. The remarks they're reporting include such statements as "I'm ENTITLED to this stuff!".. 06:45 PM I've had a day to think further about lessons to be learned from my friends' experience in evacuating New Orleans. They need accommodation and food. I was just about ready to pull out. Last year I was in Cape Hatteras the week Charlie came through. Moral of the story: if you want to survive. Polishrifleman Just picked up a Barnes and Noble reprint of the US Army Survival Manual for $9. and taking things from us can (and probably will) be justified as "Whitey getting his just desserts". don't rely on the government or any government agency (or private relief organization. sure: but most of them are now unemployed.. (I don't know if the same problems are occurring in Mississippi and/or Alabama. to a greater or lesser extent. Another example: there are over a million refugees from the Greater New Orleans area floating around. Even one's spouse and children might not be enough.archive.. but I wouldn't be surprised if they were. Lesson: think outside the box. no way would he be waitin' like we is!" No. 04:29 PM Ham (Amateur) radio. there are always going to be vulnerabilities.. 2005. also looks less secure. IMO. they're blaming the present confused disaster-relief situation on racism: "Fo sho. This worries me very much. disaster relief.. If one has successfully un-assed the danger zone. and alleviate the problem as much as possible? I would have thought that the State government would have had at least the skeleton of an emergency plan for these sorts of things. How many of them will have provided for their needs? How many of them will rely on obtaining from others the things they need? In the absence of immediate State or relief-agency assistance. there are monumental problems looming. Everyone is focused on the immediate. Unfortunately.. Your ass is in your own hands .

Those who plan ahead and stockpile needed supplies do not stress the system and make life a lot easier than those who hoard in the hour of need. I hope I could lean on my friends for help in the same way. Make a plan and when the time comes. Life might be a lot less comfortable than prior to the disaster. riverdog August any of those checks fail to clear I'll be in for a reimbursment fund. I already had camping/hiking stuff including small stoves (Svea 123. He also told me that there had been an endless stream of folks trying to cash checks on South Louisiana banks." I had all that. It is going to get ugly down there real soon. In other words. What else do I plan to add: More food and other consumables so that I'm not competing for stuff to eat on the road or at my destination. Even if I don't need it. skills and knowledge that will be "marketable" in exchange for hard currency in a post-disaster situation. If it involves packing your truck and waving goodbye to your home you do it early. without success. at least I live on a hill! 60 feet above sea level. Unfortunatly I don't think this is done getting bad yet. Barter. I am sitting high and dry in Pa. as there was no way to clear them with their issuing banks.THR http://web. over and above one's "bug-out stash" of ready checks drawn on them will eventually prove worthless.but I hadn't made allowance for it. like coffee. lee n.archive. Don't live below sea level if you are near the ocean. execute the plan. 2005. etc. Don't live where there is a known risk of mudslides or wildfires. so that funds should be available anywhere they have a branch. providing base security. This is. major loans. I was at my bank this morning. They feel abandoned. and could probably survive with relative ease for between two weeks and one month: but what if I had been caught up in this mess? What would I do about earning a living. but the cash in my BOB now seems correct and with the price of fuel doing what it's doing. Up until now I thought my plans were maybe a bit over the top. 07:45 PM Preacherman. In this way. toothpaste et al. and I might just have to start building "team relationships" with nearby THR members! 7. Others could be foraging for supplies. I think it might be a good idea to have a "bug-out bank account" with a national bank. He warned me that some of these local banks will almost certainly fail.. survive. Still others could be earning a living for the whole team with their skills. tea. etc. I may or may not get some of this back in due course. 08:03 PM Preacherman .we'd still have a life! This bears thinking about. hey. and booze. Once you slow down to bumper-bumper stop and go speeds.if I were in a similar fix. 2005. I'll be adding a lot more in the hygiene department. it's not like fuel is something I won't use eventually. Any more ideas from our members? Jeff Timm Trebor commented. is looking better and better. and the customers and businesses they served are also gone . thirsty.. depositing checks I'd been given by my visitors in exchange for cash. soap. will be paid off (or that I will receive enough money to do this myself). 07:40 PM MikeIsaj August 31st. etc. I estimate that I'm out over $1. of course. This leads me to consider my own emergency planning. etc. Just some thoughts to ponder. after all! . we'd all contribute to our mutual survival and security in the medium to long term. helping one's friends is likely to prove expensive. August 31st. Finally. I also need to provide for my physical security. 07:45 PM When disaster strikes you do what you gotta do and if that involves taking in refugees (preferably family and close friends) you accept them. God be with them all. my mortgage. Fuel to get there. 2005. I shall have to do so in future. This is a logistics nightmare and it's much better to have than to be looking. field Don't forget to include "luxuries". I don't mind it . tired and soon will be getting sick and watching their families die..? If I can't rely on the State. if I can pony up 8 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . and now couldn't access their records. I listen to comments these people are making to the news crews and I hear a desperation in their voices that is truely frightening. 07:19 PM Don't live in a known earthquake zone (that one's harder since the New Madrid fault is in the midwest. Nimitz subscribing.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . People are hungry. as they don't have a single branch above water. fuel economy suffers so the extra fuel should be very useful. which were now under water and/or without communications facilities. 6. Some of the team could take on the task of keeping a home maintained (even a camp-type facility). Optimus 111B) and fuel. trading. and thought maybe I was too far removed and that I was missing something from my perspective. 2005. I may add even more cash. Thank you again for your insights. but hey . fast enough to save them. August 31st. August 31st. to ensure that if disaster strikes. Heck. 2005.000 at the moment. 07:57 PM sumpnz August 31st. looking after kids. The teller warned me bluntly that it might be weeks before these checks could be credited to my account. I have been watching this mess play out and had the same thoughts that basically the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisianna were woefully unprepared and no longer in control of the crisis. 2005. your smokes are essential medications. Stuff to stay clean and maybe a gallon of unscented chlorine bleach and laundry detergent. rather than keeping all one's money in a single bank (particularly a local one) or credit union. Don't be shy to make a post requesting such. move away from those dangerous areas ahead of time. but there are no jobs in Cleveland and I ended up in Florida. I for darn sure had better be able to rely on myself! I certainly need to re-examine my insurance policies. I've planned to cover an evacuation need. If you smoke. the "Preacherman List" will join it. betrayed. etc. to avoid having to evacuate at the last minute. desperate and are near panic. scared. as well as planning to contribute to costs incurred by those who offer me hospitality under similar circumstances. Meanwhile the government they've placed their trust in is unable to do enough. Even some major regional banks had run their Louisiana "hub" out of New Orleans. The idea of a "team" of friends with (or to) whom to bug out. Bottom line is don't assume that you'll buy what you forgot when you get there.thehighroad. Geoff Who posted hurricane info at work.. paying mortgages. " Don't live in a Hurricane zone. partly from having all my supplies consumed. The "bank problem" bears consideration. with that thought I just bought two plastic 5 gal gas cans which will get me another 220 miles down the road and should be enough to get me there and back assuming normal driving. Quake's can happen even if you aren't in California) Don't live on a known flood plain. shampoo. and partly from making cash available to friends who couldn't cash their checks. titanium pots & utensils. 8. From what I'm seeing in and must ensure that I have supplies.

and refined. Water filter kit would be nice. probably my Astra . Try to find a wind break if possible (Stay away from trees. Crosshair My observations for what I will carry. Food is not as important in a hot climate. If you consider the concept of the Special Forces A and B teams. but they also have three dogs and two cats who they'd never leave behind. (Bolt from my bolt guns. they do have wildfires. thanks for the offer. Boats The easiest way to carry 13. if I was having to clear downed trees from the road while making my escape the last thing I want to do is play Paul Bunyan when I could be playing Tim Taylor. Realisticly. 3. 02:35 AM Someone suggested a chainsaw.. 9 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . September 1st. if your relatives are interested have them get together with some of us next time we have a shoot. but it wasn't until they actually had a fire scare and had to pack up that they got a reality check on what they really could pack and carry reasonably. it was just a scare. I'm a little chubby so I can loose a few pounds anyway.000 gallons of water. My 10/22 is light and has a nice folding stock and you can cary lots of 22LR. If possible I would take as much as I can. This team would not only be able to help others but also train others to help themselves. My Garand and 22-250 are too heavy for all the other stuff I will need. but I think an axe would serve better Yeah. My tip: I have a 160 Gb external USB drive that I back up to weekly. 12:51 AM Sumpnz. other things are grouped for easy gathering if TSHTF.357 as well.archive. I have hinted about caches in other threads. I would probably only take my 10/22 and my SKS. Just keep some vitimans handy. However. I'm in ND right now so this may or may not have been a good you would have probably felt more of the storm. Weapons. but I think an axe would serve better. but at least you would not be driving.. Preacherman's team concept is very much like some of the things I have been considering for years. and prepared a list of stuff to pack for evacuation. I can pony up at least that much to help you out. 2005. I also have hardcopies of pertinent docs in a waterproof bag and all my Cr cards. Fortunately. Camp out of you're car if the roads are cloged. but plan on traveling on foot. Often the fire department will not be able to bring their own water but if there is water on site they may be able to get a pumper in. I have 7 gallons of water right next to me in a container that I have kept for several years (I change the water every now and then. and that axe will serve for a long time. NMshooter For those interested in communications check out the ARRL. 2005. Your home may be different. Thank you for sharing! September 1st. http://katadyn. I figure it's much easier to grab that and split rather than trying to hump the computer to the car in the event of an emergency.50. In the case of NO. 12:56 AM 1. but the list is a lot different now. It would be priceless in a disaster zone like the one on the Gulf Coast. Chance favors the prepared 2005.) Again. My AK I don't trust yet. The best plans in the world are useless if they aren't tested. Also ask them to look into building a pool or pond.THR http://web. practiced. 12:38 AM I second Strumruger's firedrill suggestion. sumpnz September 1st. They have a small trailier. If you're moving really slow and wasting gas.gif Katadyn Pocket Filter ~$200. they would also be able to gather intelligence on the area. 2005.) 4. It was a good read and in light of current events it would be a good read. Critters add an extra layer of complexity. Take a metal file too. priorities have been re-thought. and while they don't have hurricanes or floods. In Louisiana where water is abundant filters are easier to carry than water at 8lbs/gallon. trigger group from my Garand. much food for thought. Most people will probably find an easier target when lead in any form is flying their way.00. At least with water your brother might have a chance of doing something himself. but the choice has to be made. 02:11 AM perception September 1st. XLMiguel Excellent thread. September 1st. $10 to get blackrazor a new bolt for his .Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . 2005. If you have to ditch you're car. and I would contribute to his stores in payment for this. Take the above and remove an important part from the guns you have to leave behind.) 2. A firebreak is something he could make himself. Preacherman September 1st. More water than food. It's just the two of them.thehighroad. etc in my PDA (now al I need to do is get a spare charger for it and the cell phone for the BoB. If Preacherman's home was a potential destination I would store supplies there. There is another thread about a SHTF bike. Try to travel by car. you could have a small core team of shooters supporting a larger group of folks with important skills who are also capable of defending themselves. I will bring up the subject again here. but I'd rather you donated to the Salvation Army or other charity of your choice for relief work in NO. 2005. some stuff is just left packed and pre-staged all the time. 02:46 AM Mike in VA. especially if gas is running low. get to an "out of the way" place and wait for it to clear. so there would be fewer suprises. September 1st. acct #. I consider my expenses to be my contribution to disaster relief. not only would such a team help to draw the county together. It pains me to leave everything else behind. in a camping situation where firewood is all you're concerned about that might be a good idea. so plan accordingly. And he would have a guaranteed water supply. At destinations and waypoints you can keep small caches of supplies handy. Someone suggested a chainsaw. That is one thing I would have liked to have seen in "Lights Out". but modified to include specialities such as construction and transportation. My B/SIL live outside Albuquerque. 02:28 AM Here is another thing I don't think I have seen. Use the SKS for the heavier stuff. If you must go on foot be realistic about how much weight you can carry and how far you can go each day (or night as the case may be).

looking after kids. ill get. LAK September LAK September 1st. 04:35 AM And in a disaster of such scale don't expect to ever see Fluffy again if "confiscated" at a gov ruger270man September 1st. a farther away cache cant hurt. lots of people already have them. cause i dont know how much good it does people with no high gound. 07:32 AM LAK. Some of the team could take on the task of keeping a home maintained (even a camp-type facility). and absolute SHTF i can pack it to the hills on foot. I actually have enough battery power in my shack to keep my HF running for a few days without power. semi defeats the purpose. you dont have ANY time to prepare for a quake. no drive to stock up. 2005.. but the filter would do it. providing base Yes. with all these thorn726 http://ssunitedstates. iodine tablets also. -------------------------------------http://ussliberty. homeless use them all he time. I was one of the 10 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . Don't rely on government-run shelters if at all possible. about the animals sad but true. awesome suggestion. 2005. 2005. 2 supermarkets and a produce gov shelters at all costs. that's one thing i really should have on hand in case of earthquake though. Coffee and cigarettes.. other than for their "humane" destruction and safe disposal. no worries of sliding down it/ or it sliding on to me.. The only major hiccup might be if the disaster was much wider in scope than anticipated and covered the retreat area as well. If you have your Yeasu. The Pocket model will not remove chemicals. all the supplies within a 2 block area. The idea of a "team" of friends with (or to) whom to bug out. 2005. 07:15 AM this thread is invaluable. but if you have to drive to it. -------------------------------http://ussliberty. 03:44 AM Fortress CAnnoneer sounds good and all http://ssunitedstates.. buckets http://ssunitedstates. A useful and perhaps essential companion to the Pocket filter is the Micro with spare charcoal elements. Your weapons WILL be confiscated Not only your weapons . survive. I went into General discussion to make a thread about bug-out bags. I like good cigars too :D -----------------------------------------http://ussliberty.. i five gallon bucket buried can contain all kinds of things.. especially the water filter can we sticky this? dpesec Dave. and a coffee pot to put on a grill or fire. 05:09 AM i really like living right at the bottom of the hill though. I was very fortunate to get my Pocket model for $69. LAK 13. 2005. and since you're making this place watertight and all. September 1st. 05:10 AM 6. Boats. not much time needed.00 on an REI closeout a few years back.. and individual families with young children. the filter/ addition to your own needs and backup . i hate to mention it here.. (Planning) . there are enough sources of water within walking distance I have hinted about caches in other threads i was gonna mention this as well. Great suggestions so far. September 1st.but pets as well. Uncle is not going to spend the time or money on them. One thing I'd suggest is to get a AA battery pack for it. etc. is looking better and better. The first thing she said was COFFEE.archive. etc . That's why I plan on taking them with me. Perhaps a remote vacation retreat for camping trips and hunting.THR http://web. i really do need that filter... 07:28 AM dpesec September 1st.might be worth their weight in gold in exchange for other goods and services. 04:41 AM Mongo the MuttererDeadeye Deb (my fiancee) and I were discussing a SHTF kit last night. my worst problem would be how far from home am i if it was during work. How ever many extra Folgers plastic cans and cartons of cigarettes you can afford to keep on hand in rotating stock . of course. have a plan and a place . and see that the ball has already gotten rolling. 73s September 1st. highly desireable barter too. sick or elderly are potentially very vulnerable on their own. 2005. water could become a problem. 2005. [etc] This is a very sound concept if you can get the cooperation of a group of trusted friends. it has general weather radio built in. 2005. When my area was hit with a major snow and ice storm.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . thats the screwy part. food.. there's already several reports of deaths from folks using generators in their homes without the proper ventilation. But there is a measure of safety in numbers. Drizzt September 1st. but be careful with the generator.

2005. So the third step is something I need to get a second example of. September 1st. They may help with a meal and a drink. 2005.archive. What documents would you consider crucial? Would you include a credit card statement and utilities statements as well? -Birth certificate -Naturalization docs -Driver's license -Passport -Insurance policy declaration pages -??? Greg riverdog September 1st. 10:57 AM Crosshair Note to self: Buy one of those hand water filters. 2005. 02:57 PM When I was thinking about the pocket filter I posted about. I'd want a four pronged approach to the problem and at least a couple of people to do the work. Even on freshwater.thehighroad. what I could already do in a place like Mississippi. I like it because it screws directly onto a standard Nalgene bottle for storage and drinking.comments would be appreciated. It is a hand operated reverse osmosis few people who could get around. Looks like I need to buy an AC capable filter now as well. friends in Gulfport and they chose to "ride out" the strom because of their dogs and parrot. I'd be using a Brita as a first stage filter to remove the heavy stuff in the water. Travis McGee September 1st. it would remove heavy metal contaminants and pesticides from the water. 2005. at least I live on a hill! 60 feet above sea level. 12:16 PM The MSR Mini-Works (http://www. It can take on seawater straight up. I have. 2005. Dirty Bob The problem I see is that water in NOLA contains petroleum. 11:30 AM TarpleyG September 1st. or oil storage tanks sitting in it.I hope anyway. but RO systems clog too easily for general use where silt or other semi-solid contaminants are going to fill pores. with good out put.mountainsafetyresearch. 2005.. they usually do a crummy job of removing microscopic biological contaminants. why I had a Jeep. then add chlorine and then filter that with my MSR miniworks. As noted. but what's your life worth? Last step would be water treatment tablets to throw into the finished product just to take the belt and suspenders approach. The Katadyn Survivor 35 is something I have on a boat I have an ownership interest in. Brita filter are cheap compared to the MSR's.mountainsafetyresearch. So using other products as pre-filters would take the pressure off of this system and keep it useable longer. nope. First layer would be the pocket filter I posted about earlier.. I gotta get another one of these as I am 55 miles from the one I already own. Activated charcoal removes many volatile organic compounds from the water. for that matter) to save you. 2005. 08:13 AM I had all that.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . To drink NO's flood water. I could probably get by just using a Survivor 35 against all contaminants. The MSR WaterWorks (http://www. 12:34 PM Boats September 1st. The reason I do not own an AC filter now is that freshwater is abundant in Oregon and usually doesn't have cars. I was really more in the mode of assuming that I wouldn't want to drink filtered floodwater in NO.asp) http://www. Will I ever give up my 4X4. pesticides. Your ass is in your own hands . Dirty Bob September 1st. Another point: This filter is horrifically expensive.mountainsafetyresearch. 03:27 PM 11 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . refineries. Is there a treatment method that addresses these problems? Thanks for a great thread. 12:12 PM We spoke about scanning in important documents and backing up to a secure. 2005. The water derived from my Katadyn would then be put through this hand-pumped filtration system.THR The problem with most AC systems is that while they remove a lot of foul tasting stuff. but it has an additional filtering element. 2005.asp) is its big brother and it also screws directly to a Nalgene bottle. MS. THe rest is up to you. :( Byron Quick September 1st. September 1st. and the kindness of but one thing you said we should ALL think about (and tattoo on our arms so we never forget) Moral of the story: if you want to survive. In NOLA or Biloxi. where fresh water would be more readily available and only somewhat suspect. for its high filter endurance. 10:35 AM Wonderful Thread -. don't rely on the government or any government agency (or private relief organization.jpg is a great way to go. That's just a plan -. but they don't take out the small stuff.Preacherman Thanks again. I do think I could make sweet water out of the NO flood waters with all of the above equipment. it won't do anything for petroleum distillates. portable media like CD/DVD/external drive. You need to have a way to get from your island to the mainland when a major hurricane hits. but there are no jobs in Cleveland and I ended up in Florida. but rather.don't drop it! CAS700850 Amen. ability to take out microscopic crawlies and A thirty foot storm surge would turn Florida into an archipelago. hey. Mongo the Mutterer September 1st. and do nothing for any heavy metals. More pricey. and possibly chemicals from nearby plants. and combined the three filters and some tablets would weigh less than one or so gallons of water carried around.

but I know some of us DO: I've never killed anything. People die (usually not of hunger but uncomfortably hungry anyway) while walking through nature's produce section. 2005. Up here anyway most small game can be taken year round.. If you had an abundance of stove fuel (or a house that's been reduced to splinters). It's must reading! Seriously. I think getting some one to take me hunting and teaching me the ropes has just become a much higher priority.not good if i had to carry it on foot.that a Bug out bag is vital. 2005.exe/agcatalog/level4s.. etc.. 03:42 PM 30Cal The problem I see is that water in NOLA contains a book for your region on local plant life can be a life saver. Katadyn Water Filter Prescription Medicine Important documents Batteries AA. Also.. 2005. kill.. • • • • • • • • • 7 days worth of MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) 3 gallons of water.. September 1st. And what a waste of usable goods--hide.. AAA.thehighroad.. Go camping but on this trip. Alot of interesting stuff in it: September 1st. 03:45 PM You can always distill it--you're situation would be pretty poor indeed if you couldn't scrounge enough materials and set up something in an hour that will condense steam and collect the drippings. 03:54 PM Perhaps even more important than figuring out how to catch/kill something to eat is how to clean and cook it. plan on killing and eating something.. only had iodine tablets. September September 1st.tam?xax=24080&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&M5COPY%2Ectx=27070&M5%2Ectx=27070& M2%5FDESC%2Ectx=Survival%20Books%2C%20Cards%2C%20Manuals&level3%2Ectx=results%2Etam&query%2Ectx=manual& backto=%2Fagcatalog%2Fresults%2Etam (I think that's a newer one than we have) We also had the special forces "medic" manual.. 2005.. C’s D’s Cash money for 2 weeks…$1. carebear Snake Eyes. Extra gas for car. Good point. There are a lot of survival manuals on how to make snares and such (though you're better off taking pre-mades with you). 2005. 12 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . and possibly chemicals from nearby plants. etc. Almost anything that moves is edible if cooked. But what an inefficient way to go about trying to survive. Is there a treatment method that addresses these problems? Thanks for a great thread. but really interesting stuff about helping a woman give birth. yes. Nimitz great great post. Alot of info in there that I'll never use.. Great thread!!!! Travis McGee I hope this thread gets stickied. what the heck do you put all your gear in fellas? some stuff i didnt think bout was a hand pump filter such as the katadyn. I CAN make fire).. 2005.. I don't have the first idea of how to stalk.. you could make adequate drinking water for a couple of days.actiongear. It's just a lot more time-intensive to make good water. September 1st.. clean..for sure. hunt. i had some most of the stuff in rubbermaid contrainer. dmftoy1 I bought this for my boys when we started camping (a long long time ago). Fuel (wood.i'd hope.THR http://web. 03:48 PM I'm sure I could kill something.. etc. what you need is a book (and instruction if available) on how to skin out and clean small and large game. etc.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . The woods and parks (and lawns and gardens) are full of goodies.however i wouldnt have been prepared for something like this. this is a VERY important and useful thread.archive. A solar still is going to take a lot more material and time to set-up. also didnt think about a "surivial book".000 cash (small bills) this should be ENOUGH. and hack off enough meat to burn over a fire (and. 07:17 PM I've realized after living and tampa and having 4 feet of water in the house. Phone Numbers of family/friends. or skin an animal. Dirty Bob September 1st. gas or watever) is obviously desirable. Snake Eyes Something else that most THR denizens probably don't have to consider.seems good to. 05:08 PM http://www.

so it would seem a good portable GPS unit would be in order as well. please feel free to critque it (please be nice?). 08:55 PM I do have an old Ruger 10/22 that would be a good small game rifle. 2005. what about a small magnafying glass. Geoff Who has a beatup old Finn and a Swiss Army knife. the Ruger 10/22 -. might be better.. Rather than an AR-7. Light compact. stowable. 13 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . GPS.optics.. 08:36 PM Some Good glass . the type that breaks down and stores in its own stock would be better. I'd put the 10/22 into a folding stock from either Choate or Butler Creek. Dave Markowitz September 1st. I got a link to this thread over at FreeRepublic. Great who is owned by Camillus.. I'm not talking about the type you mount on your dash that show you roads (not that there's anything wrong with those. 2005. and it floats. but binoculars. 2005. Someone mentioned XMS/Sirrius sat radio as a good source of news especially when local stations are down due to disasters. In particular. Pre-mixed anti-freeze for radiator. I think Travis posted it.22 autoloader ever A smaller knife and a light hand Axe. Those or a larger set would be good for scanning the road ahead for roadblocks or other obstacles that lack of comms (or chatter) might not alert you to.THR http://web.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . Good for starting fires in sunlight (can save on matches and magnesium) and help out those who are visionally challenged with the small stuff.especially older models -. They run about $50 . and it floats. wrenches. 08:22 PM AFreeBird Hi all..what do you guys think? this is for 2 adults. stowable. And others uses such as camp perimiter security. 2005. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2 fixed blade knives anyone got some brand recommendations? keep it under $150 for both? Female toiletries Baby wipes Basic good first aid kit (the TAD gear one is nice) Tool kit (basic screwdrivers. . 2005. :) Jeff Timm Oil and filter for your vehicle. the type that breaks down and stores in its own stock would be better.thehighroad. Not just for your rifle (I suppose that's a given?). Oh. but it has the original wooden stock and I was thinking that for a BoB.$65. It'll be quicker to deploy than a rifle that's stowed inside its own stock. and will still be quite compact. very informative. haven't seen mention of: September 1st. Geoff Who wears a Swiss Army Knife and has since 1972. that an Armalite 22. I would like to ask the best . Light compact.. Comments? IMHO. (It goes without saying that a good compass and chronograph are packed) I do have an old Ruger 10/22 that would be a good small game rifle. the BKT Combat-Utility 7 is a great 7" sheath knife. that an Armalite 22. (Looks mean) From Midway. my mother and myself and our one dog. but it has the original wooden stock and I was thinking that for a BoB.) September KA-BAR Short Black Fighting/Utility Knife 5-1/4" Partially Serrated Carbon Steel Blade Black Kraton Handle Black with Leather Sheath Product #: 885944 Status: Available Our Price: $36.archive. 08:53 PM Several models from Becker Knife & Tool.. sockets) Fix-A-Flat Trail mix (pleasure food) Local topographical maps Magnesium Fire starter Water proof matches Collapsible dog water bowl 2 flashlights Duct Tape Para cord how much Army Survival book Toothpaste Shampoo Hand sanitizer Toilet paper Dog food Signal mirror Emergency space blanket Cotton bandana Whistle SMALL mess kit Rain jackets (2) Flare gun ok that seems like ALOT. and if you have one by all means make sure it in your BoVehicle) but also the type used for backpacking. but isn't innocuous. Dave Markowitz 2 fixed blade knives anyone got some brand recommendations? keep it under $150 for both? September 1st. Even the small compact Nikon style that can be attached to a belt or stowed in a larger pocket. 08:13 PM "2 fixed blade knives anyone got some brand recommendations? keep it under $150 for both?" Kabar $39 sticker. Comments? BTW: I think this thread should be a sticky as well.anything i need to get rid of or add? Chad Jeff Timm September 1st.

Browning O/U 12GA. I'm also looking at getting a small axe to put in my BOB September 1st. I have two friends whom are most likely still in NO.pratice. 2005. I think the one lesson that hasn't been evident is to plan for the disasters in your list's of Obviously he was required to stay.uscav.htm personally you can't have too many knives. the Ruger 10/22 -. etc. I like the 10/22 but I've noticed that on a hot day running a lot of rounds through it. AFreeBird September 1st. I'm personally afraid of the backlash that will occur once real fatality numbers are known among emergency services (fire. Should the power be out or the facilities destroyed due to a Katrina level disaster even if we'd gotten out ahead of time we could be destitute with thousands "in the bank".aspx?productid=8949&tabID=1&categoryID=11&pos=39 I also have some folders: http://www. and the closure of all major roads for the immediate future ( do you really believe that overpasses in TN are rated for earthquakes like in CA?). perhaps better as it doesn't require a detachable Obviously small game will quickly become rare in some areas.. possible plauge outbreaks from the mountain regions. oh and a "evil ugly black gun". Marlin 22 & 30-30 lever.uscav. 03:07 AM Something else . I have other "toys" I can bring. and will still be quite compact. I figure rounds are cooking off when they hit the chamber. police. so many things to think about. vacation.357 (only one 4" barrel) and a couple of Browning 9's. 2. If we have some forewarning we can move money from our "preferred" bank to the emergency account by check or wire transfer.uscav. He was department head over surgical techs at one of the larger hospitals.22 autoloader ever made. belong in professional care in a low disaster-risk area. 11:20 PM IMHO. we can keep a baseline amount there for the best . BOA. BugOut that allows us to walk in to any branch or up to any autoteller for "Ol BigBanking" and withdraw cash (cash is king in an emergency). 2005.islandtactical. It'll be quicker to deploy than a rifle that's stowed inside its own stock. I'd put the 10/22 into a folding stock from either Choate or Butler Creek. 10:26 PM If you consider that you may have to bug out you may want to have an account with a national bank like Bank of America or Chase. mrming September 1st. rats. Identify facilities that can perform necessary functions (dialysis) in your area or along you BO route.especially older models -. If nothing else it could cut down on those nasty autoteller charges. 2005. 10:30 PM I'd have to agree with the 10/22 as a required tool. I just remembered that my "evil ugly black gun" came with a . Instead we will have to handle mosquitoes. If you are or have someone on special medical care.aspx?productid=6699&tabID=1&categoryID=11&pos=34 http://www. not the ones you've seen on TV. 11:44 PM Nio Hurricane Katrina Blog (http://www. but largely inactive fault line.htm) Nio September 2nd. otoh. we keep an account with Chase. We have had a few trembles in recent years. Plan ahead. Moss 500.thehighroad. 2005. medical personal).com/productinfo. This is the case if you're on vacation or away from the region and a local disaster takes out your bank temporarily. Don't take jobs that can mandate you stay in place. Marlin model 60 is another good option. This may sound morbid but with your important papers you might concider your Will.aspx?productid=6780&tabID=1 some other knives I have: http://www.22LR conversion kit.pratice. If switzerland disappears. 2005. Its great that you can care for them now. If it every happens. I guess I was just thinking (RE: AR-7) about having a rifle that could be stowed in a pack for quick getaways. but their money is backed by gold and has faired well against inflation thats nailed us. He also had moved his elderly parents to housing near his own. no matter how much you love them. I'd suggest also that perhaps money in an overseas bank would be a good thing. 03:06 AM earonthief Good thread.theplacewithnoname.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=19193 http://www.THR http://web.pray and read this thread. get and keep an updated copy of health records and shot cards. so last minute evac wasn't going to happen. most of the world economy will go with it anyway. Family that no longer can take care of themselves. but if you don't got it you can't use it. Most of us bank with a local or state bank. Rather than an AR-7. which I've never used. Anyone ever mess with that? dpesec here's a good knife. New Which brings me to a final pair of lessons: 1. but if your job/marriage/health/enviroment goes south they'll be the first to hurt for it.archive. September 2nd. We won't be facing masses of polluted water everywhere. I just picked one up. Switzerland has some nasty history. Rem 1100 (w/extra rifled barrel for slugs). it can sorta go auto (2~3 rnd burst). and if it goes most of our major cities will be reduced to dust. 03:11 AM 14 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . DanWesson . 2005. 2005. http://www. hso September 1st.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] .. Doing good for society rarely improves your own survival chances. Having a little more time to gather more equipment. Cosmoline I'm doing a complete overhaul of my earthquake kit and evac plan in light of recent developments. September 2nd. TN sits on a very nasty.

org/web/20090108212045/http://www. The Streetpilot was a godsend. LAK dpesec. only having a capacity of 500lbs.clavey. Drip coffee filters tied around your primary filter intake make an excellent first stage to keep much sludge and particulates from clogging your system early on.soar1. This one (http://www. Also as a comment: Living in the Northeast I have had many folks question my "hobby". destroying a couple of dozen homes and messing up roadways completely. September 2nd. you must employ a carbon filter again in the second stage every time. Maybe it was a dumb idea. September 2nd. A couple of weks ago. even a small one. 07:15 AM I don't believe this has been mentioned.and I wish them well.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . the list of places not to live . 04:55 AM On the subject of filtering heavily contaminated water containing petroleum and or other chemicals. 2005. 03:41 AM In one of these scenarios.html) one is a bit smaller at 9 feet long and weighs in at 36lbs. feed them and keep them warm for weeks. -----------------------------http://ussliberty. But if I were in NO. Another nine pointer is likely to drop not only a lot of real estate into the water. you can deflate it and stuff it in a backpack. we had a tornado rip through a neighboring town. If it happens during a cold 09:59 AM I have no idea. but I'm not sure how realistic that would be. have water come out of a faucet and flush a toilet. Having a complete set of winter clothes on hand is vital.and permanently so. 2005. 15 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . This (http://www. I found this (http://www. Now I'm thinking a more realistic plan is to quickly scan an emergency radio for tsunami warnings. especially when I couldn't make a turn or was detoured by downed wires.. -------------------------------------------http://ussliberty. but shut down the only highways with several large mountains at their narrow points (Turnagain Arm to the south. esp. If you have to hike miles through a couple feet of water. Not too worried about race riots up here. The thought of anything less than extensive preparation in a strong brick/masonry construction two-story (at least) sounds very grim anywhere in the area. Didn't realize they'd cost nearly so much either.THR http://web. you can paddle Glacius_the_Invincible September 2nd.thehighroad. If the water's deeper. It's bigger than I was picturing. what does such a raft weigh and where do you get one? September 2nd.htm) one in a quick search.recalculating" and re-route me. and ended up responding in my own vehicle. And if you run out of water. or any other place where flooding was a possibility. using my supplies and help from others to set up temporary shelter and dig for survivors. Of course even the best carbon stage filtration might allow a tiny fractional percentage of contamination of the bacterial filter anyway. and if that danger passes hunker down on site. would be invaluable. I would always filter the chemicals first through the carbon http://ssunitedstates. which is kind of ironic. death is only about half an hour away even if no debris kill you. is that a very FINE line of infrastructure separates us from living like animals. provide and protect for yourself and your family if the local supermarket doesn't have food on its shelves for a month? Folks in New Orleans are finding the answer to that question the hard http://ssunitedstates. gas or anything else. 03:44 AM I bought a Garmin Streetpilot C330 about a month ago. I think an inflatable raft or boat. at some point you may be on foot . If it happens in summer we can fish and grab moose from the parkstrip as needed. The schools here are already set up to take all their students. in the night. but if you run out of carbon filters. But that only applies to the young ones and if the schools are Can you hunt. Also. 2005. water.. It's one of the GPS units that mounts on the dash and provides turn by turn voice directions to any destination entered. you now have only a heavily contaminated bacterial filter. being able to float your heavy stuff along behind you in an inflatable raft would be very convenient. 2005. etc. how about getting and staying on some program that gives us the ability to walk 5 or 10 miles in a day without getting a heart attack.For those of us who are less than fit. Meaning that if you find any "clean" water sources elsewhere.clavey. 09:36 AM Glacius_the_Invincible September 2nd..add big cities. I now see this little gizmo as invaluable in any sort of situation involving roadway bugout.. My former plan had been to bug back out to the remote site in Willow with a stockpile of food and fuel. Highland Ranger September 2nd. and find the "clean" water source later on. The cold in winter is the biggest concern. I've never actually seen one in person and hadn't looked into it much when I said that. tommytrauma AFreeBird mentioned GPs units. It would simply announce "off route . Things get bad faster in the big cities. I work as a becomes contaminated right off . 2005. at least not in this part of town. This was on pitch dark country roads with lots of crap in the road. hso Glacius_the_Invincible. LAK September 2nd. Not to mention no power. Why? Because if you use your bacterial filter in the first stage . My typical response.archive.html) is much less costly but also a fair amount smaller. If I'd had to split my attention to lok at the atlas. being an engineer who is very familiar with what it takes to turn on a light. 04:44 AM Sorry to hear about your friends . Eagle River to the north). it would have been a mess. 2005. Still weighs 35lbs though. It's 12 feet long and weighs in at 52lbs.

2005. 2005. from Army Surplus store. Sorry for the unresearched and shallows that would be ready to poke or rip it.since my spinal fusion surgery. September 2005. These (http://www. 01:29 PM A very good point.dickssportinggoods. 2005. I've got a coat that has a CO2 cartridge in it with inflatable sides. e. etc..1334552) are more along the lines of what I was thinking of. Lots of other stuff too like Gerber knives. and collapses to the size of a small suitcase. e. It's amazing how some folks don't get it. you need to take out the animals. and the MSR MiniWorks EX water filter. It has 350 lbs capacity. They are meant for serious kayaking. and think you are good to go. Here's hoping your house fared as well as you did.. you might find 'em useful: a 14" Machete (http://www. She can't understand why I say when somebody is shooting at the evac helo. in rapids. and some innocents might behurt or worse. I got mine for 30 bucks. once you have that crap. 01:02 PM The ones Glacius showed are good but very expensive for what they do. If I were worried about flooding I would buy several for provisions and backup. I can pull up to 100 pounds with me.archive.g. Then again. I guess one of these would probably be too heavy to carry around in a backpack with much else in there with it.aspx?language=1&search=machete) September 3rd. 12:41 PM CAnnoneer what does such a raft weigh and where do you get one? September 2nd. and one that is of particular concern to me . various clothing. Glacius. My solution would be a smaller inflatable raft. I hadn't thought of that. I actually heard from them yesterday. 10:55 AM LAK. September 2nd. Sure there might be some collateral damage. and that will be replaced soon by a two-wheel bike trailer that I can strap to a load-bearing rig over my shoulders and round my hips. She doesn't understand that you need a safe environment to conduct the operations. Thanks for the kind words. That way. there's no way I could carry more than a few pounds on my back without serious discomfort and eventual disablement. once you have that crap. and still better than a kapok or plastic lifejacket. and think you are good to go.jsp?categoryId=711592&cp=712859. can you even carry it? Anything over 70 pounds is going to make for a tough walk anywhere. but if you knew you were going to face flood waters along your exit route and wouldn't be able to drive. throw on your pack and go for a walk. I have done a lot of lake kayaking with it and it performed very well. 2005. In the kind of circumstances you're talking about. All fine. Dirty Bob If you take an inflatable but you need to look at the big picture. far better than nothing. and not have too much strain on my back. My response has been to go to a wheeled suitcase for my personal bug-out kit. There's a few animals that are prolonging this problem. but from personal experience I cringe at the thought of relying on a raft in floodwaters because of the amount of sharp objects. 2005. So. pax Nio ~ Glad to hear you and yours are safe. 01:22 PM Preacherman Before you throw all this stuff in your pack. but this site doesn't give weights and measurements for all of 2005. it might be worth taking along. 11:01 AM FYI REI is having a labor day sale. can you even carry it? Anything over 70 pounds is going to make for a tough walk anywhere. 2005. 01:46 PM texascarl A few other things I include in my bug out bag. September 2nd.tramontina. throw on your pack and go for a walk. Also they are very heavy because they are relatively big and made of thick heavy rubber. 2005. yahkohb Much good info here.THR http://web. But I got into an argument with my GF about is about 2 meters long. debris. dpesec September 2nd. pax September 2nd. don't forget duct tape for repairs in the field! No kidding! Dirty Bob September 2nd.thehighroad. and included in the things on sale are freeze-dried backpacking foods. 10:34 AM A very good thought. :uhoh: Igloodude September 2nd. It weighs only a few pounds deflated. Think there is a market for lightweight rickshaws? September 2nd. energy bars. So. 02:31 AM 16 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . owen Before you throw all this stuff in your pack. 2005.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . 01:37 PM owen You know preacherman. that's what I'm wearing. etc.

. 08:43 AM In addition to flooding. cutting wires and hoses. All fine. I doubt here we'd have flood issues. ALL camping items in some.the one I ALWAYS take when travelling. In the case of the "recent" late great NO.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=64) bow saw ( -cut a handle on the spot Mora knives (http://www. Thanks to all who posted here. [etc] I have a conflict with this one.sbtoutdoors. scooted out from under the climbing stand. but other emergencies could always arise. I can't believe I forgot to explicitly list this one. freed it from roots and cypress knees. and not have too much strain on my back. We have nearly 50 of these pliable bins. swivels. The problem is that in many parts of the country we have been gelded as a people so to speak. (necessitated by heavy duty eating. Folding garden cart (http://www. a few tin cups/spoons/bowls and a big box of kitchen matches. poking spring-loaded razors to the tires. 09:20 AM Preacherman. They result in being organized. or make use of river or lake for travel etc. I use a heavy duty climbing stand. the propane little red Craftsman tool box and Chilton's repair manual for both vehicles. Sounds good. Store everything in a few sealed plastic bags. salt.. a change of clothes.ragweedforge. 2005.. When I tripped in a beaver swamp and wound up pinned underwater in a big puddle. by the gradual fostering of a State funded welfare class. DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP ONES THAT CRACK! We have them set in nice stacks and labeled for contents.didn't even need the tire under water to do it!? Hmmm. keep things eminently dry and they are EASY to grab in a hurry. disassembled and cleaned my Browning. though. LAK September 3rd. Some years back I learned from a basement flood that Wal-Mart's (Rubbermaid) plastic storage containers with lids really are useful for MANY reasons. As we live in very high land. Marked the spot with blaze orange tape and headed for the cabin. etc. Those that are not will generally be found to be the best prepared. Regarding the MUST take/save family items. --------------------------------------------http://ussliberty. I found some straps at an Army Surplus store that had quick release pulls. bullion cubes. Wow. but I'll never forget that experience! Odd how they ALWAYS spotted the TINIEST leaks in tires. Popped the quick release. If ever there be the need to bug out.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=40267) Earthquake 'bug out bag' checklist (http://www. Make sure that you've got quick release capability on that rig. That way. oatmeal. Thanks for the kind words. dead animals and dead humans and chemicals combine to make a pretty poisonous cocktail. You want to see vacation money up in smoke qucikly? Reflect back on the late 1960s early 1970s I-75 Hwy. I haven't seen that in years.this was excellent education for me and for my family. Government. because they work w/ gasoline too. I would probably have been discovered by my it is important to keep yourself out of the water as far as possible.htm) An 'altoids' tin with a dozen large fish hooks.. and that will be replaced soon by a two-wheel bike trailer that I can strap to a load-bearing rig over my shoulders and round my hips. and I buy ONLY Coleman Dual Fuel camping tools.. by 16 inches deep. you really do not want that stuff in contact with your skin at all if you can help it. 2005.. I would have hated that.. blue = 27 pounds and it came without straps. Color coordinate them too: red = emergency http://ssunitedstates. I personally think they are an excellent idea. Not everyone of course just in the general sense. I have 3 gallons of Coleman fuel for the Coleman stoves. all survival items in yet others.THR http://web. I actually heard from them That or a superlightweight all hunting items in some others. The safe contents are a must take. the gradual discouragement and de facto disarming of the general population and other means.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . 08:35 AM dpesecLAK. Byron Quick September 3rd. those are locked in the gun vault. gas stations who were all-too-eager to get under your hood. Doc2005 17 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . there never should have been any need for debate as to whether a massive operation involving National Guard troops was needed or A good gauge of such matters is how many peole are very surprized or shocked at what has happened in NO. Red and green boxes are MUST takes. you never know when you may want to skirt some coastline. And a $7 enameled stockpot w/lid. the fueling of the criminal drug culture by way of the so called "drug war". 04:00 AM My response has been to go to a wheeled suitcase for my personal bug-out kit. -----------------------------------------http://ussliberty.drowned in a pool of water four feet by six feet by two feet deep. great contribution.quakekare. 2005. your favorite spices. It's amazing how some folks don't get it. Without quick release tabs. They are about 2 X 2 1/2 feet. Got a nice doe that afternoon. Preacherman.html) to move heavy loads after the road ends/gas runs out Frog gig/fish spear head (http://www. green = camping. In the flooded city environment in particular. a corrupted judiciary and penal system. Doc2005 September 3rd. has created a society of dependency. I just hope we never need to enact it. September 3rd.. Sewer content. I can pull up to 100 pounds with me. fill with $10 worth of lentils/peas/beans.archive.I was grateful for the foresight.html) Crow bar (http://www. At any time. and unfortunately it is all coming too little too LAK On the subject of inflatable boats.. tea. we are always nearly all packed away. split shot and 40' of masons twine. That is great news! But I got into an argument with my GF about NO. barley. sugar.

and the disinfranchised who are stealing because they believe they have been mistreated by society and see the conditions as a chance to 'get some' or get one over one the man. In any disaster there are three kinds of people: the desperate .htm. 12:44 PM For carrying supplies. but can be invaluable in keeping people calm & distracted if you have to hole up awhile.. The stoves broke apart within weeks. Though perhaps calcium carbide isn't the best idea for a flood prone area :D (KABOOM!) ctdonath September 3rd. and has 3 separate inflation chambers.archive. some with internal battery rechargers. I read it in USAToday but I believe it makes sense. Buck makes nice fixed blade and folders. too. 2005. easier. that a few small luxuries will help balance out a lot of practical problems. 10:40 AM Cosmoline September 3rd. nylon cord/rope. Ken Onion folders are nice. This isn't my analysis. 2005. but very easy to keep or toss in the car as needed.KBar fighting knife is a good choice but it is big. I just ordered another cookstove/lamp from Lehman's along with a carbide lamp and supply of calcium carbide.. Love WalMart. Let 'em rescue you. 10:11 PM dpesec I never thought about Carbide lamps. Sadly I found out they were not designed for any prolonged use. Most are under $150. get one with the partially serrated blade as it makes cutting seatbelts. 2005. I replaced the sporting goods aisle junk I first got with high-quality brass lanterns from the Amish store Lehman's and military surplus stoves and pressurized lanterns. Packs pretty small (under 3 cubic feet). 12:02 PM It's important not to forget the small luxury items in your kit. September 4th. I always keep a backup pipe and tobacco. And if you're ever lost or in need of rescue just start a game of solitaire and sit there with a red queen open and a black jack available to move on to it. September 3rd. etc. RadioShack) makes several AM/FM/SW models some with crank sure could hold a lot of extra stuff (including the kids!) that would take up volume otherwise in backpacks.within 5 minutes SOMEONE will show up to point out that you're missing a play. Hard candies in sealed tins are also an excellent idea. Or something like this inflatable trampoline ( 05:14 AM pax September 4th. ctdonath Where to find an AR-20? Seems like a perfect minimal take-down . pax torpid Just an addition to the "inflatable raft during flooding" series of comments: September 4th. NOT NEW!!! They do not make 'em like they used 18 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . while they're handy. but because I could have a problem with water. 2005. 07:28 PM Someone asked about portable multi-band radios .Eatons (carried by Best Buy. 12:05 AM Joe Mamma . Knives . every time.people who are taking what they need to survive. September 4th. 03:55 PM It's important not to forget the small luxury items in your kit. 2005. so long as they are not the "thirsty" kind like sour lemon. hso Peter. but can be invaluable in keeping people calm & distracted if you have to hole up awhile. And you could play with it in non-SHTF times. 2005. armoredman Seeing how the traditional 72 hour kit may need to upgraded to a 120 hour kit. :p September 3rd. These have proven nearly impossible to damage or destroy. 2005. They work in the worst conditions. that should work too September 4th.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] . texascarl September Have used it several times for fun. 06:53 PM A deck of playing cards doesn't take up much space or weight. I picked up the Olive oil lamp. 07:08 PM Look at the Chariot Hiking conversion kit at the bottom of http://www.bicycletrailers. 2005. many about $100. These items will work even in the worst circumstances. :) And I also agree that you should have tape/patch kits too! . 2005.these are the people who are stealing from you every chance they get regardless of the conditions. supports a small electric motor (extra). some without either. and anything but concealable or inconspicuous. 308win September 4th. Circuit City.. As far as Coleman--keep in mind that the Coleman of today is not the Coleman of thirty years ago. backed by hundreds of years of first-hand accounts of people stuck in the wilderness and other extreme situations. you can "mule train" small inflatable pools (they often have walls over a foot high.. can hold two adults and a small dog. the degenerate . When I first moved out to the sticks I had a number of Coleman propane appliances. 2005. Most of the stuff in sporting goods stores is overseas junk. and after two months the propane heater exploded into flames. GET MIL SPEC! GO WITH OLD.coolinflatables. Stashing beginning again. 10:04 PM I picked up a cheap inflatable raft ($50? IIRC) at Gander Mountain.. A deck of playing cards doesn't take up much space or weight. Find a used Chariot "stroller" and put the kit on it.THR http://web. 2005. heavy. Not something I'd carry. and inflate quickly)..22.thehighroad. It's been my observation.

handgun rainproofs. Kershaw makes some great everyday knives. foodstuffs (again. low-bulk stuff). commo gear [small radio. Preacherman HSO. Hmmm. but doesn't currently make a folder that I'd bet my butt on in a bugout situation (and I often carry one of my dozen Kershaw KOs). or separately) to the next viable position.thehighroad. 2005. I don't need to put it all into one big bag. carry ammo. I'd have a sleeping bag. I'm thinking that I'll wear a fanny-pack and a tactical vest to hold "must-have" items (basic first aid kit. compass.. as light as possible: high-calorie. I could lift or lower it and its contents (either as one load. extra so that if I hit terrain where I couldn't hike with the trailer.). etc. shopping time! :D hso September 5th.. etc.archive. I could see myself loading out with enough gear to make it for 3-5 days on my own. flashlight. 19 of 19 11/3/2012 1:06 PM . Non-firearms weapons forum here has ton's of discussions on "best knife". of course). I'd have to include rope. a light tent or dual-purpose tarpaulin. one-day supply of essential foods. high-fat. 01:43 AM No offense. extra water.something light.. Then. high-energy.THR http://web. cellphone]. water bottle. great suggestion . map. and so on. I could probably keep this load under 20-30 pounds with a bit of skull sweat. a sanitary unit. a bag of clothing. I'd also have my long gun on my back .thanks! September 4th. change of underwear and socks. Given that I won't be able to put 50 pounds plus on my back. In this way. a bag of toiletries (very basic. in the chariot. 2005.. probably an AK clone. 08:06 PM I'm now working on how best to pack a "chariot" like that.Lessons learned from recent NO bug-outs [Archive] .